Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #19, May 16, 2000


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I'm following DFNO #18 quickly in order to get it out before the news gets
too old. I'm going to be unable to get this out for a while if I do not do
it now. So, here goes.


I'd like to thank all those who have given time to making the National
Derryberry Family Reunion a success. Credit goes to the Maury - Davidson
Co., TN Derryberry descendants who have hosted the reunion several times.
And especially Andy Lynn Derryberry who has been involved in just about every
national reunion to date. To all that have helped, Thank You.
Thank goodness there was one regularly reunioning family group that would
take on the challenge. If any others are willing and able to host a
national, please let us know.
It would be helpful if we could publish here a list of when and where on
family reunions. Others might like to attend. The more the merrier.


From: Fonda on the Derryberry Genforum (
"Here is some more information:
"1850 census for VA Russell County - 54th District Page 339 Wilson
McKinney -- 20 yo b. Russell Co., VA -- laborer, Rebecca Derryberry -- 45
yo b. NC, Polly Derryberry -- 12 yo b. NC"
Now, who was Rebecca and Polly Derryberry? Fonda tends to believe that
Rebecca first married Wilson McKinney's father, he died and then she married
a Derryberry, the Derryberry died and she went to live with her son, taking
her Derryberry daughter with her. Can anyone add anything? Lucy Church did
and it follows.

Posted by: Lucy Church on the Derryberry Genforum
"Maybe I can clear up the part about George Church and Elizabeth
Derryberry. George Church was my husbands great grandfather. He married
Elizabeth Derryberry. I know this because their son Wilson Church was my
husbands grandfather. I have found Wilson Churchs death record in The
McDowell County Court house and it states this. There is a book in the
Buchanan County Genealogy section that was written by Hannibal Compton in the
1950s. It is Called "Looking Back One Hundred Years" In the book he talks
of several families that lived in the area when he was a child. One was my
husbands great grandfather, George Church, and his wife whose maiden name was
Derryberry. "So for those two reasons I believe that Elizabeth was a
Derryberry. According to the inscribtion on Elizabeth Churchs tombstone,
(which I have seen myself) Elizabeth was born in 1848 and died in 1913. The
Elizabeth Derryberry in Wyoming County WV, in the 1870 census record was 22
years old. This leads me to believe that it is the same Elizabeth. And
since the district of Wyoming County that Rebecca Derryberry is listed in is
the same district that some of George Churchs relatives were living at in
1870. It seems possible that Elizabeth and George may have met through
them. "Some postings and other researher have stated that Elizabeth was a
McKinney or went by that name. I dont know if her mother was a McKinney or
Derryberry. But since Court death records for her son Wilson Church state
Derryberry, I guess I will go by that.. Lucy
Then Fonda added:
"Here are a few answers that I can find quick. You must also note that
just because they were found in different counties did not mean they moved.
The county line moved many times. "I believe that Wilson Greenberry
McKinney's wife died in Carter Count Tn. Wilson was b in 1828 NC
Evaline Mullins. m.2-28-1866 "CHILDREN "Thomas Church "Mary Church
"John Wiley Church "Wife #2 Elizibeth Derryberry "****Children**** "J
Wilson Church, born 1871 Va. "Mac Church, born 1872 Va. "Rhoda Church,
born 1874 Va, "Wyoming County WV Census 1870, Line 18, household 58, Green
B. Mckinney is 40 years old in 1870, born in North Carolina. "All of
Greenberry's children born in Va: Nathaniel 21, William 16, Stacy 10,Senia ,
Joseph 8, Isaac L.. 6. Value of Geen B. Mckinney property $100, one listed as
illiterate. "Household 59 Rebecca Derryberry is 60, Marinda 26, Elizabeth 22,
Rebecca 14, Nancy 11, Rhoda R. 9, Margaret 5. Property value $150.
"Household 60 Emaline Grose age 28. "Household 61 Elias Mckinney age 44
b. NC, Emily age 46 b. NC, Elizabeth 21,Wilson age 21, Nancy ?sp age 19,
Minerva 15, Judah 13. All children b. VA.Property value $100."
So, there you are. What can you make of it?

