Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 25, March 9, 2001


I keep getting failures on some family newsletter addresses. On #24 Don
Knight (, Sue Solomon ( and Vance
Derryberry ( all failed. If you know how to reach
them, would you let them know that I tried?


The National Reunion will be held evening of July 20 to noon 22, 2001, at
Robbers Cave State Park, which is 5 miles north of Wilburton, OK. The park
is in the San Bois Mountains, very scenic place with tall pines, paved roads
and much natural beauty. The web site is Those who
do not want to come for the entire time should plan on being there at least
on July 21.
20 rooms at the Belle Starr Lodge and 19 cabins have been reserved for
the 3 nights, as has been the meeting room for casual visiting. The cabins
are fully equipped with kitchen supplies, cookware, dishes, silverware and
linens, plus stove and refrigerator. There are hook-ups for RVs and camping
spaces near restrooms with showers.. Check in time is 3PM. Reservations
must be made by May 20th or they will be then open for anyone. Reservations
should be made at 1-800-654-8240 or 918-465-2562. Rates for 2000 on cabins
are: 1 bedroom for up to 4 people - $68; 2 bedroom for up to 6 people - $88;
2 bedroom with deck - $98. Rooms at Belle Starr, all with valley view - $78.
(Note: all rooms where pets are allowed have been taken I found out.)
Since the park did not have a large enough meeting room, the meeting of
the clan will be at the Choctaw Nation Community Center at Wilburton. It
will accommodate up to 300 people. It will be available for our use all day
Saturday. It has kitchen facilities. A pancake breakfast is planned for
Saturday. Saturday lunch will be the traditional cover dish by attendees.
The meat will be cooked by a Derryberry from OK. If enough is leftover, may
have evening meal there also, wait and see.
There are two motels in Wilburton for those who prefer those
There will be a Friday evening barbeque in an open air shelter.
Facilities included at the park are nice café, gift shop, nature center,
swimming pool with lifeguard. Park Rangers are on duty for security. At the
park, tours are available, as is several miles of hiking trails, riding
trails, stables with about 50 horses, a lake, paddle boats, canoes and paddle
boards, hayrides, cave rides, chuck wagon rides, fishing rides and miniature
For further information, contact James A. Derryberry, Route 1, Box 1800,
Kinta, OK 74552-9725. James is no online.


Nancy Besselsen's e-mail carrier went out of business. Her new address is


Received from Andy Derryberry, forwarded Hope Derreberry King's letter:

"My sister, Alice Derreberry Nichols died with cancer last summer.
"My sister, Steen Derreberry Brown died 17 Nov 2000 with cancer.
"My son, Larry King has cancer, lost one kidney, other one doesn't work, he
goes to dialice center on Mon, Wed. & Fri.
"My address has changed."

Her new address is P. O. Box 1591, Canton, NC 28716.

Send her a card. It will make her day.


Just received a bunch of information on the Michigan Derryberrys from Lillie
M. Fitz Derryberry ( These are Derryberrys that went
north to improve their lot. Most people nowadays appear to be going south to
improve their lot. Her line were coal miners in eastern TN when the
depression hit. They went north to work in auto manufacturing and in WWII
worked at building bombers. I think those were B24s that were built in
Ypsilanti, MI area.

She tells some very interesting stories of their move to the north. Has not
yet told me about the cold and snow that they endured. We, in Texas, really
cannot fathom the below zero temperatures and months of snow.

Regardless, their efforts were a help during the war years. Thank you Lillie.


From Rhonda Derryberry Dills of Lookout Mtn., GA ( Bertha
Kilgore Derryberry, widow of John Henry Derryberry of Lookout Mtn., GA passed
away Feb 17, 2001.She was 81. John Henry was a son of John Wiley Derryberry.

Rhonda is rounding up information on the GA Derryberrys, a branch that has
been an enigma for a long time. Old Henderson Filmore Derryberry came to
Texas from that branch and descendants have been trying to find their place
on the family tree ever since. Possibly Rhonda will find the one clue we
have all been searching for.


