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Whether your branch spelled it Derryberry, Derreberry, Dereberry, Deberry, Berry (or possibly Dayberry, Durenberger, Terryberry), Smith, Jones or whatever, if you descend from John Derryberry of late 1700s in Burke Co., NC, it is your family reunion. And if you come from further back, consider it your family reunion.

It will be held evening of July 20 to noon 22, 2001, at Robbers Cave State Park, which is 5 miles north of Wilburton, OK. The park is in the San Bois Mountains, very scenic place with tall pines, paved roads and much natural beauty. The web site is Those who do not want to come for the entire time should plan on being there at least on July 21.

20 rooms at the Belle Starr Lodge and 19 cabins have been reserved for the 3 nights, as has been the meeting room for casual visiting. The cabins are fully equipped with kitchen supplies, cookware, dishes, silverware and linens, plus stove and refrigerator. There are hook-ups for Rvs and camping spaces near restrooms with showers.. Check in time is 3PM. Reservations must be made by May 20th or they will be then open for anyone. Reservations should be made at 1-800-654-8240 or 918-465-2562. Rates for 2000 on cabins are: 1 bedroom for up to 4 people - $68; 2 bedroom for up to 6 people - $88; 2 bedroom with deck - $98. Rooms at Belle Starr, all with valley view - $78.

Since the park did not have a large enough meeting room, the meeting of the clan will be at the Choctaw Nation Community Center at Wilburton. It will accommodate up to 300 people. It will be available for our use all day Saturday. It has kitchen facilities. A pancake breakfast is planned for Saturday. Saturday lunch will be the traditional cover dish by attendees. The meat will be cooked by a Derryberry from OK. If enough is leftover, may have evening meal there also, wait and see.

There are two motels in Wilburton for those who prefer those accommodations.

There will be a Friday evening barbeque in an open air shelter.

Facilities included at the park are nice café, gift shop, nature center, swimming pool with lifeguard. Park Rangers are on duty for security. At the park, tours are available, as is several miles of hiking trails, riding trails, stables with about 50 horses, a lake, paddle boats, canoes and paddle boards, hayrides, cave rides, chuck wagon rides, fishing rides and miniature golf,

For further information, contact James A. Derryberry, Route 1, Box 1800, Kinta, OK 74552-9725. James is no online.

I have my reservation. Do you?


From: Tammy Rhiner ([email protected]) Hi Guy, It is unfortunate that I must now make a contribution to the newsletter in this manner.

My mother Julia Pauline Tucker (nee Yeargain) of Arnold, Missouri passed away on March 8, 2001. She was the granddaughter of Martha Jane Derryberry and Alec Dubar. She was the great-granddaughter of H. C. Derryberry and Rachel Davis.


From: Ann Sparks ([email protected] )

As a child I visited our Derryberry graves at Liberty Cemetery east of Booneville, Mississippi on Decoration Day. And although our branch of the family spelled it Derryberry, my grandmother pronounced it "Dayberry" as I'm sure her mother (Delphia Derryberry, daughter of Thomas C. Derryberry, son of Pitzer Miller Derryberry, son of John T. Derryberry) must have. I remember correcting my grandmother and pointing out to her that the tombstones didn't say "Dayberry", but Derryberry. She thought I was being "smart", I think.


From Ruth Derryberry

Dorothy Jean Walters Derryberry,70} died March 20, 2001 in Beaumont, Texas. She had lived in Beaumont 37 years, the wife of Rev. Fane Eugene Derryberry and a dedicated pastor's wife. She was a retired medical technician at Memorial Hermann Baptist Hospital in Beaumont.

She was preceded in death by a daughter, Jeanie Kay Meeks October7, 1966 in San Antonio.

Survivors were her husband of 54 years, Rev. F. E. Derryberry,; sons Donald Ray Derryberry of Mercedes,
Texas and Richard Lee Derryberry of El Paso, Texas. Also by a sister, Willie Mae Haskell of Castle Rock, Colorado; by seven grandchildren: Trace Meeks, A. J. Derryberry, Rita Derryberry, Chris Derryberry, Donnie Derryberry, Will Derryberry and Becca Derry.

