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Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
DERRYBERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER #4 ONLINE, Nov. 15, 1998 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I've had a very odd thing to happen. I have completely lost my copy of Family Newsletter #3. Can any of you e-mail me a copy or send me a photocopy of that letter? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Barbara Derryberry, wife of Thomas, Joe Turner Derryberry's son Joey died 29 Oct 1998 from diesel tank explosion at his trucking business. Joey was about 45, no children, leaving his mother alone Barbara and Thomas took the children to Grand Canyon about Oct. 1. They were not prepared for freezing weather. Those of you who have been there know it can get pretty cold at night in July. Well, they were surprised to find frozen water on their picnic table the next morning. They were in a tent. Tom and Barbara are at 2620 Oak Grove, Plano, TX 75074. They are both with Texas Instruments. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does anyone have a correct e-mail address for Larry & Nancy Brewer. I had My attempt to send them family newsletter #3 failed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Audrey Massey: "John Toplin and Phoebe Cornelia Speer Derryberry did have a son named Anthony S., born, some say, around 1851, as well as a son named Alphonse /Alphonze/Alf. I hope this helps some. "As for the Basque origin of the name Derryberry, I am very much interested in proving that. I think I told all of you about my correspondence with Monsieur Louis Diriberry, who lives near the Basque country. He states there is no other origin for the name, no longer exists. It was incorporated into another town. Please don't get hung up on how they might have ended up in America, and don't think that this possible origin of the name precludes our Derryberrys having come over from Germany. If they had a Basque origin, it could have been many, many years distant from their life in Germany. It is terribly intriguing to me that Joannes Diriberry's name was found on that building in St. Jean Pied de Port by a friend of my cousin Virginia Derryberry, back in the late 1980s, and other references, including Msr. Louis Diriberry and others, keep leading me back to that. I have had no free time for research for a few years now, but I hope some of us can prove the origin of the name. It may very well be Basque. Then follow-up: "More on the Basque subject: Another genealogist, a Frenchmen, e-mailed me over a year ago to tell me his wife descended from the Basque Diriberrys and that they were once a very influential family, (Remember there are French Basques and Spanish Basques) living in the Pyrenees of southern France. "If our Derryberrys were originally Basque, it wouldn't matter when the Basques came to America IF ours had been "reconstitued" into the German culture after leaving France and well before they came over from Germany to America. This would be like the Normans, who were originally Vikings, who came to England with William and became English. . We may find that our Derryberrys were not originally Basque, but that name cannot be found so nearly like our spelling anywhere else. Diriberry sounds almost exactly like Derryberry. Some of the earlier Derryberrys in America were recorded as Diraberry, Direberry, Durebary, Durabery - so close to that Diriberry. George Tiereberger in New Jersey was referred to as Durebary/Durabery, and his son as Terryberry. (Remember the German "D" and "T" are often interchangeable in sound). There are a few Derryberrys on census in America, whose name was spelled Diraberry, Dirberry, Duraberry and Deberry - the recorders listening to the way the family pronounced the name. "Getting back to the subject, when those Derryberrys who came to New Jersey in 1737-40 settled among French Huguenots, if in fact the Derryberrys had originally been French (Basque, Huguenot, etc.), then it might have revived the old spelling and sound of the family name. They intermarried with Huguenots in the German Valley of New Jersey." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peggy Derryberry Gould reports that she was told by Bill Derryberry of FL that the story and movie Driving Miss Daisy was based on the life of Daisy Lou Amick Derryberry. Can anyone verify or prove it wrong? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer, wife of Gary Hammer, golf pro in KS, made contact. We think we have made added to Gilbert L. Derryberry, Sr's. branch. Everything tends to fit, but cannot prove it yet. If so, Gary is great great grandson of Gilbert of Dunklin Co., MO. Jennifer and Gary bought a golf course in KS and moved from the Dennison-Sherman area of Texas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Susan E. Byars is looking for parents of Marion Anderson Derryberry who was a Confederate soldier that contacted a fever and died after returning home about 1865. He married Elizabeth Felton about 1852. Their children were: James M. (1855-1934), John A. (7 Oct 1857-26 Dec 1919), Jefferson Davis (1862-1939), Bill and Allen. She can be reached at or 1337 Hwy. 229, Fordyce, AR 71742. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I picked up another not yet connected branch to the family tree via the Internet. Suzanne Derryberry hailed from the University of PA. Her line starts with Oscar Derryberry of Red Oak, OK. I have seven Oscar Derryberrys in the database, but he is none of them. His children were Thomas and Albert Lee. Thomas married Francis Cole. Their children are: Kay, Faye, Thomas, Frank, Beverly and Stephen Derryberry. Frank married Hui Son, of Korean ancestry. Suzanne is their daughter. Can anyone make the connection? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found these listings in the Morris Co., NJ deed indexes. There is high similarity to Derryberry but I cannot tell you what the connections might be. They tend to fortify Don Cross' research of several years ago. I searched for earlier deeds since my John would have already been gone, if indeed he were ever there, but the people in the recorded office could not tell me where the older deeds might be stored. Anyone got a suggestion? Anyone got an opinion of the significance, if any, of this finding? From: Morris Co., NJ deed records page 529 Grantor Grantee Year Peer Derricky Donald Derye 1788 John Sager Philip Derenberger 1810 Philip & Dorothy Dernberger Jacob Dufford 1810 Philip & Anna Dernberry Philip Hann 1820 Adam Sager Philip Dernberger 1821 John Dufford John Dernberger 1821 Jacob Dufford, Jr. Mary Dernberger 1821 Peter Wilson John Derraberry 1821 Jacob & Rachel Derrinberger Lawrence Hann 1822 Jacob & Rachel Derrenberger Joseph Colver 1822 Wm. Hann, Jr. Jacob Dernberry 1822 Lawrence Hann Jacob Dernberger 1822 Philip & Anna Dernberger James Wilson 1823 John & Mary Derraberry Holloway W. Hunt 1826 Jacob & Rachel Derrenberger Philip Dernberger 1828 Jacob Dernberger Philip Dernberger 1828 James Wilson Philip Dernberger 1828 Jacob & Rachel Dernberger Jacob Hann 1829 John & Mary Dernberger Jacob Hann 1829 John & Mary Dernberger Holloway W. Hunt 1832 John Derraberry Peter Cyphers 1834 John Derraberry Wm. Derraberry 1834 John Derraberry John Guy 1834 John Derraberry John Gray 1834 Philip Desnberger John Dernberger 1834 Philip Dernberger Wm. Dernberger 1834 Philip Dernberger Jacob Dernberger 1834 Marie & Mathias Dufford Wm. Derraberry 1834 John Gray John Derraberry 1834 Philip Dernberger John Dernberger 1834 Philip Dernberger Wm. Dernberger 1834 Philip Dernberger Jacob Dernberger 1834 John Derraberry Chas. Robinson 1835 John & Mary Derryberry Wm. Gibbons 1839 John & Mary Derraberry John Guy 1839 Timothy Colver Philip Dernberry 1839 Jacob D. Trimmers John Derraberry 1839 Other interesting items found that tend to support Don: Jacob Derraberry, son of John and Mary, died 9 Sep 1820 at age 3 years, 8 months and 7 days, buried next to Jacob Dufford, Jr. AND Clarissa Derraberry died 17 Feb 1836 at age 7. They are buried in German Valley Union Churchyard, Long Valley, active 1766-1869, size 51-150 (?), located on southwest corner of the intersection of Fairview Avenue with the Central Railroad of New Jersey. New Jersey Rateables 1778-1780: from Genealogical Magazine of NJ Vol, 46, page 88: widow Derenberer 150 ac., 2 horses, 2 cows, 4 pigs (Derriberry 2 pigs) Philip Derenberer 130 ac., 3 horses, 5 cows, 1 pig (Phillip Derriberry 4 cows) Frederick Derenberer 170 ac., 2 horses, 5 cows, (130 