Newsletter #2

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
August 8, 1998 This is the second Darryberry Family Newsletter by e-mail. Since I am currently sending out copies of Supplement #4 of The Derryberry Families in America book, I'm including a copy of this newsletter to them also. The postage will be the same, so I'll take advantage of it. Some of them might want to join the group if they have Internet connection or find a way if they have a friend who has Internet connection. This newsletter cannot survive without news to report. If you like the idea, then help me to fill the pages. If you do not like the idea, let me know so I can take you off the list. If anyone not on the list expresses interest in getting on the list, have them let me know. It does'nt cost me any money to send these out. They are free to you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We owe a great big round of applause, thanks and gratitude to Kaye Cross. She presided over the Derryberry Family Association for three years. Kaye gave a lot of time to keeping the momentum up. So, let's all show Kaye our appreciation. Thanks, Kaye, and Don too for his support. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Does anyone know how to contact Beverly Derryberry who was born in Torrence,CA in 1951? A person, Clay Johnson, posted a message on the Derryberry GenForum looking for her. He says that he is a friend from days gone by'. Not knowing what the actual relationship was, I did not give him information, but told him I'd try to get the message to her. Can you help? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Derryberry Family Genforum is at Come join us there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Melvin Kenneth Moelling, # 4657 on page 348 in The Derryberry Families in America (TDFA), died 30 Oct 1994 in Dallas, TX. He was great grandson of Sarah Louisa Derreberry, great great grandson of Samuel B. Derreberry, father of Barbara McClanahan. Barbara furnished much of the information on Samuel's branch of the family that was used in the book. Barbara is a proud grandmother as of 8 March 1996, upon the birth of Emily Ann McClanahan, daughter of Tim and Serena McClanahan. Dana McClanahan graduated from high school recently. She is the recipient of a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship to UT-Austin. Cindy McClanahan graduated in 1997 and received the Aspasians Club of Rockwall scholarship and is attending University of North Texas at Denton. Barbara received her initial teaching certificate in secondary history in 19 96 and will receive her special education certificate this summer. She will be teaching English and Reading in the Forney Middle school. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Griffin Derryberry (#6498, page 383, TDFA) is engaged to marry Katherine Jane Stiles 6 Sep 1998 in East Lansing, MI. They will reside in Palo Alto, CA. Griff is EDA Tools and Process Instructor at Mentor Graphics Corp. He is son of Robert Wallace Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kathleen Kathy' McDonald Barnett (# 3983, page 222, TDFA) writes: I am happy to add my name to the Derryberry newsletter list. My name is Kathleen (Kathy)McDonald Barnett. I am the daughter of Charles E. McDonald who died in 1990. He and I started working on our family history in 1980. Before then we knew nothing before his grandfather Joseph Andrew McDonald. Dad traveled the country and learned a lot in those 10 years. We are descendants of Andrew J. Derryberry. His daughter Elizabeth Adaline married Pinkney McDonald in MO, 1847. She was last on the Denton Co.,TX 1860 census with her children Joseph Andrew and Talitha living next to her father. We never found what became of Pinkney or Elizabeth. The children married fairly young in the 1860's and I suspect she had died and must be buried under what is now Lake Lewisville somewhere. Anyone who might have knowledge of her, a family bible or betteryet, pictures would make me very happy. We don't know what became of Pinkney after 1855 either. Some of his brothers came to Texas on a wagon train in 1857. My dad restored old Andrew Derryberry's original tombstone at Rosston, TX and placed a new marker on his grave. My first job out of college in 1974 was at Collin Memorial Hospital in McKinney as a dietitian. I lived in an apartment in Plano. Many years later I learned that I had lived just around the corner from my gr gr gr grandmother