This from Charles F. Chunn ( Can anyone help him?

"I am Charles F. Chunn and I live in Williamson Co. TN. My Dad was Roy the
son of Lundy Chunn who married Myrtle Izora Chunn the daughter of David Jacob
Chunn and Tiney or Tinie Derryberry both of Maury Co. TN. Lundy Chunn was the
son of John Elgin Chunn who descended down from Hezekiah Chunn the son of
Sylvester Chunn the Reveloutionary soldier from Marshall Co. TN.

"David Jacob Chunn and Tiney are both buried in the Shire's Memorial Cemetery
in Pottsville, Maury Co. TN. He was born 1857 and died 1923. I don't have any
dates for her. My information comes from The History of Chunn in the Maury
Co. Library and Thomas H. Chunn of Columbia. In fact I don't have
any information as to who her parents were.

"I do have a large picture with several Chunns, Derryberrys, and Lunns in the
picture with a list of names for each in jpg that I can send you. My Dad
looks to be about 16 and he was born in Jan. 1899. Just maybe you could shed
some light on my Great Grandmother Tiney Derryberry. Please let me know if
you would like the picture and list of names. I will be 70 in October, and in
no hurry. Thanks Charlie.

"52. David Jacob8 Chunn (John Thomas7, Henry6, Sylvester5, Joseph4,
Benjamin3, John Sr.2, John1) (Source: Will. b. 1857 d. 1923., See History of
Chunn, by Thomas H. Chunn., Index card #1397., David Jacob's will Marshall
Co. records. Named his wife Tinie. The will indicated his children were
Jossie [Chunn] Sampson and when he gave 108 acres of land Andy [Probably
named for D.J.C.'s brother Will Andy Chunn] and Myrtle Chunn.) was born April
06, 1857, and died March 17, 1923 in Maury County, TN. He married Tinie
Derryberry. She died in Maury County, TN. David Jacob was a Maury County,
Tennessee Farmer. His child Andy was probably named for his Uncle Will Andy,
the two girls were Josie, and Myrtle. David Jacob lived upon a tract of land
given to him by his father, John Thomas Chunn. See the historical papers of
Thomas H. Chunn for a sketch locating the land Maury Co. Tn. An old map of
Maury Co. Tn. dated 1886 shows a "D" Chunn living just a little North of
Rally Hill Tn. In the Maury (Marshall) Co. records appears the Will. He named
his wife Tinie. The will indicated his children were: Jossie (Chunn) Sampson,
land whom he gave 108 acres of land, Andy Chunn, and Myrtle. Burial: Shires
Memorial Cemetery, Maury County, TN Near Pottsville. Tinie Derryberry:
Burial: Shires Memorial Cemetery, Maury County, TN., Near Pottsville.

"Children of David Chunn and Tinie Derryberry are:
+ 89 i. Myrtle Izora9 Chunn, born October 18, 1879 in Maury County, TN; died
April 08, 1964 in Davidson County, TN.
90 ii. Josie Chunn.
91 iii. Andy Chunn, born August 15, 1889. He married Willie Lavinia; born
October 04, 1889; died August 22, 1948.

"64. Lundy Victory9 Chunn (John Elgin8, Hezekiah7, Henry6, Sylvester5,
Joseph4, Benjamin3, John Sr.2, John1) (Source: Death certificate for Lundy
Chunn., TN Dept. of Vital Statistics, Depart. of Public Health, Nashville,
TN., Farmer, but he was also a black smith too He was buried in the Allen
Cemetery, Lewisburg TN. Myrtle was buried beside him.) was born October 30,
1875 in Probably Marshall County, TN, and died January 23, 1917 in Williamson
County, (Jingo) now Fairview, TN. He married Myrtle Izora Chunn (Source:
Death certificate for Myrtle Izora Chunn., TN Vital Statistics, Dept. Public
Health, Nashville, TN., Buried beside Lundy Chunn in the Allen Cemetery,
Lewisburg, TN. She was the daughter of David Jacob Chunn, and Tinie
Derrberry. My grandmother. [C.F.C.].) December 20, 1897 in Probably Marshall
County, TN, daughter of David Chunn and Tinie Derryberry. She was born
October 18, 1879 in Maury County, TN, and died April 08, 1964 in Davidson
County, TN.