ac., 3 horses, 4 pigs) Will of John Stute filed 27 Mar 1802 in Oxford TWP, Sussex Co., NJ, refers to "Christian Merracle (?) (Merkle)" and named Frederick Dernberger Executor with Henry Snyder. Stute's daughter Elizabeth was to divorce her husband and marry Christian Mirracle as condition of her inheritance. Found in New Jersey Colonial Documents, Calendar of Wills - 1801 - 1805. (My note: The Merracle, however spelled, family is associated with the Derryberry/Derreberry family in many ways and over many years.) In "One Hundred and Eightieth Anniversary of the Settlement of New Jersey by the Germans and the Sesqui-centennial of German Valley 1713 - 1893, a small old book found in the Library at Morristown, NJ, reference is made to the Robert and Oliver ship of Dublin which arrived at Philadelphia 11 Sep 1738, Walter Goodman, Commander from Rotterdam, last from Dover, with 320 passengers. Among the passengers were Stephen Durabercher or Steven 'Stoffe' Terriberry and Hans Mich, Torenberger. It does not mention Jon George possibly because he apparently went to Sussex Co. instead of Morris Co. as did Steven and Michael. The book describes their plight in Europe, passage to America and life after arrival in 9 pages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This might interest some, and be boring to others, but I just found it and it excites me. It tends to support Don Cross' findings, I ponder the possible connection to the Derryberrys. Looks possible. Found in The Terryberry Family web page and in Pamela Lee Miller's webpage html, her e-mail address is She is from Oxford, NJ. The Terryberry Family web page is at This is my piecing together of things found in those web pages. I could have misinterpreted some leads. Hans Peter Durrenberger (Terryberry) (the u is omlotted)married Eva Catherine _____ 25 Sep 1708 at Mertzweiler, Alsace, Germany. Alsace is a region between the Rhine River and the Vosges Mountain, with portions in eastern France and western Germany. During the period of this history, the region's association with Germany which had lasted for hundreds of years was terminated in 1648. This marked the conclusion of the Thirty Years War, and Alsace became a part of France. Under their new political masters, the people continued to speak German and follow German customs. But the changes were especially hard on the German Protestants, or "Palatines." This was associated with the persecution of Protestants everywhere at that time in central Europe by the Catholic majority. In addition to the Germans, Swiss and French Protestants (Hugenots) were subject to harassment and persecution. By the early 1700's, a mass migration of these people ensued which took thousands from their ancestral lands to Holland and England on their way to a new life in America. (For more information on this terrible situation, see the OVERHOLT chapter of this history which describes a Swiss family's migration.) Among this mass of humanity were Peter's three sons. I. Hans Stephen Durrenberger/Terryberry,(with umlaut on the u) born 25 Jun 1711, married 1) Anna Clara Duffort/Dufford 31 Jan 1736 in Gunderahoffen, Germany (Anna died 1794), (2) married Anna May _____. Stephen died 16 Jan 1776, buried in Middle Valley Cemetery. Found in 18th Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America by Annette Burgert. Will proved 23 Jan 1776 East Jersey Records, page 15. 3 youngest daughters in will. Will says he had total of 8 daughters. Of Griesback. East Germans gives death date as 1766, but will proved 23 Jan 1776. Anna Clara was a daughter of Phillip Duffort of Langensultzbach. The name appears variously as Duffort, Dufforth, Tufford and Tuffort. Stephan and Anna Clara, daughter of Phillip Duffort of Langensultzbach, were married 31 January 1736 in Gunderahoffen, Germany. (This surname appears in records variously as Duffort, Dufforth, Tufford and Tuffort). Stephan (in the Passenger List as Stofe Terberger) came to America from Germany on the ship Robert and Alice which sailed from Rotterdam, Holland making a call at Dover, England and arriving at Philadelphia 11 September 1738. On board were 159 German Palatines. His brothers Hans Michael and Hans Jacob, and father-in-law Phillipp Duffort are also listed as passengers. It is likely