Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 27, Aug. 6, 2001


As you know, my computer got infected by a virus that attempts to send messages indiscriminately. One thing it did was replace all sender’s e-mail addresses’ with my own. Fora while I just had to guess who sent me a message. I’d tried Earthlink back in March and used a metexan screenname. I do not know how it all happened, but, in some way Verizon’s set-up found it and picked up on it, I think, through Outlook. Regardless, I probably sent it to some of you.

It wasW32/Badtrans@MM, a medium risk virus, re: Virus Information Library. You can get information on it at

Andy Derryberry helped me find and delete it. If you got a message from me that had an unopenable attachment and if you tried to open it, then you probably got it. Fortunately, it is not one of those that destroys computers, like I got on my previous computer. Norton or McAfee will tell you how to kill it, even if you do not have their program.

I apologize to all who were inconvenienced by it. I did not do it intentionally.

Susan Bradford, put me onto a new free program that creates a fire wall to keep hackers out, which may be where I got it, since it came after going DSL. You can get it too at So far, I like it, but I do not guarantee that you would. It works well with Norton Antivirus.

I now have two firewalls. I installed a router so that Alta and can both use Verizon DSL at the same time. It has a firewall that stops intrusions. But, if it gets past there, the Zone Alarm will (hopefully) stop it. It appears to be working. I get messages that it has blocked attacks. Just last night I had gone around the router and Zone Alarm gave me about a dozen messages rapidly in a row that an attack was taking place.

For you who have not tried DSL, it allowed us to get rid of one phone line that was dedicated to FAX and internet. The DSL allows us to have two computers tuned into internet and still talk on the phone with one phoneline. That is progress. And DSL is so much faster than AOL. Fewer pop up ads and no having to wait for dial in.


Got a letter from Lucy and James Derryberry after the family’s national reunion. She states that Fannie Derryberry Livingston died Dec. 1997, re: her son Harold. I didn’t even knopw she had a son. No one had ever taken it upon themselves to inform me. She said that Harold had been receiving announcements of the reunion.

Lucy said she received a letter from Charles & Pat Puckett of Florence, MO that they planned to come to the reunion, but due to last minute obligations, were not able to come. Wonder if it had anything to do with the tornado?

Lucy says that LaMena and David Browning have moved to Auburn, AL to be near their sons; one in Auburn, one in Birmingham and one in Tulsa, OK. David has not been well. But improving, hopes to attend reunion next year. La Mena is from the John T. Derryberry’s daughter Louise or Lily and hisband, Raleigh White. They had lived in Mena, AR.

Sarah Derryberry Vinson wrote Lucy that she had wanted to but was unable to attend the reunion because she could not drive that far. Sarah and her brother had gone last fall to see the old cemetery and Adam Derryberry’s old house in Maury Co., TN, but were unable to see the house due to guard dogs. She hopes that the Adam house could be preserved. Sarah is Sarah Jamima, daughter of William Jordan Owen Derryberry.

Mary Lou Georgeson of Fresno, CA wrote Lucy that she, her sister Wanda and William (Bill) Derryberry were coming to the reunion. She is daughter of Fred Boone Derryberry, grand daughter of Henry Walter Derryberry and Nellie Jo Chance.

Lucy says they were going to the Whitesboro, TX Derryberry family reunion the next weekend.

She asked me to pass along how much she and James appreciated the kindness of the volunteers that assistedat the barbecue and dinner at the Community Center. "We could not have got it all together without their help. We received so many compliments of how much everyone enjoyed the reunion. – Thanks to all who brought the very delicious dishes ."


Barbara Karmazin, is searching for an Alice LaFayette Derryberry that may have been at Quitman, TX; Dallas, TX or Ft. Smith, AR in the late 1800s. She married William Henry Wright. I could not find her in my database. Does anyone recognize her?


Mary Vance Wallace Stuart, daughter of Laura Belle Derryberry, grand daughter of Barkley Martin Derryberry, has moved to 9894 Becket Court, Fairfax, VA 22032. She says "We got so far into our 80s that our only son & daughter-in-law (Wally & Peggy) insisted that we buy a big house together - so we bought it."


Jennifer Derryberry is editor and publisher of Science and Spirit Magazine, Geneva, IL,

She invites all to visit the website. Jennifer is daughter of Ronnie, great great granddaughter of Joseph H. Derryberry and Susan Berry. The magazine is publisher 6 issues per year. "The magazine connects science, religion, and life and aims to help us sort out life's complexities by looking to the latest technological advances and the wisdom of a world of faiths. It's not a New Age magazine or based on quack science ... the articles focus on the problem's we're faced with and how through scientific advances and various religious traditions we can understand them, deal with them, overcome them. Science and religion are two great truth seekers that attempt to help us explain, cope with, and improve life. But we often fail to bring them into conversation together, and that's what this magazine does."


