Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #18, May 14, 2000


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The National Derryberry Family Association's Reunion, for all those
related, or just friends, of the Derryberry/ Derreberry ancestors, will
be held 10 AM to 3 PM July 15, 2000 in the Union Hall, (Saturn plant)
Spring Hill, TN. May I stress, this is not just a local family reunion.
It is for all the family, regardless of how the name is spelled
(including Jones, Smith and whatever else, as long as they are
descendants of those found in Burke Co., NC in the late 1700s and
possibly others.)
For more information, contact Andy Derryberry, Secretary of the
association or or go to the
family webpage:


From: Audie Derryberry (Rev Dbc), Downey, CA
"Dear Relatives,
"I am Elbert Audie Derryberry III, my father Elbert Audie Derryberry
Jr., phoned me last week and told me that he has cancer and will not live
much longer. He is 78 years old and in a V.A. hospital in Clinton, OK.
If there are any relatives near by, he would appreciate a visit. I will
try to visit him, but I live in Southern California. Please pray for
him. Thank you all and God bless all of you."


From: Delphia Andrews (DelphaA)

"I e-mailed Guy Derryberry in hopes he can help me find the correct
parents for Malinda Derryberry. My question is; It appears you also
have a lot of Blankenship information. I have been gathering Blankenship
info from a friend in Baxter & Izard Co, which includes marriages &
cemetery records. Some I can fit to the names, some I can not, but it
appears they are related to all my Blankenships. Would you like for me
to send you the info that I have and you can see if it fits any of the
Blankenships. Just thought since I had it, maybe someone could use it.
"I noticed on #33 James Blankenship b 1877, Izard Co, AR m. 29 Sept
1902, Lizzie Benbrook b. 1873. It appears this child, James is the son
of #3 William Blankenship and the next page just has Chase ?, but listed
under it, it has children and James listed.
"The cemetery book records reflect:
James L. Blankenship, B. Sept 9, 1876, D. May 5, 1963, B. Oxford
Cemetery, Izard Co, AR
M. Sept 29, 1902 to: Lizzie Benbrook, B. May 22, 1873, D. Dec 15, 1930,
B. Oxford Cemetery Izard Co, AR
"Now, this sounds like the same person, but the cemetery records reflect
James L. Blankenship is the son of Lee & Marianna (Dockins) Blankenship.
"I notice on #26 Lee Blankenship married to Marianna "Anner" Dockins,
but none of their children have the name James L.
"Do you think something is wrong? Anyhow, I don't know if you try to
correct things or just monitor what has been sent. I have the info on my
family, but I want to see if I can straighten out who Malinda's parents
were and go from there. I will send you what I have, but what I send, I
have checked out very carefully, so there should be no questions.
"Thanks for putting up with my questions and if you would like to have
the marriage and Cemetery info that I have gathered, I will be glad to
E-Mail it to you.
"Your findings raise more questions. If James L. Blankenship is a son
of Lee Blankenship, and if Lee was born in 1861 as reported, then Lee
would have been only 15 years old. Lee and Mariana married in 1883, 7
years after James L. was born. This creates some very interesting
"Most of my information on this branch comes from Jean Blair
Blankenship, P. O. Box 36, Melbourne, AR 72556. I'd appreciate it if you
and Jean would compare notes and determine what you all think is correct.
I personally do not know. Since they are not in my direct line, I'll
leave it to ones in that line to research it.
"Yes, I try to correct errors. If you find any, please let me know.
Also, if you have anything new to add, please do.


