Newsletter #7

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
DERRYBERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER ONLINE # 7 January 31, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Posted on Derryberry Genforum by Pat Brooks on January 30, 1999 "My husband is a descendant of the Derryberry's. His great grandmother on his fathers side married James Robert Brooks. Her name was Maggie Derryberry from Coal City, Sand Mtn., Dade Co., Ga. She was born April 02, 1876 and was the daughter of John Carroll (or Calvin) & Martha Vickers Derryberry, of New England, Dade Co., Ga. and Sand Mtn, Dade Co. Ga. She died December 05, 1911 and is buried in Rocky Springs Cemetery, Bridgeport, Jackson County, Ala. I have 7 siblings listed for Maggie. Becky (1st married Unknown Sears & 2nd marriage to Bill Maxwell), Bill,(married to Kitty Millner), Manerva Jane,(married to W. F. Blevins) Nancy, (married to W. Alexander (W.A.) Murray), Daisy Phoebee,(married Will Moss) John Milton,(married to Lissie Parker,& Mattie Maude (married to Louis La Rue). Any information regarding these families would be appreciated." My information does not quite match hers. I find a John Carroll Derryberry, II, born about 1844 in TN, married Martha Prince. He is buried in the Coal City Cem., Dade Co., GA. Their children shown are John Milton Derryberry who married Elizabeth Prince, Rebecca Derryberry, born about 1868, and William C. Derryberry born about 1869. The father, John Carroll II, and the sons, William C. And John Milton, tend to match her information. Rebecca could be her Maggie Becky. I do not have a spouse for Rebecca or William C. Can anyone add anything to this? As Pat says, she would appreciate it, and I and a few other would too. That branch of the family tree has been an enigma from way back. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 1999 reunion is July 10 in Spring Hill, TN. The site will probably be the Union Hall we used before, but that hasn't been confirmed. When the place is confirmed, Carlton will send out a mailing. The officers: Officers: President: Carlton Derryberry of Columbia, TN Vice-President: James Derryberry of Oklahoma Treasurer: Guy Z. Derryberry of Columbia Secretary: Andy Derryberry of Nashville The 2000 reunion is slated for somewhere in eastern Oklahoma. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Message from "Tornado Alley Ground Zero" according to Andy Derryberry in Nashville, TN. "I've lived here all my life and we've had more tornadoes in the last two years than in all the rest. Nine people were killed in Jackson last week. This week downtown Clarksville was destroyed...many historical buildings. Of course last year we had one in downtown Nashville (lots of great video on that one) As far as I know none of our family were hurt. Arkansas actually had more tornadoes so there could be some of ours in harm's way there. "Ironically, the days between tornadoes have been beautiful. "The good and the bad are usually pretty close together. That's part of the deal." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ralphene Derryberry says this ice storm in Chicago was nothing compared to the record one when she was there. She says she went out to get her car and only about 4" of the radio antenna was sticking out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are now two Bob Derryberrys in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex. Robert John "Bob" Derryberry from Nashville with Sony is now operating out of Irving. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I received a notice that the "1999 Derryberry Family Archives" New, Huge, Unabridged is ready for purchase at $44.99 per copy from The Derryberry Archives, 1181 S. Parker Rd., Ste 105, Denver, CO 80231. I tried one a year or so ago and returned it for refund because it was not much ahead of that which comes from Bath, OH, just an accumulation of what one can find on current CDROMs. Have any of you bought the 1999 edition? If so, share your opinion of it with all of us. If you will send your opinion to me, I'll put it into a future newsletter for our mutual benefit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Along that line, if you have been solicited for a family history or genealogy, you might want to try two websites that are enlightening. They are the National Genealogical Society's site http>// halberts.html and the