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You Are My Destiny 
Mikia Emmanuel Nashia Foreman 
Bathe my skin in rays of sun 
Toasted honey brown soft and warm 
Cool me in a gentle mist 
Enchanted by your tender kiss 
Hear the rhythm in my soul 
Pulsating beat, beat, beat, beating in my heart 
Your words move me like a raging wind 
Gently caress me from within 
Carry me off on a natural high 
Dancing in a star lit sky 
Is your name Destiny? 
Play me like you horn 
Virgin eyes view upon a world of scorn 
Love, passion, desire yearn 
Oneness of soul, mind and body burn 
Can you feel me just the same 
Without touch, sound, sight or taste 
But presence felt to my arms make haste 
Caught up in your rapture 
Suppressed by your charm 
Drowning in your eyes so deep 
Tell me your secrets between the lines you speak 
Who's to say what lies ahead 
Yet visions flash inside my head 
Can I be your sun, your moon, your rain 
your love, your joy, all the same 
In my dreams it's you I see 
Are you the one, my Destiny 

October 5, 1998.
You are my destiny Copyright Mikia Foreman


Copyright 1999,  Mikia Emmanuel Nashia Foreman 

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