Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #21, Nov. 4, 2000



James Derryberry, of the National Derryberry Family Association, has sent me, and many others, possibly you included, the announcement of the family reunion in 2001 in Oklahoma. If you already have the information, please bear with us so that those who are not informed will get the information.

It will be held evening of July 20 to noon 22, 2001, at Robbers Cave State Park, which is 5 miles north of Wilburton, OK. The park is in the San Bois Mountains, very scenic place with tall pines, paved roads and much natural beauty. The web site is Those who do not want to come for the entire time should plan on being there at least on July 21.

20 rooms at the Belle Starr Lodge and 19 cabins have been reserved for the 3 nights, as has been the meeting room for casual visiting. The cabins are fully equipped with kitchen supplies, cookware, dishes, silverware and linens, plus stove and refrigerator. There are hook-ups for Rvs and camping spaces near restrooms with showers.. Check in time is 3PM. Reservations must be made by May 20th or they will be then open for anyone. Reservations should be made at 1-800-654-8240 or 918-465-2562. Rates for 2000 on cabins are: 1 bedroom for up to 4 people - $68; 2 bedroom for up to 6 people - $88; 2 bedroom with deck - $98. Rooms at Belle Starr, all with valley view - $78.

Since the park did not have a large enough meeting room, the meeting of the clan will be at the Choctaw Nation Community Center at Wilburton. It will accommodate up to 300 people. It will be available for our use all day Saturday. It has kitchen facilities. A pancake breakfast is planned for Saturday. Saturday lunch will be the traditional cover dish by attendees. The meat will be cooked by a Derryberry from OK. If enough is leftover, may have evening meal there also, wait and see.

There are two motels in Wilburton for those who prefer those accommodations.

There will be a Friday evening barbeque in an open air shelter.

Facilities included at the park are nice café, gift shop, nature center, swimming pool with lifeguard. Park Rangers are on duty for security. At the park, tours are available, as is several miles of hiking trails, riding trails, stables with about 50 horses, a lake, paddle boats, canoes and paddle boards, hayrides, cave rides, chuck wagon rides, fishing rides and miniature golf,

For further information, contact James A. Derryberry, Route 1, Box 1800, Kinta, OK 74552-9725. James is no online.


Toss Derreberry passed away 13 July 2000. He was the father of Daniel Toss "Daní Derreberry of Swannanoa, NC, past host of the Derreberry family page. (Due to health problems, Dan has retired and it is now hosted by Rose Derreberry. Toss was a native of Cherokee Co., NC, son of Cross and Beulah Derreberry, born 17 July 1924. He served in WWII in the South Pacific, earning three ribbons, including the Philippine Liberation. (Dan is a Disabled Viet Nam Veteran.) Toss is buried in the Western Carolina State Veterans Cemetery at Black Mountain, NC, grave 65, Section 2B. In lieu of flowers, Toss had requested that flowers be planted outside for others to enjoy as he much enjoyed the beauty of all types of wild flowers. Tossí wife, Danís step-mother, died about a month later, which was increased shock to Dan. In addition, Tossí sister, Betty Ann Derreberry McMahan suffered a stroke 14 Oct and Dan had a stroke . Condolences and sympathies may be sent to Dan at, his new e-mail address. Dan could use some cheering up.


This from Martin Fenimore, ( fifth great grandson of Adam Derryberry and Eve Liggett, through their daughter Elizabeth, who went up the Oregon trail with her husband John Baker. This is one of those stories of Ďhow we metí.

"I was married on the 29th of June to a gal I met over the Internet back in 1995. Laura lived in Virginia and I in Washington State. We were researching the same family that lived in the early 1800ís. We decided to collaborate our research. We were discussing our immediate families one day via the phone when I mentioned

Battle Ground, Washington as a town that a lot of my family lived a century ago. Laura thought that was strange since her great grandmother came from the same town. Laura told me her great grandmothers name was Lizzie Steele.

"I got an eerie feeling as I had a 2nd great aunt by the same name. Well we realized that our great grandparents were brother and sister. Laura and I we realized are 3rd cousins. Our relationship blossomed and we were married on June 29th in Eugene, Oregon. We chose a state that would benefit both of us and it happened to be Oregon. Our wedding was a real reunion in many ways since both sides of the family had not been together since 1939. Also we had other Fenimore descendants from four generations back at our wedding who descended from our 3rd great aunt. It just goes to show what good can come from genealogy research. For Laura and I it is a new wonderful life where we two can really share our ancestry research since it is the same!"

Isnít that a cyberspace love story?

