Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 17. March 5, 2000


Fonda Elkins posted this on the Derryberry Genforum

"My gggrandfather Wilson Greenberry McKinney was found in the household in
1850 Russell Co Va census with a Rebecca & Polly Derryberry, he m Catherine
Cantrell in 1858. The McKinneys & Derryberrys were also found in NC in 1800's
together. I am trying to find out the relationship of Wilson McKinney to any

I searched my database and the closes I could come to matching up to Polly
and Rebecca were with Michael's wife and daughter. That would be Michael,
believed son of Adam & Eve, supposedly born 1795 probably in Burke Co., NC or
Garrard Co., KY (?) who married Polly, probably born 1803 in TN, parents of
Rebecca, born 1831 in TN. But, Michael and Polly are believed to be the
Michael and Polly on the 1850 census of Dunklin Co., MO, a long way from
Russell Co., VA.

Incidentally, Russell Co., VA is in far west VA, in the Clinch River Valley,
and not far from Claiborne Co., TN where her first cousin, Elizabeth Derry
berry, wife of Harmon Davis, lived at that time. That is pretty rough
country, near KY, TN and NC. It is possible that Polly and Rebecca got
counted twice, with Michael already in MO and the family not moved yet.
Rebecca would be about 19. Another reason it probably is not Michael's wife
and daughter is that daughter Sara, age about 13, does not show. There is
little information on Rebecca and Sara, so Sara could have died before 1850.
The sons, ages 15 and 17 could well have been with their father in MO.

Does anyone have any clues in this matter?

Fonda's sister, Lucy, added that George Church married an Elizabeth Derry
berry, on which I draw a blank also. They, she says, are found in book
"Looking Back One Hundred Years" by Hannibal Compton. I'm going to look for
that book.

Re-quoted was the 1850 census of Burke Co., NC, Microcopy No. T-498, Roll 2,
Jacob Dereberry with 4 sons and 2 daughters; Michael Derebury with 3 sons
and 3 daughters; and Hana Direberry with 2 sons and one daughter. None of
them had slaves. On that same census, between Michael and Hana, were: Henry
McKinney, Elisa McKinney, William McKinney and Thomas McKinney. This
indicates that the Derryberrys and McKinnys lived close together in Burke
Co., NC in 1850.
From: (Nancy Besselsen)

I noticed where Guy Fay Derryberry mentioned he thought Sampson Derryberry
took his own life. You know I grew up in Corinth, MS and my mother kept a
scrapbook of relatives and friends obituaries. I asked her many times why
she did this. I have wished many times since her death that I could thank
her for keeping this bit of history. It has helped me in my research many
times. I found the obit of Sampson Derryberry in this book. They were
cousins and my Mom was great keeping up with her relatives and their
whereabouts. His obit headline reads: RIENZI MAN ENDS LIFE WITH PISTOL.
According to the obit, the family felt it was worry over financial matters.
He is buried in Liberty Cemetery which is 4 miles east of Booneville, MS. If
anyone is interested in a copy of this obit, I will be happy to send. Nancy


From: (Sue Solomon)

Nicki, we have too many locations and dates to ignore. I do know more about
the why of the movement was railroad construction in my family. Working
together with several Wood searchers - net yet connected - several of us I
think are close to finding some answers. So many same first names has been
quite a problem and probably the reason for so many nicknames and those
called by their middle name. I was not really researching the Derryberry
family - but the locations and times for them might be the keys for WHERE to
search for my elusive WOOD clan. The descendants of John Andrew and Henry
Alexander Derryberry would be first cousins to my Thomas May Wood b. 1843 in
Taney CO, MO. (He is in McLennan w/bro Henry J. in 1880). Give me all you
know about your Wood. Do you have an index with time and location. Will
send you index mine. (By the way Palestine, TX is not Hopkins Co. but is
Cherokee or Anderson. There are Wood in all three of these counties .) Sue


Subj: Our family Migrations
From: (Sue Solomon)

By chance happened on a query by Nicki Osborne with a lost "Wood" in the same
county we lost track of one and found thru Nicki's forum entries your #246
index on Derryberrys. The locations go beyond coincidence and I have hopes
will help us glue some of our fragmented Wood family together. We may be
in-laws as well as cousins. Following a few of your posts on GenForum these
are just a few of the interesting tidbits.