From: Linda C. Derryberry McCormack:
"Here's a new addition for you: Tracy Alexander Clark, born 16 Feb.
2000 in Corpus Christi, TX. Parents are Carrie Natasha Derryberry and
Richard Clark. Grandparents are Richard C. Derryberry and Connie Lynne
Polser Derryberry.
"Carrie married Richard Clark 12 Dec. 1998 in Kingsville, Tx. She has
been in the Navy for almost eight years now serving most of her first
tour in Okinawa. Richard is also Navy. Carrie's next tour is up in June.
She does not plan to re-up, but stay home and raise a family. They are
being transferred to Norfolk, VA soon.
"On that note, Thurman Jr.'s youngest daughter, Therina, and her
husband, Richard Lucero, are being transferred in Aug. to Italy for four
years. Richard is Air Force. They have two sons, Richie and Ryan. They
are presently in Wichita Falls.
"Also, Teresa, Thurman's oldest daughter and her family are in Chicago
now. Teresa's husband is Jon Jarramillo. He is ex o of the New York Life
office there.


It had been information for many years that John Andrew Derryberry's
wife's name was Mabel Hazeltine (Hazeltine being her maiden name). This
was John Andrew born 26 Nov 1870 to Henry Alexander Derryberry and Sarah
Chenoweth. Then I got the following e-mail from Susan D. Jones
"Here is the best I have on Mabel Harrison's parents. I can carry the
Chaneys way back, but I never really researched the Harrisons, or John
Derryberry for that matter. I really appreciate the
fact that you're doing it. I think it's neat that both of us are
compiling these big family trees and
our trees cross branches. Very cool.
born 1856, Missouri [family] died ci 880-90, after 1880 census married 3
December 1879,
Tarrant Co., Tx. [Bk 2 p 23] ISHAM HARRISON, born October 1852, Illinois
[1900 census]
"Mr. Harrison married (2) about 1890, ETTA and they were living in 1900
census in Wise Co., Texas.
"One child:
"MABEL HARRISON, born September 1880
"Hassie was the 7th of 10 children of: WILLIAM HENRY CHANEY, son of
JULIA DEUPREE born 14 August 1808, Virginia, prob. Charlotte Co. [family]
died 1 August 1883, Tarrant Co., Texas [family] married (1) 24 October
1837, Halifax Co., Virginia [county record] ELIZABETH WILEY JAMES, born
c1818, N.C., prob. Caswell Co. [family] died after 1840 census, before
1846, Halifax Co. Va. or Caswell Co., N.C. [family] daughter of WILEY
JAMES m.(bond) 13 September 1802, Halifax Co. Va. [Bk 1 p 48] ELIZABETH
WATKINS [family] married (2) (bond) 27 May 1846, Caswell Co., N.C.
[county record] ELIZABETH A. HOLCOMB, born 5 October 1825, N.C. [family]
died 8 December 1881, Tarrant Co., Texas [family] buried Mt. Gilead
Cemetery, Keller, Tarrant Co. TX
"He was called Henry and was a farmer. He lived in Halifax Co.
after his first marriage but moved to Caswell Co., NC. in the early
1840's. He sold his Caswell Co. land in 1847-8 and by the 1850 census was
living in Callaway Co., Missouri. According to family tradition, be and
his "second familyt 1 moved to Tarrant Co., Texas, after the Civil War.
"Two children by his first wife and eight by his second wife.
"On the web at


From: Rick Williams (
"Hello from Greensboro, NC. I writing to you with updated information on
Eliza Derryberry relative who is my Great, Great Grandmother. I recently
received a copy of the Civil War pension file of Eliza Derreberry Webb.
In it I was able to clarify some facts about her and her family's life.
As a result I re-wrote the story that I had written about my great, great
grandmother. You had put on your Derryberry Family website the story that
I had written. Rather than send you the new version of the story, I have
enclosed the following link to my website with my revised story. Please
remove the outdated story from your website since much of the information
has changed. Please feel free to put in its stead this web link. This
webpage not only includes the updated story but photos as well.
(Andy has posted this on the Derryberry website.)


Posted by: Teresa Vander Linden on Derryberry Genforum:
"Hi. I'm trying to find information about Drucilla Derryberry of McNairy
County, TN .She was married to James S. Hogue also of McNairy County. Her
Birth would have been circa 1870. Any help is much appreciated."


