Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 20, July 10, 2000


Well, here goes again. I had this 7 page newsletter all ready to go and tried to send it. It kept timing out. I got frustrated and started trimming it, thinking I’d made it too long. To make a long story short, I hit the wrong combination of keys and overwrote it with a short file. Zip. There it went. For good. No recovery.

I hope I can recall all that was in it and where it came from. I have Half-timers, rather than All-timers, so maybe the half will work. But I doubt it. I may miss some things that different ones have asked me to put into the newsletter. If so, please let me know.


Ima Sue Robertson Duncan, grand daughter of Eunice Iona Derryberry and Miller Robertson, is gravely ill, into kemo. She might appreciate your remembrance. Her address is Sue Duncan, Box 62, Frisco, TX 75034.


The National Reunion of the family is Saturday at the Union Hall in Spring Hill, TN. Go to the family website for details.

The reunion is slated for eastern OK next year. Barring something drastic happening in the interim, I’ll be there. Will you?


Emily Summer Walden and James Gregory Swisakn have announced their engagement to be married July 29, 2000. Emily is a grand daughter of Thurman Buell Derryberry, Sr and Dorothy Caolyn Clay.


I’m going to try something new by posting some pictures on for viewing. They will remain posted there until Sept. 1, 2000. If you want a copy, download it before that time. You should be able to view them while online by copying the http... and pasting it on your screen where http addresses go and clicking GO. It works that way for me, using Windows 98. Might not work on an Apple.

The first one is Henry Walter Derryberry family sent by Rick Derryberry. This not the Henry Walter Derryberry that was son of Henry Alexander Derryberry and Sarah Chenoweth, although they were contemporary. This one was son of John Wesley Derryberry and Clemmie Simpkins. Those in the picture are, front row, left to right, Nellie June Chance with Frances America on her lap, Don, Henry Walter, Fred and Garrison. Back row is, left to right, Mary Jo, Jack Walter, Charles Piner, Virginia, Carl and Gladys Derryberry

Next is John Wesley Derryberry sent by Rick Derryberry, made at Garrison Derryberry’s photo studio in Siloam Springs, AR about 1906.

Next is a picture sent to me by Louise Rogers. It is the Walter Scott Harvill and Mollie Derryberry familys taken in 1915. Those pictured are, front row, left to right, Mary Eudora ‘Mollie’ Derryberry, Newland Bryant and Walter Scott Harvill. Back row, left to right, Emmitt Morris, Stella Eunice, Bertha Clarice, Jessie Claude and Callie Beatrice Harvill.

Next is a picture that Dale H. Derryberry of Livonia, MI sent, hopeing that someone could identify the people in the picture. It just had written on the back "Mr. & Mrs. Derryberry". Do you know who they might be?

Next is Charles Henry Derryberry family sent by Sheila Stephens. Those pictured, front row, left to right, Charles Henry, Julien Robert ‘Bob’and Alice Elizabeth Thatcher. Back row, left to right, Max Aubrey, Ruth Wilimenia, Charles Wayne ‘Jim’, Alice Elizabeth ‘Beth’, Ward and Carolyn Ima.


Still looking for ancestors of Drucella Derryberry b. 10 May 1932 at Emory, TX who married James S. Hogue .


Just found close cousins that I did not know existed. George Young contacted me. He is son of Genavieve Derryberry (she spelled it with an a, he says) and Lester Young. He told me of Inez Derryberry and Lawrence Wood’s daughters. They were in El Paso, TX. Inez’s daughters are Sally and Sue. Sally married Dick de Bruyn. Sue married Sgt. Kieth Ernest.

Inez and Genavieve were daughters of Henry Milton Derryberry and Willie McGee. Genavieve died 4 Dec 1983. Lester died 26 Mar 1985. Inez last known of in 1991 living in a retirement center.

Lester Young was with the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, USDA for many years at College Station, TX. Lawrence was with the Texas Highway Department (now the Texas Department of Transportation) for many years.


Guy Fay Derryberry sent me an obituary for Hubert Curry Derryberry, age 94, listed 28 Nov 1999 in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Hubert was a retired farmer and licensed practical nurse, died of heart failure 27 Nov 1999. He was buried in the Toone Cemetery. His wife, Eva Chapman, preceded him in death. They have a daughter Ann Ervin of Bolivar, a son Roy Derryberry of Memphis and three grand children.

