Derryberry Family Newsletter # 22, Nov. 19, 2000

Dennis Ayres is looking for help. He writes:
"The common thread which proves that Robert Derryberry and Robert Derrie
are the same person is the family members listed in the 1900 Greene Co, TN
census. For example, we know that the children listed for Robert Derryberry
are in fact the children of Robert Allan Derrie. Thelma Wisecarver's
husband, Wanda Smart and I are descendants of his sons, Earnest, Roscoe and
Tom Derrie respectively. By the way, some descendants spelled the name Derry
and some spelled it Derrie.
"I believe it was Thelma who opined that Robert's father may have been a
Thomas Derryberry. This is only her speculation based on the fact that
Robert himself was often called "Tom" for no known reason, except for maybe
being called after his father. On the other hand, I have a suspicion that
Robert's real name may have actually been Tom and he changed that also, but
earlier in his life. Beginning to not put anything past that rascal at this
"Have done some preliminary searching and cannot find Robert
Derrie/Derryberry (or any other spelling variation) in either the 1880 or the
1870 TN censuses. However, I have found the marriage record for Robert
Derreberry and Sarah Clowers in Greene Co, in Sept 1880. Had previously
thought he may have come from NC before that time, but the 1900 census says
his place of birth was TN. Obviously, a lot more searching of records needs
to be done.
"Any additional help you or others could provide linking our Robert into
other Derryberry lines would be greatly appreciated.


There are still lots of Derryberrys, Derreberrys, Dereberrys, and other
spellings that are not yet identified as to their places in the family tree.
The following are some I have noted. If you recognize any of these people,
please let me know: Bob Derryberry, 801 Carroll Drive, Garland, TX 75041, 972
278-8937, FAX 972 278-8545, E-mail You will be helping to
find all our relatives. Thanks

A. . Derryberry married Mary E. Parham Aug 1869 in Hardeman Co., TN.

A. J. Derryberry, born 2 Aug 1854, died 2. Mar 1924, buried in Vernon or Old
Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Abe Derryberry age 28 b orn in AR, parents born in TN on 1910 Pike Co., AR
census, page 280A, household 129, a millwright on lumber mills, wife
Elizabeth age 26 born in AR, children: Sylvia age 3 and Eva age 1 year and 1

Abram Richard Derryberry, born about 13 Apr 1882 probably in AR, lived near
Murfreesboro, AR, died 17 Aug 19641 at Corpus Christi, TX. Once lived at
Holdenville, OK and Longview, TX. Reportedly, he ran away from home at about
age 10-12 and never had more contact with his folks. He is believed to have
a brothers named Robert E. Lee Derryberry and Gilbert Derryberry and a sister
named Victoria Derryberry. Robert E. Lee may have been a lawyer. Abraham
married Jane Stanley. Their known children were Darlene Iva Jane (born about
1918 and married a Smith), Maxine, Clyda, Ted and Abram Richard, Jr. (born 16
Sep 19221 and died Jul 19811 in Houston, TX). Darlene went to high school in
Longview and A. R. Jr. went to school in Holdenville. Jane Stanley's mother
was Charlotte Elizabeth Jackson.
He is undoubtedly the Abram on the Social Security Record on page 583.
His son A. R., Jr. apparently is the Abe on that page. A. R., Jr. was in the
Navy in WWII and died of war disabilities.

Ace Derberry born Feb 1837 in TN listed on 1900 census of Bear Creek TWP,
Boone Co., AR, age 63, wife was Rachel E. Married about 1889. She was born
Aug 1865 in MO. A son, William H. Age 17 born Apr 1883 in AR. Edward
Ledbetter, age 15, Ace's grandson living with them. Search by Lois Sullivan

Adam Derryberry on a 1795 tax list in Russell Co., VA.

Adam Derryberry and Michael Derryberry on a 1796 tax list in Russell Co., VA.

Albert Porter Deberry may or may not be a Derryberry descendant

Allen H. Derryberry, born 8 Mar 1883, died 6 Oct 1919, Lewis Cem., Beauregard
Parish, LA.

Aletha M. Derreberry died 19 Jul 1929, wife of John A. Murray born 12 Mar
1850 at Jonesboro, TN, married 1884, children: Ada C. born 22 Feb 1887,
Elizabeth Bessie born 8 Oct 1888, Marshall P. born Feb 1892, and John Sevier
Murray born 1896.

Alta E. Derreberry died Harris Co., TX 5 Apr 1976.

