Newsletter #6

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
DERRYBERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER ONLINE #6, Jan. 8, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A CHUCKLE FOR THE NEWSLETTER: I noticed in one of your newsletters the names of Don and Peggy Derryberry (children of Floyd DB). I remember as a child that Don came to the farm to spend the summer. Another cousin D. W. Barnett (son of Mildred Derryberry Barnett) was also there. We were playing "bar" in the barn loft. Don got "drunk" and we threw him out of the bar (loft). I can't remember when I got a whipping like that from my Dad. I wonder if Don still remembers that. Believe me it hurt me more than it did him!!! W. Don Holt, Sr, Houston, Tx ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: (KAYE CROSS) To: (Ussnzs) That's a good idea to tell about my kids, here goes: 1.) Erik Dan-el Cross, b 4 Aug 1967, Coco Solo, Canal Zone, Panama. Has been married three times. First to Dorothy ____, they weren't married long, separated and divorced, no children. Second to Carla Donnette Valle from Poplar Bluff, Missouri. After a few years, they separated and divorced. They had one little girl Erika Leanne Cross, born at Poplar Bluff, Missouri, May 1990. Erika is a very beautiful little girl, dark brown, nearly black hair and dark blue eyes. Third to Tiffany Ware from Utah. They were married in 1992 at West Valley City, Utah. They have a daughter Holly Marie Cross born 30 October 1992 at Pioneer Valley Hospital, West Valley City, Utah, which is part of the Salt Lake City metroplex. In 1993, Erik moved his little family to Kansas City, Missouri, where Tiffanys parents, David and Luinne Ware lived. Later Tiffanys parents moved to Battlefield, Missouri, not too far from where we live, south of Springfield. On 19 Aug 1994 Erik's son, Sean Dan-el Cross was born at Truman East Hospital, Kansas City, Mo. Erik moved his family to Nixa, Mo where they lived with us for nearly two years, then they lived at Sparta, then for a while in Ozark, MO. Their daughter Alison LaRae was born 5 Jan 1996 at Truman East Hospital, Kansas City, Mo. Holly Marie is a very smart, funny little girl, she is in first grade now and has proven to be one of those children who must be presented with challenges constantly or turn into a challenge herself. She could read at third grade level half way through kindergarten. She loves to cook. Feature a very small, petite six year old, preparing, casseroles, vegetable dishes, cakes, cookies, etc. She does this and gets very and for soured him against the profession. I can understand this, because that's similar to my own circumstances. Tiffany is a paralegal. She truly enjoys that work and is a very good paralegal. Erik likes to go fishing and bow hunting. Our house is situated on the bank of the beautiful Finly River and Erik has spent hours and hours and hours walking in the river fishing gear in hand. He knows every foot of that river for miles north and south of our house. 2.) Ian Mateo Cross, born 16 June 1969, Utah Valley Hospital, Provo, Utah. Ian has always been interested in gadgets and discovering what makes things work. He has always liked to read and play games. He enjoys sketching and painting, which has evolved into computer graphics art. After graduating high school, he went into the Air Force. He received training in Colorado, then was sent to Great Brittain where he was stationed several years. While in Great Brittain, he met and married his wife Anneke "Nikky" Whitehead. When he was discharged from the Air Force, they moved to Layton, Utah and lived with us for a while, later they moved to Kansas City, Mo, then back to Ogden, Utah. still later to Sacramento, California where they have since separated. Ian received training in computer something or other, I'm sorry, I'm not a computer person, while they lived in Utah. He got a position with the Packard-Bell company in Utah, where he worked for several years, then he received an advance with a considerable raise, but had to move to Sacramento, California. He develops and tests new software programs for Packard-Bell. They have one son, Michael Brandon Cross, born September 1990 in Upper Hayford, Great Brittain. He was born six weeks prematurely, which caused a real scare among the family, particularly for Nikky. She and Michael also live in Sacramento. We haven't seen them for some time, but Nikky reports Michael is all boy and doing well in school. Michael likes to read, he likes dinosaurs and computer games. He has an infectious laugh and his face his very open, it is very easy to read when he is "up to something". 