Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #24, February 10, 2001


Carl Derryberry
Sally Hanson ( writing for her friend Dawn Derryberry. "Carl
Derryberry was her grandpa. Carl died in Springfield, Fairfax County,
Virginia in 1988. He got his social security card in Oklahoma before 1951 and
was supposed to be an Oklahoma State Trooper. Dawn's father would like a
picture since he never met his dad ( I think he was born out of wedlock.) The
Social Security death index has 2 listings for Carl Derryberrys- the one I'm
looking for died in 1988 and spent most of his time in OK. He may have many
other children- basically had 0 to do with this branch of the Derryberry
clan." Can you help her?


I have found conflicting information on Ulysses Henderson Derryberry, born 11
Dec 1874 west of Senath, MO to Williamson Abraham Derryberry and Savannah
Ellen Barber. Previously, my database listed him as married (1) to Nora Mae
Hickman and (2) to Mary Elizabeth Wilkins. To the first marriage the children
are shown as: Marcus or Marquis ‘Mark', Nora Mae and two children who died
at, or soon after, birth. To the second marriage were bornDelphra Allene,
Savannah, Grace Irene and Hal, according to his obituary.

On the World Family Tree CDs he is shown as married to Mary Ponder with
children: Hal, Alene, Savannah, Mae and Mark. Note similarity of children,
so it must be the same Ulysses Henderson Derryberry. Does anyone have proof
of the correct alignment of this family?


What is a first cousin, twice removed?

A first cousin is one who shares two of the same grandparents, children of
aunts and uncles.

A second cousin is one who has the same great grandparents but not the same

Third, fourth and fifth cousins have the same great great grandparents, great
great great grandparents or great great great great grandparents.

Removed is used to describe how many generations separate the two persons.

This is an over simplification of relationships.


Brenda Stafford (
Hello, I am a Derryberry, born in Chico CA. I have been trying to find
something about my family. You have so much information about the Derryberry
family but I couldn't find my grandparents, I could have missed it tho.
Lester Neil is my grandfathers name(PA).My grandmother(MA)was Fanny Dot
Frank. My dads name is Kenneth Gerrell Derryberry, He was born July 9th, I
think 1933 in OK. He had one brother Malcom Earl. My dad is doing good, but
his parents and brother are gone. He has told me that he wants to find out
more about his family. I would really like to do this for him. Do you think
that all the Derryberry's are related? Seems like with that name we would be.
Ha. What about the Indian we have in us? I've been told that by my
grandparents and parents. Thank you for any help you can give me. Brenda


Jessica Derryberry ( writes: "Greetings from
Portland, Oregon. Does any one out there know how many of us live in the
State of Oregon? Or even how we got here? I'm 22 years old and am proud to
have this name and I'm interested to know more of where the name came from.
Please let me know."


Ann Sparks ( sent this interesting information. She "found
Sampson Carper's (Susan Carper "Mrs. Pitzer" Derryberry's father) homeplace.
He ran the Matamora Hill stagecoach stop near Pocahontas, Tennessee.
According to the Hardeman County Cemetery Book, the Carpers were an outlaw
family who killed travelers and threw them in a well. I talked with a Mr.
Howell who runs a little restaurant in Pocahontas. He knew the legend and
said that the Pocahontas folks and the Matamora Hill folks had a feud going
and if one of either wandered onto the other's property, he was killed. There
was a minor Civil War battle, the Battle of Davis Bridge (also called the
Battle of Hatchie Bridge), fought there and the government has purchased the
land and there is an overlook and historical markers, one of which mentions
the Carper House and Stable. This past year they had a reenactment there, but
I didn't know anything about it until after the fact. I hope to see it next
year if they make it an annual event. I found that all verrrry interesting.

