Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 29, Dec. 3, 2001 from Garland, TX


Richard E. Davis sent me some old pictures of some of his ancestors. I’d
been using PhotoPoint to display pictures. Some may recall my posting one
of us getting dunked in the Rio Grande River in New Mexico while on a
rafting trip. So, I thought I’d try it again with his pictures and see how
much interest there was in this sort of thing. Photopoint will keep a
record of how many times the pictures are viewed. I’d appreciate your
response to the idea. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you are not
interested and will drop it.

The first picture is Drusilla Derryberry Hogue. View her at:

She moved to Texas on a wagon train, re: Richard’s grandmother. She
was a daughter of Pleasant Jasper Marion Derryberry.

Second is Timothy ‘Toon’ Derryberry at:

Third is Timothy ‘Toon’ Derryberry family at:

Fourth is Calvin Derryberry at:

Fifth is Jane Derryberry Cear at:

Sixth is Mark Derryberry at:

Seventh is John Bell Derryberry at:

Richard says that John Bell went to college and owned a lumber

Feel free to look at them and, if interested, to download them. If there is
enough interest I’ll consider posting more pictures for viewing. Richard
says if anyone wants, he will e-mail them copies of any or all these
pictures. His e-mail address is He says he will give the
originals to an interested descendant and if more that one comes forward, he
will try to work something out. Contact him if you are a descendant of any
of these.

Also, I have tried to get information on the Hogue of Texas branch of the
family several ways and got nowhere. Anyone got that line? Please let me
know if you do.


There is a Jane Derryberry married to a Silas . Goodwin listed on a Family
Tree Maker CD that is incorrect. I am reasonably assured by Goodwin
descendants that she was not Derryberry, but was a Castleberry. If you have
her and are looking for her connection, you probably will not find it.


Theresa Derryberry Jones went by the cemetery where William Henry Derryberry
and Lucille Adams children are buried, near Eakley, OK and she found dates
on the tombstones that do not match information previously furnished. Also,
she found an Elizabeth Derryberry buried there that near matches Henry’s
mother, but not correct dates on the tombstone. Can someone assure me what
are the correct dates for their children and his mother? What is your
source of information? Any help appreciated.


James Derryberry tells me that Lucy Derryberry has made a pilgrimage to
Strasbourg, France looking for roots and has found some interesting clues,
along with a fellow who verifies a lot of the research done by Don and Kaye
Cross, further researched by Theresa Hardin Jones. The fellow she met
there verified that the pronunciation of Durenberger (or variations thereof)
by Alsatians sounds much like Derryberry or Terryberry to an English
speaking person.

Strasbourg is near the Rhine River, very near Germany and Switzerland. It
is a Dutch speaking area and has gone back and fourth from German to French
and back over the centuries. So, if the research is productive, then our
roots can be considered French, German or Swiss nationally, by ethnically
yet to be deciphered. They probably spoke Dutch (German) or a variation
mixed with French.

Lucy says that her research indicates that the Durenbergers came to America
not from religeous persecution, or to seek wealth. They came to keep from
starving. That area had suffered from the 100 Years War which overran that
area several times back and fourth and then suffered the worse winter in
history in which many died. They were already devastated before the bad
winter came.

From my wife’s research on Ireland, the same severe winter sent many Irish
to America, the land of opportunity. Studying history of that era, to me,
is very interesting.

Lucy has promised abstract of her research as soon as she gets it sorted
out, which may take a while, since I sent her what I had accumulated, Don
and Kaye’s research, Teresa’s research and what I’d been able to pick up in
New Jersey on my own. I hope it did not overwhelm her.


I have posted some Derryberrys on the Derryberry Genforum in hopes someone
will help identify their relation to some other
Derryberry/Derreberry/Derebery/Deberry/etc. Not much response yet.


Added about 1200 more descendants to the database by harvesting Derryberry
and Derreberry on RootsWeb. I stayed clear of the Deberrys and Berrys there
because I could not be sure they were related. Found a Derry in Cocke Co.,
TN in the 1800s that looks very promising. Anyone have anything on that
that they would be willing to share?