3.) Kaylyn Cross born 19 January 1973, Seoul, Korea. We adopted Kaylyn when she was eighteen months old. She was abandoned in a city street, barely able to walk, only learning to speak, totally vulnerable. There she was hit by a taxi, she was still covered with bruises when I first saw her. People took her to a nearby police station and she was taken from there to Seoul Children's Hospital, which is a pathetic children's hospital. Along with two friends, I went to that place, trying to find the right little girl for Don and I to adopt. We had wanted to adopt at least one of our children and until that time had not been able to find the right one for us. When I walked into the ward where she was, cribs lined the small ward. In each crib was at least three small children. She was holding a blue toothbrush with white bristles, wearing a shirt and diaper, bruises on her face. She looked up at me, saluted me with her toothbrush and said "Herro", then she grinned, showing pretty white teeth. The adoption was completed only the day before we were shipped out of Korea by the U. S. Army. She was a funny, tiny little girl, most deffinitely bonded to me, she was a quite a performer. The day her picture was taken for the class recital all the hair at the front around her face was not any longer than a quarter inch long because she decided to trim her bangs for the picture. She loved being in plays, musicals and dramas, she excelled in vocal music, winning competitions and writing her own songs. She played flute in the Sho-Me Marching Band at Poplar Bluff High School and travelled on many performing trips with the award winning band. Now she lives in Seattle, Washington where she works temporarily as a nanny. What she really likes to do is teaching preschool and has the goal of owning and teaching in her own preschool eventually. She is a brilliant teacher. She has a fiance, but they haven't set a date. She enjoys cooking, in fact, she is a gourmet cook, she tells people that's because of her mother. She can go in the kitchen, sing, cuss and yak, rattle pots and pans, glassware and enamel, then after the kitchen is a total wreck, lay out a gourmet meal on a beautifully appointed table with a artfully arranged centerpiece. She enjoys reading, she says her mom is her favorite author, woodworking, camping, hiking, paragliding, and photography. She and our other daughter were at the National Derryberry Family Reunion held at Licking, Mo. 4.) Ahmie Lee Cross, born 3 March 1976, Fort Hood, Texas. Ahmie is also very musically inclined, she plays piano, clarinet, guitar, drums and almost any instrument she picks up. She enjoys drawing and reading. She is a whiz at computer games. Her real forte is animals, she loves animals. Currently, she lives in Cape Girardeau, Mo where she has worked at a humane society shelter and as a veterinarians assistant at a small animal clinic. She has empathy and rapport with the animal patients as well as their human owners. We have tried to get her to go back to school to get training as a vet, but so far the time hasn't been right for her to do that. She has always been very independent, marching to her own drummer and will have to go back to school only when she is ready. Tiny baby squirrels were abandoned at the humane society shelter and Ahmie was their surrogate mother, having to feed them special formula with a dropper until they could be released. Once a baby possum got into the bathroom drawers at the place where she lives. It had crawled through a separation in the ventilation ducts under the house, then into the bathroom cabinet. Ahmie was rummaging in the drawer when her hand struck warm fur and she her a fearsome hissing. There she discovered a tiny, frightened baby, spearated from it's mama. KX (That is: Kaye Cross.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ted Derryberry, Sr., of Meidian, TX, is doing well in his battle with brain tumors. He has had to close his lumber and hardware business, Rafter D. He is having to take it easy, but is still able to do lots of things. Ted, Jr. is back in Atlanta, GA with his construction business. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ralphine Derryberry sent me a note stating that she left Chicago to get away from the snow storms, only to have one in TN worse than she ever saw in Chicago. Well, the first week of 1999 Susan Elaine Derryberry, in Chicago, got a dose of it. On Monday morning she found her car completely covered with snow, partly thrown there by street cleaners. To get to work, she rode bus, train and taxi to finally get there, after standing about 45 minutes in minus 10 weather, with minus 40 chill factor. On Tursday the trains and taxis were not running. On Wednesday a friend who had a car free of the ice came by and picked her up. That day she was able to get someone to dig her car out. Being from Texas, I personally, cannot imagine functioning in a deep freeze like that. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jessie Lucille Locke's husband, Leon Clyde Quillin died 7 Aug 1998 at Ft. Worth, TX. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Richard E. Davis, Ph.D., Professor, Fine and Performing Arts, University of San Francisco has some pictures and letters that might interest descendants of Pleasant Jasper Marion Derryberry. He has offered to share. His e-mail address is He says: "I have photos and letters (the letters were sent to my greatgrandmother Hattie Lenore but they talk a lot about what is happening "John Bell Derryberry "Robert Derryberry "Fillmore Derryberry (I think this is not Henderson Filmore) "Timothy Derryberry (the Toon" is crossed out and Mark has been written in its place) There is more than one photo of Timothy, this one may be Mark. "Timothy (Toon) Derryberry with Mary Davis (McCullar) Derryberry and Velma Derryberry as a child (she later married a Dixon) "Calvin? Derryberry "Jasper Clear as an infant "Drucilla Derryberry (married a Hogue and went to Texas in a covered wagon) "Jane Derryberry (Married a Clear and went to Arkansas) [Later to Oklahoma I think.] "Mark Derryberry "Hard to read Derryberry "Most of these are tintypes (small ones) from my great grandmother's photo book. It is just lucky that someone (my grandmother I think) transcribed the names onto slips of paper on the back of the photos before the names written in became illegible. "Anyway, that's what I have found so far. There may be more, but that's probably the bulk of it. "Most of the letters are from J. C. (James Calvin I suspect as it is definitely Hattie's brother) Derryberry to my great Grandmother Hattie Lenore Derryberry Jones. They are from Altus Oklahoma and mention "Audie". They are written in the late 1930's. There is also one letter from Audie. (Son of J. C.?) There is also at least one letter from Jennie Derryberry Clear to Hattie written I think in 1929. I also have a number of notes, deeds etc concerning the Derryberry family. They are all in pretty fragile shape. There may be other things, I haven't inventoried everything yet. That will take a while. I'll look into scanning the tin types. The department is pretty good at that kind of thing." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This from Cousin Richard Davis - Exerpts from letters in his posession: #1: There are seven letters written by James Calvin Derryberry between 1930 and 1939 from Altus, Oklahoma. There is NO doubt this is the writer. Both the signature and the date given for date of birth in the letter dated Jan. 16, 1930 confirm the #5: J.C. called his wife Loe (or Lo) They married on Jan. 7, 1870. She is still alive at the time of the Jan. 5, 1931 letter and he mentions that in two days they will have their 61st wedding anniversary. #6: By Nov. 8, 1937 J.C. is growing cotton. In this letter he says that the boys (undefined) are going to school and it takes four days to go and come back. #7: He was visting Springfield, MO on Nov. 15, 1938 when he had a "spell" (a stroke?). He says he is feeling lonesome so his wife must have died by this time. (letter of Dec. 24, 1938) #8: He learns of the death of J.B. Jones (Hattie's husband, my great grandfather) and sends Hattie a letter on March 6, 1939 four days before his stroke. #9: Altus had a newspaper during this period. He mentions it in his Jan. 16, 1930 letter. Some names he mentions in the course of the letters. Jennie (Derryberry Clear, Arkansas - I have a letter from her as well), Drucilla, Mark, Scott, Hillard, Martha, Hubbard and his wife and children, Bill and John C., Burt Paysinger and wife, John Newal, Charley Graham, Bill's girls, "Girl", Brock, Pearl, Dade? told him that George has died (letter of March 6, 1939) Most of these names he is asking about, not giving information. ANOTHER LETTER: This one is from Jennie (Derryberry) Clear. She married Tom Clear after her sister, who was his first wife died. (But you probably already have this.) The letter is from Dec. 12, 1926. Again, written to Hattie. Jennie is living in Ash Flat, Arkansas. There is typhoid fever around. six are down at Henry's and four at Esther's. Henry's son , age 14, died of it. (Have NO idea who Henry or Esther are.) She got a letter from Cal(vin?) he is 71 and feeling 16. She was 66 on Dec. 11 and feeling fine. Clyde and his wife came by they have no children his wife is 210 lbs. (Who's Clyde?) The children are away from home. Clifford is on the road, Parker is a Hardy. (I have been told she and Tom Clear had three children and Tom Clear and her sister had three whom she raised. I don't know where Clifford and Parker fit into this.) Aunt Pearle has taken Pearle and the two little boys and gone to California. Pearle married a nice man who went to Detroit, but Pearle said it was too cold in Detroit and I don't know if any of this will be of any use to anyone. But I hope that it might help someone make a connection somewhere. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` David L. Derryberry's will was e-mailed to me. It may interst some of you. Here it is: State of TN, Maury ounty: I, David L. Derryberry of the said state and county being now at a good old age and at an age when all memory soon expect to pay the last debt of nature and being desirous of disposing of my property while I have a disposing mind do make this last will and testament hereby revoking all other by me at any time made. 1. I give and bequeath my soul to the God who gave it. 2. I desire that the expenses incurred in my last sickness and funeral expenses be paid. 3. I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth J. Wilson, wife of James Wilson, now of the state of Arkansas the sum of Twenty Five Dollars. 