"Children of Lundy Chunn and Myrtle Chunn are:
+ 98 i. Roy10 Chunn, born January 13, 1899 in Spring Hill TN. Maury County,
(Rally Hill)Also birth place of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest.; died December
14, 1976 in St. Thomas Hosp. Davidson County, TN.
+ 99 ii. Virtie Chunn, born May 17, 1901 in Tennessee.; died January 20, 1994
in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN.

"100 iii. Milton Chunn, born July 29, 1902 in Probably Marshall County, TN;
died May 16, 1977 in Cheatham County, TN. He married Janie Miller; born March
25, 1904 in Montgomery Co. TN; died November 04, 2000 in Maury County, TN.
He and Janey had no children, but all children loved their company. Burial:
November 06, 2000, Woodlawn Cemetery, Davidson County, TN

"+ 101 iv. Robert (Bob) Chunn, born February 16, 1910 in Tennessee.; died
April 16, 1989 in Florida..
+ 102 v. Edna Chunn Chunn, born August 21, 1912; died April 20, 1997.


John A. Dayberry ( has been hunting for the connection to
the Derryberry/Derreberry family. It is interesting to note that the
Dayberry family reunion is to be held at Mt. Moriah Church n Rutherford Co.,
just across the county line south of Burke Co., NC. It is west of Casar off
of Mt. Moriah School road. What is more suspicious is that they are honoring
George William Dayberry born 1820 and died 1913, that George William
Derreberry lived about 15 miles north at around 1800 according to Burke Co.
census, that George William Derreberry had a son named William born 1809.
John A. Dayberry advances the theory that George William Derreberry's
daughter, Nancy, had an illegitimate child who went by the name Dayberry. It
is a well known fact that Derryberrys are sometimes called Dayberry by
others. I ran onto it with Derryberry relatives in MO. They insisted on
calling me Dayberry, even after I tried to correct them. John Dayberry just
may be onto the Derryberry-Dayberry connection. Any new clues he would

Their reunion is Sep. 29 at Mt. Moriah Church where they will have a pork
barbecue and picnic. John's address is 5491 E. 150 South, Logansport, IN


Peggy Sue Derryberry Gould ( found a Zippo cigarette
lighter on eBay with Carl Derryberry on the case, starting price $199.
Carl's descendants may have been interested. Want to see it? It will be
there a while at


Jean Mefford Leyder ( is looking for information on Alvin
Lucinda Derryberry born 1860, died 1919, married Isaac Tevis/Tivis Mefford,
Jr. 1898 in Ozark Co., MO. I ran that every way I could think of on search
on my database and found nothing. Anyone got a clue?


Guy F. Derryberry and Gloria Rocha Derryberry have sleuthed out clues that
the Georgia John Derryberry was a son of Jacob Derryberry and Christiana
Barnhart. They do not have conclusive proof, but circumstantial evidence
points in that direction. I'm relieved to be able to finally find a place
that I can put him. IT MAY BE WRONG BUT allows them to be shown with the
family tree. USE WITH CAUTION..

I am attaching a write up from my database of how I show him now. The change
will be in the next family tree that Andy posts on the ndfa site, but not
there now. I am doing it as an attachment in order to preserve the sources.
If I cut and pasted it here the sources would be lost. The sources are very
important to those researching the line.

Also, this way it will not clutter the newsletter for those who were not
interested in that branch of the family tree and will let me send this part
as an e-mail.


Dale Maricle of Eddy, TX pictured on front cover of Southwest Farm Press, on
Feb. 8, 2001. He was attending the Blacklands Income Growth Conference in
Waco, TX. He farms near Eddy. Dale is great great great grandson of Peter
Maricle and Susan Derryberry.


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