Lillie Derryberry,, in Michigan, reports that her
daughter Rhonda D. Derryberry married Michael Brett Hartman in October. The
wedding was in Lillie’s yard, with dancing on the driveway. About 100

Lillie says that Gorden moved to Palm Springs, FL and that Aunt Edna
Derryberry Peacock’s daughter Marion Peacock Scott is now living in
Land-O-Lake, FL. And her husband and son live in Vero Beach, FL


Alta and I will be in Florida for Christmas. Our daughter, Susan, lives in
Palm Beach Gardens. Our other daughter, Ann, her husband, Paul, and our one
and only grandson, Charlie, will be there too. Then we are all going to
Disney World together. Charlie is 10, just right age to take in Disney


We have a writer among us. Barbara Moelling McClanahan, of the Benton Co.,
AR Derreberrys, announced "Thought you might be interested in this little
tidbit. This summer I rewrote the information about Samuel Derreberry's
run-in with the Federals. I cut it down to less than 5000 words, and
submitted it to History Magazine. I got word about 3 weeks ago that they
are going to publish it." on Sept. 17.

Then on November 17 she sent follow-up "if any of you would like to try to
find a December/January copy of HISTORY Magazine, on page 22 you will find
an article that I wrote on the Derreberry family in Arkansas during the
Civil War. The magazine is not widely known, but is available at bigger
newsstands. The name of the article is "A Question of Loyalty." This is
very exciting for me since it is the first piece I have ever had published.
(They're actually going to pay me for this! Whoohoo!) I hope it is not the
last, but I am going to have to rearrange my life in order to find more time
to write. So many ideas, so little time! If you would like to read the
article and can't find a copy of the magazine, email me and I will make a
photocopy for you."

Then, she added "David had a serious accident. He fell off of our deck
about 14 feet onto a concrete sidewalk. He received a bad gash on the back
of his head that resulted in considerable loss of blood, a concussion, a
bruised heart and lung, and 9 broken ribs. I was home at the time but not
aware that he had fallen. He apparently was unconscious for 20-30 minutes,
but finally came to enough to get himself up the stairs (even managing to
shut both of the sliding glass doors!) and about 20 feet into the house
where I found him face down in the carpet, covered in blood. We called 911
and they care flighted him to Parkland. He was in ICU for 2-1/2 days, and
he still doesn't remember being in the hospital until the 5th day. The
doctors were afraid that a heart attack might have caused the fall, but they
have ruled that out, as well as any abnormal rhythm, so we have come to the
conclusion that he just wasn't paying attention to where his feet were.
Since there is no rail on the deck, I can easily see how that could have
happened, especially if he were focused on what he was working on---and most
of you know how focused David can get! Anyway, he is recovering slowly but
determinedly. Being an "invalid" is not in his repertoire, but he is
adapting much better than I expected he would. He may even be able to think
about skiing and scuba diving again in about a year. We can look back and
see God's hand through this entire experience, and Tim and Cindy were jewels
during the whole episode! I couldn't have made it without them."

"All of our kids are doing OK--Tim, Serena, and Emily are looking for a
house to buy; Mollie and Wes are still in Memphis, where Wes is in medical
school; Cindy will graduate next month from University of North Texas with
an advertising degree and no place to go, what with the current economy
problems; Dana is a senior political science major at Texas Tech University,
and she and Andrew are planning a wedding in June, right after graduation in

So, Barbara, we all congratulate you on your accomplishment as a writer, but
we all also wish David the best in his recovery. Also, congratulations on
your children’s accomplishments.


More indication that there is a Dayberry branch of the family!!

From: Bob DeViney,, I have corresponded with John
(Dayberry), off and on, for several years. In fact, last fall I took my
parents to North Carolina for their 50th anniversary. We stopped at Mt.
Moriah church and showed them some of the Deviney graves, explained how the
church and cemetery were established, etc. At the time, three guys were
setting up tables in the church yard, and one asked my Mom if they should
move the truck so my dad could get a better picture of the church. She said
it was okay, as he was only taking pictures of Deviney gravestones.
The guy said, are either of those two men Bob DeViney? My mom said, well
yes, both of them. It was John Dayberry!