CHEROKEE, NC I attended a family reunion in the same Armory in Murphy about
1968 for my "other side family FARMER m. JOHNSON w/JOLLEY and another WOOD.
TENN. there is a Derryberry m. to LEATHERS in same CO. and year where we have
VINITA, OK my mother-in-law is a SMITH same timeline. My father in-law is
from a marriage of WRIGHT to a SOLOMON (mispelled many ways including Salmon)
The north Texas counties and towns listed as birthplaces and deaths follow
the same pattern of my grandfather's stories with surnames my mother
mentioned as kin but did not know how.
Sure will be getting back to you on some of the details. Sue Solomon


From: (Nancy Besselsen)

I tried again and found Andy's web page. Lots of news to catch up on in
your newsletters, very informative and fun to read. I still have not found
gr-gr-grandfather John T. Derryberry's first wife's surname. I have run out
of places to look. I keep hoping that in looking for another family name, it
will pop up out of nowhere.
My oldest grandson graduated from the Univ. of CO in May majoring in
computer science. He had no trouble finding a position in Colorado Springs
where they live. My oldest granddaughter, Beth, graduated from the Univ. of
MO/Columbia in December. She will be living with me the next two weeks
training here in St. Louis for her new position in Kansas City, MO. Her
younger brother, David, is a junior at Truman Univ. in KIrksville, MO. They
have grown up much too fast but guess we wouldn't want anything less.
In reading Tom Brokaw's new book, "The Greatest Generation Speaks," on
page 22 a Captain Derryberry is mentioned as serving in Germany in World War
II. Wonder if he is related to us?
Up to this point, I have enjoyed my retirement years. The past 5 weeks
have been a wake-up period of what is probably yet to come. Not yet sure if
it is an enflamed disc, sciatic nerve or other. Hopefully, the diagnosis
will come back early this coming week. In the meantime, I am using a walker
to get around, a very slow process but the brain is still working so I have
much to be thankful for.
Thanks for the info. Nancy


North YMCA honors Young Achievers
Achievements are "something to build on, not take residence in," the Rev.
Gardner recently told seven students honored at a luncheon sponsored by the
North YMCA Program Center.
The luncheon at the Black Historical Culture Center recognized middle and
high school students named as the North Y's Young Achievers for the third six
weeks of the school year.
The North YMCA program honors students in seven categories: Youth
Leadership, Academics, Fine Arts, Personal Achievement, Community Service,
Extra-/Co-curricular Activities and Athletics. Students can be nominated by
teachers, coaches, counselors, church representatives and community members,
a North YMCA news release said. This six-weeks, two students tied for the
Extra-/Co-curricular honors and no award was given in the Community Service
category, a YMCA news release said.
The third six-weeks' honorees were:
Extra-/Co-Curricular Activities - April Derryberry, an AHS freshman and
daughter of Debbie Derryberry. She is choir president, a Sandie Stepper and
member of the Kick Team and American Dance/Drill Team. She received
Presidential Excellence in Academics Awards in 1998 and 1999, played on a
summer softball team and is active in a youth group at Trinity Baptist
Church, where she has assisted with Vacation Bible School and parent's night
out evening child-care.
For more information about Young Achievers or to get a nomination form,
contact the North YMCA 374-4651.

Subj: Derrys from Derryberrys
From: (Dennis Ayers)

My grandfather was Thomas W. Derrie b 25 Mar 1883 in Greene Co. TN. His
parents were Robert Derrie and Sarah Clowers. Have also seen Robert's
surname spelled Derry, and there was some family stories about the name being
shortened from a longer name. Have just found in the IGI today reference to
a Robert Derreberey m 19 Sep 1880 to Sarah Claners in Greene Co. Believe
this is my line even though both names are not spelled correctly. Obviously,
I can't go any further back until I can get the name problem solved. Running
into dead ends with Derrie and Derry. Hopefully, you can verify the
Derryberry connection.

