Chapter Yuck. A Poem by Vlad Krakov

“Whenever you are sad be sad for the world that is dying”
  -me just now
chapter yuck
as the designee
i lie with my pillows
facing the dawn.
ce matin,
it is my sworn duty
to notice every change
in color and hue.
chapter yum
do not tell me
to go outside
i am turning
the human soul
on wikipedia
and youtube.
chapter jesus just go outside man
i wish i could be
a plant in your room
to be gazed at
to be stroked
in all your sleepy tenderness
your mind far away
it doesnt matter
the mind and the heart
rarely land on the same leaf.
i wish i could feel you watering me.
i know you tried.
chapter what the hell fine
little sparrow things
peck a burnt baguette
beside a dumpster.
who can tell them
that thats
chapter dont worry now i’ve had my coffee and promise to not be a meanie
in this park
you can hear birds
chapter yellow
man on his hands and knees
picks up the butts between the leaves
saving noone
helping everyone
trees bees and mes
chapter orange
its a delusion
that a change of scenery
is comforting.
it’s a comforting delusion.
chapter red
who left
the roadkill cat
bloody wrapped in a hoodie
at the cemetary gates?
sombre offering
to a forgotten urban god.
chapter yesterday
the laws of the playground
are the most sacred
and the most seldom broken.
knowing the weight of words,
and of the hands of those it,
would never agree
to marriage or mortgage.
“we’re the winners”
cry three,
jumping on a rock.
you sure are.
chapter today
a duck
finds peace
under a bridge.
chapter tommorow
i just wanna
lay in the grass
and listen to birds
but today
this dying world
is dying.
yea your buildings
are pretty
but theyre also
yea your steaks are tasty
but they’re also
maybe after i save the world
i can have grass and birds
and steaks and skyscrapers
and big trucks too.
but right now its
time for adventure.


Vlad Krakov:
“Vancouver’s famously self-pitying dumpster-juice-for-blood Bad Luck Brian. Favorite pastimes include brooding and drinking at dog-friendly beaches and chatting with the spirit of Lou Reed through an ouija board. Currently working as a research assistant in an archaeology lab.”
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