Alva Derryberry born 1892, daughter of Willie B. Derryberry and Lola Frances
Clinton. Lola born 24 Feb 1873

Andrew Derryberry 1852-1916, buried Tomberlin Cem., Lonoke, AR, AR Family
Historian, p. 9.

Andrew W. Derryberry bought 80 acres from the Little Rock, AR land office ,
being SESW section 20. 7 south, 12 west (near Staves, AR and Saline River) on
28 Apr 1896. Also same date, acreage not shown, in section 29, 7 south 12
west, which would join the first tract.

Arthur Lee Derebery died Grayson Co., TX 10 Apr 1957.

Barbara Ann Derryberry born & died 4 Feb 1993 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel,
OK (See Thomas Newton Derryberry).

Bertie E. Derryberry died Harris Co., TX 21 Dec 1974.

Bessie Irene Derryberry died Harris Co., TX 17 May 1938.

Caroline Derryberry born 1832 in GA, died 1905, married Hardin Hulsey about
1849 in GA. He was born 5 Mar 1832 or 3 in Monroe Co., TN, died 22 Sep 1909
in Fannin Co., TX, son of Joel Hulsey and Clarissa Barnwell or Barnhill.
Their children: William Milton Hulsey (born 7 Dec 1856 in Fannin Co.; TX,
married Martha J. Colvin 28 Feb 1876; died 1 Jan 1923), Sarah J. Hulsey (born
1851, died about 1863), James Houston Hulsey (born 5 Feb 1866; married
Margaret Louise Colvin 7 Dec 1883; died 28 Aug 1935), and Charles Monroe
Hulsey (born 22 Oct 1857; married Mary Green Sherril 2 Nov 1876; died 8 Mar
1932). From Bill Hulsey, 158 Grant Point, Dawsonville, GA 30534, e-mail
It is very possible that she was a daughter of John Derryberry #1 on page
550 in the Derryberry book, but no evidence found. That John is believed to
have been in Dade Co., GA and the Hulseys were in Dade Co., GA about the same
time and many Hulseys moved to Fannin Co., TX at about the same time that
Henry Milton Derryberry moved to Fannin Co. The evidence is pretty strong
that she was closely related to those Derryberrys.

Caroline Derryberry, age 57, married W. B. Bangs 22 Feb 1900 in Stone Co.,
AR, would place her birth about 1843.

Carolyn Sue Derryberry died Harris Co., TX 19 Jan 1943

Catherine Derryberry died Navarro Co., TX 33 Apr 1963.

Cecil Derryberry 1912-1915 buried Tomberlin Cem., Lonoke, AR, AR Family
Historian, p. 9.

D. Derryberry married Sallie Pirtle Mar 1904 in Hardeman Co., TN.

Daisey Derryberry who married James W. Slaughter 28 Mar 1913 in McNairy Co.,

Daniel Paul Derebery, Sr., died Bexar Co., TX 13 Nov 1961.

Danny Ray Derryberry, born 1914, died Hunt Co., TX 1 Aug 1966.

Dawn Marie Derryberry that appears in the Auger Family database online, with
children: Crystal Ann Wazny and Richard Clarence Wazny.

Dolly Derryberry died Wichita Co., TX 29 Jan 1951.

Douglas F. Derryberry who married Callie Mae Jones 8 Aug 1979, died 3 Jun
1992. Callie was born 20 Feb 1921 at Blue Springs, OK to George Nipper Jones
and Sarah Francis Waller.
Edward S. Derryberry and wife Sarah J. buried in Fairview Cem., Perkins Co.

E. Derryberry married J. A. Medford 9 Dec 1869 in Tippah Co., MS.

Edward J. Derryberry born 18 Dec 1897 in Indian Territory (OK)

Elizabeth Derryberry died Nueces Co., TX 11 Nov 1963.

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie' Derryberry born about 1851, according to census
information. She married George Church about 1870-71 probably in VA.
Evidence of Lizzie is in a book, Looking Back One Hundred Years, 1950, by
Hanibal Compton, found in the Buchannan Co. Library. Their children were
Wilson, Mac and Rhoda. Wilson was her husband's grandfather. The book
states that Lizzie was a Primitive Baptist Faith Healer and midwife. Lizzie
last appeared in census reports in 1910. She is also mentioned in a
Bicentennial History, Buchannan Co.

Elizabeth C. Derryberry b. 30 Dec 1852, d. 1 Feb 1899 buried Tomberlin Cem.,
Lonoke, AR, AR Family Historian, p. 9.

Emma Derryberry married George Tucker 11 May 1921, Delaware Co., IN. She was
born 15 Jul 1881.