"Also, had I told you I finally sent to Jackson and got Pitzer Miller
Derryberry's death certificate? and it indicates that he is indeed buried at
Liberty Cemetery east of Booneville, Prentiss County, Mississippi. But
wouldn't you know the one thing on the certificate that the registrar messed
up was the place of burial. The undertaker was from Corinth, MS. and it looks
like he wrote Corinth as place of burial and realized his mistake and just
wrote over it the correct place, Liberty. But it is not completely legible.
But I think it is fairly obvious. And I have had a Confederate marker put
there for him. Unfortunately I ordered the stone before I ordered the death
certificate and the death date we had for him was in error. He did not die on
his birthday but on February 9, 1916. And for some reason the engraver got
his birth year wrong. Instead of the correct year of 1835, he put 1832 on the
stone. "


Gloria Derryberry ( forwarded the the obituary of Mary
Derryberry, widow of Billy Maurice Derryberry, Sr. She had been living at
Dimmitt, TX. Died 1 Jan 2001 at Convent Medical Center, Lubbock, TX. She
was born 28 April 1931 Mary McCool. She attended Delmar High School (which,
I presume, was near the Delta - Lamar Countyline). Se
he is survived by her son, Billy M., Jr. of Lubbock; daughter Linda Tucker of
Muleshoe, TX; daughter Sharon Womack of Amarillo, TX; brothers A. J. McCool
of Terre Haute, IN and J. B. McColl of San Leandro, CA; and sister Dessie
McColl of Paris, TX; five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


Some state's birth and death records are now available online. For example,
go to for California death
records. Change death to birth for birth records. Change ca to tx for Texas
or ky for Kentucky. That is as far as I have experimented yet. I found so
many interesting entries in CA and TX that it slowed me down. You might want
to try these or other states.

By the way, I found lots of Derryberrys, Derreberrys and Dereberrys that I
could not identify. If you identify any of them, would you let me know so
that I can put them into the database. I promise a new listing for Andy
Derryberry and before the reunion in July.

Incidentally, the states' records all too often disagree with previous
information. If you find any that you know are in error, I'd like to know
about them also. I can use all the help I can get.


....Joe C. Derryberry and Nora A. Webb were married in Kiowa, OK - 8-1-1903..
Joe's first wife Pearl died in childbirth, 1902. Pearl and the child both
died. My mother tells me that my grandfather talked of his first wife often,
to her, and he would tell her of Pearl's beautiful hair , and how pretty she
was, and he really never got over her death. He had a large portrait of her
and when they moved from Magic City to Pampa, it misteriously disappeared.
Nora was quite jealous and never allowed him to speak of first marriage, so
he would talk to my mom. (you asked where Magic City is, it is in Wheeler
County, I mistakenly told you that it was in Montague County)
Nora A. Webb ( middle name was either Addie or Alta, no one seems to know
which one) on her death certificate is is noted as Atchley, but that is not
correct. Nora was born 12-30-1883, in Hardy, Texas, died 9-5-1974, Pampa, TX
and is buried beside Joe Co., fairview cemetery, Pampa, TX. One thing in
particular I remember about her, she could make the best Peach Cobbler of
anyone I ever knew....she was a large woman and all the grandkids loved to
snuggle up to her. Her and Joe moved to Pampa, from Magic City in approx
1945, he became the caretaker of the Rodeo Grounds and worked for the Pampa
Recreation Department. The houose they moved into was nothing more that a
chicken coop, but shortly after moving there, the city built a nice little
house for them. I spent so much time with them and my grandfather would take
me to the horse barns to help him feed, when I was so small that I would
actually be looking up the horses noses, they towered so much above me. I
have the sweater that he always wore to the barn and it actually still has
hay in the is one of my prized possessions....Nora, made her
own butter and would always let us kids take turns doing the churning and we
often made homemade ice cream....there were many family dinners in the shade
beneath the grandstands of the rodeo arena.....her parents:

John Robert Webb: born 11-14-1858, possibly in Missouri, place of birth on
his death certifiicate is difficult to read ( poor penmanship)- de died
5-22-1921, cause of death listed as suicide by hanging. death certificate
states "insanity"....I remember my father talking about John Robert, as a man
that suffered from greaat depression, however back in those days, they did
not know what that aunt tells is as his suffering from Palagra,
which is a vitamin deficiency, which caused his problem. the children would
be required to watch him, to keep him from hurting himself, he was put in the
jail to protect himself, and it was there that he hanged himself..I do not
beleve that he was mentally ill, as he was a member of the Masonic Lodge in
Forestburg, TX and was a member in good standing, when he died and actually
held an office and had a Masonic funeral....I have a letter from his masonic
lodge advising me of this, as my daughter joined Job's Daughters, on his
name...It sounds so sad.

