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We Made it to Paris


We made it to Paris
by Donna Trainer

Hey everyone! We made it to Paris in one piece. The kids were wonderful on the flight. Today is our second day. We were very tired yesterday after flying all night. After a walk to the Louvre, we took a nap, woke up long enough to eat dinner and went back to bed and slept until noon today. I think that pretty much took care of our jetlag and by tomorrow we should be adjusted to Paris time. After getting up at noon today, we took a long walk. We saw the Louvre again, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Sorbonne, and the Pantheon. I find myself logging on to my e-mail just to read English and to feel my ties to home! I think we will like it here though. We have flipped channels enough on the television to find out that the only english speaking programs are news related, so we wind up just turning it off after a few minutes. Tonight we met with a group of other English speaking people to watch the Simpsons in an English Pub (I know, I said I wouldn't do it.......) but I found that its more about hanging out and talking than watching Bart. All the McDonalds have long lines, but Hannah found that she likes Jambon and Fromage crepes (ham and cheese) and Panini's, so maybe she wont starve after all! (Matthew will eat anything.. we never worry about him).

Everyone here has a dog... makes us really miss ours (Michelle, give them hugs for us!) TV and billboard advertising will take some getting used to.. The French are very into female nudity.. its just not a big deal. It is nothing to see it in a lotion or cosmetics ad.

We move into our apartment in two weeks. For now, we are staying in an apart/hotel. Hope you all are well..... more from me later....


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