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Poem of Every So Often


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Poem Of Every So Often


By Mikia Emmanuel Nashia Foreman

Can you hear the beat of the Brother-Man's Drums

The sound that goes down

Whether uptown, downtown or around town

The sound of life that illuminates our days

And glistens in the night skies

There is no time to hesitate

While you contemplate on your demise

That you claim holds you back from receiving your prize

The essence of joy that lies inside

Choked out by doubt and wayward eyes

But focus you soul with emotion and drive

Let your feet move to the beat

That echoes down the unpaved streets

Put your body in motion

And glide on like lotion

Who said the beat should be meek and mild

Let the drummer drum hard and loud

Like the crying of a newborn child

Faster and faster no more time for delays

Don't miss this beat

Cause the drummer don't play

You wear a frown on you face with indignation

Unable to enjoy the celebration

All caught up in the ways of this planet

Can't seem to understand it

Don't try to change it

Cause you've become complacent

Burdened down by stereotypical, egotistical, despicable view place

upon your soul

Locked up, hemmed up and can't get up

Free yourself from the jail cells that keep you boxed up

So that you can't rise up

Rise up

Rise up from your grave

Your soul must be reborn

Free yourself from the habit of being

Less than what you can be

Less than what you should be

Less than what you are

Lord God Almighty and Divine

Did not create you with less of a mind

Can you hear the beat of the Brother-Man's Drums




August 7, 1998

Copyright © 1997 by Mikia Emmanuel Nashia Foreman, All rights reserved

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