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Yolki Flowers at Tel Hazika



Yolki Flowers at Tel Hazika

That autumn, when their time came,
The Yolki flowers bloomed on Tel Hazika.
On the rocks, among shredded helmets,
Dark yellow patches suddenly blossomed,
Blinding yellows, as if they warned:
You can never forget us,
We will never give you rest;
You will always, every autumn, wonder
From where came this yellow yolki color? From where
Came this egg-yolk color? And where is the swallowed
Rock, that turned to red, submerged,
Soured from forgotten blood?


Editor's notes:
Tel Hazika is the name of a basalt hill on the Golan Heights, where Porat's battalion had a bloody battle against the Syrian army in 1973. Yolki is the Hebrew name of a yellow flower that blooms every autumn, in the northern Israel, after the first rain.

translated from the Hebrew by the author and Ward Kelley

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