Tammie Lyn Mallett, P. O. Box 338, Fields Landing, CA 95537, mailed me a lot of information on her branch of the family. She is granddaughter of Margaret Lucille Derryberry, great granddaughter of Andrew Jackson Derryberry and Eva Presley. That was a line we had little on. They include Beasleys, Allens, Amersons and Malletts.


Got a note from Martha McArn, 5254 W 4th St., # D3, Hattiesburg, MS 39402 . She promised to send in information on her branch but I have not gotten it yet. I have not figured out where she belongs on the family tree.


Dee Ann contacted Andy about her branch, Zollie O. Derryberry. She has promised to fill some gaps there, and there are several.


Richard E. Davis, reports that his mother, Billie Irene Camp Davis, died June 21, 2001. He is grandson of Hattie Lenora Derryberry. A sympathy card would be appropriate.


Phylliss Derryberry Hogue sent me information to fill out a lot of blanks on the Gilbert Leon Derryberry branch. She says that Nancy Derryberry Griffin found the family Bible with dates.

Phylliss’ father is Gerald Dean Derryberry, lives in Tillar, AR.

Phylliss was one of those on which her e-mail address got replaced by my e-mail address. Fortunately, she put her name at te bottom, otherwise I’d probably never guess who sent it.

She found another Derryberry family in Hermitage, AR, Richard Cyril Derryberry. His father’s name was Don Carlos Derryberry. Don’s sister was Lenora and she married a Pinkerton. Don is buried at Jersey, AR and Lenora at Smirner, AR. I cannot find a tie to them in my database. Does anyone know the connection? The Lenora could derrive from Lenora Sharp as a grandmother. Carlos, I cannot figure.


I have accumulated quite a database on Dürenberger, Dörnberger, Terryberry, Deraberry, etc., thanks to Teresa Jones and Don Cross, but still have not found the thread to connect them. I feel sure that it is there, but where? Do you have anything to add?


We returned from a trip in June that took us to Amsterdam, Kopenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Moscow, Smolenski, Minsk, Warsaw, Berlin and Potsdam. It was three grueling weeks. I’ve seen the movie, I think it is "This is Thursday, Must be Belgium", and can empathize with anyone who does a trip like that. But, I got to see what it is like in those places and it makes me very happy with America. One cannot realize how some of those places were like during WWII until they go see. Much of St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Smolenski, Minsk, Warsaw and Berlin is new buildings made to look like old buildings. So many historical buildings were destroyed then and reproduced now by modern methods.

From what I’d been told about conditions over there before 1990, I’d say that they are making progress toward Capitalism. Political signs replaced by signs advertising American products, traffic jams, people looking happy, well dressed, women with hair done up and wearing makeup. They are looking very western.


Robert Brown "Bob" Derebery posted a query on the Derryberry Genforum. This is an example of the name variety. Bob is son of Thomas Galbreath, son of Robert Brown (the elder), son of Thomas Galbreath (the elder), son of William Howe, son of Daniel Michael, son of Adam and Eve. That makes him my fourth cousin, once removed (if Andrew was actually Adam’s son, not yet proven conclusively) . My father would any kinship because he spelled his name different.

Bob came to the reunion and bought the last book, The Derryberry Families in America, the unbound copy that I’d been saving back to use if I ever decided to have it republished. There are so many mistakes that have since been corrected that I would never re-publish it. The peroceeds, $50, went to the National Derryberry Family Association. (A more correct family tree listing can be found at which is maintained by Andy Derryberry.


James Dennis Derryberry and Jennifer Bennett Tuck are to be married Aug. 25th at The Skinner Barn, Waitsfield, VT. Jennifer is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Merrell Tuck. Dennis is son of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Harold Derryberry of Riverside, CT, grandson of James Perry Derryberry.


BTW, I could use some news for the next issue. Weddings. Funerals. Births. Or just who did what. Any descendant of those people in Burke Co., NC in the late 1700s who went by Derryberry, Derreberry, Dereberry, or however, maybe even Dayberry.

I’d hoped to be able to tell you who all came to the reunion, but I have not received a list. Also, I was hoping to tell about the effort to buy the Adam and Eve Derryberry house in Maury Co., TN. Someone was to furnish details, but that has not come either. The present owner is offering to sell it and there is a move on to buy and preserve it. Maybe next time.

But, I will tell you this. Reunion next year scheduled back in OK, in 2003 in TN and in 2004 in OR. Details later.

Bob Derryberry