professional genealogists site Don't be scammed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stephen Wayne Derryberry posted this message on the Derryberry Genforum: "I have a file which contains my transcription of all the Derryberry tombstones I could find on my visit to the Indian Creek Cemetery in McNairy county Tennessee. I would be glad to E-mail to anyone interested." If you want a copy, drop him an e-mail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As some of you will know, Caroline Derryberry married a Hulsey in Georgia in early 1800s. Pat Downing Keene is researching the Hulsey line and wants information about any Derryberry-Hulsey connections. Her address is 324 Washington Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069 or e-mail according to information passed to me. If that does not work, try Gloria Derryberry in Florida has been doing some research on this line and has information to share. Her e-mail is Pat also brings up that a Joe Derryberry married Olive Noe 15 March 1870. She was born about 1851, daughter of William Noe and Elizabeth Grayson. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cathy Elaine Strange Thomas, great granddaughter of Lillie Mae Derreberry Strange, wants to know if anyone has a picture of Lillie. If you know of one, would you contact her by e-mail buried at Cedar Grove, Salem, Mo (this is the Dennis Smith who was in possession of his Uncle Daniel F. Derryberrys Family Bible, when he died it was passed down to his daughter Suzanne). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Kaye Cross (KX), about Robert Ace and Malinda's descendants: CHILDREN OF ROBERT ACE AND MALINDA ELIZABETH ASHER DERRYBERRY: I got these children from his small book and personal knowledge of Velma Bowen, Blanche Lewis and Lee Derryberry. 1.) Ola Victoria Derryberry, b 6 Jul 1883, Texas Co, Mo, died in infancy. From Roberts small book and Velma Bowen, Blanche Lewis. 2.) David Albert Derryberry/Berry, b 14 Aug 1885, Texas Co, Mo, died 29 June 1957, Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, Ark, bur 1 July 1957, Shiloh Cem, Greene Co, Ark. From Roberts small book, Velma Bowen, Blanche Lewis, Susie Berry, Lilly Berry, his death cert, obituary. He married first Eliza Gibbs, 16 Jan 1908, at Lawrence Co, Ark, marr. by Hugh K. Gibson, JP, she was born 27 Jul 1887, died 1910, had a son named Benjamin, she died of child bed fever, Benjamin died at birth. He marr. second Mrs. Bertha Leivinia Barton Armstrong, she is not to be confused with Bertha Barton who married Lee Derryberry, they are two different people, she was born 1889 Texas Co, Mo, she died 26 Dec 1934 at Gray Ridge, Stoddard Co, Mo. My cousin Lilly Berry, sent me information on these people, as did some of the other cousins listed. They were married 26 Nov 1910 in Mo. She had a first husband named Armstrong, she had two sons by him, Beck born about 1907 and Ralph born about 1909. They and the children of this marriage who were not married at the time took the name Berry when it was changed thought to be about 1930. She became incapacitated somehow and was chair bound for some time, then one day (26 Dec 1934) she managed to catch herself afire and burned to death. Children: 1A) Mable Blanche b 28 Oct 1913, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo, she marr. first Isaac Griffy (he was b 1912 Mo, his father was Alvin Griffy, mother Molly) they had Mary Levina 31 Jan 1931 Grays Ridge, Stoddard, Mo, she marr. second 5 Aug 1931 Piggott, Clay Co, Ark to Virgil E. Gibson (b ca 1890, Fredericktown, Madison Co, Mo, father Wallace Gibson, mother Mary), they had Velta Rosalee 19 May 1932 Pocahontas, Randolph, Ark, then Ira James 6 Mar 1934 Little Rock, Ark, then Leonard Charlie 19 Jan 1936 Little Rock, AR, then Osie Lee, 2 Jan 1938, Tellepossie, New Madrid, Mo, then Delsie Marie 7 Jan 1940 Kennett, Dunklin, Mo, then Bertha Mae 15 Mar 1942 Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Ark, then Violet Louise 14 Feb 1944 Dequeen, Parrishe, Ark, then Orval Lee 14 Oct 1945 Paragould, Ark, then Bobby Gail 25 June 1947 Paragould, then Bethel Eureka 10 Feb 1949 Paragould, then Judy Ann 27 Mar 1953 Paragould, then she marr. third 14 Feb 1959 Paragould to Elbert White (b 1892 Paragould, father Jim White, Mother Ida Mae Jones), they had David Ladon 27 June 1959 Paragould. This son was an evangelist faith healer, started in his teens, his father worshiped the earth he walked on. 2A) Albert and Berthas second child (oops, I have these children out of order) was Goldie Pauline born 23 Feb 1922 Hartshorn, Texas, Mo, marr. Alan Hatchett, she died of cancer, 12 Dec 1957. 