I found this on the internet at:
Voice work of Debi Derryberry
Character Show Episode
Amelia The Tick 9
Baby Irene Casper ('96 series) Recurring
Eubie Good Bad Baby
Feena Ys Book I & II (CD-ROM game, 1990)
Jackie Bobby's World Regular-star
Jake Taz-Mania
Jeannie Life with Louie Regular-star
Judy Jumangi Regular-star
Judy Shepherd Jumanji (series)
Lead Puppy Babe (feature)
Minerva Mink Animaniacs Recurring
Misc Addams Family
misc Aladdin (feature)
Recurring Problem Child
Ryo-ohki Pretty Sammy the Magical Girl
Ryo-ohki Tenchi Muyo
Thelonius The Blanket Show Pilot
Tinkerbell Peter Pan and the Pirates Regular-Star
Troll Toy Story (feature)
Wednesday Addams Family Regular-StarringFound 20 records.
Do you know who is Debi Derryberry?


Also, on internet search I found over 2500 references to Derryberry and 198
to Derreberry.


Ran onto another mystery that I cannot solve. Perhaps one of you can.
David L. Murphy ( of Omaha, AR is searching for an
Andrew Jackson John Henry Derryberry born about 1863-69 who married Lillie
May Pease. Their children were Henry, Minnie Lee, John Ira (who married
Jessie Kell(, Mary, and Goldie. They lived in the Indian Territory and are
buried in Cottonwood Cem. at Marble City, OK.
I cannot identify any of these in my database and cannot find Marble
City, OK.
Can anyone help?


Got another mystery for you. Deana Stock ( is
searching for another branch of the family tree that I cannot identify. Her
maternal grandmother was Helen Cleo Derryberry Garner. She had four sisters:
Annie Louise, James Virginia, Etta Bernice and Margaret Annette. Her great
grandfather was Joseph Jackson ‘Jack' Derryberry orn 12 Sep 1896 in Lonoke
Co., AR, married 8 Jan 1917 to Nancy Blanche Fielder, died 3 Jun 1935 in Pine
Bluff, AR according to his obituary. They were in the Dallas Co., AR area in
the mid 1800s
His parents were James Marion Derryberry and Henrietta D. ‘Dollie' Furr.
James was born about 1868. Both are buried at Stoney Point Cem, Fordyce, AR.
The grandparents were Anderson or Annison Derryberry and Elizabeth
Felton. One indication is that his middle name was Marion.
On 1870 census records of Pulaski Co., AR appears a James Derryberry as
#397 in the Prairie TWP who she thinks may be the James above.
Can you help here?


Mysteries never cease. Jayne Calvert of Tyler, TX ( is
looking for information on her branch of the family tree. I have in my data
base John Dewalt Calvert and wife Sara Francis Derryberry. Kaye Cross
identified Sara Francis as a daughter of William H. Derryberry and Sarah
Alexander Gailbreath, which preume to be correct until more conclusive proof
is presented. They, not being in my direct line, I have not tried to verify.
Jayne says that John Dewalt and Sara Francis came by wagon train to
Johnson Co., TX, along with Will Calvert and wife Mamie Derryberry. She
found a Wlliam Calvert in the Caddo Cem. Near Joshua, TX, but he was too old
to be Will, so she thinks that perhaps William was Will and John Dewalt's
father. She believes that Sara Francis Derryberry and Mamie Derryberry were
sisters. If so, I do not show Sara with a sister named Mamie, nor do I find
a cousin of Sara named Mamie.
Any help her would be appreciated.


There seems to be growing interest in a second edition of the Derryberry
book. Of course, most of the information is available online, but some like
to have a hard copy with pictures. I've said that I would not publish
another book myself, but would help anyone who wanted to take on the job. My
database would be available.
The more books that are published, the cheaper they get. Most publishing
companies will not take an order for only a few books. To get quality
bindings, it should be done with a company equipped to do quality bindings,
as was the first edition.
If there is enough demand, someone will probably take on the job. We
have quite a number of retired family members who might be interested. It is
a worthwhile challenge.
To see how much interest there is, please let me or Andy Derryberry know.
Andy hosts the National Derryberry Family Association website at and can be reached by e-mail at


Got a quick answer back on DFNO #18 from Teresa Jones. She says:" Thanks
for the copy of the current newsletter. I was certainly shocked to see that
my cousin and his wife had passed on. No one ever bothered to contact me.
Billy Wayne Derryberry was my mother's first cousin. Kay Aria Derryberry was
his wife. They lived in Honolulu and had been seriously ill. So, again,
thanks for letting me know!
"Hope all is well in Texas. We just returned from the wedding of Bill's
daughter in Atlanta this weekend and are exhausted."
So, now we know who two of those graves are for. I'd suspected Billy W.
was Billy Wayne, but did not know.


Today is my one and only grand child's birthday. Happy birthday Charles
Henry. He is 9 years old.

So, that is all of this DFNO.

Bob Derryberry