Martin is a second cousin to Marcia Dee Oriet and a fifth cousin to John D. Pratt, all in Oregon. There are getting to be so many Derryberry descendants in Washington and Oregon that perhaps we could have a national reunion out there sometime. If so, Iíd sure go.


There is a movement on to purchase the house that Adam Derryberry built in Maury County, TN. The current owner want to dispose of it and it is feared that they will destroy it if it is not bought and preserved. I do not have any details. Andy Derryberry probably has detail. He can be contacted at


Rev. Audie Derryberry here in Downey, California. (Rev My wife met a lady here who says that she is related to a Netty Derryberry who lived in Clinton, OK. Netty is now deceased. Have you heard of this lady?

Good news about my Dad, (Elbert Adie Derryberry, Jr.) he has gone into remission. I was going to have him moved closer to me so that he would not die alone, but when I called in August they said that he had gone into remission and was getting better. But I do not know how long that will last. When I went to see him in June, he was still smoking cigarettes. I said to him, "you are dying of cancer and you are still smoking?" He said to me that the Hospice people said, "since I am dying it did not matter if he smoked or not." I said, "that is crazy, stop smoking." So he did and that is when he went into remission. God answers prayers.



I have my Derryberry - Thomas connections totally messed up. From Nancy Derryberry Thomasí obituary, it appears that I have been furnished incorrect information. Will a descendant of Nancy furnish me corrections?


Just had first hand experience with a scam. Iím passing it along so that each of you can be aware of, and evade itís consequences.

I summarily send spam to AOL by forwarding it to Then I reply to the spam and attempt to notify them that I have sent their spam to aol. Previously all of the replies have come back undeliverable, it was always a fake e-mail address. But, this time it was not.

I received a solicitation to borrow money with big red letters, looked like a good deal. Since I lost one computer to a virus, I DO NOT open unsolicited attachments. I did not open their website.

The next day I got an e-mail from Ďan old grey headed ladyí who told me that her e-mail address had been stolen about a week ago and that she had received MANY e-mails telling her to not send any more messages to them, and thanking me for reporting it to AOL. She had also reported it to AOL. AOLís response was that it was investigating the incident.

I then forwarded to her a copy of the spam which she opened. She found that it had no company name or telephone number on it, but had a form to fill out and fax that would give them permission to access the recipientís financial records. I cannot say for sure what would be the consequences, but I sure do not want to give a stranger access to my financial records and Iím sure you donít either.

Query to AOL prompted a reply. "The email address may be undeliverable because someone can use another program to be able to send email and not be tracked easily. Email such as this is usually a scam and I recommend that you do not send any important, personal information." .Be aware.


Still looking for ancestors of Marion Anderson Derryberry who married Elizabeth Felton in 1846, probably in Maury Co., TN. He was wounded in the War of Northern Aggression an died 1864 or 1865. His son is believed to be John Derryberry born about 1857. John married Jimmie McMurry. Their daughter was Nellie Agnes Derryberry, born 6 Aug 1894, died 5 Jan 1932, buried in Stoney Point Cem., Fordyce, AR. If you think you might have a clue, let me know, and contact Anna Langley at


Just picked up on a new branch of the family that spell it Derebery. Robert Brown Derebery made query on Derryberry Genforum. His father was Francis Claud Derebery and mother was Sara Jane Teel, both buried in Fairview Cemetery in Fannin Co, TX. Iíll have to research where that is. His grandfather was Robert Brown Derebery, also at Fairview. His great grandparents was Thomas Gailbreath Derryberry/Derebery and Rachel J. Potter. Thomas and Rachel appear on the information at They had two other sons ;Joseph Benjamin(e) or Joe born 27 June 1874 in MO who died in 1938, buried at Fairview Cem. In Fannin Co.; and William H.(?), born 1872 in MO and died 1937, buried in Oak Ridge Cem., Grayson Co., TX. They moved to TX in 1878.

Robert Brown Derebery (the elder) married Phoebe ĎBabeí Chorn. Their children were: (I) Ora Anice born 27 Oct 1892, married Isaac Hubert Bowles 6 June 1912;

(ii) Francis Claud born 14 April 1895 (Easter Sunday), married (1) Edna S. Reedy 8 Feb 1920, (2) Sara Jane Teel,

(iii) Laura Jane born 9 April 1897, married Roy D. Palmore 5 Dec 1915,

(iv) Thomas Galbraith born 25 April 1900, married Ruby Guthrie 30 July 1925,

(v) Monte Fisher born 12 June 1902,

(vi) William Robert born 27 April 1907, married Bonnie DeRossett 25 Dec 1938,

(vii) Allen Hamilton born 15 April 1910, died 17 Nov. 1935.