We do not know ho he was, how he was related. Anyone know?

Guy also asked that I inquire if anyone knows anything about Felix Teague and Loella F. Teague, orphans ofv Abraham Teague and Susan Derryberry. Susan aparently died in childbirth in 1849. Guy guesses that Abraham moved to Izard Co., AR about 1855. Anyone got a clue?


Received a query about an Andrew Derryberry who was an attorney in Madison Co., TN about 1850. Do you know who he was?


Dan Derreberry has posted some obituaries on the Derryberry Genforum.


The following improved by Peggy Webb in May 2000,

1. Andrew Jackson Derryberry b. about 1795, (son of Michael Derryberry) m. (1) name not


d. before 1835?, m. (2) 31 Aug 1845, in Alcorn Co., MS, Melica/Melissa Glasszo/Glassgo, , b.

about 1820.

Children by name not discovered:

2. i. Andrew Jesse Derryberry m. 9 Jun 1857, in Hot Springs Co., AR, Susan Glassgo 9 Jun 1857 in Hot Springs Co., AR.

3. ii Selitha Derryberry.

4. iii Nancy Derryberry.

+ 5. iv Martha Jane/Ann "Mat" Derryberry b. about 1828.

6. v Matilda Derryberry

Children by Melica/Melissa Glasszo/Glassgo:

+ 7. vi Isaac Leroy Derryberry, Isaac Leroy b. 1853.

8. vii William Derryberry b. 1854, MS.

+ 9. viii Andrew "Buck" Derryberry b. 1859.

Second Generation

5. Martha Jane/Ann "Mat" Derryberry b. about 1828, probably Henderson Co., TN, m. 12 Jun

1856, in Alcorn Co., MS, William P. Maricle/Myracle, b. 1829, TN, (son of Peter Maricle/

Myracle and Susan Derryberry). Initial on marriage license looks like an A. Guy Fay Derryberry

has researched this family extensivly and believes this Martha is the one shown married to her

first cousin, William Myracle. It appears that her mother died when she was young and William's

father died, leaving Martha's aunt Susan a widow. Martha went to live with the widow, Susan

Derryberry Myracle, and eventually married her son, William. This is yet to be proven beyond a

doubt, but evidence is stong in its favor. William: Kate Maricle, an aunt, aged 60, living with this

family when 1870 census was taken in 1870, as was Perry Maricle, age 16, son of Michael



10. i Catherine Maricle b. about 1856. Shows as Tabitha on 1870 census of Tippah Co., MS.

11. ii Syntha Tabitha Maricle b. 1856.

12. iii Mary Jane Maricle b. 1858, m. _____ Barnes?.

13. iv Nancy E. Maricle. b. about 1864, MS, m. Martin Barnes?.

+ 14. v William Henderson Maricle b. 1865.

+ 15. vi Emily P. Maricle. b. about 1868.

7. Isaac Leroy Derryberry b. 1853, Marshal Co., MS, m. in Marshal Co., MS, Rebecca Morris,

b. 1851, d. 12 Mar 1883. Isaac died 28 Mar 1883. Rebecca: She was sister to Elisa Morris,

who married her husband's brother.


16. i Emily Parilee Derryberry

17. ii Lydia A. Derryberry m. 9 Dec 1892, in Cleveland Co., AR, J. W.Sharlotte..

18. iii John Henderson Derryberry b. 1879, d. about 1893, drowned in the Saline River in

AR. The family was having a get-together down on the river. John was sent to get water,

slipped into the river and drowned.

19. iv William Leroy Derryberry b. 1882.

9. Andrew "Buck" Derryberry b. 1859, AR, m. in Marshal Co., MS, Elisa Morris, b. not given.

Great granddaughter, Peggy Webb, gave nickname Buck.


+ 20. i Evelyn Derryberry b. 1894.

+ 21. ii Charlie Derryberry

+ 22. iii Bud Derryberry b. unknown.

+ 23. iv Elizabeth "Pet" Derryberry b. 12 Apr 1884.

Third Generation

14. William Henderson Maricle b. 1865, m. Victoria Byrd, d. 2 Jun 1943, buried: Union Baptist

Cem. William died Oct 1950. On 1870 census of Tippah Co., MS. Victoria: Died at age 78

years, 4 mos, and 8 days of age.