Eula Derreberry born 3 Mar 1913, died 17 May 1992, buried in Moss Cem.,
Marble, NC.

Eula L. Derriberry (or Derraberg) listed on 1900 census of Delta Co., TX with
Sam Smith family, Vol. 29, Sheet 10, line 43.

Floy E. Derryberry 1886-1948, buried in Denison Cem., Idabel, OK. Probably
wife of Thomas Newton Derryberry.

Frank Leslie Derebery died Dallas Co., TX 22 May 1958.

Glenna Derebery, age 21, on 1920 census of Denison, TX, with son Arthur G., 3
mos. old.

H. M. Derryberry name on a land survey, abstract # 548 in Marion Co., TX.

Henderson D. Derryberry homesteaded land in N1/2NW of section 8, 11 south, 31
west (near Winthrop, AR and Little River) in AR, recorded at the Camden land
office 30 Jun 1882. He had bought in SESW section 5, and NWNE section 8, 11
south, 31 west on 4 Aug 1880. The last two tracts would corner together and
join the homestead tract.

Herbert C. Derryberry, born 6 Jan 1905, died 27 Nov 1999, buried in Vernon or
Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Hershel Derryberry 1911-1933 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel, OK (See Thomas
Newton Derryberry).

Homer Derryberry who married Vera Pearl Hardison 21 Dec. 1928

Howard Derryberry 1918-1961 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel, OK (See Thomas
Newton Derryberry).

Hubert Derryberry married Nannie E. Chapman in May 1936 in Hardeman Co., TN.

Ida Frances Derryberry died Navarro Co., TX 12 Nov 1964.

Ida W. Derryberry born 13 Apr 1885, died 16 Jan 1981, buried in Lewis Cem.,
Beauregard Parish, LA.

Ilac Mae Derryberry died Smith Co., TX 2 Apr 1939.

Irene Derryberry who married Waldo Wallace 14 Sep 1957

J. B. Derryberry died Mitchell Co., TX 12 Jan 1936.

J. C. Derryberry, born 8 Oct 1912, died 1 Mar 1999, buried in Vernon or Old
Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.
J. L. Derryberry married Nell Miller in Nov 1934 in Hardeman Co., TN.

J. M. Derreberry, Morgan Dale and T. Clingman Dale listed as bondsmen for
Mary Raxter in Aug 1876 in Cherokee Co., NC as shown on page 63, of North
Carolina Bastardy Bonds, by Betty J. And Edward A. Camin 1990. Cathy
Derreberry Hall believes this is John McCamy Derreberry, her great great
grandfather. This points toward the belief that his wife was oly Dale

J. M. Derberry on 1900 census of Williamson Co., TX as servant of Moore Lee,
Vol. 112, sheet 12, line 25

James C. Derryberry deed for 40 acres in Eastern Dist., Lawrence Co., AR
Book 26, page 298, on 9 Nov 1916. Also deed from James C. Derryberry and
wife Mary to J. W. Stone recorded Book 30, page 175, Eastern Dist., Lawrence
Co., AR dated 13 Nov 1920 for $2,000. A deed to James C. Derryberry, dated
30 Dec. 1920 from J. G. Richardson for 3/4 interest for $2,000 in a tract of
land in Eastern Dist., Lawrence Co., AR. Deed dated 19 Mar 1921 to James C.
Derryberry by Lucien Fletcher for 1/4 interest in 80 acres for $600. Deed
for 40 acres to J, C. Derryberry 19 Oct 1925, Book 35, Eastern Dist.,
Lawrence Co., AR. Eastern Dist., Lawrence Co., AR, Chancelry Court 26 Feb
1923, J. C. Derryberry filed for divorce from Mary Derryberry. It shows that
they married 11 Feb 1904 in Batesville, AR. Who was that James C. Derryberry.

James H. Derryberry died Kaufman Co., TX 27 Dec 1970.

James Marlin Derryberry died Angelina Co., TX 12 Dec 1969.

Jane Derryberry from the 1870 census of Cocke Co., TN.

Jane Derryberry who married Silas P. Goodin about 1846, Pontotoc, MS.
Jessie Derreberry born 18 Apr 1920, died 3 Jul 1993, buried in Moss Cem.,
Marble, NC.

Joe Derebery, age 45 born MO, on 1920 census of Fannin Co., TX, wife Dolly
age 42 b. OK, sons: Franklin 17 b. TX, Laif 13 b. OK and Jesse 10 b. OK.