Thanks for any help.
Dennis Ayers
3913 Blue River Ct
Ellicott City, MD 21042
From: Tubby Rose
I got this today... Let me know what you think, Nicki
Forwarded Message:
From: ChuckD3871
I thought you Myracle researchers may find the attached report on Jacob
Myracle interesting. I am pasting below the first message I received from
chuck davis in lakewood, co
Just ran across your posting from May 1997 looking to share Myracle
information. We would be interested to know what you have.
Jacob Myracle is the great-great-great-grandfather of my husband, Arthur
D. (Art) Myracle. Art's ancestors are: Father-Wiley Eugene Myracle;
Grandfather-William Arthur or Arthur William Myracle; Gr-Grandfather-Harvey
Washington Myracle; Gr-Gr-Grandfather-Lawrence L. Myracle;
Gr-Gr-Gr-Grandfather-Jacob Myracle. We would like to have more Myracle
ancestry. It seems that Wiley was raised by relatives in Portageville, MO.
We know that most of relatives were in Decatur Co. TN. We just don't have
much information of them.
My sister-in-law, Janna Myracle Davis, received some Myracle ancestory
info a few years ago from someone in TN. It did not even show Wiley Eugen
Myracle in the descendants. Wiley(1909) was the son of William Arthur/Arthur
William Myracle and Martha Ward. He had one brother Clyde Myracle (1904) and
another brother (name unknown) that died at birth with his Mother - Martha
Ward Myracle. I suppose that is when Wiley and Clyde went to live with other
relatives as Wiley was only 2 years old when his Mother died. We don't have
any info of Wiley's father after that except that he moved to Texas and
remarried. He may have married before he moved to Texas. We do not have the
name of the second wife.
I use Brothers Keeper for my family history, but I also have Family Tree
Maker. Please let me know what you have. My e-mail is:
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Art & Glenda Myracle

Subj: Re: Derryberry - McDonald union
From: (lavina)

This has been the only connection I have found on line, well I take that
back. I have found a connection through Family Tree maker but I have not
bought the volume for it.

Let's see: William Larkin had 2 wives the first I don't know her name they
had William Lawrence, Joseph, Peter, Florence and one who died of typhoid
along with the wife. His second wife was Maggie Lavina Thrailkill.

My father WL McDonald (his name was WL) was born August 6, 1920 in Kusa, Ok.
Where his grandfather died. A pair of twins were born who died. Then Sarah
was born in 1923. Maggie Laveena Thrailkill was the one I found on Family
Tree Maker she fit into a lot of the info as far as location and places that
the family came from.

My father married Rosetta Madeleine Larter in Epping, county of Essex,
England during WWII on August 24, 1944. They had Malcolm Kitridge 3/14/49
Karin Valerie 2/26/51 Gail Anne 2/26/55 Anne Lavina (Me) 3/14/56 Leigh Ellen
9/17/57 Verna Kay 8/18/59 Shelley Lyn 6/6/64

I have more if you want it.

I have no information on Charles but If they have something I would like to
hear about it.



From: Rick Williams (

Just an update on some information that I have found out about one of
Elizabeth "Eliza" Derreberry Webb's children. I know how you want everything
as accurate as possible. Eliza Derreberry Webb had a child named Docia Webb.
There had been some information sent in about her marrying a Mizell (I think
you have Docia shown to be married to a George Mizell in the Derry berry
Book). This had puzzled me because when I visited the cemetery were Docia
was buried the grave stone showed "Docia Webb" and not "Docia Mizell". So I
wondered if she really married. Well I have solved the confusion. See the
note below from a cousin of mine. It turns out that Docia Webb had an Aunt
whose name was Docia Mizell. Docia Mizell's maiden name was Brewer. It turns
out that Elizabeth Derreberry Webb's daughter Docia actually never married.

I have sent off for the pension application that Eliza Derreberry Webb filled
out to get a Civil War pension from Daniel Webb's service in the war. I will
be glad to send you a copy when I get it if you are interested. I am hoping
it will open a door to my Webb ancestors.


From: Nancee Black? (, To: Rick Williams

You were unsure of Docia Webb aka Docia Mizell, well my dad said that they
are two different people. Docia Webb never married and she was Docia
Mizell's aunt. Docia Mizell was a Brewer she was my fathers aunt. She was a
sister to Frank Brewer, Effie Brewer, Lena Angeline, Carl Brewer and Annie
Evans. They are all buried at Riverview. Before Aunt Annie passed away she
used to talk about her a lot. There was 11 or 12 of them. Their parents
were Jas and Julette Brewer. Some of the old graves I think its the ones
between the trees were twin boys and I remember Aunt Annie telling me that
was her brothers and one ate poison berries and died and the other was
charmed by a snake whatever that means. Any information you need from that
graveyard my dad knows. My aunt Annie was 100 yrs old when she passed away.
And boy she had some tales. My father is Claude Brewer he also is one of 12
children. Out of the 12 only 7 are still living they are: Claude Brewer,
Walter Glen Brewer, Johnny Lee Brewer, Willard Brewer, Clarence Brewer, Ella
Mae Brewer Ballard and Annabelle Brewer Deford. The ones dead are: Grant,
Paul, Robert, Earl, Estelle Brewer.


Derryberry/Derreberry - Lunsford descendants found by Linda Caroline
Derryberry McCormack, quoting from Hanging Dog Echo, 2nd edition published by
the Dockery family.

