Newsletter #8

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
DERRYBERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER #8 16 Feb. 1999 I'm putting this one out very soon after the last one because it has a couple of things I wanted to get out quickly: news about Ted Derryberry for those concerned and announcement by Kaye Cross for those who want to make plans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ted Derryberry, Sr. of Meridian, TX passed away on Sunday 7 Mar., 1999. Ted had battled brain tumors for about a year. He was born Barkley Ted Derryberry 19 Feb. 1933 at Longworth, Fisher Co., TX, son of Barkley Tatum Derryberry and Martha Virginia Davis. He married Mattie Lou Bragg in 1963. He is survived by his wife; son, Ted, Jr.; daughter, Ann Zephyr; and 2 grand children, Erin and John B. Funeral was at Meridian 9 Mar. 1999. Condolences may be sent to the family at: Ted Derryberry Family, P. O. Box 645, Meridian, TX 76665 :~( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Andy Derryberry says: "Well, Bob, I was hoping I'd catch you before you sent out the Newsletter. As it turns out it was not possible to get the Union Hall for July 10 as was planned. Therefore, the date has been changed to July 17. The site is confirmed and the deposit and fee paid." Therefore, mark your calendar and be prepared. 8-) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you are olanning on going to the reunion this year, you might want to plan a vacation trip or at least some fun stops with it. A good place to get suggestions is ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have you ever been concerned with just what is proof on your family history information? A good explanation of what is proof can be found at as suggested by KX (Kaye Cross). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patricia Brawner Schiro says: "The past two years have been rather hectic, with building a new house and finally moving six months ago, than preparing the old house for sale and finally selling it..We are closing on that soon.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jon Derryberry reports: "My Grandfather, John Milton Derryberry married Elizabeth Parker in North Georgia. Elizabeth Parker Derryberry died soon after the birth of my father in 1910. My father was raised with the help of his Aunts Jane Blevins and Phoebee. As a child I knew of the aunts as Phoebe, Jane and Mattie. I have a first cousin Harold Derryberry in Chattanooga. I will contact since he is knowledgable about our family. You may contact me at " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Kaye Cross: Here is information on a project I'm currently involved with. This will be quite an event, fun and educational. It's getting coverage by the media and is being advertised in SWMO and NWAR. We are expecting excellent attendance because it will be a quality event. Thought some of the family members might be interested and it would be good to go in the newsletter. If you think so, go ahead. Kaye Cross KX Here it is: OZARKS FAMILY HISTORY FESTIVAL A TWO DAY EVENT Day One: Friday, March 12, 1-9 pm, 4550 S. Cox Rd (new LDS Church) General session: Ozarks Pioneer Family History, David Harrison (speaker) Members of the Washington Avenue Baptist Choir Genealogy Workshop Sessions: Native American Research; Black History & Genealogy of SWMO; Census Records, Heritage Scrapbooks; Maps Their Value As a Resource; Family History Library Catalog; Memory & History Albums; County Land Records; Beginning Genealogy; LDS Research Guides; Writing A Life Story; Family Origins; Fullbright An Early Springfield Family; History of Greene Co, MO; Paupers & the Dade County Farm; Rural Schools: PAF 3.0; Sheppard Room Collection; How to Write A Book; Greene Co Mo Archives; Family Reunions & Organizations; Kentucky Research; Creating Heritage Albums; Immigration & Naturalization Records; Ozark Genealogical Society; Civil War Records; Christian County MO History; International Genealogical Index; Legacy; Ancetral File, SSDI, & Military Records CDs; Smooth Computer Operation; Family Origins; Family Tree Maker; Tennessee Research Lots of Exhibits & Skits: Quilts & quilting, tatting, spinning, family history displays, folk music, Missouri county genealogical & historical societies, Route 66 pioneers, school history and more! Day Two: Saturday, March 13, 9am-6pm, Fair Grove MO Wommack Mill (near the Square) and Chandler Century Farm (FR 74, Fair Grove) At the Farm: woodcarvers, Civil War encampmetn with re-enactors, folk music, basketmaking, soapmaking, spinning, tomahawk throwing, a real blacksmith, nail driving, cross cut sawing, block chopping, pre-Civil War farmhouse tours, Dutch oven cooking, gospel singing, cannons. At the Mill: mill tours, steam engine tractor rides, Mountain Men crafts demonstrations, bonfire cooking, buck skinning, handcart, ox cart rides, Springfield wagon, Civil War encampment, Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War storyteller, historic farm equipment, folk music, Central High Kilties, draft horse contests, clogging, 4-6 pm dinner at Fair Grove United Methodist Church just two blocks from Mill. Event Co-Sponsors: Fair Grove Historic & Preservation Society, Fair Grove United Methodist Church, LDS Family History Centers, Chandler Family, Ozarks Woodcarvers, Missouri Draft Horse Association, Ozark Genealogical Society, Southwest Missouri State University, and others. The only cost is for copies of handouts from the classes which are five cents a page. That's on the first day. On the second day there's a charge for the dinner at the Methodist church, they're using it for a fund raising project and there might be just minimal charges for things like kettle corn, some of the Duthc oven food, etc. Contact Kaye Cross for further information or maps: 1-417-581-8367 or 1-417-581-4131. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This came from Guy Fay Derryberry. He is still birddogging' family history. "We have been having a lot of confusion on whom this Margaret was that married old William Davis... I thought I knew all the time... When I wrote Ruth Derryberry in Wellington, TX, she sent me back what looked to be awful good proof... I investigated thec proof (Jesse Davis family in Carroll Co., TN 1850 census), found the record, but no proof whom his wife was. He did have children bearing names used by Derryberry people; Westly, Margaret, John & William. Further information showed 1870 that a daughter named Isabelle was living in a broken home with a okd John Davis, nothing found of the other children, but did find Westly and William living in another broken home in Claiborne Co., TN, but ages did not match the ones in Carroll County, TN. They were 10 years off. "Now, all the above looks good on paper, but no actual proof, except that Ruth sent about a Mrs. Mayhall. "The Hays books (5 of them, one for each brother) also said this William Davis' wife was Margaret (Betsy) Roberts. "Many years agoShirley Yoakum and I worked the courthouse in Warren County, TN seeking Derryberry information. In the process we copied many papers, including all the old deeds of distribution of Christiana Derryberry's estate. When I got my computer many of the records were moved out of the office and put in storage. So, yesterday I got up enough nerve to hunt them up. As luck would have it, I found them... "I think this will lay to rest who this Margaret in question was. This is Margaret's sale of her 1/8 interest in Christiana's estate to her brother Isaac C. Derryberry. I have the ddeds of all these children. "But she said in the deed she was a daughter of Christiana Derryberry...she signed as Margaret Davis...witnessed by Abraham Derryberry (known to be a brother of Margaret) and I. H. Davis (known to be her son, Isaac H. Davis). "The only thig I can figure out is if ...and others say she married Jesse H. Davis, his name must have been William Jesse H. Davis, yet the families (children) are totally different in the Jesse Davis in Carroll County and William Davis in Henderson County, TN. "Another fact showing they could not be the same man is the fact William died in 1842, buried within 6 feet of my g-g-grandfather, Daniel in Duke Cem., right beside where I say Andrew Buck Derryberry is buried. So, we know Margaret, daughter of Jacob & Christiana, married William Davis because she is buried right beside him. She died in 1858 (both have good tombstones). "So, if William died in 1842, he surely could not be the Jesse Davis in Carroll County in 1850. If ...and others are correct saying Margaret died before 1849, then she ould not have been alive to sign the deed in 1858... "This is going to explain a lot about the Jacob & Christiana Derryberry family. This Isaac C. Derryberry (brother of Margaret) in the deed is the husband of Catherine Myracle (sister of Peter Myracle). Peter Myracle married Susan Derryberry, daughter of old Michael..." Guy sent me a copy of the deed he refers to. This should settle that controversy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My apologies to someone. Who sent me information on Emily Ophelia Derryberry's descendants? I lost the sender's name somewhere in the confusion. If you sent it, please let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copied from the Dallas Morning News, what the signs mean: :-| Indifferent :-/ disappointed :-( frown :-( crying (sad) :-) wink :-P poking tounge out :-* blowing a kiss %-) confused :-)) big grin :-D big smile :-# swearing, angry :-@ mad, screaming :-o surprised :-& tongue tied :-x not telling any secrets 8-) user wears glasses :-0 user wears lipstick (:-) user wearing a wig d:-) user wearing a gimme cap [:-) user wearing a Walkman 3:-8 user is a cow 8:] user is a gorilla B:-) user is batman :~) user blowing nose brb be right back btw by the way fwit for what its worth iow in other words imo in my opinion imho in my humble opinion imnsho in my not so humble opinion lol laughing outloud ttfn ta-ta for now rotfl rolling on the floor laughing tanstafl there ain't no thing as free lunch ttyl talk to you later grin big grin very big grin Now you know the language ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wish I had more current news of family members, but, if you (all of you) do not send me information, then, I cannot include it into a family newsletter. I'm thinking seriously about requiring membership in the Derryberry Family Association to get the newsletter. If you have an opinion, let's hear what you think. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ttfn Bob Derryberry Derryberry Family