Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #30, Feb. 15, 2002


Barbara McClannahan, descendant of Samuel Derreberry, has a six page article
in the December/January 2002 issue of History Magazine. If you have access
to that magazine, you might find it very interesting, as did I. The title
is "A Question of Loyalty" and deals with her Derreberry ancestors' trials
and tribulations in connection with the Civil War. They lived in Benton
Co., AR where several clashes between the Union and Confederate Armies took
place, too much of which was in their back yard, so to speak. Then there
were the renegades, such as Quantrell and the Youngers, in the area.

I am attaching the six pages here, in hopes that most of your computers can
read it. They have the bmp extension, which most image programs can
assess. I scanned it and ran Textbridge OCR on it to get it to a text file,
but there were so many errors to correct that gave up and just left it as an
image file, which is an image of the actual pages, with no errors.

If you have difficulty and cannot find the magazine or cannot (will not)
download the attachments, if you will send me a large self-addressed
envelope with 56 cents stamps, I will send you a hard copy.. Be assured
that I have the latest version of Norton Antivirus on my computer and it
scans everything, coming or going, for virus. I feel sure that anything my
computer puts out is clean, unless someone comes up with a new virus for
which Norton has not yet made a cure.

I hope this worked for you as well as it did for me. If not, let me know.


Progress is being made on finding if there is a connection to the Derry or
Derrie family of Greene Co., TN by Derry descendants. They are found in
1850 to 1900 censuses with names spelled Derry, Derreberry, Deeryberry etc.
It looks like that in all likelihood that they are another branch of the
family tree. But, so far, no one has found Robert Allen 'Tom'
Derry/Derryberry's parents.
Robert Allen was born Sep 1859 and married Sarah Clower. She apparently
was a few years his elder, born June 1852 or 1847, depending on whether the
1900 census or her tombstone is correct They were around Warrensburg, TN.
Their children on the census were Alice born Aug 1880, Thomas born Mar 1880,
Jesse born Jul 1884, Irene born 1885, Robert E. Lee born Sep 1889, Roscoe
born Aug 1890 and Mabel Belle born Mar 1895. John and Sarah's tombstone has
the name spelled Derrie.

In that area were also Andrew Derry born 1900 and died 1969, Sarah Ellen
Derry born Oct 1916 and died Aug 1918, Earnest Derry born Sep 1890 died Dec

John and Sarah's daughter, Alice, married Evan Albert Potter. Ernest
married Lida Belle Taylor 29 Aug 1906. Irene married Joe Whitaker. Thomas
married Myrtle J. Jackson. Jesse married Lydia Banks. Mable Belle married
John Thomas Potter. Roscoe married Bethlee Cantrell.

Can anyone shed light on where these people belong on the family tree? If
response is similar to what I've gotten in the past on some queries, I'm
sure the mystery will not be solved. Response has been something less than


Looks like Ron Jones and his father, in their book on the Derreberry branch
had it pretty well figured out on the Dayberry branch. It is all
circumstantial evidence yet. However, the evidence is so strong that I
believe there is a connection.

Indications are that in Rutherford Co., NC, George William Derreberry's
daughter, Nancy, had two sons, possibly illegitimate, named William and
George who used the name Dayberry alternately with the name Derreberry,
depending upon the occasion. It is fairly sure that their mother's name was
Nancy and that she married Robert Deveney after George and William were
born. No previous marriage for her has been found. If they were
illegitimate, no evidence has been found to indicate the father or fathers,
or the circumstances.

Several of their descendants are working on solving the mystery, including
John Dayberry, Preston Price, Bob DeViney, Doug Dayberry.

If you know any Dayberrys, you might help out by asking them what they know
about their ancestors.


Andy Derryberry, Secretary of the National Derryberry Family Association,
(also Past President and Co-founder) and I have discussed a new project
which we are considering starting. There has been a lot of interest
indicated in having copies of old pictures. Andy started a website with old
pictures and the web service folded. Then he put them on the family website
but had concern that the pictures would use up his available memory.

