Creating Playlists and Products

The Flashmp3player files have been placed in Artvilla's directory
Detailed instructions for flashmp3player are at

Creating a playlist is easy

A Simple Playlist

FTP to Arvilla
1. Create a main directory
simple name please
2. Grab the files in Artvilla's directory /aaaatryagain/ put them on your computer.....note the filenames
3. Copy the files to /yourname/
4. Create a folder /yourname/mp3/
5. Put mp3s in /yourname/mp3/
6. Get on internet and ask for
The player will be will play
7. Copy and edit flashmp3player.html.....adding your words save it back in /yourname/ as index.htm
then the player with your words will be at
make your name simple...we have a lot of words
I used
I can send someone there


Do not move files from their original locations or directories at Artvilla.....rather send them to your computer and back to the new directory....

A Less Simple Playlist
Easy too

1.  Copy Meta tag to Head section of HTML page....don't forget this.
2. Copy script to HTML page..
Detailed instructions for flashmp3player are at