May have information on another branch of the family tree, that of Joseph H. Derryberry and Susan Harriett Berry. Heretofore we had only the names of their children. Now comes a probable great great great grand daughter to fill us in. It is Sunday Lea Derryberry Phelps. Indications are that she descends from Joseph H. and Susan through Joseph Columbus; Bernice Aubrey, Sr.; Bernice Aubrey, Jr.; Bernice Aubrey, III to Sunday. She contacted Andy, who referred her to me. She appears to belong to a branch that we had little information on, even though they were included in the Berry familyís book, ĎBerry PickiníĎ. Remains to be seen if they are indeed descendants of Joseph H.


Received a listing of the Whitlock branch of the family tree. J. D. Whitlock added 157 new names, some of which are names of spousesí parents, to the Derryberry family tree. If anyone wants a copy as it now stands, let me know.


Got a notification that Bridgette Louise Long has discovered America. She was born this month to Larry and Tracy Long. Tracy is a great great granddaughter of James D. Derryberry and Melissa Hardison. Bridgette weighed in at 9 pounds and 1 ounce and is doing well. She joined her siblings, Brittany, Tanner, Lacey and Tyler.


Susan Elaine Derryberry, my daughter, has moved from Chicago to Palm Beach Gardens, FL to a new position in the dental field.


Terry Martindill has posted on the Derreberry Family of Western North Carolinaís website that Micah, born 1779 in Burke Co., NC and died 1880 same, was son of John Jefferson Derreberry and Hannah, grand son of John Jefferson Derreberry and Anna Buck. Anyone have the source of the information on the middle name Jefferson, or the elderís place of birth?


Anyone wants them, Judge Foye L. Johnson, Walker Co. (GA) Probate Court is offering to make copies of documents in probate records of the estates of: Farris E. Derryberry, Docket No. 9,107.0; J. H. Derryberry, Docket No. 2,713.0; J. W. Derryberry, Docket No. 2,302.0 and Jack S. Derryberry, Docket No. 8,233.0. Judge Johnson can be reached at P. O. Box 436, LaFayette, BA 30728 or phone 706 638-2852.


I ran onto, in surfing the net, a David Crockett Derryberry, born 13 Oct 1911, who married Mary Doris Oglesby 1 Jan 1936 at Marion in Crittenden Co., AR (that is just across the river from Memphis). She was born 11 Aug 1912 in TN. Source cited was "Maryland and Virginia Colonials: Genealogies of Some Colonial Families", by Sharon J. Doliante, published by Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991, page 1026.

Their children were William David Derryberry born 5 Oct 1936, Doris Ann Derryberry born 29 Dec 1937 in TN, Donna Lane Derryberry born 3 Aug 1943 in TN, and Mary Kay Derryberry born 27 Jul 1949 in TN, an airline stewardess. William David Derryberry married Judith Asensio 27 Jun (year given had to be wrong because it was before he was born) at Sabford, Seminole Co., FL. Their children: Paige and Alisa.

Doris Ann Derryberry married Walter Herbert Robbins 5 Apr 1957 at Memphis, TN. Donna Lane Derryberry married John Stewart Kinzel 20 Dec 1966 at Memphis, TN.

It was posted by John E. Nanney. He said that he knew noting else about them. Does anyone know who David Crockett Derryberryís parents are, where any of these people live, anything about them?


Got a nice long letter from Guy F. Derryberry which Iím going to quote from here because I think it will be of interest to several people receiving the newsletter. He say:

"For some time I have been thinking on something that I have no direct proof on, just little odds and ends that I picked up in my research. Take it for what it is worth, if you desire. Point out where I am wrong... Most of this is guesswork, but looking backwards to whom we descend, it seems most, if not all, are stuck with those 7 original Derryberry names in North Carolina in 1778.

"Using my little odds and ends...I have for sometime thought that Adam may have not been a brother to the other six. I have come to the conclusion that there at least two Derryberry families in Burke County, NC, headed by Old Michael, and maybe his wife Hannah, and Old Jacob, and maybe wife Ann. There is a possibility of a third family headed by Andrew. If so, Andrew died way before the others.

"Now, having said that, I tried to classify the 7 younger Derryberrys and I was amazed at what I came up with. First look at the ones who stayed in NC; George, John, Jr., and Daniel. These would be Old Jacob and Annís children.

"We know Michael of the original 7 went with Adam to KY, where in 1797 they split-up, Adam moving to TN and Michael returning to NC. His was the last known connection of Adam to the others for over 100 years, indicates he was not closely connected to the others, could br son of the unknown Andrew.

