Derryberry Family Newsletter Online # 16, Jan. 20, 2000


From: Sara Barnett (

Heard this on tonight's news with the Derryberry name mentioned and a
Buddy Derryberry. Thought it interesting. Dee and I were watching the
evening news on NBC, and they had a story about an abandoned TVA dam in
Columbia, Tennessee. I was commenting to Dee that the Derryberrys were
from there. Just then they say something about the Derryberry store. Then
they talk to a guy and his name is Buddy Derryberry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How
about that?


In the last newsletter I asked for identification of several that I'd
lost due to software errors. James A. Derryberry of Kinta, OK identified
'Edward J. Derryberry born 18 Dec 1897 in Indian Territory (OK)' as his
father, James Edward Derryberry.

Guy Fay Derryberry identified 'Martha 'Mat' Derryberry who shows on the
1850 census of MS married to William P. Miracle 12 Jun 1856 in Alcorn
Co., MS.' as one of Andrew Jackson Derryberry's daughters. Andrew was
the one who had grown daughters, lived in Tippah Co., MS, married Glassgo
lady and moved to AR, where he had a second family. It is still not
known who was his first wife.

Let me warn all of you who use Brother's Keeper, ALWAYS close Brother's
Keeper when going into another program. If you do not, you are apt to
find that some people have been completely disconnected, moved or
otherwise shuffled. I even had one case where it changed the thing to
where it showed a man married to his father. I had several cases of
spouses being separated from their spouse. I just happened to be able to
reconstruct most of them. So, ALWAYS close BK before you leave it for
something else.


Nancy Besselsen ( writes: "In reading Tom Brokaw's
new book, "The Greatest Generation Speaks," on page 22 a Captain
Derryberry is mentioned as serving in Germany in World War II. Wonder
if he is related to us?" I can assure that he is kin if his name is
Derryberry, but which one. Does anyone know?


Well, I got feedback on the reunion, most of which I prefer to not
quote verbatim. I probably should have left that alone, but I hope that
by 'airing the old linen' we can avert a family problem. It appears to
me that the problem boils down to having the reunion, if it is to
encompass all Derryberry or Derreberry descendants, too often in one
place because the majority rules on voted actions and locals outnumber
others at any family reunion.
The past officers are to be commended for their work. Most of them were
'railroaded' in. Very few have volunteered to accept officers positions
in the Derryberry Family Association that Andy worked so hard to get
organized and chartered. I admit that I helped 'railroad' Kaye Cross as
President because she wanted a reunion in MO and I knew that would give
her power to act. I admit that I helped 'railroad' Andy Derryberry in as
an officer because I recognized his leadership ability, which we need.
But, 'railroading' does not always get the right persons as officers.
Until family members are willing to work as officers, the officers will
be selected as in the past.
Some expressed feeling like outsiders at some reunions, mostly because
of how they were treated. That can be elevated simply by being more
friendly toward persons we do not know, but who are kinfolks. It will
require an individual effort on some.
Guy Fay Derryberry says: "We all will be better off working together
than separately. Maybe next two years we can have the reunion, say in
Oklahoma and Texas, and then back to Columbia. After all, we are all
trying for the same thing, putting our family history together for future
A misconception stated by one respondent: "You wanted opinions on
Derryberrys who are not related to Adam and Eve, being included in the
Derryberry Reunion? I think the reunion should be exclusive to the Maury
Co. Derryberrys. That is how it started. Keep it that way. What sense
is there in someone coming to another persons reunion. Nothing in
As pointed out by Guy above, it was started as a reunion for ALL
Derryberry/ Derreberry/or however spelled descendants, including those
with other names, so long as they were descended from those in Burke Co.,
NC in the late 1700s. It should not be exclusive.
Any organization to function, it must have capital. I have helped the
financial condition of the association by funneling money from the books
to the association, after I got my costs covered. Therefore, I feel that
I have a right to state my opinion. I had proposed that we have a paid
membership, which was voted down so that anyone could 'belong',
regardless of their financial condition. I doubt there would be many who
could not afford a small membership fee.
I belong to other family or ethnic (such as Palatines of America)
organizations, all of which charge membership fees to cover expense
needs. If the Derryberry Family Association had paid membership, with
voting by mail from paid members, the problem of locals at a reunion
dominating actions could be eliminated. This is how my mutual life
insurance company and my professional organizations to which I belonged
before retirement elects or elected officers. It would give minority
groups to have more input and encourage more participation in the family
association. Officers could be elected by mail-in vote. Anyone who did
not return their vote would have no right to complain.
I think Guy has the right idea. Let's all work together to make it a
better association.
Disclaimer: The opinions given here are my own. The Derryberry Family
Association and it's officers have no control over what is stated in the
Derryberry Family Newsletter Online.