4. After all above requests are paid as described, I give and bequeath unto my children: Mrs. Pamelia I Anderson, wife of I. M. Anderson; Milton B. Derryberry, James H. Derryberry and Mary M. Johnson, wife of John Johnson, the my real and personal property that I may be lawfully seized and possessed at the time of my death and to be equally divided between them. I further desire that John T. Derryberry, my brother, shall be my agent toexecute this my last will and testament and that he execute it outside of court and that after the probate and registration of the will that no other fee be paid in any of the courts of this State or any lawyer, in other words I have no further to give or pay court or lawyers fees. I desire further that my agent John T. Derryberry be governed by a majority of my children as to how said property shall be divided, whether the land be sold and money divided into lots and sold, or sold as a whole and the terms of the sale & deed. If my children shall elect that the land shall be divided between them, my agent, John T. Derryberry shall select three disinterested men who shall be freeholders and proceed to divide my estate in five lots as near equally divided as possible and than my children cast lots any way they may elect for choice lots and when each has selected his or her lot - then shall give to each other a quit claim deed to their respective lots so drawn. If my brother, John T. Derryberry from any cause fail or refuse to execute this my last will and testament, a majority of my children shall elect some decent person as my agent to carry out this will as provided above. I appoint my son Milton B. Derryberry trustee for my daughter Elizabeth J. Wilson, wife of James Wilson to receive and use for her benefit all of the property I will to her - and that he use it to the best of his ability for the use and benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth J. Wilson and that she shall have as long as she lives a trustee and that no trade made by her or her husband James Wilson shall be valid unless by consent of said trustee and at her death the property shall be held in trust for her children and when the youngest shall arrive at the age of 21 years said property shall be divided between her children or sold for my children shall elect to hold for demands for division, her trustee shall take her interest in my estate and invest it in real estate for her use and benefit. I declare the above my last will and testament . Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the subscribing witness on the first day of January 1880. David L. Derryberry, Witness G. Lockridge, Witness G. P. Lee. A true copy taken Jan 14/86 by G. M. Dade. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some more found on the Internet, which I abstracted down to the pertent information: Anna Mary Derenberger born 1784, Washington TWP, Morris Co., NJ (Long Valley and Schooleys Mtn. Are in that TWP). Found in Spruce Run Lutheran Churchyard List compiled by Ralph Lommason, died 16 Mar 1863, Lebanon TWP, Hunterdon Co., NJ, daughter of Philip Dernberger and Mary Ann Hann, wife of George C. Fritts, married 23 Feb 1811 in Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick, NJ. Children listed as: Anna, Philip, Rachel, Jacob, William, Catherine. George Frederick and Mary Adaline Fritts. State Archives lists her parents as Philip and Anna Terryberry. Eliza Ann Derenberger born 30 May 1814, died 19 Apr 1898, buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, daughter of John Derraberry and Mary "Polly" Dufford, married William Hann 3 Jan 1835, Pleasant Grove, Morris Co., NJ. Frederick Derenberger, married Elizabeth, children listed as Nathan Terryberry, John Derenberger and Jacob Derenberger. (es, they did show different last names for children.) Philip Derenberger, born 9 May 1764, died 8 May 1852, buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, son of Philip Terryberry and Dorothea "Dolly" Swackhammer, married Mary Ann Hann. Their children listed as: Jacob Dernberger, John Derraberry, William Derenberger, Elisabeth Terryberry, Anna Mary Derenberger and Ester Terryberry. His headstone says he died at age 90, which would make birth year 1762. (Again, children with different spellings of last names.) John Derraberry, born 17 May 1791, died 1 Jun 1874, buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, son of Philip Derenberger and Mary Ann Hann, married Mary "Polly" Dufford 12 Jan 1813, recorded in Zion Lutheran Church Records, Oldwick, NJ. Children listed as: Eliza Ann Derenberger, Jacob Derraberry, Emeline Derraberry, Dorothy Derraberry, Philip C. Derraberry, Mary A. Dernburger and Sarah Derraberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enough for now. Much bigger and it will not go for some.