From: Martha Goodwin (
"Hi Bob, thank you for the info about Stanley Kirby and Hannah Merkel
from PA. I'm still at a standstill with my g-g-grandfather's line. I
cannot verify that my William Maricle is the son of Michael and Betsy E.
Miracle/Myracle. This is what I have if it will help anyone.
"William Marion Maricle b. May 15,1842 TN d .Jan. 18,1926 buried at
Union Cemetery, Alcorn Co. MS Enlisted Aug.8,1864 at Rienzi, MS with
Confederate States Army; was a Private with Co. D, 8th Battalion; company
surrendered in NC May 1865. Married Sarre A. Emaline Miller b. Jan.
19,1842 MS d. Jan.16,1912 buried at Union Cemetery also. Daughter of
Zebedee Miller and Judith R.?????
"Somewhere I found a marriage date of Sept. 9, 1865 Alcorn Co. MS.
"Children of William Marion and Sarre:
"1. Isic Benjamin Maricle b. May 14, 1871 MS d.? buried at Union Cem.
also. Married Elizabeth Love b. Sept. 19,1878 AL d. March 5, 1947 buried
at Union.
"Children of Isic and Elizabeth:
"a. Mary Elizabeth Maricle/Markle(my grandmother; name written both
ways by her, also told me that the original "old" name was Miracle and
the family was "Dutch") b. Sept. 6,1911 d. Dec. 23,1974 buried at Union.
Married Daniel Leland (Pete) Lindsey b. Sept. 15, 1906 d. Feb. 28,1977
buried at Union. Son of Robert B. Lindsey and Dovie Lee Odle. Robert B.
was son of James Harme Lindsey and Amy Broomer. Dovie Lee was daughter
of James O. Odle and Sarah Jane Clark.
"b. Ruthie Magdeline b. May 17,1896
"c. Hattie Jane b. July 9, 1897
"d. Will Ed b. Nov 13, 1898
"e. Annie Gurtrid b. May 9,1900
"f. Henry David b. Oct 2, 1901
"g. Lillie
"h. Barto b. June 13,1905
"I. --ster and Lueanna b. 1909
"j. Marche Acton b. March 24,1914
"k. Audie Randolf b. Apr 9, 1016
"l. J. R. (Dude) b. May 24, 1920
"2. Sarah Isabelle b. Jan 1868
"3. Lysa b. Dec. 1872
"4. Emmer b. Aug 1875
"5. Henry Jackson b. Nov 1878
"6. Delor b. Aug 1886
"7. Hillie Russell b. June 3, 1883 (Aunt Madie Jane Maricle Brock b.
1915 still living, Hillie and Mary Jane Odle's daughter, says that
whenever "Pa Maricle" William Marion's kinfolk would come to visit that
they always were from Texas; William Marion Maricle brothers and sisters
moved away to Texas.)
"8. John Robert (Bob) b. July 1879
"9. Eller b. Aug. 1882
"1a. Mary Elizabeth Maricle and Daniel Leland Lindsey's children:
"Velma Louise (Lindsey) b. Nov. 24, 1931 d. Aug.10, 1992 buried at
Union Cem. Married Ottis Virgil Rencher (the original "old" name was
Renshaw; another family name puzzle that I'm trying to fit together) b.
Dec.28,1913 d. June 19, 1983 buried at Union. Ottis was son of Charlie
Lascon Rencher/Renshaw (was still using Renshaw when Ottis, my father,
was born. Daddy had to get name legally changed later in life when his
birth certificate showing Renshaw was not accepted for benefit purposes)
and Mary Jane Ada James b. Feb. 13, 1889 d. Dec. 1976 Charlie Lascon
was son of Wesley Turner Rencher and Lou Annie Crum. Wesley Turner
Rencher was son of William Perry Rencher/Renshaw and H.E.(Betty)
Streetman. William Perry Rencher/Renshaw was son of (not verified)
Abraham Renshaw and Elizabeth Essary. Abraham was son of (not verified)
Samuel Renshaw and Hannah????? Lou Annie Crum was daughter of Jesse
Crum and Emmie ????? H.E. (Betty) Streetman was daughter of Williamson
Streetman and Nancy ????? Mary Jane Ada James was daughter of William
Franklin James and Doshie Pearl Wilbanks. William Franklin James was son
of Francis M. James and Mary Tucker. Francis M. James was son of Amos
James and ?????. Mary Tucker was daughter of Dan Tucker and ?????.
"Leland McKinley (Lindsey) b. May 4, 1930 still living
"Herman Ray (Lindsey) b. March 21, 1937 d. May 18,1967
"Harles Daniel (Lindsey) b. May 10, 1940 still living
"Charles Edward (Lindsey) b. Oct. 16, 1945 still living
"My husband and I recently met someone with last name of Merkl, a first
generation born in America; his father and mother came over from Germany
with the surname spelled as it is. He was very interested when I
referred of his physical resemblance to the Maricles in my family years
ago; tall, light or blond hair, blue eyes, slim frame. I hope to gain
further info of the Merkle family in Germany thru him."