From: Rick Williams (

"My great, great grandmother was Elizabeth "Eliza" Derryberry. She was
the daughter of Benjamin Derryberry and she married Daniel Webb. I have
done additional research on Daniel and Eliza's life. I have put together
a page detailing this. Also, I was able to find additional dates and
things on Daniel and Eliza's family. I have enclosed a genealogy report
with this information. Therefore I have attached two documents.
"My research is going to cause some heated discussion about Daniel's
Civil War service. There are two different family stories going on about
this. When you read my the attached documents you will see what I mean."
Note from me: go to the Derryberry webpage at
edited by Andy Derryberry to see a copy of the story.

From: Linda Vaught (

"I live in Fresno, Ca. What I have is from James Cleveland Cloninger's
granddaughter Anita.
Alice Levica Steele m. George Davidson Cloninger Oct 10, 1880 James
Cleveland is the 2nd born of 9 children born to this couple. He also was
one of three siblings that married Derryberry's. James m. Larura Ann
Derryberry. Minerva Malinda m. Allen Frederick Derryberry and George
Franklin m. Patsy Jane Derryberry. I plan to talk to Anita this evening
on the phone. Have e-mailed her your E-mail address and will encourage
her to contact you or get permission to send you
info she sent me.
"I am ggg granddaughter of James Steele brother of Alice Levica Steele
mother of James Cleveland Cloninger who married Laura Ann Derryberry. I
had received partial information from a Cloninger descendent and you
helped fill in missing dates on Derryberry line."


From Teresa Jones

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I found how to locate lost money that states are holding for the owners.
There are two websites: http:\\ and
http:\\ I did not find any for myself. With the
first one, which goes by states, I found, in Texas, these following:
Last Name First Name City
Derryberry Carla Houston
Derryberry Chris Humble
Derryberry David E Douglass
Derryberry Donald Fort Worth
Derryberry Donald D Hurst
Derryberry Ethel Ida Amarillo
Derryberry George A Amarillo
Derryberry M A Houston
Derryberry Mark Pasadena
Derryberry III James C Dallas
George A. was my first cousin, deceased several years back. Ethel Ida
was his wife, also deceased.

In Tennesse, I found these:
Derryberry, C A County: Madison :
Derryberry, F E County: Davidson City: Madison
Derryberry, G M County: Maury
Derryberry, Angela County: Maury City: Columbia
Derryberry, Daniel C County: Hamilton City: Chattanooga
Derryberry, Richard County: Maury City: Mt Pleasant
Derryberry, Laura County: Shelby City: Memphis
Derryberry, Ruby Settle City: Nashville
Derryberry, Shirley A County: Maury City: Columbia
Derryberry, Bill County: Marshall City: Cornersville
I did not search other states at this website and did not search for any
but Derryberry

Then, on the other website, it was more specific and appears to be
national in scope. I found these:
Name City Who Owes
Bill Derryberry, Tampa, FL, New York Life,
Bill Derryberry, Pompano Beach, FLFL Power & Light
Aaron Derryberry, Albany, OR Farmers Life Ins.
Carl Derryberry Springfield, VA Hanks Seafood Co.
Denise Derryberry Gainesville, FL Gainesville Utilities
That is enough to demonstrate for all. Who knows, you just might have a
dollar or so out there somewhere. Good luck in searching.