Funeral services were held at Kelley-Watkins Funeral Home with burial at Forest-Lawn Memorial Park, Beaumont, Texas.


From Lillie Derryberry, in MI:

Got some bad news the 14th. of this Mo. My Uncle John Andrew Black passed away and there Anniversary was the 15th of March He and my Aunt" bobby" Roberta Duset- Black would have been Married 64 years. John was my mother's brother. He and his wife lived in Fla. at the Mooshaven Home.


For a listing of the Derreberry Cemetery , Cherokee Co., NC, provided by Nikki Neblett, go to There you will find listing of people buried in that Cemetery.


Who are the M. A., Manard A. and Alice Derreberry buried in the Derreberry Cemetery at Marble, NC? M. A.. Born 27 May 1836, died 18 April 1911, husband of Alice, who was born 13 April 1843 and died 25 Aug. 1920. Nothing else known about Manard A.


Martha Jane Derryberry Hall
aka Marti Hall
[email protected]

Hey, Bob! Greetings from Cincinnati, Ohio, Where it is actually 50 degrees today!
Get out your swimsuit!

Got into today, thanks to your response to Chris DB in, and what a find! Sign me up for your on=line newsletter, buddy!

Thanks to genforum, I've been in constant contact with Rhonda DB Dills, my cousin, I think! Her great grandfather, John Wiley DB, was my grandfather's brother. We're managing to put some info. together and someday, maybe, we can get our branch of the family unpuzzled. It's sad that things weren't written down, that "my" side of the family are all but gone now, and that most of the remaining aren't on line!!!! ALMOST makes me want to go out and buy them all computers and give them crash courses in how to easily use them!

Thanks for all you do; it's appreciated!


From: Ann Sparks, [email protected]

Hey Bob,

"Received your virus forward, but I'm afraid to open it. A few days ago a friend forwarded me a virus warning. Turned out it was a virus! I've been having trouble ever since. I hadn't had any new messages for 5-7 days (very unusual) til today. But my old messages keep popping up too, even after they've been read and deleted (many times). Don't know what's going on! When I got online today I had 67 messages, most of them dated days ago. Don't know much about computers actually and I'm mystified. "

In connection with the forward I sent out I also got two replies that told me that that one was hoax. So, it was not a virus, but some jerks’ joke that he pulled on a bunch of strangers. I wonder what kind of people those are that have nothing better to do than hassle strangers.

Hope it is not like the boy who cried ‘wolf’. Next time it could be like Ann’s experience.


Subj: Ellis Island

Date: 5/5/01 11:20:35 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Marcia D. Oriet (The [email protected])

To: Hi Bob. I have no one who came through Ellis Island, but my husband does. I finally got on and for fun I put in unusual names, as opposed to Jones, Smith, etc.

1. Edgar Derryberry, residence, Nashville, Penn. Arrived 1921, age 49

2. Irene Mary Barbara Tuckness, residence, Pemambuco, Brazil, arrived 1919, age 24.

I don't get the Nashville, Penn, address as these people were supposed to be coming from foreign lands. I tried to look at the original records, but it seems you have to contribute/join the Ellis Island association, or whatever, to get to look at these records. I didn't know if I wanted to do that and wonder why nothing in the news media explained that part of it. I was going to take another look at the site, but I have not been able to get back in. Have you tried the site yet? I may join, if I have to, just to get the info on the surnames of my mother-in-laws family. I had 21 hits on her maiden name.

A lesson learned here is that even though you know your people did not come that late into the states....other relatives might have and maybe that is a clue to the origin of names.


Subj: McCullar/Derryberry/Moore

Date: 5/5/01 10:02:27 AM Central Daylight Time

From: GBDrrybrry

Who is the expert on William Columbus Derryberry/Christine McCullar line? Also for their daughter May Derryberry/John Carroll line? Can you get me in touch with any of these people?



Ima Sue Robertson Duncan passed away May 3, 2001. She was granddaughter of Iona Derryberry Robertson. Sue, as she was known, had suffered from cancer for quite some time. She was buried in the Little Elm Cemetery, Denton Co., TX, grave side rites.