3A) Mamie Malinda born 7 Sep 1915 Hartshorn, Texas Co, Mo marr. Cecil McKean 1932. 4A) Charles Albert 20 Aug 1918 Hartshorn, Texas Co, Mo marr Mattie Bennett, died about 1970. 5A) Robert Monroe 16 Oct 1920 Hartshorn, Texas Co, Mo marr Ethel May Harris died June 1986. 6A) Bertha Viola marr first Walter Bell, then she marr William Henes Lowery 19 Dec 1929. 7A) Joseph Odis b 13 May 1924, Evening Star, Lawrence Co, AR. There is an interesting story about the incidents that led to Albert changing his name from Derryberry to Berry. I'll tell it to you the way I was told and if somebody reading it in the future wants to say more, good. It all started during prohibition. Supposedly, Albert was having a hard time making a living and found out that his sisters husband, Tom Smith was making whiskey and selling it and making pretty good money, so he decided to get into the business too. Tom and Ida (Alberts sister) were at Hartshorn, Mo, Tom ran the town store and Ida was Postmistress for the post office which was in the store. Tom was selling his bootleg through the store and it was common knowledge throughout the community. The members of a local church were going to get the law on him. Tom was a real scoundrel, he paid Albert a sizable sum of money to burn their church down, which he did. Tom set the law on Albert. They put him in jail for a short while, then he was out on bail or something, I'm not sure why they let him out, but he was supposed to come back. He didn't though, the family was starving. Instead he went down to Ark, they had been living at Hartshorn, Mo. Whether he went down to find a place to take the family or what, is uncertain, but he came back. He didn't go up to the house because the law was supposed to be watching for him to show up. He waited until dark and when his daughter Viola came out to get water for the night he stopped her and told her to have her mother get ready to leave that night. The whole family then moved to Ark with a team and wagon and stayed there for seven years without letting anyone know where they were. Most people thought he was dead. He sent several letters to his mother. They were written backwards, like mirror writing, that you have to hold up to a mirror to read. It was with that move that he changed his name supposedly. However, some of the kids from the second marriage called themselves Derryberry and some Berry. Later, he even got a delayed Ark birth certificate. He appears on the Register of Births and Stillbirths of Texas Co, Mo as entry number 742, David Albert Derreberry, born 15 Aug 1885, male, second child, Current Township, medical attendant was Mary A. DeWitt of Summersville a midwife, father Robert Ace Derreberry a farmer age 26 born Mo, mother Malinda Asher age 20 born Mo. He was a good man, very family oriented and respected. They used to have a store and when we would go visit, I could see the ice cream products in the freezer case. I would stare but was bashful and would never ask for one, or ask my mother for one in front of Uncle Albert. He would laugh and tell me I was welcome to any one I wanted. I have a picture of him and my mother together just a few days before he died. Aunt Susie had sent word that he had gotten really poor in health and my mother (we lived there at Poplar Bluff, Mo) went down to their home at Walnut Ridge to help Aunt Susie take care of him until he died. Alberts third marriage was 11 June 1935 at Walnut Ridge, Ark to Susan Ruth Hart Derryberry. Her first marr was to his cousin James Calvin Derryberry, son of his uncle George William Derryberry, her parents were Joseph Harlow Hart and Laura Mariar Bristol. If anyone ever reading this should be interested, her daughter Lilly Berry of San Francisco has researched Aunt Susies genealogy. Aunt Susie was marr to her first husb 5 Apr 1925 Williford, Sharp Co, Ark, he was b 27 Feb 1883 and d 28 Apr 1932 and is bur at Old MIlitary River Cem, Sedgwick, Ark. Their Ch: Ramon C. 6 June 1926, d 3 Oct 1926; Rena C. 6 June 1926; Laura Lavada 26 July 1927; and James Robert 14 Nov 1928, d 1968. James Calvin, to quote Aunt Susie, worked on the railroad and raised hell. George William Derryberry lived with Jim and Susie after he got too old to live alone and died in Susies house. She kept his family Bible that he had written the family record in. Susie was one of those exceptional women, compassionate, kind hearted and special. Children of Albert and Susie: 1A) Olra C. "OC" 29 July 1936, Walnut Ridge, Ark, died 4 Feb 1937, his father named him after some remote family member, died of infantile paralysis. 