From Guy Fay Derryberry ( Lexington, TN
"...Ann Sparks in your newsletter, I don't know about Pitser Miller
Derryberry being buried at Liberty Cem., Booneville, MS. I do know there
is a group of Derryberrys buried there, the family of Sampson Derryberry
and his brother, about 6 graves. It was told to me that Sampson shot
"Ann Boudreaux in your newsletter writes of the Shockley people. It is
a known fact that the Shockley people were with the early Derryberrys in
Warren Co., TN. About 1812 some came with our Derryberrys to where I now
live, married and moved to Missouri. Last time I was in Warren County,
TN, about 1996, a Starkey man was trustee of deeds there. There was 2
sets of people there in 1812, Starkey and Shockley, easily confused. I
asked this trustee if he knew he was kin to the Derryberrys. He smiled
and said yes....
"Someone asked a number of questions in last part of your newsletter,
one or two I can answer. Irene Derryberry married Waldo Wallace Sep 14,
1957. Irene is my 1st cousin, still living, daughter of Silos
Derryberry, my father's brother. She is covered in Chapter 21, page 527
in the Derryberry book. (My note: There she is Bertie Irene Derryberry,
which explains why my computer program could not find her. It goes by
first and last name, with no consideration for finding by middle name,
except by searching like for a needle in a hay stack, which present
generation would not understand.) She married a double cousin of mine.
"John Derryberry born 1790 married Cassandara, probably in GA. My
investigation showed Cassandara to be wife of Henry Derryberry, son of
Jacob and Christina, was a widow in GA, living with her son John, in Dade
Co., GA. She had 2 other sons, William & Milton. You can find Henry and
Cassandara on the 1830 census of Sumner Co., TN, having apparently moved
from Drake's Creek, KY. You can find John on census in Marion Co., TN,
just north of Dade Co., GA.
"Henry must have died between 1839, date of his mother's estate
settlement, and 1850 census when his widow \, Cassandara, was shown
living with son John in Dade Co., GA.
"John W. Derryberry, born 1824 in TN, died 1904, McCurtain, OK, married
Holly Matilda (Drury?). My investigation showed this John W. Derryberry
to be a son of Calvin Scott or Scott Calvin Derryberry, shown two ways in
4 different censuses, and a grandson of Thomas Derryberry and Sarah
(Chapter 19, Derryberry book) I carried a picture of this John W.
Derryberry to Floyd Derryberry, still living. Floyd is a son of Elijah
'Lige' Derryberry who was a 1st cousin to this John W. Derryberry. Floyd
looked at this picture and said it sure favors Pap.
"Martha 'Mat' Derryberry who shows on 1850 census of MS, married to
William P. Myracle June 12 1856 Alcorn Co., MS.
"I have investigated this quite a bit. This Martha is one of 5
daughters shown in Andrew Jackson Derryberry home, census 1820, Warren
Co., TN. In 1823, this Andrew Jackson Derryberry moved to where I now
live, but in 1835 moved to Tishomingo, MS, now Alcorn and Tippah
Counties, almost on Tippah Co. line, near Pleasant Grove Community. They
always lived close to Peter Myracle Family. Peter and Andrew were
brothers-in-law, Peter having married Andrew's sister, Susan. Peter
Myracle died before 1850. Also, Andrew had lost his wife, so Andrew
marries a 25 year old girl named Malissa Glassco, much younger than his
daughters. I have the marriage records of 4 of these girls, but Martha
did not marry before 1856. She went to live with her Aunt Susan
Derryberry Myracle. You will find her listed on 1850 census of Tippah
Co., MS, in the old Peter Myracle home, under head of household William
Myracle, son of Peter and Susan. Actually, William P. Myracle was a 1st
cousin to this Martha 'Mat' Derryberry.
"But, in 1856 they married and raised a large family. Martha's father,
Andrew Jackson Derryberry was last found on Jefferson Co., AR census
1860, still with his young wife, Malissa Glassco, and now had 3 young
sons: Isaac, William & Andrew..
"In a newsletter a month or so ago I mentioned who I thought was
children of Old Michael Derryberry, one of the original 7 in NC. Said
that his daughter, Elizabeth, married about 1828 in Sumner Co., TN, but I
had forgotten the name. I know it was John Shields.
"I hope some of this will be of some help to someone.


From: (Andy Derryberry) placing some of those lost in
my database.
"from Hardison and Allied Families: Homer Derryberry. Born 16 Dec 1891;
d. 22 Dec 1929; mar. Vera Pearl Hardison. She, b. 23 Nov 1907 and d. 21
Jan 1990; dau. Wallace A. and Cora Eliz Sharp Hardison Homer died just a
year after he an Vera were married and is buried in Charles Hardison
Cemetery. There were no children..
"Homers parents:
"William James "Will" Derryberry. Born 22 Oct 1873; d. 23 Feb 1905; mar.
Isabel Tennessee Lovett in 1875 { obviously an error AD}. She, b 11 Oct
1875; d. 22 Mar 1956; dau. Franklin L. and Mary Josehpine Sharp Lovett.
He died from injuries received from a fall from his wagon. Bur.
Derryberry-Hardison Cemetery.
"Vera Pearl, my grandmother's (half) sister on my mother's side. Her
nickname was "Punch". As sweet and happy a person as I've ever met. Uncle
Will, if I remember the story correctly, used to ride his horse to
church. One Sunday, he wore a necktie to services and some of his friends
observed that he was becoming rather "high-falutin". That was the last
time he ever wore a necktie."