24. i Leroy Maricle

25. ii Mittie Maricle m. _____ Gurley

26. iii Ethel Maricle m. _____ Lancaster

27. iv Moddy Maricle

28. v Jackson Alexander Maricle b. 1890, m. 14 Jan 1914, Alice Barnee. Jackson died 4

Jan 1957, buried: Union Baptist Cem.

29. vi Lettie Maricle

15. Emily P. Maricle. b. about 1868, MS, m. H. Washington Rencher.


30. i Sidney Rencher

31. ii Martha Rencher

32. iii Milton Rencher

33. iv Orlander Rencher

20. Evelyn Derryberry b. 1894, Grapevine, AR, m. John Holland b. unknown, possibly Monroe

Co., AR, d. about 1933. Evelyn died 23 Jun 1964, Pine Bluff, AR. John: He had an uncle

George Smith in Stuttgart, AR.


+ 34. i Henderson Holland b. 11 Jan 1911.

+ 35. ii Charlie Holland b. 26 Mar 1914.

+ 36. iii Essie Bee Holland b. 25 Dec 1919.

+ 37. iv Hays Holland b. 25 Sep 1921.

+ 38. v Garland Carl Holland b. 24 Aug 1926.

+ 39. vi Ralph Holland b. 1929.

21. Charlie Derryberry m. Mamie __________. Charlie died Arkansas Co., AR.


+ 40. i Robert Derryberry b. 26 Sep 1915.

41. ii Benjamin Franklin Derryberry b. 29 Sep 1919, Humphrey, AR, d. 2 Oct 1996,

Orango, MO.

42. iii Virgil "Dink" Derryberry.

43. iv Ruthie Derryberry

22. Bud Derryberry, m. Anne __________,, b. 12 May 1880, d. Dec 1978, Arkansas Co., AR. Bud died Arkansas Co., AR.


44. i Ruby Derryberry

23. Elizabeth "Pet" Derryberry b. 12 Apr 1884, m. Charlie Howard Huggs, b. 12 Oct 1865, Germany, d. 1947, Pine Bluff, AR. Elizabeth died 9 Aug 1955, Pine Bluff, AR.


+ 45. i Marie Huggs

46. ii Stella Mae Huggs, m. Harold Lay. Lives in OK in 2000.

+ 47. iii Rosetta Huggs b. 30 Mar 1911.

48. iv Ferguson Huggs, buried: Tomberlin, AR. Died as a small child.

Fourth Generation

34. Henderson Holland b. 11 Jan 1911, m. Maude Curbow. Henderson died Mar 1973, buried: Pine Bluff, AR.


49. i Buddy Holland, b. Jefferson Co., AR.

50. ii Clara Mae Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR.

51. iii Virgil Lee Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR, buried: Pine Bluff, AR. Died of heart

attact at about age 20.

52. iv Hayes Holland, Jr..

53. v Chester Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR.

54. vi Roger Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR.

55. vii Judy Holland

56. viii Wanda Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR.

57. ix Mary Holland b. Jefferson Co., AR.

58. x Herbert Holland

59. xi Gail Holland

60. xii Elton Gene Holland

61. xiii William Holland

35. Charlie Holland b. 26 Mar 1914, m. Eulean Patterson. Charlie died Nov 1969, Pine Bluff,

AR. After her husband's death, she may have moved to AZ with the children.


62. i Jimmy Charles Holland.

63. ii Nancy Holland

64. iii Debbie Holland

36. Essie Bee Hollandb. 25 Dec 1919, m. (1) Doyle Coker, m. (2) Harold Rainey, b. 28 Feb

1925, d. 15 Jul 1968. Essie died 29 May 1973.

Children by Doyle Coker:

65. i Doyle Dee Coker

66. ii Margaret Ann Coker

Children by Harold Rainey:

67. iii Carolyn Sue Rainey, m. James Evan Everett

68. iv Gene Ernest Rainey b. 7 Apr 1951, m. Debbie __________,.

69. v Donna Kay Rainey, m. Gary Weeks.

37. Hays Holland b. 25 Sep 1921, m. 16 Apr 1949, Earline Watson, b. 19 Feb 1927, d. 22 Jun

1996, Pine Bluff, AR.


70. i Bonnie Lou Holland b. 5 Oct 1959, d. about 1967. Died of leukemia at about age 8.

71. ii Hazel Rene Holland.

72. iii Thomas Lee Holland

73. iv William Hays Holland

38. Garland Carl Holland, m. Lena Evans. Garland died 20 Nov 1986.


+ 74. i Garland Carl Holland, Jr.