2A) Susie Alberta 16 Sep 1938 Walnut Ridge, died of some obscure disease. 3A) Lilly May 16 Oct 1939 Walnut Ridge, has a PhD in child psych. 4A) Cora Evelina 6 Nov 1942 Walnut Ridge, was a blue baby and died in infancy. 5A) Donald Barrie 30 Jan 1945 Walnut Ridge. 6A) Delmer Lee 23 Jun 1946 Walnut Ridge. 3.) Ida Belle Derryberry, b 28 Sep 1889, Texas Co, Mo, marr Thomas Leonidas Smith 13 Dec 1909 Probably at Akers, Shannon Co, Mo according to her daughter Mildred Bailey. Ida was a school teacher in the Lewis Hollow School at the time of their marriage. They lived in Hartshorn, owned a general store for several years and also owned a farm and sawmill on Big Creek, north of Hartshorn. He had a first wife by the name of Nevada Starks. Thomas and Nevada were parents of two boys; Ralph b. 1904 d. in infancy and Lester Lee b 20 July 1905, d 21 Sept 1969. Nevada died shortly after Lester's birth. Nevada and Ralph are buried at Antioch Cemetery, Hartshorn, Mo. Thomas's sister Effie cared for Lester for a few months, then his grandmother, Martha, raised him in her home. Lester married Martha Stewart (1909-1944), daughter of Bruce and Maude Smith Stewart. They went to Osage County, OK, in 1936, then Tulsa County in 1942. Their children were Wilma, Dorma Lee, Virginia, Maudie, Kathleen, Jimmie, Frank, Judy and Shirley. Martha died from a car accident, and Lester married Ruth Hodgson (1907-1986). She helped raise most of the children as her own. Martha and Lester are buried at Sperry, OK and Ruth is buried in Booneville, Ar). Ida d 25 May 1964, Houston Hospital, Houston, Texas, Mo, bur 29 May 1964, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, Dent, Mo. Thomas's brothers and sisters were Ioney (1874-1900), William (1876-1935), Chapman (1878-1950), Polly (1883-1956), Effie Mae (1885-1967), Marion (1889-1954), Allen (1892-1976) and Dela Ellen (1892-1960). (Info on this family was from Dennis Smith, Blanche Lewis and Velma Bowen. Records of Ida Smith and memorial cards, and personal knowledge in possession of Mildred Bailey. Texas County MO Heritage, submitted by Dorma Smith Morgan.) Tom Smith was born 18 March 1880 (at Rector, Shannon, Mo according to his son Dennis and At Akers, Shannon Co, Mo according to his daughter Mildred), he died Sept 1959, at Venita, Ok, buried 21 Sept 1959 at Resthaven Cemetery, Sperry, Tulsa Co, Ok. His parents were Hiram Smith (1847-1919) and Martha (1849- 1934) Deatherage Cloud George, who was one quarter Cherokee according to Dennis Smith. (I have three different sources for her surname and each source lists a different surname, so I included all of them and invite someone with proof of the correct one to please come forward.) His parents are buried in Lewis Hollow, Shannon Co, Ioney is also buried at Lewis Hollow. He was a scoundrel and was in scrapes with the law and he left his family. After he left, Ida had a very hard existence and had the children to raise, but she used the resources she had and her children had food and clothes. My mother once told me that Tom Smith came to her house in the middle of the night one time many years ago, he was with another man and they wouldn't tell her where they had been, what they had been doing or where they were going. She fed them and gave them food to put in the car to take with them, she never heard from him again. She said he was a handsome man, looking much like Burt Reynolds. Children: 1A) Jasper Allen, 16 June 1912, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo, marr Amy A. Jones 1942, died 3 Sept 1989, Jasper left Mo in 1933 and entered CCC Camp at Big Fork, MN, he entered the Air Force in 1941, served 4 years and left with the rank of first lieutenant, he had one son David b 1943. 2A) Dennis Elton, 1 Aug 1913, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo Marr first Evangeline Hodges approximately 1937, they had a daughter Carole, b 1948, second Kathleen Wofford Bealer, they had a daughter Suzanne b 1950 died 2 Jan 1982 of lung cancer, was a mail carrier in the Salem, Mo area for many years. 