"Thanks so much for the tip on paltalk. Happy99 has tried to cross my
thresh hold several times, but he keeps getting dumped, as will Paltalk
should it happen by. We are battening down the hatches for our first
winter storm here tonight, hoping it won't get too bad. I told Lee
(Bowen), my brother, about your cancer experience. His surgeon came out
and talked to us after the surgery. He said the tumor was contained. He
felt confident that he had gotten all of the problem and gave Lee a good
prognosis. Lee is doing really good, a little less than happen with the
catheter, but otherwise very pleased with how well he is doing.
"My brother Bill is still in the nursing home in St. Louis. I don't
think he will ever be well enough to live anywhere else. However, he
isn't unhappy. His daughter lives close, his son flies in every other
weekend. My sister Suze is well and super active. My sister Lena has
moved to
Florida. She has likes and dislikes about living there, understandably.

From: (Anita Leeann Thurmond Johnson)

"In the enormous posting you did on the Derryberry page of GenForum, you
have a Mary Margaret Derryberry (dau of David Long Derryberry and Sarah
Brown) marrying a John J Johnson (son of Simon Johnson and Massey Swimm).
Let me tell you what I have.....
"James Maury Johnson born Januray 16, 1881. On his father's side,
James is son of David Alexander Johnson born January 16, 1856-March
19,1915 . David Alexander's parents are Simon J Johnson born c.1825 and
Massie Swaim born c.1830 and Massies father is given as Moses Swaim born
c.1810 mother not yet known to me.
"On his mother's side, James Maury is son of Eudora Andrew(s) born
February 25,1858-July 23, 1925. Eudora's parents are James Morrison
Andrew(s)/born c.1828/, son of Bariah Andrew(s) born c.1800 AND Jane
Derryberry/born c. 1830/, daughter of David B Derryberry born c.1800.
"It is just about a dead certainty that John J Johnson and David
Alexander Johnson are brothers with David being about 4 years younger
than John. (Probably a sibling or two between them).
" Now, here is my question, can you tell me the source of your
information about Mary Margaret Derryberry and John J Johnson? Perhaps
they will also have information that I can use to hook up my husband's
family to the very extensive Derryberry clan.
"I first heard the Derryberry name while "visiting" family members at
the Rose Hill Cemetery in Columbia, TN. My mother-in-law pointed out an
entire family group of Derryberry's (5 to 7 of them) who had all died in,
if memory serves, and auto accident sometime in the '50's. She said that
they were "cousins" on my father-in-law's side of the family. At that
time I had not yet developed any interest in "tree climbing", so I just
let it slide. Wish now I had paid more attention to a LOT of things.
All those people on my in-law side are now gone and I am working off
information jotted down 25-30 years ago. And pretty skimpy jottings they
are, too!
"Anyway, given the mix of Derryberrys and Andrew(s) and even Johnsons
there has to be cousin-ship so, you have anyone who has Eudora
Andrew or David B Derryberry or Jane Derryberry lurking about in the tree
somewhere? I printed out the entire 94 pages of your posting last night
but have not yet come across David or Jane.
Thank you for your generosity in sharing your information. Even more,
thank you for posting it in the forums. I have come across several
postings that look fascinating but the people "go private", connecting
through e-mail, and hardly ever come back and post to the forums. Theresa
Jones is another generous researcher.
Have a great day and even better New Year.