that his wife, Anna Clara and infant son Johann George were also aboard, but females and children were customarily not listed as passengers. Some time after their arrival, the new colonists anglicized their name to Terryberry. But as was common of the period a wide variation in spelling ensued. Both family surnames, D81rrenberger and Terryberry are thus reported in many documents in a variety of ways. This is due, of course, to the literacy problem of the time. Few common people could write, and when events were recorded by public scribes or the clergy the writer put down his version of what he heard as the name. Thus, the written names we see today in old records are phonetic interpretations. For example, Stephan Terryberry appears in one record (above) as Stofe Terberger; in another he is Stuffey Derberger. For consistency, this history uses D81rrenberger to nclude all variations of the German name, and Terryberry for the many anglicized versions. Upon disembarkation, they were required to take the Oath of Allegiance. Michael and Stephan then made their way up the Delaware and Musconetcong Rivers of West Jersey to the German Valley, now Morris County, New Jersey. Jacob went to Lehigh Co., PA. As a sidenote, it is thought by some family historians that the progenitor of the large southern family with surname Derryberry is this Jacob. Similarly, the large Dernberger family of 1800s New Jersey is traced to Phillip Durnberger, son of Stephan and Anna Duffort Durrenberger. Johann George was born in Germany; all the others in New Jersey. Since the will mentions Philip as the eldest son, we may conclude that George died young. Family histories indicate there were eight daughters. Three are identified in the will (above). While they were of age, they must have been unmarried and living at home. The will quaintly refers to the father's concern for their dowry, my three youngest daughters, Ana Lisabeth, Margaretha and Mary Godlieben as they arrive to become of age, an outfit proportional to what the rest of my daughters had in their fitting out. This indicates the five older daughters had married and left home. Steven died in 1776. His will, proved 25 February that year names his wife, Anna Mary and children: Children by Anna Clara Duffort: A. John George Terryberry born 1736 in Germany. Since his father's will lists Phillip as the eldest son, we may conclude that John George died young. (My note: The Terryberry Family webpage does not list an Anna May, but credits all the children to Anna Clara.) Children by Anna May _____: B. Phillip Terryberry, born 27 Feb 1740 in NJ. Married Dolly (Dorothea) Swackhammer, Of Schooley's Mountain, possibly buried on the Martinus Farm in Pleasant Grove, store gone. Dolly born 1746. 1. Philip Derrenberger, born 9 May 1764, married Mary Ann Hann. He died 8 May 1852, buried Pleasant Grove Union Cemetery. Tombstone lists age 90 years, would make birth year 1762. a. Jacob Dernberger b. John Derraberry, married Mary (Polly) Dufford 12 Jan 1813 at Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick, NJ. (1). Eliza Ann Derenberger born 30 May 1814, married William Hann 3 Jan 1835 at Pleasant Grove, Morris Co., NJ (Morris Co. Marriage Book E), died 19 Apr 1898, buried Pleasant Grove Union Cem. (a). Alfred Hann (b). Mancius H. Hann (c). Jacob Hann (d). Mary D. Hann (e). Lawrence H. Hann (f). Edna Hann (g). Sidney M. Hann (h). Clarissa Hann (i). daughter Hann (2). Jacob Derraberry (3). Emeline Derraberry (4). Dorothy Derraberry born 17 Aug 1822, recorded in Zion Lutheran Church Records, Oldwick, NJ. Died 14 Aug 1910. Noted in Eleanor Hopler Griffith Papers. Buried Pleasant Grove Union Cemetery. Married John Peter Sharp. (5). Philip Derraberry (6). Clarissa Derraberry born 31 Mar 1829, recorded Zion Lutheran Church Records, Oldwick, NJ. Died 17 Feb 1898 (date from tombstone) buried Pleasant Grove Union Cemetery. (7). Mary A. Dernburger (8). Sarah Derraberry c. William Derenberger d. Elisabeth Terryberry e. Anna Mary Derenberger born 1784 Washington TWP, Morris Co., NJ, married George C. Fritts 23 Feb 1811 at Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick, NJ, died 16 Mar 1863 in Lebanon TWP Hunterdon Co., NJ, buried Spruce Run Lutheran Churchyard. (1). Anna Fritts (2). Philip Fritts (3). Rachel Fritts (4). Jacob Fritts f. Esther Terryberry 2. John Terryberry born1766, married Margaret Young. John died 1854. He went to Canada in the early 1800s and settled in the Clinton TWP. 3. Joseph Terryberry born1768, married Elizabeth Hildebrandt. 