"In 1802 Michael of the original 7 returned to KY on Drakes Creek and in 1808 receives a grant of land in Warren Co., TN, along with Jacob of the original 7. Jeremiah, grandson of Jacob and Christana, told his great grandson, Lute Siler, that ALL Derryberrys came from 3 brothers that lived around a spring on Barren Fork of Collins River in Warren County, but does not name the brothers. We found the spring, Big Spring, the old cemetery and church and Jacobís old house place. The brothers were Michael, Jacob and Andrew Buck Derryberry.

"Since my research has led me back to this Michael of the original 7, and taking in what Jeremiah said, it looks like the Old Michael in NC, the one thought married to Hannah, was father of Michael, Jacob and Andrew Buck, why did not Jeremiah know about the others? Jeremiah was not old enough to ever have known the others in NC. His whole life was spent with the 3 names listed above and their families.

"Now, look at George, John, Jr., and Daniel. They stayed in NC. Note John, Jrís. Land joined widow Ann. This leads me to believe that Old Jacob and Ann were parents of George, John, Jr. and Daniel. (I inject in here that it was customary in those days to refer to someone as Jr. when there were two in the area with same name, and to distinguish one from the other to refer to the younger as Jr., even if they were no kin.)

"Where does that leave Adam? Remember, it was 6 years after the others filed for land in Burke Co. before Adam filed. The only know time that Adam was known to associate with the others was in KY for a short time. Also, when Adam did file for land, it was some 6 miles from the others. It is possibility that Adam was son of the unknown Andrew.

""If anyone takes the time to read this and comment on it, I would like to hear their thinking. Space will not permit me to list all the little things that Iíve run across through the years that lead me to the above."

So, there you are. Do you have any comments you would like to direct to Guy on these subjects? He can be reached at or 1345 Lone Elm Rd., Lexington, TN 38351.


We have not identified all the Derryberry descendants yet. I found these with Derryberry names that I cannot identify. Can anyone identify any of them?

A. . Derryberry married Mary E. Parham Aug 1869 in Hardeman Co., TN.

A. J. Derryberry, born 2 Aug 1854, died 2. Mar 1924, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Abe Derryberry age 28 b orn in AR, parents born in TN on 1910 Pike Co., AR census, page 280A, household 129, a millwright on lumber mills, wife Elizabeth age 26 born in AR, children: Sylvia age 3 and Eva age 1 year and 1 month.

Adam Derryberry on a 1795 tax list in Russell Co., VA.

Adam Derryberry and Michael Derryberry on a 1796 tax list in Russell Co., VA.

Allen H. Derryberry, born 8 Mar 1883, died 6 Oct 1919, Lewis Cem., Beauregard Parish, LA.

Aletha M. Derreberry died 19 Jul 1929, wife of John A. Murray born 12 Mar 1850 at Jonesboro, TN, married 1884, children: Ada C. born 22 Feb 1887, Elizabeth Bessie born 8 Oct 1888, Marshall P. born Feb 1892, and John Sevier Murray born 1896.

Alva Derryberry born 1892, daughter of Willie B. Derryberry and Lola Frances Clinton. Lola born 24 Feb 1873

Dawn Marie Derryberry that appears in the Auger Family database online, with children: Crystal Ann Wazny and Richard Clarence Wazny.

D. Derryberry married Sallie Pirtle Mar 1904 in Hardeman Co., TN.

Daisey Derryberry who married James W. Slaughter 28 Mar 1913 in McNairy Co., TN

Douglas F. Derryberry who married Callie Mae Jones 8 Aug 1979, died 3 Jun 1992. Callie was born 20 Feb 1921 at Blue Springs, OK to George Nipper Jones and Sarah Francis Waller.

Edward S. Derryberry and wife Sarah J. buried in Fairview Cem., Perkins Co. NE.

E. Derryberry married J. A. Medford 9 Dec 1869 in Tippah Co., MS.

Emma Derryberry married George Tucker 11 May 1921, Delaware Co., IN. She was born 15 Jul 1881.

Eula Derreberry born 3 Mar 1913, died 17 May 1992, buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC.

H. M, Derryberry name on a land survey, abstract # 548 in Marion Co., TX.

Herbert C. Derryberry, born 6 Jan 1905, died 27 Nov 1999, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Hubert Derryberry married Nannie E. Chapman in May 1936 in Hardeman Co., TN.

Ida W. Derryberry born 13 Apr 1885, died 16 Jan 1981, buried in Lewis Cem., Beauregard Parish, LA.

J. C. Derryberry, born 8 Oct 1912, died 1 Mar 1999, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

J. L. Derryberry married Nell Miller in Nov 1934 in Hardeman Co., TN.

Jane Derryberry from the 1870 census of Cocke Co., TN.

