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Oracle Poem

Medley 3
by Marilyn McIntyre

alabaster lies
milky, white and cool
i see it in your attitude
  and eyes
i'll be nobodys fool.


As It Happens

you're still my mystery
my God hanging soft
large, pale in the sky
footprints do not scar
nor cameras catch your soul
you still move me
in ways so unexplained
sweet mystic planet
paling all with your largesse
you are still my God
moving oceans, emotions
fulfilling dreams
spawning fairytales
shine on, shine on
man cannot hold you to earth
nor stay your slow dance through the stars.


The Measure of Joy

is oft sadly mistaken
fools' gold
false self promises
a Joneses accumulation
the birds of fortune
elements on your skin
the beauty that is within
peel the paint of gold
from fallen idols.


Young Girl #7

i see that girl still
i loved her
or tried to
large, fleshy, frowning
clumsy of step
except she became a skating star
deep, a baritone
except, in whispered fairy reverence
different now
yet the same
only more disguises.

Marilyn McIntyre
Secretary to the Chair
Department of Chemistry
ABB 156 


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