Fires of War Poem by David Michael Jackson

To Heal

I want to say that
I am sorry
it is not enough to be sorry
it is not enough to cry
it is not enough to get even
or even to try to turn the other cheek.
The refugees gather at the border
“Their lives matter too”
It is enough to become quiet
in the silence of the crowd
it is enough to honor with silence
the dead and the living
it is enough to love again
and to feed the hungry ones
in silence
we cannot heal wih revenge
we must heal this wound
in our hearts
we bleed in silence
our tears fall into the rubble
but the fires still burn

Meaning of Life Poem by David Michael Jackson


So I said to myself

Where is this leading

this living

this being

where is this leading I asked in a moment

of weakness

in a moment of pure futility

maybe the only pure thing I’ve



as pure and as cold as the

mountain stream this futility

and I have made me a home in it

a warm home with a


where I can burn my moments

and watch the smoke rise up from them

to heaven.