Mary Derryberry's grave in the Old Plano Cemetery. Genealogy is my favorite pastime . My degree is in home economics and am a high school teacher. I also have a master's degree from Texas A&M so that makes me an Aggie (Gig em) and was a County Extension Agent for a number of years. I have one son, Clay, ten years old and he just loves it when I take him to old cemeteries. He calls it "chasing dead people again ". He'll catch on someday. I only wish my dad had lived to see how much information we can get off the Internet and to be able to correspond so easily. He would have been so enthusiastic about it all. My brother and sister and I miss both our parents terribly. They were a lot of fun and wewere lucky to have them. I'm trying to continue my dad's work. It kept him going for a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evie Katherine Thompson Gabell, grand mother of Audrey Jean Derryberry Massey (# 3508, page 68, TDFA), passed away 24 May 1998 at Columbia, TN. Although she was not aDerryberry, per se, her daughter married a Derryberry. Evie was 101 years and 9 monthsof age. Her husband was a car mechanic and race car driver. Evie has one living child, Katherine Gabell Derryberry and one living grand child, Audrey. Among Evie's things, Audrey found some quilt tops made by her paternal grandmother, Daisy Lou Amick Derryberry and by her paternal great aunt, Mary Sue Derryberry Shires and many old pictures she had never seen before. Audrey says that in the process of clea ring out her grandmother's possessions she found several beautiful old dishes, pieces of crystal, her spectacles and the dinner bell she rang on the square in Centerville to call her boarders home for lunch. Audrey cautions that when it comes time for anyone to clear out their ancestor's possessions to go slow because by rushing they will destroy some very valuable things, especially those things valuable to the family, such as old letters, documents, pictures, etc. I, having been there can thoroughly agree with Audrey. We think back occasionally about the things we let get away in settling both our parents estates and wish we had kept some of those things.But then we consider the things we did keep that do not now mean as much to us. But youcannot keep everything. I'm sure Audrey will agree. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eleanor (Mrs. Ralph Kahn) Derryberry wrote : Two years ago, Kevin surrendered to full time Christian Ministry. (I add: It is The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, a non-denominational church closely related to the Southern Baptist: re; his mother.) He now travels to various Churches , Christian Camps, and Youth Rallies to give his testimony and puts on a concert doing Christian music that he has written. He has been well received and the Lord has really blesses him in opening up places for him to serve. He was originally with a soft rockband and he was one of the performers at our first Derryberry Family Reunion. Maybe you remember him. He has made a CD of his Christian music which has been well received and has plans to make another. We are thanking God for His promise that "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 We prayed for Kevin to be delivered from playing in bars with the softrock band and though it took 20 years for Kevin to become responsive to God's leadership, God was faithful to hear and answer our prayers. That's all the information I have at the present and don't know if you can use it. But wanted you to know that we can now be in touch by e-mail. We will not be able to attend the reunion this year due to previous engagement but hope to see you again someday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Got e-mail from Heather M. Derreberry, daughter of Richard (#6054. Page 298,TDFA). She has two sisters, Melissa and Sarah. She also told me about an aunt I didn't have, Patty Derreberry, who married Jerry Schuman. They have two boys, Mike and Scott. Heather was enrolled in Western Illinois U., majoring in biology, but considering moving to U. of Wisconsin at Parkdale to be closer to home, Winthrop Harbor, IL. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From David Carroll (grandson of Olga "Ollie" Derry berry, # 418, Page 248 inTDFA): I am 49 this June. My wife and I haven been married 22 years. We have no children,except for our K-9 G. Shep. Brady. We are Christians and attend Wylie Baptist Church here in Abilene. I had Colon cancer surgery in 1995 + Chemo + Radiation. The Docs thought the situation was under control and that I was cancer free. Three weeks ago I had an upset stomach. I went to the doc as I had vomited twice. I Feb. of this year I was hit by a car when walking in Austin. My right leg was broken in the accident. I landed on head too, but that looked ok (as my wife said there was nothing up there to injure anyway). Anyway the Doc ordered a CT scan after the vomiting, and a brain tumor was discovered. I had that removed at SWest Med. Ctr. in Dallas last week (June 20, 1998). They were able to get it. Other tests show cancer in both lungs. I start next week on Chemo. and later on the whole brain will have to have radiation. I hope I am able to work on genealogy and other things. The Lord willing I will. As a Derryberry too, I sure could use all of prayers the family, and otherscan muster. I believe in the power of it. Did I tell you my grandmother was Ollie Derryberry. She died in 1918 and isburied in the Dresden Cem. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Gregg Graham: "I discovered a Duxbery or Duxbary family in Essex County, VA today. Essex County, VA public records show a marriage of Henry Duxbery to Elizabeth Mary Coghill in 1687, widow of James Coghill. Her and her son's name often had various spellings, even in the legal documents I uncovered. Her son's name was George Duebary, he married Mary Smith in EssexCounty, VA. His will is dated 11/5/1715 and was probated in Dec. 1715. They resided in St. Anne's Parish, Essex County, VA. Their son's name was Henry Lea Duebary, b. abt. 1700 in Essex County. It's possible it was changed some more to Derryberry or Derreberre. "I don't know if this helps or just adds to the confusion." (My note: This one has been researched by many, including Peggy Sue Derryberry Gould, Dee Ann Buck, Audrey Massey, Kaye and Don Cross, myself and probably others. I found no clue in the Virginia State Library genealogy section, and they have a good one, thatwould indicate any connection to our Burke Co., NC family. E-mail from Peggy on July 7 verified her continued dis-belief of a connection.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carolyn Wilkerson, wife of grandson of Velma O. Derry berry, #1023, page 123in TDFA, and son of Lenora "Sue" Bowen, #2301, page 125 in TDFA) has web pages at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ralphine Derryberry says "Mama is having horrible arthritis pains but is holding her own, otherwise. She has great difficulty getting from one place to another." Her Mama is Eugenia Porter Yarborough Derryberry, widow of James Ralph Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The reunion in Murphy, NC was a big success. The Derreberry branch of the family hosted the reunion, with Steen Brown ramroding it. The meeting was attended by Derreberrys, Derryberrys and descendants. Those attending were: (some may be spelled wrong because Icould not read the writing) Steen Derryberry and Weaver F, Brown, Marble, N. C. Gerald Ledbetter, Robinsville, N. C. Newell Ledbetter, Robinsville, N. C. Mary Ann & David Walker, Lexington, TN Guy F. Derryberry, Lexington, TN Michael Joseph Derryberry, Thomasville, AL Marcus Derreberry, Gastonia, N. C. Paul, Bonnie, Austin, Adam & Alex Derryberry, Columbia, TN Charles & Pat Puckett, New Florence, N. C. Don & Kaye Cross, Nixa, MO Edwin F. Brooks, Yatesville, GA James & Lucy Derryberry, Kinta, OK Doria & Giall Raper, Etowia, TN Marian, Harold & Bill Derryberry, Chattanooga, TN Melvin E. Derryberry, Ringgold, GA Ralph & Mary Phillips, Andrews, N. C. Hope Derreberry & Larry King Albert Derreberry Faye King Rowlett, Dunwoody, GA Sue King Rogers, Ashville, N. C. Shirley Guffey Stalcup, Murphy, N. C. Susan Guffey Maxey, Ewa Beach, HI John Pendergrss, Marble, N. C. Jim Webb, Speedwell, TN Linda Derreberry Welch, Speedwell, TN David Derreberry, New Tazwell, TN McKamy Derreberry Eunice Derreberry, New Tazwell, TN Dennis Pendergass, Marble, N. C. Pauline Pendergass, Marble, N. C. Dale & Bertha Kilpatrick, Marble, N. C. Roy & Peggy Brooks, The Rock, GA Caleb Harrington Cindy, Faye & Trey Derryberry, Nashville, TN Nancy King, Murphy, TN Mike Worley, Murphy, TN Penny & Megan Pendergass John Pendergass Ray K. Brooks, Atlanta, GA Alma Raxter, Marble, N. C. Mann Guffey, Andrews, N. C. Mickey & Lorena Maennle, Andrews, N. C. Guy Z. & Lorie Derryberry, Columbia, TN Gene, April and Matthew Pendergass, Zachary & Millicent Derryberry, Nashville, TN Martha Van Buskirk, Marble, N. C. Steve & Ken Graves, Marble, N. C. Bruce Rose Derreberry, Andrews, N. C. Vickie Hicks, Andrews, N. C. Linda Hedrick Derreberry, Rutherford College, N. C. Juanita Derreberry, Andrews, N. C. Bill Cresmen, Marble, N. C. Edna Faye Brown McCoy, Marble, N. C. Bob & Alta Derryberry, Garland, TX and some who did not sign the register, such as Mr. Owens from from Trenton, GA. If you were there and I spelled your name wrong or I failed to list you, I apologize. The 1999 reunion will be at Spring Hill, TN, probably in the union hall at Saturn plant, on Saturday July 10th, unless changes are made. The reunion in 2000 will be atStigler, OK, if all goes according to plan. Clayton Derryberry was elected President. Andy Derryberry was elected Secretary. Paul Derryberry was elected Treasurer. Kaye Cross can now take a rest. I heard lots of stories there. I wish I had taken time to document all of them, but in the short time we were there, and with them coming so fast I didn't get all the details or the names of who told me. Perhaps someone will recognize the stories and fill us all in with details and information sources. Here are the ones I remember. I was told who was the Derryberry who was arrested for driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence of alcohol while riding a horse, but was sworn to secriety on the name. I guess it is just as well this way, but it is one to make one chuckle. On another level, there is the incidence of one Derryberry descendant who isa lawman, who was out driving with his family and a motorist in a Mercedes drove along side and waved a gun at them. He told his wife to get the kids down. Then he proceeded to run thegun waver off onto the median where he captured the guy, arrested him and took him to jail without passing go. I'll bet that guy is more careful next time he threatens someone with a gun. A story was about the Civil War times when over on Duck River in TN the Union Army arrived, probably in connection with the siege of Nashville, the Derryberrys took their horses down below a cliff on the river to hide them from the Union Army. Then there was the one about a Derryberry Confederate soldier home on leave at that time. Had he been caught he would have surely been killed, or at least put into POW prison. To protect him, one sister, with her long dress, hid him under her dress and then walked slowly to the river, where he slopped out and quietly swam away. I was told that there is a Col. Derryberry listed on a plaque somewhere up northeast that was with Gen. George Washington. The teller did not remember just where the plaque is, but perhaps some of you have seen it and will share the information with us. Another person told me very adamantly that the John Derryberry that heads upChapter 22 was from Ireland and that he was the first Derryberry in America. I'd like to see proof of that one. If you have it, please let me know. Another person told me that several years ago he found in the National Archives in Washington a Direberry from Germany in the 1600s arriving at New Amsterdam. I have not seen that one either. Have any of you seen it. The Terryberry branch is reported to have a website. I'm in contact with a Mrs. Johnson of St. Catherines, Ontario that is working on the Terryberry line, one I'm near positive is another branch of the family. If anyone has found that webpage, would you send me the address? The LAST book, The Derryberry Families in America, was sold at auction at this meeting, with proceeds going to the Derryberry Family Association. It brought $101. Thathelped the treasury. Anyone who failed to get a copy will have to depend on those who did, or goto a library that has a copy. Copies can be found in The Library of Congress and libraries at: National Genealogical Society, Arlington, MD; North Carolina Archives, Raleigh; Tennessee Archives, Nashville; Texas Archives, Austin; Morganton, NC; Morristown, NJ; Spring Hill, TN; Columbia, TN; Shreveport, LA; Denton, TX; Dallas, TX; McKinney, TX; Plano, TX; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL and possibly others that I do not know about. As far as I know,there will not be a second printing, unless some other person takes on the job. In which case, they are welcome to my files. I will help them any way I can, except to do it myself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So much for now. Bob Derryberry