3A) Robert "Dick" Hiram 6 Feb 1915 Hartshorn, Texas, Mo marr first Virginia Lewis 1934, they had two children, J. D. b 1934 and Bessie b 1940, married second Jean ----, they had two daughters Dorothy and Barbara, married third Pete ----, died 7 Sept 1977, buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK, served in the Army during WW II, was wounded in Germany and spent several months in a VA hospital in Colorado. 4A) Thurman Leland 15 Sept 1916, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo, died 15 Sept 1916. 5A) Thomas Leonard 30 Nov 1917, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo marr first Golda Bergen approximately 1943, they had two children Tommy and Jeannette, marr second Alice -----, marr third Mary Ewing, he left Missouri for California, died 1955 and is buried at Blythe, CA. 6A) Avis Ernestine 30 Jan 1920, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo marr Ivan Roberts 10 Jan 1939, left Missouri to live in California, had two children Gary and Marilynn. 7A) Mildred Lorraine 12 Dec 1921, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo marr Everett Bailey 10 Nov 1938, lived near Eunice, Mo, Houston, Mo and St. Louis, then moved to California in 1955, had two children Ralph and Loetta. 8A) Velma Leona "Johnnie" 16 Mar 1924, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo, marr Robert Martin, had one son Robert Jr b 1951, she died 21 Mar 1952 of anaphylactic shock induced by penicillin allergic reaction, had diabetes, was a registered nurse, is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Salem, Mo. 4.) Della Susan Derryberry, born 14 July 1893, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo; died 11 Apr 1937 at City Hospital, St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo of a stroke; buried at Bethany Cemetery, St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo. She married three times, I don't have marriage dates, but eventually I'll get them and let you know. Her first husband was a rake, he got into trouble with the law over stealing hogs and was sent to prison and she divorced him, his name was Bert Barton. She had a son by him, Woodrow Barton, born 13 Aug 1911, died 17 July 1927. She was working in St. Louis and she sent Woodrow to stay with his grandparents Derryberry for at least part of the summer. He and some other boys were playing ball out in the heat and they decided to go swimming to cool off. He got sick after swimming, the story is that it was pneumonia, but I'm not sure of that, anyway, he died. His mother grieved and grieved and blamed herself because she wasn't there, and if she had been there, maybe things would have been different, etc. One night she was laying in bed asleep and suddenly came wide awake, sitting up in bed. She looked to the doorway and there appeared Woodrow, she was so shocked she couldn't say a word. He smiled at her and told her not to worry, because he was all right, then he went away. After that, she was able to reconcile her grief and go on with her life. Her second husband was George Woodruff, quite a bit older than her and had been previously married and I think had some children. Anyway, he was a hard man to live with, had quite a temper, he was a very large man. One day, at the supper table he became upset, had a choking spell and fell dead. She had several children by him; Austin Rexford Woodruff, born 3 Mar 1914, he died a few years ago; Wilma Elizabeth Woodruff, born 22 Feb 1918, she also has been gone several years; Walker Ace Woodruff, born 26 Apr 1920, he had been dead for a while; Tomie Woodruff, born 17 Oct 1922, died 2 Dec 1931; Pauline Woodruff, born 8 June 1924, died 8 Nov 1926. She was married a third time to Harry Schumacher, they had one child Patricia, born 17 Mar 1929, Patricia married Charles Puckett. Pat might gather some information up for me about this family group if I asked her to, I need to try that. 5.) Blanche E. Derryberry, born 27 July 1897, Hartshorn, Texas, Mo. Married Ollie Walter Lewis 11 July 1919, at Salem, Dent, Mo. He was born 23 Feb 1889 at Victoria, Mo, his parents were John Franklin Lewis and Annie Manness, he died in 1973 in Mo. She died 8 Sep 1982 at Crockett, Texas and is buried there. She died of leukemia and had gone blind just shortly before her death. (From the small book, plus her personal know, plus Velma Bowen and Woody Lewis.) They had one son, Woodrow