Thomas Lunsford born 1871, Cherokee Co., NC, married 17 Jul 1890, in Hanging
Dog, NC, Annette 'Nettie' Woody, born 1873, died 11 May 1952.
I. Mae Lunsford.
II. Monacy Lunsford died infant.
III. Jacob Lunsford born 14 Jul 1892, married (1) 30 Dec 1909, Ellen
Derryberry, married (2) Agnes French, born 1904, died Sep 1981. Jacob died
22 Oct 1982, Cowansville, PA.
IV. Anna Lunsford born 15 Jun 1893, died 1992.
V. John Walter "Walt" Lunsford born 22 Jan 1894, Cherokee Co., NC, married
29 Apr 1915, in Cherokee Co., NC, Elizabeth Ellen "Eure" Derreberry, born 22
Jan 1894, Cherokee Co., NC, (daughter of William Alexander 'Bud' Derreberry
and Cordelia Lou Robinson Coffee) died 10 Sep 1946, New Castle, PA. John
died 11 Aug 1960, New Kensington, PA. Elizabeth: She died in a
pedestrian-car accident. There is controversy over her name. She went bu
Eure before moving to Pittsburgh, and from then on she went by Elizabeth.
Dan Derreberry had referred to her as Eure Ellen. I am using all three names
as I suspect they were.
A. Annette Cordelia Lunsford born 10 Jul 1916, Cherokee Co., NC,
married 14 Feb 1943, Dominick Russitano, born 13 Feb 1918, buried: Plum
Creek Cem., Plum Boro, PA. Annette died 3 Jan 1992.
1. Carole Ann Russitano born 1 Mar 1944, married (1) divorced,
Stanley Lunsford, married (2) Donald Grosklos, born 16 Apr 1940.
a. Donald Grosklos (son of Donald Grosklos and Carole Ann
Russitano) born 25 Oct 1965.
b. Amy Lynne Grosklos (daughter of Donald Grosklos and Carole Ann
Russitano) born 10 Apr 1968.
B. Kenneth Grover Lunsford born 4 Sep 1920, Cherokee Co., NC,
married 15 May 1946, Mary Mazur, born 5 Sep 1917, died 27 Feb 1997, New
Kensington, PA.
C. Hazel Imogene Lunsford born 6 Oct 1924, Pittsburgh, PA, married (1)
William Conklin, died before 1998, married (2) 1951, divorced 1957,
Earl Lanious.
D. Agnes Thelma Lunsford born 4 Apr 1928, Oakmont, PA, married (1) 1946,
Elmer Deer, died FL, married (2) divorced, Joseph Shallenberger,
married (3) divorced, Rocco DiAntonio, married (4) William Wanser,.
Agnes died 1 Feb 1997, FL.
1. Cheryl Ann Deer (daughter of Elmer Deer and Agnes Thelma
Lunsford) born 19 Jul 1947.
2. Diane Deer (daughter of Elmer Deer and Agnes Thelma Lunsford)
born Apr 1951.
3. Joseph Shallenberger (son of Joseph Shallenberger and Agnes
Thelma Lunsford).
4. John DiAntonio (son of Rocco DiAntonio and Agnes Thelma Lunsford).
5. Theresa DiAntonio (daughter of Rocco DiAntonio and Agnes Thelma
E. Helen Lorraine Lunsford born 14 Jan 1932, Oakmont, PA, married 7
Jan 1950, in Verona, PA, William Edward Vingin, born 26 Sep 1927.
1. Cathy Lorraine Vingin born 31 Aug 1955, Pittsburgh, PA,
married 22 Sep 1979, Jim Patrick Clover, born 11 Mar 1957.
a. Bryna Christine Clover born 24 Apr 1984, Youngstown, OH.
b. Alyson Nicole Clover born 21 Jul 1987, Youngstown, OH.
2. William Kenneth Vingin born 22 Aug 1950, Pittsburgh, PA,
married (1) Jacqueline Meyers, born 19 Oct 1951, Pittsburgh, PA,
married (2) 24 Nov 1974, divorced 1986, Delia Meyers, born 16 Jun
1948, married (3) 18 Apr 1989, Deborah Gaurich Graham, born 3 Jul
VI. Bessie Lunsford born 8 Apr 1891, married 20 Nov 1915, in Cherokee
Co., NC, Robert L. Derreberry, born Apr 1886, (son of William Alexander 'Bud'
Derreberry and Cordelia Lou Robinson Coffee). Bessie died 3 Aug 1963. Sister
of John Walter Lunsford who married Elizabeth Ellen 'Eure' Derreberry.
A. Herbert Derreberry born 20 Nov 1915, married June _____,.