4. Jacob Terryberry married Rachel Fritts (I think, but listed as Jacob Dernberger) a. Jacob Derenberger born 23 Aug 1824, died 23 Sep 1838, buried in Old Cemetery Spruce Run Lutheran Church. Headstone lists him age 14.1.0. Name appears as Jacob Kern Derreberry, baptized by Rev. Henry N. Pohlman. Birth date appears as 22 Nov 1825 on Spruce Run baptismal records. 5. David Terryberry born 1770, married Margaretta Welch. 6. Ann Elizabeth Terryberry born 18 Apr 1773, married Philip Reid (see Ruby Johnson) 7. Christopher Terryberry born 20 Aug 1774 Morris Co., NJ, married Mary Ann Young, died in Ontario, Canada. 8. Lawrence Terryberry born 1776, died 1797. 9. William Terryberry born 1779, married Ann Young, died 1 847. He went to Canada in the early 1800s and settled in Barton TWP. 10. George Terryberry born 1781, died 1866. 11. Morris Terryberry born 1783, married Mary Young, died 1864. 12. Samuel Terryberry born 1788, married Catherine Moore, died 1818. During the years following the end of the American Revolution the British in Canada opened large parts of Canada for settlement. Chief among these were the Maritime Provinces and Upper Canada, later to become Ontario. First to settle on Crown grants were soldiers of the disbanded armies. They were followed by thousands of Tory refugees who were dispossessed of their property during the war. A third, smaller wave of immigrants were farmers recruited by Crown officers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There was a crucial need for experienced farmers in Canada who could quickly get land into production of food and who could teach the soldiers and refugee families how to farm. The enticement which made this program a success was the offer of land. Among those who went to Canada in the early 1800s were members of the Terryberry family. Among these was William (1779) who settled in Barton Township, John (1776) in Clinton Twp. and Morris (1783) and Samuel (1788) in Grimsby Township. These brothers became the progenitors of the large Terryberry family now living in Canada. (My note: The Revolutionary War was not over in 1776, that was just the beginning. It continued to the War of 1812.) Samuel died in 1818 at age thirty leaving his widow and three children. Catharine, then age about 25, married, (2nd) Martin Overholt and had three more children, Margaret Overholt, Henry Overholt and Mary Overholt. a. John Terryberry born 1812, married Phoebe Slough, died 1866. b. Dorothy Terryberry born 1813, married George Slough, died 1895. c. William Terryberry born 1816, married Mary Bradt, died 1878. C. Gertraut Terryberry D. Ann Elisabeth Terryberry, born 1752, married Adam Sager 12 May 1772 in Zion Lutheran Church, Oldwick, NJ, re: church records. Listed as Ann Lizabeth, confirmed at 16 years at Zion Lutheran church of Oldwick 1768 1. Mary Sager E. Margaret Mary Terryberry, born 1755, listed as Margarita Durrenbergerin, daughter of Stephen, 17 years old "memonter" on confirmation class list 1772 from New Germantown Church Records. Married John Swackhammer. F. Mary Godlieben Durrenbergerin, born 1758 She is listed as Maria Durrenbergerin sister of Margarita 14 years old "puella diligentissime" in confirmation class list 1772 New Germantown Church Records. Could be the Maria Dorreberger who married Daniel Lanterman on May 10 1778 in Zion of Oldwick records. Married Daniel Landerman. G. Catherine Terryberry H. Jury (George) Frederick Terryberry. Born 1760, married Mary Mullins, died 1814. I. Stephen Terryberry, born 1762, married Elizabeth Laurentz 8 Feb 1789, Zion Lutheran Church Records, Oldwick, NJ. Listed as Stephen Dorreberger in marriage records. II. Maria Magdalena Durrenburger, (umlaut over the u) born 1713. III. Hans Michael Durrenberger, (umlaut over the u) born 1716 IV. Hans Jacob Durrenberger, (umlaut over the u) born 1717, married Ann Bastain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please send me something to put into a family newsletter. I find myself scrounging for something to report. Bob Derryberry,