Jessie Derreberry born 18 Apr 1920, died 3 Jul 1993, buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC.

John Carroll Derryberry born 8 Jul 1882 in West Dade Co., GA.

John Derryberry born 12 Jun 1909, died 1 May 1950 buried in Lewis Cem., Beauregard Parish, LA, WWII naval veteran.

Lillian Virginia, wife of J. . Derryberry, born 24 Oct 1920, died 1 Jul 1993, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Lue Derreberry buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC

M. A. Derryberry married Mildred Abernathy 20 Feb 1873 in Marshall Co., MS.

M. F. Derryberry married Mary Womack in Van Zandt Co., TX 7 Aug 1920.

Mary E., wife of A. J. Derryberry, born 28 Oct 1850, died 28 Mar 1932, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Mattie Derreberry born 1877, died 1963, buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC.

Michael Derryberry who married Mariah McCormack 5 Feb 1828 in Sumner Co., TN

Nannie Eva, wife of Herbert C. Derryberry, born 4 Oct 1901, died 2 Mar 1996, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

R. H. Derryberry married Della Cox in Jun 1893, in Hardeman Co., TN.

Rebecca Derryberry age 45 and Polly Derryberry age 12 on 1850 census of Russell Co., VA in the household of Wilson McKinney.

Richard, Mrs. R. C. and Carolyn Rose Derryberry killed in a tornado in Bradley Co., AR in 1943.

Robert Derryberry found on 1900 census of Greene Co., TN, Dist. 4, born Sep 1859 wife Sarah 7 born June 1852 TN; children: Alice born Aug 1880 TN, Thomas born Mar 1882 TN, Jesse born July 1884 TN, Irene born Sep 1885, Robert E. born Sep 1889, Roscoe born Aug 1890 and Mabel B. born Mar 1895. Robert E. is believed to be Robert Earnest, later shown as Robert Allen ĎTomí Derry on tombstone in Warrensburg Cem., with wife Sarah Clowers. Other stones near Robert and Sarah are: Andrew Derry 1900 - 1969, Alice Derry Potter 1880 - 1958 (believed the Alice above), Evan A. Potter 1879 - 1946 (probably Aliceís husband), Sarah Ellen Derry 10 Oct 1916 - 2 Aug 1918, Earnest Derry 15 Sep 1890 - 22 Dec 1922 (probably the Robert E. above) Sarah J. Deertberry, age 57, living with her son, Roscoe, age 17 on 1910 census and Sarra Darrie, age 65 , living with son-in-law J. J. Potter

Sallue E., wife of W. D.. Derryberry, born 10 Feb 1885, died 1 May 1858, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Sarah Elizabeth Derryberry born 24 Dec 1839 in TN, died 30 Jul 1913, buried in Glover Cem., Lonoke Co., AR, wife of George Washington Glover born 12 Aug 1835 at Northampton, NC, married 2 Apr 1857 in Prairie Co., AR, parents of Margaret, John H., Munroe Peter, George W. and Mary J. Glover.

Sid Derreberry born 3 Oct 1902, died 2 May 1960, buried in Moss Cem., Marble, NC.

W. D, Derryberry born 27 Dec 1876, died 21 Nov 1945, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN.

Wanda Derryberry, daughter of J. C. Derryberry and Virginia Haliburton, married Gary Nance.

Wm. Deerwood Derryberry married Sally Sarah Elizabeth Pirtle Their children were Hubert, Siler and J. C. Hubert married Chapman.

William Green Derryberry husband of Melissa Rachel Herriman, born 30 Mar 1895 in Madison Co., AR, daughter of Jeremiah Turner Herriman and Mary Ann Rogers, died 11 Jul 1967

Wm. M. Derryberry married Sarah A. Robertson in 1871 in Tippah Co., MS.

William Siler Derryberry born 18 Nov 1909, died 29 Dec 1989, WWII Army vet, buried in Vernon or Old Toone Cem., Hardeman Co., TN

Virgie Derryberry born 13 Aug 1924, died 18 Sep 1989, buried in Bethel Cem., Colfax, LA.

Do you recognize any on this list? Many came from RootsWeb, others from Derryberry Genforum.


I am conducting a poll. PLEASE give me your opinions.

What would you like to see in this family newsletter? Information about living descendants such as births, deaths, marriages, etc. Information about ancestors not previously published. Family jokes. Family short stories. Whatever.

If I do not get responses, then the family newsletter will probably die of hunger.


Enough for now. Send me some news.

Bob Derryberry