1. Yolanda Derreberry.
B. Lucille Derreberry, married Ralph Proudfoot,.
1. Norma Jean Proudfoot.
2. Shirley Mae Proudfoot.
3. Mary Lou Proudfoot.
4. Ruth Ann Proudfoot.
C. Gladys Derreberry married _____ ? Mehlmeyer. Gladys died early
1950s. Died at childbirth, twins.
1. Mary Ann Mehlmeyer.
2. Leona Mehlmeyer. Twin to Larry.
3. Larry Mehlmeyer. Twin to Leona.
D. Jacob Derreberry.
E. Fred Derreberry, married Dolly Derryberry,.
1. Dowdy Derreberry.
2. Fred Derreberry.
F. Robert Derreberry.
G. Louise Derreberry, married (1) Richard Muhl, married (2) Francis
Stiefvater, married (3) Charles Schantz,.
1. Samantha Stiefvater (daughter of Francis Stiefvater and
Louise Derreberry).
H. William Derreberry.
VII. Elda Lunsford born 2 Feb 1902, Cherokee Co., NC, married (1) Charles
Wright, born 1896, Madisonville, Monroe Co., TN, married (2) John Forshay,.
Elda died 6 Oct 1979.
A. Louise Wright (daughter of Charles Wright and Elda Lunsford).
B. A. Wright (son of Charles Wright and Elda Lunsford), married unknown.
1. Marlene Wright.
C. Charles Wright (son of Charles Wright and Elda Lunsford) born 27
Dec 1925, Stubenville, OH, married Luella _____, died 13 Sep 1997,
Stubenville, OH.
1. Gail Wright.
2. Linda Wright, married _____ Moss.
3. Alice Wright.
4. Sandra Wright.
VIII. Fred Herbert Lunsford born 17 Oct 1912, Cherokee Co., NC, married 31
Oct 1924, in Pittsburgh, PA, Julia Kuss, born 31 Oct 1913, died 18
Jan 1938. Fred died 23 Apr 1963. Julia: Evidently died at childbirth.
A. Fred Thomas Lunsford born 18 Jan 1938, married (1) Georgia
Mutzig, married (2) Bethel Segi, married (3) Victoria _____,.
1. James Lunsford (son of Fred Thomas Lunsford and Georgia
2. William Lunsford (son of Fred Thomas Lunsford and Bethel Segi).
He was child of Bethel from her previous marriage, adopted by Fred.
B. Geraldine M. 'Jeri' Lunsford born 22 Dec 1940, married (1) Jerome
Brincko, married (2) Ronald Holycross, married (3) 13 Jul 1998, Fred
1. Michael Brincko (son of Jerome Brincko and Geraldine M.
'Jeri' Lunsford) born 25 Jan 1958.
2. Kenna Holycross (daughter of Ronald Holycross and Geraldine M.
'Jeri' Lunsford) born 3 Dec 1961, married (1) 22 Dec 1984, David
Burns, married (2) 31 Dec 1995, Dwight Householder, born 29 Aug
3. Fred Holycross (son of Ronald Holycross and Geraldine M. 'Jeri'
Lunsford) born 1 Oct 1964, married Julie Pennell,.
IX. Louis H. Lunsford born 15 Mar 1917, Cherokee Co., NC, married (1)
Virginia 'Nellie' Bottles, born 20 Mar 1919, married (2) Anna Marie
Benevuto, born 17 Mar 1915, Pittsburgh, PA, died 28 Apr 1990.
A. Louis Lunsford (son of Louis H. Lunsford and Virginia 'Nellie'
Bottles) born 28 Aug 1939.
B. Lou Ann Lunsford (daughter of Louis H. Lunsford and Anna Marie
Benevuto) born 13 May 1948, Pittsburgh, PA, married William Skelly,
born 20 Aug 1933, Detroit, MI, buried: Centerville, OH. Lou died
14 Jun 1998.
1. Guy Mitchell Skelly born 22 Sep 1977, Dayton, OH.
2. Heather Nicole Skelly born 3 Jul 1983.
C. Louis T. 'Duke' Lunsford (son of Louis H. Lunsford and Anna Marie
Benevuto) born 12 Feb 1952, Pittsburgh, PA.
1. Dawn Lunsford born 20 May 1980?, Dayton, OH.
D. Meghan Lunsford (daughter of Louis H. Lunsford and Anna Marie
Benevuto) born 27 Oct 1983, Dayton, OH.

This is me now, Bob, her uncle. Can anyone help her by add to this, furnish
corrections or whatever?


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