I now have a CD burner, so, I suggested we produce CDs with old family
pictures. A CD will hold up to 650 MB of storage. That would hold a lot of
pictures. The pictures I've stored in jpg format run 100 to 200 kb each. A
CD can hold a lot of pictures at that rate.

I have scanned several old pictures that I have in seeing just what we can
do. I'm impressed. It is suggested offering copies of the CD through the
family association as a fund raiser. So, if anyone wants to have pictures
of their branch of the family tree included, would send the pictures to me.
To keep from being inundated, since I am doing this without pay, I would
probably require a ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) donation to the National Derryberry
Family Association per picture. So cull your pictures to your ones that you
really want on the CD the most. I think that it should be limited to
pictures of deceased Derryberry/Derreberry/Dereberry/etc. descendants and
their spouses.

Pictures would have to be either originals, quality copies or laser copies,
no low quality photocopies. And, surprisingly, old dim photos can often be
improved with laser copiers. If originals were to be sent and then it
would be necessary to include return postage, plus insured or confirmed
delivery if desired (recommended). I could copy them on my laser copier and
then return the original, if return postage was included.

I can often manipulate torn or damaged pictures to improve them and can
certainly improve old faded sepia tone pictures. Actually, it is sometimes
amazing what can be produced from them. But, I am no expert at it. Peggy
Gould and Sheila Stephens could probably run circles around me on that.

Dark pictures are not very good, however, light pictures can often be
improved.. The better the quality of the original, the better the chances
of improvement. But, I am not an experienced photo re-toucher.

I curious of seeing how much interest there is in this project. If you
would, please send an e-mail to me or Andy with your suggestions and


On Derryberry Genforum, Wanda Curtis is looking for another Andrew Jackson
Derryberry. I have several, but not this one. Can anyone identify him?


Andy has posted 2002 reunion information on the Derryberry Genforum. I
might add, although James Derryberry tells me that he was unable to reserve
Robbers Cave State Park facilities this year, if you want to reserve a
cabin, room or RV site there, you are on your own to make the reservation.
I understand that some have already done that. Oklahoma State Parks has a
website and an 800 number for reservation.

Other known facilities are:
A-O-K Motel, 509 W. Main, Wilburton, OK phone 918 465-2377;
Travelers Inn Motel, 904 Hwy. 2 North, Wilburton, OK phone 918 465-5601;
Holiday Inn, US Hwy 69 Bypass South, McAlister, OK, phone 800 465-4329;
RamadaInn, 1500 S. Hwy. 69 Bypass, McAlister, OK phone 918 423-7766;
Super 8 Motel - RV Park, 2400 S. Main, McAlister, OK phone 918 426-5400;
Days Inn, US Hwy. 69 Bypass South, McAlister, OK, phone 918 426-5050;
Microtel Inn, Hwy 69 Bypass North, McAlister, OK , phone 888 771-7171;
Hiway Lodge & Suites, 419 US Hwy 69 Bypass South, McAlister, OK, phone 918
Mayfair Motel, 1510 S. Main, McAlister, OK; phone 918 423-6510;
Villager Lodge, 700 N. Main, McAlister, OK, phone 918 423-0072.

There may now be others. Good luck


Tamilyn Derryberry has added new information on Paul Winston Derryberry
line. It will be included on the next update at


Robert Preston Vanarsdell died Jan. 17, 2001 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. He
had been sick for quite some time. He was father of Preston Price and son
of Mildred Claire Derryberry, grandson of Marshall Edgar Derryberry.


Still looking for answers. Was John William Thompson Derryberry , born 11
Oct 1859, who married S. Ellen Hurley, a son of Harvey Jefferson Monroe
Derryberry and Mary Lovina Butler OR of John W. Derryberry and Holly Matilda
Drury? Or is there two persons here being confused. Responses


Still looking for proof of parents of Drucella Derryberry or Derreberry,
born 24 March 1870, died 10 May 1932 at Emory, Raines Co., TX, married James
S. Hogue. Any clues with their sources appreciated.


Doug Dayberry has had to change e-mail addresses. went
bankrupt. Is new address is



Bob Derryberry

Barbara McClannahan's article in History Magazine
History Magazine Online