+ 75. ii Don Holland

+ 76. iii Peggy Holland

77. iv Carrie Evelyn Holland

78. v John Thomas Holland.

79. vi William Lee Holland b. 23 Jun 1955, d. 8 Jan 1989. Killed in Go-Cart accident, hit from side by a pickup truck.

+ 80. vii Ricky Richard Holland.

39. Ralph Holland, m. Wilma Faye Holland


81. i Ralph Holland, Jr.

82. ii Linda Holland

83. iii Virginia Sue Holland

84. iv Bonnie Jean Holland b. 13 Dec 1959, d. 1999. Died of aneurysm.

85. v Lorie Ann Holland.

40. Robert Derryberry b. 26 Sep 1915, m. Evelyn Hatfield, b. 27 Mar 1920, d. Dec 1986, Pine

Bluff, AR. Robert died 27 May 1993, Pine Bluff, AR.


86. i Lynn Derryberry

87. ii Patsy Derryberry

88. iii Robert Derryberry, Jr. Living in Pine Bluff, AR in 2000, re: Peggy Webb.

45. Marie Huggs, m. Wesley Leath, b. 21 May 1919, d. Sep 1979, Azle, TX. She was married

several times, Wesley Leath was her last husband, re: Peggy Webb. Living in Azle, TX in 2000.


89. i Sandra Leath.

47. Rosetta Huggs b. 30 Mar 1911, m. Major Nutt, b. 10 Dec 1909, d. Jul 1964, Pine Bluff, AR.

Rosetta died 1 Jun 1996, Ft. Worth, TX.


90. i Havis Major Nutt

91. ii Sandra Ann Nutt Lives in Ft. Worth in 2000.

92. iii Steve Nutt. Has a battery shop in Ft. Worth in 2000.

Fifth Generation

74. Garland Carl Holland, Jr., m. Susan Gorman.


93. i Sherry Ann Holland.

75. Don Holland, m. Lena Faye Sayger


94. i Donald Holland

95. ii Marsha Holland, m. Boe Beaver. Boe died in a one car accident in which her

husband and other passengers were not injured.

96. iii Joel David "Luke" Holland.

76. Peggy Holland, m. T. J. Webb.


97. i Thomas James Webb.

98. ii Christie Michele Webb

99. iii Timothy Jay Webb

100. iv Christopher Steven "Jack" Webb

101. v Caitlin Jai Webb

80. Ricky Richard Holland, m. Paula Gail Robert


102. i Richard Steven Holland.


I got this from our GA branch of the family:

John Wiley Derryberry Derryberry, John Wiley Derryberry, John Wiley born 20 Jan 1895, married Bessie Irene Daniel Daniel, Bessie Irene Daniel, Bessie Irene, born 13 Jul 1896, died 21 Jul 1987. John died 18 Jul 1963.

I. Jack Sharkey Derryberry Derryberry, Jack Sharkey Derryberry, Jack Sharkey born 11 Mar 1928, GA, married Barbara Jean Thompson Thompson, Barbara Jean Thompson, Barbara Jean, born not given. Jack died 8 Jan 1985, GA. Death from leukemia.

A. Debbie Derryberry Derryberry, Debbie Derryberry, Debbie born not given, married _____ Johnson Johnson, _____ Johnson, _____, born not given.

B. John Wiley Derryberry Derryberry, John Wiley Derryberry, John Wiley born not given.

C. Jack Sharkey Derryberry, Jr. Derryberry, Jack Sharkey, Jr. Derryberry, Jack Sharkey, Jr. born not given.

D. Jonathan David Derryberry Derryberry, Jonathan David Derryberry, Jonathan David born not given, married Mitzi _____ _____, Mitzi _____, Mitzi, born not given. Mitzi: She says that the Derryberrys on Lookout Mountain in GA are very musically inclined and often get together to play their music.

E. Becky Derryberry Derryberry, Becky Derryberry, Becky born not given, married _____ Dewitt Dewitt, _____ Dewitt, _____, born not given.

