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Gone Now Poem


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Poem Of Every So Often

Gone Now

by Marilyn McIntyre

a big man

tall, handsome, strong

gave up the dreams

for the woman of


working dirty everyday

used to be my lover

said a lot of things

a man shouldn't say

a Beautiful wife, daughter

ate his rifle for dinner last night

gone now

let the pipes sing him down

amazing grace

another wretch saved

god saves

be safe big man

big, black leather, smiling man

gone now

knocked him down once

a left hook

disagreement on colour

didn't like that second

young upstart advice

know what i'm capable of

prepositions at the ends of sentences

and a lot worse

drank and smoked and laughed

and when all else failed

made love to one another

gentle, sweet, laughing love

gone now

saw the big man not so long ago

atop a big machine

happy, busy, upright man

did he forget to bend

what broke his mind and left him

gone now.

Copyright © 1998 by Marilyn McIntyre, All rights reserved

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