John Derreberry, Alexander Dear and George Hipps posted bond for Nancy M.
Falls in Burke Co., NC 26 Apr 1830, as noted on page 31 of North Carolina
Bastardy Bonds, by Betty J. And Edward A. Camin 1990. Cathy Derreberry Hall
believes this is likely Benjamin Franklin Derreberry's father, who married
Susannah Hipps.

John Derryberry is on 1900 census of Wise? Co., Vol. 114, 1016, sheet 3, line

John Derryberry died Lubbock Co., TX 19 Jun 1964.

John Derryberry born 12 Jun 1909, died 1 May 1950 buried in Lewis Cem.,
Beauregard Parish, LA, WWII naval veteran.

John Carroll Derryberry born 8 Jul 1882 in West Dade Co., GA.

John Errol Derryberry Howard Co., TX 10 Feb 1966.

John Lee Derreberry died Galveston Co., TX 7 Feb 1956.
John Madison Derryberry 1924-1965 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel, OK (See
Thomas Newton Derryberry).

John Morgan Derryberry died in Galveston Co., TX 30 Aug 1946.

John Wesley Derryberry who married Clemmie Simpkins,\.

Laura E. Derryberry age 53 on 1920 census of Dallas, TX. Milas E. White,
nephew, living with her. Died Dallas Co., TX 31 Jul 1940.

Leon Derryberry died Fannin Co., TX 9 Oct 1932 buried in Denison Cem.,
Idabel, OK (See Thomas Newton Derryberry).

Leslie L. Derryberry 1914-1946 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel, OK (See Thomas
Newton Derryberry).

Lillian Virginia, wife of J. . Derryberry, born 24 Oct 1920, died 1 Jul 1993,
buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Lucy Derryberry is on 1900 census of McLennan Co., TX at Waco, Vol. 75, 1D71,
sheet 7, line 7, born Jul 1852 in MS, living on Marlborough St.,
mother-in-law of C. P. Shaffer living with her. She died at home of Mrs. C.
P. Schieffer 27 Jan 1901 at age 50, buried at Oakwood Cem., re: obit. It
showed brother as Richard Jones of Riesel, TX.

Lue Derreberry buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC

M. A. Derryberry married Mildred Abernathy 20 Feb 1873 in Marshall Co., MS.

M. F. Derryberry married Mary Womack in Van Zandt Co., TX 7 Aug 1920.

Martha ‘Mat' Derryberry who shows on the 1850 census of MS married to William
P. Miracle 12 Jun 1856 in Alcorn Co., MS.

Mary Derryberry, granddaughter of Wm. Derryberry, is on 1880 census of Parker
Co., TX Vol. 26, 1D107, sheet 10, line 41.

Mary Derryberry died Van Zandt Co., TX 8 Jan 1923.

Mary Derryberry died Tarrant Co., TX 9 Jul 1935.

Mary E., wife of A. J. Derryberry, born 28 Oct 1850, died 28 Mar 1932, buried
in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Mary E. Derryberry 25 Nov 1883-30 Dec 1948. buried in Denison Cem., Idabel,
OK May be wife of Virgil D. Derryberry (See Thomas Newton Derryberry).

Mary Rebecca Derryberry died Fisher Co., TX 10 Jul 1938.

Mattie Derreberry born 1877, died 1963, buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC.
Michael Derryberry who married Mariah McCormack 5 Feb 1828 in Sumner Co., TN

Mildred Loraine Derryberry died Van Zandt Co., TX 5 Jul 1928.

Monte Wayne Derebery died Harris Co., TX 1 Sep 1955.

Nannie Eva, wife of Herbert C. Derryberry, born 4 Oct 1901, died 2 Mar 1996,
buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Nora A. Derryberry died Gray Co., TX 5 Sep 1974.

Pearls Derryberry 1888-1917 buried Tomberlin Cem., Lonoke, AR, AR Family
Historian, p. 9.

Phoebe Derebery died Galveston Co., TX 28 Jul 1959

R. H. Derryberry married Della Cox in Jun 1893, in Hardeman Co., TN.

Rebecca Derryberry age 45 and Polly Derryberry age 12 on 1850 census of
Russell Co., VA in the household of Wilson McKinney.

Richard, Mrs. R. C. and Carolyn Rose Derryberry killed in a tornado in
Bradley Co., AR in 1943.

Robb Derryberry on 1900 census of Washington Co., TX, nephew of Mollie
Lauderdale with whom he was living, born Nov 1870 in TN, Vol. 109, 1D113,
sheet 8, page 69.