F. Mary Beth Derryberry Derryberry, Mary Beth Derryberry, Mary Beth born not given,1 married _____ Hixson Hixson, _____ Hixson, _____, born not given.1

II. Gordon Derryberry Derryberry, Gordon Derryberry, Gordon born 11 Nov 1913,1 married 28 Apr 1934,1 Bertha M._____ M._____, Bertha M._____, Bertha, born 28 Sep 1914,1 died 24 Sep 1994.1 Gordon died 23 Jun 1987.1

A. Shirley D. Derryberry Derryberry, Shirley D. Derryberry, Shirley D. born not given,1 married _____ Price Price, _____ Price, _____, born not given.1 As of 2000, recent stroke and in nursing facility.

B. J. R. Derryberry Derryberry, J. R. Derryberry, J. R. born not given.1

C. Thelma Derryberry Derryberry, Thelma Derryberry, Thelma born not given,1 married _____ McDaniel McDaniel, _____ McDaniel, _____, born not given.1

D. Edna Derryberry Derryberry, Edna Derryberry, Edna born not given,1 married _____ Howard Howard, _____ Howard, _____, born not given.1 As of 2000, recent stroke and in nursing facility.

III. Farris E. Derryberry Derryberry, Farris E. Derryberry, Farris E. born 2 May 1912,1 married 1 Dec 1930,1 Gladys A. _____ _____, Gladys A. _____, Gladys A., born 26 Jun 1913,1 died 9 Oct 1998.1 Farris died 3 Oct 1987.1

IV. John Henry Derryberry Derryberry, John Henry Derryberry, John Henry born 25 Sep 1915,1 married Bertha Kilgore Kilgore, Bertha Kilgore, Bertha, born 29 Apr 1919.1 John died 30 Nov 1961.1 Bertha: Still living in 2000.

A. Wanda Derryberry Derryberry, Wanda Derryberry, Wanda born 5 Aug 1941,1 died 17 Dec 1999.1 Died of melenoma.

B. Harry W. Derryberry Derryberry, Harry W. Derryberry, Harry W. born 26 Mar 1940,1 died 8 Mar 1987.1

1. Chuck Derryberry Derryberry, Chuck Derryberry, Chuck born not given.1 Living on Lookout Mountain, 2000.

2. Mark Derryberry Derryberry, Mark Derryberry, Mark born not given.1 Living on Lookout Mountain in 2000.

C. Donnie Derryberry Derryberry, Donnie Derryberry, Donnie born not given,1 married Winkie _____ _____, Winkie _____, Winkie, born not given.1 Living on Lookout Mountain in 2000.

D. Ronnie Derryberry Derryberry, Ronnie Derryberry, Ronnie born not given,1 married Jodie _____ _____, Jodie _____, Jodie, born not given.1 Living on Lookout Mountain in 2000.

V. Frank D. Derryberry Derryberry, Frank D. Derryberry, Frank D. born 3 May 1921,1 died 6 Mar 1986.1

A. Bobby D. Derryberry Derryberry, Bobby D. Derryberry, Bobby D. born 8 Oct 1945,1 died 30 Jul 1977.1

B. Jerry L. Derryberry, Sr. Derryberry, Jerry L., Sr. Derryberry, Jerry L., Sr. born 8 Dec 1943,1 married Patsy _____ _____, Patsy _____, Patsy, born not given.1 Jerry died 2 Mar 2000.1 Made famous by Paul Harvey radio show. Cited for driving (a horse) while intoxicated.

C. Billy Derryberry Derryberry, Billy Derryberry, Billy born not given.1 Still living in 2000.

VI. Pauline Derryberry Derryberry, Pauline Derryberry, Pauline born 7 Mar 1918,1 married 8 May 1935,1 John W. Chambers Chambers, John W. Chambers, John W., born 23 Mar 1905.1 Pauline died 8 Mar 1989.1

VII. Ruby Lee Derryberry Derryberry, Ruby Lee Derryberry, Ruby Lee born 13 Sep 1924,1 married _____ Hodnett Hodnett, _____ Hodnett, _____, born not given.1 Ruby died 15 Apr 1966.1

A. John "Sonny" Hodnett Hodnett, John "Sonny" Hodnett, John "Sonny" born not given.1 Talented musician.

B. James "Jimbo" Hodnett Hodnett, James "Jimbo" Hodnett, James "Jimbo" born not given.1 Talented musician.

C. Drenda Hodnett Hodnett, Drenda Hodnett, Drenda born not given.1


I do not know what the problem is. AOL kept timing out in trying to send this newsletter. So, instead, I’m sending it as an attachment in Rich Text. Hope you can read it.

Bob Derryberry