Nora's mother: Nancy Jane Blaylock: born 8-20-1937 , Magic City, TX, Wheeler
County...died 10-18-1937 - cause of death, listed on her death certificate ,
she died as a result of burns over her entire body, ..she had backed up to a
gas heater and her clothing caught on fire, she ran from the house and the
children that were there at the time, caught her and tried to put the fire
out, she died three days later.

Chilldren born to John Robert and Nancy Jane were: son- Walter J.and daughter
Nora A. Walter did some work for my father in Paampa Tx, he Eva (?), they had
children: Agnes , Fay and Jim.....Agnes name is now Hatfield and she liives
in Fredrick, OK, Jim was electricuted, he was a house mover and while moving
a house he touched an electric wire and was killed....Do not know about Fay.

My Father: Bernice Aubrey Derryberry Sr. -his nickname was "Fat" (he had a
brother who's nickname was "Slim" ) - born 7-27-1911 in Forestburg TX, died
7-15-1956, Pampa TX. he was a pipeline contractor and owned a Pipeline const.
co, ie D & C ConstructionCompany....he married Wilma Claire Gill 7-9-1938 in
Sayre,OK. they had two children : Bernice Aubrey Derryberry, Jr. born -
1-4-1939 and Margaret Rose Derryberry. born 3-8-1940. Bernice (Jr.) is a
truck driver and mysellf (Margaret) is in the insurance business, and am also
a professional dog trainer. there were two step-children, as Wilma had been
married before and had a son and daughter by that marriage. Bernice Aubrey
Sr. was very young when he died, he had been very sick for most of his life (
as far back as I can remember, in fact I can not ever remember when he was
not sick..) he had many major surjuries and was injured severly in an on the
job accident, with a serious head injury...that happened probably in 1949 or
50....he had been a very strong person, and was able to conduct business,
when I know he had to be in sever pain...he became an alcoholic, as he used
the bottle to help ease the pain and he had scirosis (sp) of the liver. he
finally just gave up when his brother Clyde died, and he passed a few days
after Clyde.

You had asked about Danny Ray, he was the son of Willis Ray Derryberry and he
was killed by a hit and run driver , near Quana , Tx, or Childress, somewhere
down in that area. He had a sister , Barbara, and I do not know what happened
to her.


From Ruth Jackson Derryberry (ruthderryberry@yahoo,com)
We have had illness and a death in our family on Ruth's side, and now
have our Derryberry
sister-in-law seriously ill in a Beaumont hospital.
Also we are trying to get acquainted with our computer
Mark Smith, son of Mark and Ruby Derryberry Smith died at Whitesboro,
Tx., December 13, 2000. This is the grandson of Chris & Elizabeth Philips
We have hoped to get to meet a descendant of Christiana Derryberry &
William Whitlock of Warren County, Tn. 1835-1879. He got in touch with us
from (the) book, and lives in Carlsbad, N. M. He promised to come see us.
We enjoyed having James and Lucy of Kinta, Okla. visit us a couple of
times last year.
We observed our 58th wedding anniversary January 16.

Thank you, Ruth.


From Crissy Bayless, (
Thank you so much for writing me. I have just started trying to trace my
family heritage and it is not very easy, I must say, however, now I am
determined! My Great Grandmother was originally a Smith. Her name was Mary
Elizabeth Derryberry. She married my Great Grandfather Charles Derryberry. I
don't know too much about them. My grandmother passed away in 93 and I wish I
had gotten this information from her. They were both from the Humphrey
Arkansas area. I'm not sure what year she was born, but she died in December,
1970. She was my maternal grandmother, Ruth Boston's mother. I don't know too
much about my great grandfather, unfortunately. I do know that they had 4
children: Virgil "Dink" Derryberry, Ruth Mae Derryberry, Benjamin F.
Derryberry & Robert Derryberry all of Arkansas. Some around the Pine Bluff
Arkansas area and the others around Humphrey, Stuttgart Arkansas. My uncle
Benjamin (Bennie) lived in Jasper, MO when he passed away. If you know any
information, I would appreciate it so much!


Last August I got a reservation form for a copy of the Maxwell and
Christina's Derryberry Family Yearbook from The Family News in Denver, CO.
It was $34.85 plus $5.00 processing fee. Did any of you buy a copy? If so,
would you share your opinion of it with the rest of us who did not buy it? &