Readers Digest Poem by Marylyn McIntyre

Reader Digests

I crave words

devour great novels with gustatory delight

savoring each delicate phrase

ingesting blood and bone and soul

I crave words

wolf down whole philosophies in one bite

quaffing some with immediacy

lingering over others by candlelight

I crave words

feasting my eyes on delicious blacks and whites

smelling the sweetness of ink to paper

gorging myself on long winter nights

I crave words

stuffing myself shamelessly on paragraph or rhyme

a repast, a festival, a jubilee

of delectable, tangy, tasty, words

I crave words

I relish and munch and crunch voraciously

I swallow, ravage, absorb, revel

until replete, uncomfortably full

I rest…


and then


I crave words.