Marshall Lewis, born 29 Jan 1920 at Hartshorn, Texas, Mo marr Geraldine Miller. Blanche was a very small woman, but a dynamo of energy. She tried having more children, but she said because of her size, was unsuccessful. She loved plants and had a knack for making things grow. She could turn a masters hand at piecing and quilting quilts. She once had a skin cancer develop on the very tip end of her nose. The doctor removed it, then her nose had a small flat end instead of a tip, this made her unique, especially to children. After her husband died and up until the year of her death, she lived alone very independently, doing her own shopping, keeping her own house and making her own garden. She was generous nearly to a fault and loved and respected by everyone who knew her. 6.) Robert Lee Derryberry, born 1 Apr 1899 Hartshorn, Texas, Mo died 13 Oct 1976 at Springfield, Sangamon, Ill; buried 15 Oct 1976 Oak Hill Cemetery, Springfield, Sangamon, Ill. He died from respiratory failure. (From the small book, Lees death cert, personal knowledge of his children. ) He married Bertha Barton, they were later divorced. She remarried, but he did not. She was born in 1905 and died 25 O ct 1969 at Princeville, Oregon, she buried at Juniper Haven Cemetery, Princeville, Oregon. Her parents were John O. Barton and Hattie -----. Their Children: 1A) Elsie born 28 July 1924 Texas Co Mo, marr Vernon Briggs 1942. 2A) Acie Oliver "Bob" marr second Joanne-----. 3A) Thelma "Pete" marr Paul Dodson. 4A) Walter died many years ago. 5A) Louise marr----- Ellerman. 6A) Willa Bea marr Don Chrisco. 7A) Emagene, marr Bill Prater. 8A) Nyleta had been dead several years. 9A) Virginia marr David Keys. 7.) Velma Derryberry, born 11 May 1901 Hartshorn, Texas Co, Mo, died 22 Mar 1987 Poplar Bluff, Butler, Mo of congestive heart failure, pneumonia and kidney cancer, buried 25 Mar 1987, Ash Hill Cemetery, Ash Hill, Butler, Mo. She married Alonzo Gale "Lon" Bowen 4 Sep 1919 at Hartshorn, Texas, Mo. He was born 29 June 1888 Holdredge, Phelps, Nebraska, died 31 Dec 1957, Poplar Bluff, Butler, Mo buried 5 Jan 1958 Ash Hill Cemetery, Ash Hill, Butler, Mo, his parents were William Edwin Bowen and Emily Addie Phelps. When Velma was a teenager her sister Della got sick and had to have help with the house and her children. Velma was allowed to go stay with her sister while she needed help. This was her first trip away from home and she enjoyed her first train ride, which was a wonderful experience for her. Della worked in a cigarette factory in St. Louis. It was while Velma was staying with Della that the 1917 flu epidemic happened. Bob wrote for Velma to come home because Blanche, Lee and Malinda were bad sick with the flu. Of course, she went straight home, they were terribly sick, but all of them got over it with no complications. Once a singing teacher came through the area and several of the local children took lessons. Velma sang soprano and her sister Blanche sang alto. They had two dozen lessons all totaled. Vincent Morgan was a local young man who played the violin for whatever kind of occasion the community needed music for. He taught Velma how to play the violin. Lon began writing letters to Velma when he was in Europe with the Army during World War I. After he came home, the friendship continued and finally led to marriage. They lived with his parents in Nebraska for a while. During the last of December 1920, several blizzards blew through the area. Velma realized it was time to send for the doctor to help with her first baby being born. There were six feet of snow on the ground. It was impossible to tell where uncleared roads were, fence posts couldn't even be seen. Lon and his brother Jim got their scoops out and began shoveling the lane from their house to the main road free of snow. But it didn't look right to the doctor and his driver when they came along. They weren't sure where it would lead and were afraid of wasting time. They went on to the place where they thought the road to the house should be, got scoops out of the car and began shoveling snow. They scooped snow for half a mile, the doctors knees were nearly frozen before they got to the house, but he did get there and helped with the birth. A little over a year later, Velma became very sick with measles, after she was recovered, she went visiting. While she was gone, Lon and Jim decided to fumigate the room that was theirs. They