From: (Martha Goodwin)

Hi, Martha Goodwin here in Houston, TX. Just read your genealogy posting
on GenForum of Sept. 25,1999. The William B. Maricle (son of Michael and
Elizabeth) is the same one I'm researching. Mine has same dob and death
date buried at Union with S E his wife, also same dates. But mine is
William Marion Maricle. I've found where it shows a W'm B. as Michael's
son but I believe that William B. is William M (my ggggrandfather).
Anyway, I'm kin to just about everyone that is at Union and Loneoak (some
way or another), I'm from Corinth. Ottis Rencher & Velma Lindsey Rencher
were my father and mother. The W. M. and S E Maricle at Union are my
ggggrandparents. Another question that I'm trying to find an answer to is
S E I have her as Sarre Elizabeth Miller. I was told that by a family
member which may be incorrect. But their oldest son, Isic Benjamin b.
May 14, 1871 d.? married in 1895 to Elizabeth Love b. Sept. 19,1878 d.?
and had 12 children. You don't have him listed. If you feel that these
Williams may be the same person, then I have more family info if you
would like to have a copy I'll be glad to
mail or E-mail it. But I do believe that W.B. Maricle and W. M. Maricle
are one in the same. I've ran across other name problems before in my
research and have always been able to prove it out. But I don't have any
paper proof on this one as of yet.
"I believe that my William Marion Maricle is the son of Michael Maricle
and Elizabeth??? and the grandson son of Peter Maricle and Susan
Derryberry. WILLIAM MARION MARICLE b. May 15, 1842 d. Jan. 18,1926 m.
Sarre E. Miller b. Jan. 19,1842 d. Jan 16,1912 both buried at Union
Cemetery, Alcorn Co. MS.
1. ISIC BENJAMIN MARICLE b. May 14,1871 d.? m.1895 to Elizabeth Love b.
Sept. 19, 1878 d.? (daughter of A. F. Love b.1850 and Emma???b.1851 I
a. MARY ELZABETH b. Sept. 6,1911 d. Dec.23,1974 m. April 12, 1930 to
Daniel Leland (Pete) Lindsey b. Sept. 15,1906 d. Feb.28,1977 (son of
Robert B. Lindsey b. Aug. 1882 d. 1943 m.1904 and Dovie Lee Odle b. July
13,1885 d. Oct. 30,1963.)(Robert B. Lindsey was the son of James Harme
Lindsey b. July 1855 d.? and Amy Broomer b.?d.?)(Dovie Lee Odle was
daughter of James O. Odle b. May 25, 1842 d. April 24, 1899 and Sarah
Jane Clark b. Jan. 6, 1855 d. April 25, 1919)
b. Ruthie Magdeline b.1896
c. Hattie Jane b.1897
d. Will Ed b.1898
e. Annie Gurtrid b.1900
f. Henry David b.1901
g. Lillie
h. Barto
I. --ster and Lueanna ?b.1909
j. Marche Acton b.1914
k. Audie Randolf b.1920
l. J R.
2.Lizzy b.1868
3.Lysa b. 1872
4.Emmer b.1875
5.Henry Jackson b. 1878
6.Delor b.1886
7.Hillie R. b.1883
8.Bob b. 1879
9.Olly b.?
10.Isabelle b.1877
11.Jossy b.?
12.Etta b.?
"I am the granddaughter of Mary Elizabeth Maricle and Daniel (Pete)
Lindsey. Their daughter(my mother) Velma Louise Lindsey b. Nov. 24, 1931
d. Aug. 10, 1992 married Ottis Virgil Rencher b. Dec.28, 1913 d. June
19,1983. Ottis Virgil Rencher was the son of Charlie Lascon
Rencher/Renshaw b. Sept.,1891 d. June 3, 1968 and Mary Jane Ada James b.
Feb. 13, 1889 d. Dec.1976 (Charlie Lascon Rencher was the son of
Wesley/William Turner Rencher and Lou Annie Crum; Wesley/William Turner
Rencher was a brother to H. Washington Rencher that married Emily P.
Maricle. who was the daughter of William P. Maricle and Martha Jane/Ann
Derryberry.) Also, I've found in the older generations of the Renchers,
that the original name of Renshaw was still used sometimes. So, Susannah
Renshaw that married Henderson C. Maricle was a sister to William
Perry/Percy Rencher (Renshaw) and Henderson C. Maricle was the son of
Peter Maricle/Myracle and Susan Derryberry. Oh Boy, it's probably more
confusing now. Anyway I have an uncle(Rencher) that married a
Derryberry(descendant?), will research that further. Have some more
dates and info if you would be interested in branches of family
(descendants) and some "speculations" on others. Also am researching:

That is all for now. If you have anything to say, drop me an e-mail. I
need things to go into this newsletter.

Bob G. Derryberry in Garland, Texas