Dorothy Carolyn Clay Derryberry, Thurman Derryberry, Sr.’s widow, had a short stay in the hospital at Paris, Texas. She had a blood clot in her leg, but they caught it early enough to treat it. She is back home, being cared for by her eldest daughter, Linda Carolyn Derryberry MacCormack.


Got a phone call last week from a lady in Jackson, MS who descends from the Derreberrys. Wish I’d paid more attention to her name, but with my hearing I never understood her name. But, the interesting part was that she said her grandmother, a Derreberry, said that the Derreberrys were full blood Cherokee. I assured her they were not. That was all she wanted to know and hung up. After thinking about it, I’ll bet she got her story all mixed up because they probably came from Cherokee Co., NC. That is how mis-information gets started.


I am working on a CD to be released at the reunion. It will be available for those who make donations to the National Derryberry Family Association and who agree to help correct and enlarge the database. I am going to ask that the information on the CD be available to Derryberry/Derreberry/Dereberry/Deberry or however spelled descendants, not released to any genealogical program or source, including LDS, World Family Tree or any of those because it is a works in the making and has errors. Besides, it has information that should not be shared with he whole world. It will contain information on over 14,000 probable descendants of John Derryberry of Burke Co., NC..


Who was Christian Dereberry, born 1773 at Salisbury, Rowan Co., SC, son of Jacob Christian Derryberry and Catherine Haas, on LDS Batch 5027651, sheet 21, Document 1553870? Or more specifically, where do they belong on the family tree? His sisters were: Elizabeth, born 1776 at Salisbury; and Susanna born 1779 at Morganton, Burke Co., NC; and brothers were Michael born 1782 at Morganton, Burke Co., NC; and Jacob born 16 Jun 1786 at Morganton, Burke Co., NC, re: those LDS records.


Sherry Hutchins Creech, sent me up date on her branch of the family, descendants of Elizabeth Eudora Derryberry and husband, Wm. Roy Hutchins. She lives at Maypearl, TX, a small town in west Ellis Co., west of Waxahachie. He states that her father and grand father both were moved from Sardis Cemetery to Maypearl 18 May 1995.

Her mother, Willie Mae Beard was the 100th heart transplant patient at Baylor Hospital, Dallas, TX. Her mother died from head injuries received in riding the Arlington (TX) Handitran Bus.

Her eldest son, Roger Jeffery Creech married Laurie Amanda "Lollie" Svoboda 19 Sep 1998 at Hillsboro, TX. Lollie was born at Frankfurt, Germany. They have a daughter, Karaline Elizabeth Creech. Roger is Music Director at KHBR AM radio in Hillsboro.

Her middle son, Travis Dale Creech, married Michele Lee Amici 23 Mar 1996 at Maypearl, TX. Michele was from Woodstock, IL. Their daughter is Madeline Mae Creech. Travis is an apprentice electrician.

Her youngest son, Kelly Newton Creech, died from a boating accident on Lake Whitney, TX 25 Jun 2000. He is buried in Maypearl Cem.

She reports that Clarence Douglas Hutchins III married 8 Aug 1998 to Kristy Renee Bowles at Corsicana, TX; Roy Allen Hutchins married 2 Jan 1999 to Amanda Lee Williams at Ennis, TX and have daughter, Allie Renee Hutchins; and Cheryl Ann "Trudy" Hutchins married Wayne Leo Wentz, Jr. 2 Aug 1997 at Mission Beach, CA and have daughter, Allison Leighann Wentz..

It is available for those who want it.


Diane Koch Dousette, of Clarksville, TN sent me her branch of the family, which descends from John Green Derryberry’s daughter Rosa Anna Malinda and John Christian Koch. She added 60 people to the family tree. It is available to those who want it.


John Wasson, e-mailed me to add his mother, Shelly Derryberry Wasson to those to get the newsletter. She is a daughter of Benjamin Franklin Derryberry, granddaughter of Charles Derryberry and Mary Elizabeth Smith. Hope to fill out her branch before the reunion.


I had better get this one out. The reunion is drawing nigh. Hope to see you all there.

Bob Derryberry