Newsletter #3

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
This is the third edition of the Derryberry Family Newsletter Online. If you like it, let me know. If you don't like it, let me know. If you want to help improve on it, e-mail me your ideas, suggestions and/or news to put into it. Bob Derryberry (not Robert) from Garland, TX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The family of Burgess Peter Jacobs and Quincy Addie Derreberry will hold their annual reunion on Sunday, Oct. 4, 1998 at the Rocky Branch Community Center, located between Daingerfield and Omaha, TX, on Hwy. 259 from about 10 AM till the last one leaves. There will be a cousin party Saturday afternoon at the home of Dwight and Ruth Byrd in Simms, TX, phone 903 543-2761. Peter and Quincy came from Cherokee Co., NC to east TX in 1907 with five children. They added four more native Texans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Susan Douyotas, ne. Susan Louise Currid, great great granddaughter of Stephen T. Shackelford and Susan Jane Derryberry (# 373, page 195 in the Derryberry book) who was a daughter of John A. Derryberry and Betsy Chenoweth, reports: (1) that her aunt Jacqueline Douglas died 6 Apr 1998 at age 54 from heart attack, (2) that her uncle Bobby Douglas died 25 Jul 1998 at age 57 from heat attack, (3) that Kathy Douglas has moved back to Boston, MA, from Nashville, TN, to be near her children and the ocean. She is researching the Williams branch of the family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gordon Derryberry retired from Lockheed and living in Canyon Country, CA. He changed his spelling from Derreberry to Derryberry. He is a son of Rolulus Lloyd Derreberry, a coal miner, who lived at Murphy, NC, grandson of Lloyd Romulus 91Toss' Derreberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cathy Derreberry Hall, and family, have moved from Cleveland, TN to 3990 E. River Road, Grand Island, NY 14072. You can reach her at Phone 716 773-3767. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kay Gilmore Smith says that in her family many referred to the family as Dayberry, but some pronounced it 91Deurberry' with a definite German sounding pronunciation. It has only been in the next generation back that her mother insisted it should be pronounced like it is spelled. Kay's Aunt Thelma was not so sure. I, personally, find lots of uninformed people who try to make things out of it that it is not, down to calling me Mr. Berry, thinking my first name was Derry. Let's hear from those who have encountered odd pronunciations within the family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This will stand some thinking. An e-mail I got second hand from Nancy Repenning is as follows: "I have not made the study of the origins of the Derryberry name a high priority, but I do find it compelling and fascinating. Here's a couple of incidents from my life that might be interesting --although not 91scientific proof'. When we lived in San Jose and had a room to rent out, we were visited by a Mom and her son who were looking for a nice place for the boy to live while he attended San Jose University. They were Basque. So I told her the Derryberry legend that e are somehow Basque and she said, "Oh yes, of course. There are many Derryberrys in Basque. They all herd sheep." Story 2: Two years ago when Charley (Ted: that's my spouse) and I were attending training classes for Spred (Ted: that's a program we are starting for 91Mentally Challenged' teens like our son) there was a Spanish man taking the training with us. During a break, I asked him where he was born and he said he was Basque, 91Born in the shadow of the Castle of St. Ignatius'. So of course,I asked him about Derryberry. He said the same thing, 91Oh yes there are many Derryberrys in Basque. They are sheep herders.' So there you go. Who knows? Personally, I like imagining that I am related to a bunch of sheep herders from a country that has been fighting for independence for 400 years. Hmmm. What does that say about me? My friend Anthea is even now walking the pilgrim trail through the Pyrenees and having trouble speaking to the townspeople because their Spanish isn't the same as the Spanish she learned in school. I should have asked her to ask around for Derryberrys!" Very interesting, but, I, Bob Derryberry, add that in all the research Don Cross and by others, I have never seen any real clues that we were Basque. Don Cross, an accomplished genealogist, in his extensive search reports no Basque clues, but extensive clues pointing to connections to those in New Jersey in the 1600s. Audrey Massey has done some search in that direction, but, to my knowledge she has yet to find the connecting link. I, personally, remain with an open mind, but find it hard to discredit current research that indicates that they were Palatine Germans who came first to the northwest New Jersey area in the 1600s . I welcome any clues to a link to a Basque origin Does anyone know when Basques migrated to America and to what area were they inclined to go? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Derryberry Families in America book is sold out. Some have asked about how they could get a copy. I checked with the publisher, Anundsen Publishing Co. of Decorah, IA. The smallest order they will consider is 35copies. Fortunately, I still have the master copy, so we would not have to go back through the setting it up, the expensive part. They quoted a price of $2,376.26, which averages out to $67.89 per book. Then there would be individual boxing and shipping onto that. Total cost would be about $75, all told. There is probably little demand for the books at that price, but at least for now indicated. I think the best route would be a second edition with corrections, if a younger person would care to do it. I'll help them. I'm sure others would offer help also. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jean Elizabeth Derryberry Anderson of Nashville, TN (e-mail is searching for family information. Can you help her? Her father was John Elam Derryberry, an only child, born about 1891 on Bear Creek Road near Columbia, TN. Her mother was Belle Moore born 30 Apr 1891, died 1 May 1971. Her siblings were William Speer Derryberry and James Moore Derryberry. Her grand father was Anthan Speer Derryberry, born 15 Apr 1857 and grand mother was Virginia Leanna Grigsby. Her grand parents are buried in Bethesda Cem., Maury Co., PA. Now, the question is, who was her great grand parents? She thinks they were John T. Derryberry and Cornelia Phoebe Speer. However, records indicate their son Alphonso was born 19 Jul 1857, which would indicate that (1) she has the wrong parents for him, (2) she has the wrong birth date for him or (3) she has his name wrong. She followed up with: "My information is sketchy. Perhaps Anthan Speer could be a wrong name but I think not. As to his father I got the information that John T. Derryberry married Phoebe Speer from Marriages of Maury CO...... (TN)1808-1852 and also that John T. Derryberry was listed as age 50 in the Maury Co. census of 1870 Anthan (or Anthon) married Leanna Grigsby. I have his birthday as April15, 1857, no date of death but that he was buried At Bethesda Cemetery, Columbia, Maury Co., TN. He was married to Virginia Leanna Grigsby who was born March 19, 1870, and was buried at the same place. My father, John Elam Derryberry (on only child),b.apx 1891, d.late 60's) was born Bear Creek Road, Columbia, Giles CO, TN and married Belle Moore (4-30-1891 /5-1-1971) and had three children: William Speer Derryberry (deceased, no children), James Moore Derryberry (deceased, 2 children), and myself Jean Elizabeth Derryberry, b. 1928 m. James Sumpter Anderson, Jr. MD 12-20-48, three children. I do remember that Anthan was a Church of Christ minister around Columbia, TN." If anyone can help on this, please let me or her know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leon Clyde Quillin, husband of Lucille Locke (great granddaughter of Catie Derryberry and Bird Dennison) died at Ft. Worth, TX 7 Aug 1998. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, youins can reach ussnzs at Let's hear from you. Bob Derryberry