Noble Spirit Poem Once By Wayne Jackson

By Wayne Jackson (1951-1989)

Once I had what you might call
a noble spirit
but I drugged it and worked it
down, and dragged it through
terrible streets at dawn
night after night.
It was durable and lonely,
It was
what I wanted to be.
was real.
I remember most its intelligence and innocence
Boy oh Boy!

And when it wasn’t me
doing it to me
it was sometimes the people, no
not the people, but the companies
patting my back, feeding
the wrong thing. I
was a good dog, I
waggled like hell
and fell over and over, I
just couldn’t learn.
But what I did, I did well,
better than most and then, fell
and learn to rage and rage
and take it.
And sometimes
when it wasn’t me
(and mostly it was me)
I loved the wrong woman,
or the wrong boots
or the wrong ideas
or the wrong
to just bungle on through.
I need a frontal lobotomy
or the long sleep,
or even a tough justice,
a warm noon sun.
Come by and see me.

Copyright © 1997 by Donald Wayne Jackson, All rights reserved