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dance and three other poems by charlotte mair

"Dance" and Three More 
by Charlotte Mair 
Poem 1 


Centre stage was a familiar compadre 
Although love of self was not 
Projecting notes...I'd try steal a floating heart 
from crowd 
of night 


Dance the Tango in the key of life 
Oh...did I 'A' Sharp please? 

My brow is softening 
as I teeter on the brink of self-examination 
and demonstrate new steps 
....choreograph my words 

the new Fandango 
as Spanish conquistadors 
chant ole... 

Poem 2 

Lady in White 

Syringes blood-filled, lost hope 
Empty viles of self-indulged poison 
I've seen it all 

Guitar case overflowing 
with elastic banded greenbacks 
Bowls of China white 
to cap stolen hearts 
of lost souls 
I've seen it all 

Pleading sick beggars of the night 
rap...rapping at 2 AM 
I've seen it all 

Axes crashing doors 
overdosing addicts convulsing 
Sad to say...I've seen it all 
and great friends passing 
to the one 
.....who stole them all 
Lady in White 

Poem 3 

Sailor of my Night 

He stands by me 
Eclaire le nuit - - north star of my night 
My Love 

And as my auburn hair 
turns gold and silver 
He chants to me...only me 
My Love 

He sees solitaire 
the face of his young colleen 
running wild and free 
in vibrant laughter 
where we greet 
on salty seas of dreams 
My Love 

Each night we meet 
by ocean's side 
and open sail on wake 
To eons pass 
a memory will not 
from my nights 
....sail on 
My Love 

* eclaire le nuit - lights up the night.

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