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Still Poem


Charlotte Mair


A tissue please?
They flow
…how they flow
for none other
than old true love

My cheeks are flush
salt penetrates
and burns
weathered pale skin

I am old willow
now filled
with understanding
and grace
this strong root
deems its hold!

An only soul
I truly love
is lost within
the boundless depth of foam
and undercurrents of life
I remain fearful
that I’ll sink down 
into fathoms of love
… stranded inside
my sailor’s arms
once again

So try 
seek kindness
in my gesture
as I disobey
love’s call
days of sweetness
take no bitter
taste upon your tongue

For even though we’ll not meet on these plains of earth
we will always remain one
as the candle burns on
ever more


ThE CaMbIe RoAd PoEt

© 1999, Charlotte Mair 

Charlotte Mair is a a former singer-musician, born, raised and residing on the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

During a two year period she has written over 175  poems, earning 7 Honourable Mentions, two recordings and 50 publishings in various Anthologies and Websites across United States , Canada, Ireland and Britain.

A member of the Canadian Poetry Association, Charlotte is a published poet, Author and illustrator of
The First Fifty Years.

This is great buy and we urge you to get a copy of the first edition, signed by the author.


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