Here is a new website that I found, which may be of interest to others.

Find A Grave

Name Born/Died Cemetery

Derryberry, Billy W b. 7 Jul 1928 National Memorial Cernetery
d. 6 Jan 1998 of the Pacific, Hawaii (USA)
Derryberry, Catherine b. 29 Oct 1928 Nashville National Cem.
d. 30 Oct 1999 Madison, Tennessee
Derryberry, Catherine J b. 21 Mar 1932 Riverside Natl. Cem.
d. 27 Dec 1998 Riverside, CA
Derryberry, Charles P. b 29 Oct 1900 Ft. Gibson Natl., Cem., OK
d. 10 Mar 1981
Derryberry, Eugene b. 9 Mar 1927 Houston Natl. Cem.,
d. 18 Aug 1987 Houston, TX
Derryberry, Herbert H b. 29 Apr 1929 Ft. Smith Natl. Cem.
d. 19 Apr 1987 AR
Derryberry, Hugh C. b. 13 Aug 1918 Ft. Sam Houston Natl. Ce.m,
d. 24 Apr 1983 San Antonio, TX
Derryberry, James M. b. 3 Jul 1912 Nashville National Cemetery
d. 2 Oct 1982 Madison, Tennessee
Derryberry, Jewell b. 25 Feb 1914 Ft. Logan Natl. Cem., CO
d. 13 May 1994
Derryberry, John Garrison b. 16 Apr 1902 Fort Smith National Cem.
d. 4 Feb 1964 AR
Derryberry, Kay Arai b. 10 Sep 1929 National Memorial
Cem. of the
d. 2 Nov 1996
Pacific, Hawaii

I knew Jewell. I know who Charles P. and John Garrison were. Can anyone
give us information on who the others were? Jewell was an Army nurse
who made officer grade. Charles P. would be Charles Piner and John
From: Ann Sparks (
"Finally received a copy of Pitzer Miller Derryberry's death
certificate. It gives his birth date, Feb 15 1835 , and a death date of
Feb 9, 1916. Date of burial was Feb 10. Undertaker was John Tyson of
Corinth, Ms. The place of burial is not real clear. It looks like they
wrote Corinth maybe and wrote over that changing it to Liberty. I think
it pretty well confirms that he is indeed buried at Liberty Cemetery east
of Booneville, Mississippi. Cause of death is not real clear. Looks
like "Gruffal Bronhites" Informant was T. C. Derryberry. Thought you
might still be interested in this info."

This is about all that I can transmit as e-mail in one transmittal, so
I'll cut it off here and follow very soon with #19DFNO.

Bye for now.

Bob Derryberry