I had no idea he was down in North Carolina for a Dayberry reunion, but
quite unexpectedly got to meet him, and his dad and uncle. They had just
been out to Aaron Deveny's gravestone the previous day with weed-eaters, and
cut a path to the abandoned Briar Creek cemetery. So I took my parents down
to see the graves (I'd been there a two weeks previous, with Don Hunt, but
had thought it inadvisable to take my parents through the brush.). John and
I have both wondered whether Nancy was the cause of Robert Black Deveny's
disinheritance, and whether her two children were by him.

Nancy's son William (1818-after 1880) married Elizabeth Waters (abt 1818 to
sometime between 1860-1880), the daughter of Robert's sister Rachel. Their
son George William (1842-after 1865) is buried in the Briar Creek cemetery
in Rutherford Co. Nancy's other son, George W. Dayberry (Jan 1820- sometime
after 1910) married Jane Waters (abt 1812 to sometime between 1880-1900),
daughter of Robert's sister Rachel. So two Dayberry boys married two Waters
girls, who were nieces of Robert Black Deveny. George and Jane had a son
William Morton Dayberry (5 Aug 1849-16 Oct 1932). He and his wife Saphronia
had a son George Andrew William Edward Dayberry, whose wife Sarah Anne Page
was the daughter of William Griffen Page and Mary Lucretia Deviney. It's
these Dayberry and Deviney connections that keep John and I wondering about
the multi-generation connections. Wish someone had kept a diary that
survived to the present, to explain just what was going on back then. I'm
descended from Robert Black Deveny's son Jenkins.
Please let everyone know I'm interested in hearing from them if they have
any info on Dayberry-Derryberry- Deviney connections."
Bob DeViney, 3113 NE 143rd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98682


From: James C. & Erica S. Derryberry, III,,
I know this is late...but I would like to announce the birth of my daughter,
Katherine Grace Derryberry. July 24th, 2001 7lbs 12oz, 20inches. Please
feel free to add it to the next newsletter. Sorry I missed the Reunion...I
was kind of busy that week.

From me, yes, looks like you might have been busy ☺, and probably still busy
with late night feedings.


From: Ruby S. Dalton,, "Victoria and William (Elvira
Victoria Derryberry and William Berce Davis) were my great grandparents. My
grandfather was Joseph Howe Davis. A cousin has done extensive research on
the Davis family and Derryberry's and could never come up with his parents.
I would like to make another book with the information leading up to them.
My mother said that no one in the family ever talked about his parents and
when he died Victoria listed his parents as unknown. We figured he was
either an orphan and was reared by people that he grew up disliking very
much or he was a serial killer in hiding. We love trying to figure out
mysteries. It is usually so much more fun than the truth. Now I have to
burst everyone's bubble and tell them he was a very ordinary fellow. Oh
well, you win some you lose some."

"Thanks again for the information and I hope to get back to you with my
family information to add to yours. We have several relatives around here
that are descended from Joseph. More family on the west coast and in the
Washington DC area."

Victoria was a daughter of James D. Derryberry and Malissa Hardison. I get
a good feeling when I am able to help someone find their roots. Hope she
makes it to the Reunion in Oregon in 2004.


For the Derreberry Family Website, hosted by Rose Derreberry, go to:


From: Martin Fenimore, Subject: Updated Family Site:
"The complete database of the Fenimore family history and collateral lines
has been upgraded on the Internet though considerable work and effort by
Dale Fenimore. Dale has made some incredible improvements to the web sites
allowing ease of following direct lineages and viewing. The direct links
buttons found at the bottom of certain names takes the visitor right back to
the immediate family. The family history can be accessed at the two
following web addresses:"

Martin is a great great great grandson of Jehunnes Baker and Elizabeth
Derryberry, who went up the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800s.


I’m a little slow getting this one out. News was coming slow. Guess Sept.
11 kind of got people’s minds on more serious things.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Bob Derryberry