figured that to burn sulphur and boil pure formaldehyde on the oil stove in there would be the best way to get the job done. They draped clothes, bed linen, towels and what not over furniture in the room so they could benefit from the fumes, too. Somehow, for some reason, quite to their shock, there was an explosion which spread fire through the room. They were in the kitchen when that happened and tore out of the house to the windmill with water buckets. The fire was out in a matter of a few minutes, but that was time enough for most everything in the room to be lost. The family had a good sized farm there in Nebraska. During harvest time frequent trips into town with loads of grain or other produce were made. Before one such trip, Lon and Jim took the cab off the truck and loaded the box bed with loose wheat. On top of the wheat, they set twenty two dozen eggs to sell. Lon was driving the truck in for that trip and Velma went with him. She wore a big floppy hat to protect her face and neck from the sun. She had planned to take the baby along, but Grandma Bowen told her she thought the baby should stay home that day, so she was left. They started down a long steep hill not too far from the house. The truck kept picking up speed and Lon told Velma she better jump out. She wanted to know why and he replied that the brakes were gone and he didn't think he could hold the truck in the road much longer. When she asked if he meant to jump, he told he wouldn't, she decided to stay with him and ride it through. They came to a sharp curve, the truck left the road, hit an embankment and stopped. Velma sailed out over Lons head and hit the ground, twenty two dozen eggs and eighty bushels of loose wheat came down on top of her. Her hat came down over her face and kept the wheat away from her nose and mouth. She could hear Lon calling, but she could see nothing. After she managed to dig her way out, she realized broken eggs were smeared all over her, but she wasn't badly hurt. Then she saw Lon, the truck had tipped over and his legs were pinned underneath. There was nothing she could do, gasoline and hot water from the radiator were trickling down on him. It wasn't until later that they realized the engine was still running. She ran to a neighbors house for help. He grabbed his shovel and ran down the hill, she ran on home. Further help came and they dug Lon out and saved what they could of the wheat. Every day life around a farm that size was busy and sometimes hectic for Velma. It was cook, wash dishes, make beds, sweep. Just over and over. About three quarters of the year they kept an average of fifteen hired men on the place. They worked hard and they carried hearty appetites. The women made bread every other day. Some days it was 150 to 200 loaves, other days it was 200 buns and 50 to 75 loaves. She learned a talent for baking excellent bread which she was famous for most of her life. It was a massive job, but the men had to be fed. Back in Missouri, life was going on much as usual, until one morning when Robert got up early to start the fire in the wood stove. He made the fire in the kitchen, using a lot of papers and not using the dampers. Della's children were t here with them. The fire got too hot, too fast and caught the house afire. Of course, they tried to put it out, but couldn't. As soon as they got the children out, it went up in a flash. The house was old, dry and ready to burn. The neighbors pitched right in and got another one built before long. Malinda organized the family and they scrubbed the chicken house out with lime water. They camped in there until the new house was ready to occupy. Lon, Jim and Grandpa Bowen sent them money. Grandma Bowen bustled around preparing boxes of clothes, material, blankets, quilts, linens, etc to send. The house was very near Hartshorn, they built the new one close to the old. The Family Bible went up in the fire, then Robert listed the family record in the little green book I have. Bob Derryberry of TX, was told by a source that he doesn't list that they had additional children Levi F. and Aumba who died young. However, when he rewrote the family record into the little green book, he listed their first child, who died as a baby and the other children except Levi F. and Aumba. I find it difficult to believe they had these two additional children, for why would he list the one who died young and not the others?