Phyllis Diller’s Art



I love these paintings as much as we love this wonderful lady. Her folder of index cards with 50,000 original jokes has been donated to our national museum. Speaking as someone who would like to write one good joke, it’s hard to conceive of anyone who could have so much creativity as this person.

Art is individual. It is any expression which makes you appreciate life. It can be found in museums, it can be found on the refrigerator or in the arrangement of the flowers in the yard. My life is my movie and mine only and great art is that which is great for me. My feelings for art are associated with the artist. Van Gogh’s life is as well known as his art and affect how I “feel” about his art. Did someone have to tell me of his life before I said “Oh yes I see”? Yes, no, perhaps. Does my love for Phyllis Diller affect how I feel about her art? Yes, no, perhaps.

In a short billion years Vincent’s art and Phyllis Diller’s art will both be dust like my art so who is great? I live in my little movie and I see these two pieces above and I appreciate life.

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Celebrity art. You could get stuck in there like Outsider Art, Naive Art or any other label that keeps you out of the “real art” category. What is that?  I’m not sure. What this is, though, is a shout out for You can find some real art there.


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