Robert Derryberry age 49 b. TN on 1920 census of Burleson Co., TX

Robert Derryberry found on 1900 census of Greene Co., TN, Dist. 4, born Sep
1859 wife Sarah 7 born June 1852 TN; children: Alice born Aug 1880 TN, Thomas
born Mar 1882 TN, Jesse born July 1884 TN, Irene born Sep 1885, Robert E.
born Sep 1889, Roscoe born Aug 1890 and Mabel B. born Mar 1895. Robert E. is
believed to be Robert Earnest, later shown as Robert Allen ‘Tom' Derry on
tombstone in Warrensburg Cem., with wife Sarah Clowers. Other stones near
Robert and Sarah are: Andrew Derry 1900 - 1969, Alice Derry Potter 1880 -
1958 (believed the Alice above), Evan A. Potter 1879 - 1946 (probably Alice's
husband), Sarah Ellen Derry 10 Oct 1916 - 2 Aug 1918, Earnest Derry 15 Sep
1890 - 22 Dec 1922 (probably the Robert E. above) Sarah J. Deertberry, age
57, living with her son, Roscoe, age 17 on 1910 census and Sarra Darrie, age
65 , living with son-in-law J. J. Potter

Rose Derryberry died Potter Co., TX 6 Jun 1959.

Sallue E., wife of W. D.. Derryberry, born 10 Feb 1885, died 1 May 1858,
buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Sarah Elizabeth Derryberry born 24 Dec 1839 in TN, died 30 Jul 1913, buried
in Glover Cem., Lonoke Co., AR, wife of George Washington Glover born 12 Aug
1835 at Northampton, NC, married 2 Apr 1857 in Prairie Co., AR, parents of
Margaret, John H., Munroe Peter, George W. and Mary J. Glover.

Sarah J. Dereberry died Fannin Co., TX 30 Jul 1972.

Savannah Derryberry married J. A. Richardson 15 Nov 1885 in Dunklin Co., MO,
recorded in Book 2 of county marriage records, found by Lois Sullivan

Sid Derreberry born 3 Oct 1902, died 2 May 1960, buried in Moss Cem., Marble,

Susan Derryberry born 28 Apr 1856, died 27 May 1919 at Durant, OK, married
Stephen Shackelford.

Susan Derryberry born 21 Jan 1948, married Selly P. Luttrell.

Tara A. Dereberry died Grayson Co., TX 25 Dec 1975.

Thomas Newton Derryberry, born 1882, died 1937, buried in Denison Cem.,
Idabel, OK, wife was probably Floy E. Buried near Thomas, born 1886, died
1948. Buried nearby are: Hershel 1911-1933, Howard 1918-1961, Barbara Ann b.
and d. Feb. 4, 1993; Leslie L. 1914-1946, John Madison 1924-1965, Virgil D. 4
Feb 1881-16 Feb 1964 and Mary E. 25 Nov 1883-30 Dec 1948.

Tly Derryberry homesteaded in NWNE section 7, 11 south, 31 west (very near
Henderson D. Derryberry above), issued by Camden, AR land office 12 Nov 1900.

Verna Derryberry died Red River Co., TX 28 Jun 1976.
Virgie Derryberry born 13 Aug 1924, died 18 Sep 1989, buried in Bethel Cem.,
Colfax, LA.

Virgil D. Derryberry 4 Feb 1881-16 Feb 1964 buried in Denison Cem., Idabel,
OK. His wife may be Mary E. (See Thomas Newton Derryberry).

W. D, Derryberry born 27 Dec 1876, died 21 Nov 1945, buried in Vernon or Old
Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Wanda Derryberry, daughter of J. C. Derryberry and Virginia Haliburton,
married Gary Nance.

William Derryberry who married Emma Laura Baker 2 Dec. 1882, children: Percy
Lee, Perley Mae, Miles, Claudie, Mandy, Maggie & Perry.

Wm. Deerwood Derryberry married Sally Sarah Elizabeth Pirtle Their children
were Hubert, Siler and J. C. Hubert married Chapman.

William Green Derryberry husband of Melissa Rachel Herriman, born 30 Mar 1895
in Madison Co., AR, daughter of Jeremiah Turner Herriman and Mary Ann Rogers,
died 11 Jul 1967

Wm. M. Derryberry married Sarah A. Robertson in 1871 in Tippah Co., MS.

William Siler Derryberry born 18 Nov 1909, died 29 Dec 1989, WWII Army vet,
buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN


Can you help?

Bob Derryberry