Newsletter #15

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Derryberry Family Newsletter Online #15, Dec. 13, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Derryberry Family Reunion for the year 2000 has been changed from Eastern Oklahoma to the Maury County, Tennessee area. It was originally slated for Eastern Oklahoma. Things have come to me in this regard that I feel I should pass along for the benefit of the organization. My apologies to those who may be offended by what I am going to report. I have received objections to the action from some Derryberry descendants. Be it known that I, personally, descend from Andrew Derryberry and Mary Lasley, who married in Maury Co., TN before migrating to Missouri and then Texas. Therefore, I am one of the Maury Co. Derryberry descendants. As editor of this newsletter, I try to remain unbiased and open-minded. There are a lot of Derryberrys who do not descend from Adam and Eve that are voicing to me that they feel that the reunion should be more representative of the distribution of the family and circulate around the country, rather than be tied to Maury Co., TN. There are Derreberry, Terryberry, Deberry, Berry and possibly Dayberry descendants who have no roots in Maury County. Some have indicated that they feel they are being excluded from the national association, that the reunions are basically for descendants of Adam and Eve.. What is your opinion and suggestions? I invite anyone who has an opinion to e-mail me your views. All opinions will be held strictly confidential, unless you request that your opinion be published in the Derryberry Family Newsletter Online. Will you be frank and honest? It will be appreciated. Also, if you do not have an opinion, will you tell me? That way we can be objective in this polling. This is for the benefit of the whole of the Derryberry/Derreberry descendants. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dan Derreberry has created a Derreberry Web Page courtesy of I have created a Derryberry Web Page, but then decided to not use it because (1) I was not sure how would use our information, (2) we would have no control over what others might put onto the website owned by someone else ( and, (3) last, they got me on Dan's website list and they send me an e-mail just about every day (sometimes three times in one day) urging me to spend my time to go look see what has just been added to that Web Page. I do not like nagging. Therefore, I will not be using the site. It is my opinion that Andy's Derryberry Web Page, the Derryberry Genforum, Dan's Derreberry Web Page and this newsletter are enough to keep up with (And I'm not so sure about this newsletter.) If anyone wants to put something on the site, please feel free to do so. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This came from Ann Sparks,, Subj: Pitser Miller Derryberry "They told me at the Geo E Allen Library, Booneville, Ms., that you had emailed me. I haven't had Internet access for about a year. But I have it at home now. Has anyone determined for sure where Pitser is buried? I truly believe he is at Liberty Cemetery, Booneville, Prentiss County. I have had a Confederate marker placed there for him. An elderly relative said she attended his funeral there in 1916. The engraver got his birth year wrong on the stone. Pitser was born in 1835. The stone shows 1832, the year of PJM's birth. Very strange. What are you working on now?" Anyone care to elaborate?
This came from Nancy Repenning,, Subj: THE door "I finally got a picture of "the door" scanned into my computer so I can send it to anybody who is interested. "I need some help here. I'm certainly not challenging any of you who have put so much time and effort into the genealogy, but I feel like I've come in on the middle of the movie. What is the Durenberger crossover? Does that mean somebody named Durenberger came over and changed his name to Derryberry? I'd go look it up, but I don't know where or what." The door is the one in French Basque area with the inscription above which says "Joannes Diriberry et Lovisedvhaldes". You can find it on Andy's Derryberry Web Page: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From Ann Boudreaux,, Subj: correction and additions "First, I apologize for an error I made on that information I sent about Shockley/Derryberry. "On the death date for James D. Shockley--It is 12 March 1940. "Robert Shockley married Edna Boudreaux. Have no date. "As far as information on the people I sent I only have this from J. S. James: "James D. Shockley and Mary Brenckle Shockley farmed in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. They are buried in Wetmore Cemetery in Ponchatoula. "Children of James & Mary: "Robert died in the influenza epidemic of 1918; buried in New Orleans, LA. "William (Jim) served in the Army during World War 1. Buried in Wetmore Cemetery in Ponchatoula. " Walter was a farmer. Buried in Wetmore Cemetery in Ponchatoula. "Catherine Mae Shockley Pique (second marriage to Mr. ?. Lefort) buried in New Orleans, LA. " Eugene took over James and Mary's farm when they got up in age. He raised strawberries, bell peppers and cucumbers for the commercial market and cultivated a general garden for household use. Eugene and Bertha Jenny Shockley are buried in Wetmore Cemetery in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. "Eugene was the father of J. S. James, from whom this information comes. Not me. Which comes to my request of you. Can you, and would you please, so as not to confuse any one, list the information as coming from J. S. James and remove my name and e-mail from the information you have listed. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and if we can answer any more questions, we will. "BTW, who are Ida Lee Parker DeBerry and Guy DerryBerry or can you say?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I've found that it is easy to scan in pictures and post them to Photopoint, where it is easy to view them. Here is a picture of the Souse Hole on the Rio Grande River near Taos where we got soused on a float trip this summer. Copy and paste this to the address line, click Enter and see it. The day after John David Derryberry and Madalyn Eastus married, we all went on this rafting trip down the Rio Grande River just south of Taos, NM. It had been raining several days before and the river was well running above normal. Here is proof that we got soused at the Souse Hole. Along the left side of the raft is: Paul Herrera and Ann Derryberry Herrera, Alta Derryberry, and Susan Derryberry. Along the right side are: Bob Derryberry and Charles Henry Herrera. The guide, Peggy, is in the middle on the oars. First picture shows us just going into the area. Second picture is all of us going swimming. There were other rafts in the area. We lost three sets of glasses, three caps, a pair of shoes and our dignity. We all wound up under the raft but got out safely. A second raft went over me before I got out. John and Madalyn were on another raft and did not get soused. This is 2 pictures taken at the celebration of my sister's 75th birthday at her daughter's home in Littleton. CO. Top picture, left to right: Jady or Jo D., as she prefers to be known, her daughter Alice Francis Wyatt Stephens, Donna Derryberry (James P. Derryberry's widow), Alta and me (Bob). Lower picture, standing, Donna Derryberry and Olive Josephine ‘Jady' or ‘Jo D. Derryberry Wyatt. Sitting: Alta and Bob Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Darrell Derryberry wrote: " I had long suspected that George William Derryberry was my gg-grandfather but I hadn't ever been able to make the connection. Henry Melvin is alive and well and living with my dad Gerald in Birch Tree, MO. His brother Mervin Andrew passed away in Oregon on Aug. 26,1997. " "I just have some basic information. He was born Oct. 14, 1915 in Lawrence County, AR. He married Rose Miley on May 21, 1949 in Houston, TX. Rose was born Sept. 29, 1903 and died Dec. 28, 1989 in Oregon. Rose had at least one child when they were married, but they did not have any children of their own." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
My genealogy program messed up, they say, because I jump in and out of the program while other programs are running on my computer. Well, duh. Doesn't everybody? So now I close my genealogy before going into something else, usually. I see I didn't this time. Gotta go close it. I'm back. Because of that I've lost the connection of some people. Can anyone clue me in of where these people belong? Homer Derryberry who married Vera Pearl Hardison 21 Dec. 1928. Edward J. Derryberry born 18 Dec 1897 in Indian Territory (OK) Irene Derryberry who married Waldo Wallace 14 Sep 1957 Jane Derryberry who married Silas P. Goodin about 1846, Pontotoc, MS. John Derryberry born 1790, married Cassandara probably in GA. John W. Derryberry born 1824 in TN, died 1904 at McCurtain, Haskell Co., OK, who married Holly Matilda (Drury?) John Wesley Derryberry who married Clemmie Simpkins,\. Martha ‘Mat' Derryberry who shows on the 1850 census of MS married to William P. Miracle 12 Jun 1856 in Alcorn Co., MS. Susan Derryberry born 28 Apr 1856, died 27 May 1919 at Durant, OK, married Stephen Shackelford. Susan Derryberry born 21 Jan 1948, married Selly P. Luttrell. William Derryberry who married Emma Laura Baker 2 Dec. 1882, children: Percy Lee, Perley Mae, Miles, Claudie, Mandy, Maggie & Perry. Any help appreciated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I went to the old German Valley Cemetery in Long Valley, NJ and took a picture of Jacob Derraberry's headstone. It reads: "Jacob, son of John and Mary Derraberry, who departed this life Sept. 9, 1820, age 13 yrs., 8 mos. & 7 days". He may not be related to us but the spelling sure gets close. Also, I purchased a copy of an old map at the museum there. It shows a J. Derraberry on Schooley's Mountain, west of Long Valley. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From: Cathy Thomas ( "My Mother's name Is Wilma Pauline Orr Strange she was born Jan 9 1918, in Leola Grant Co Ark. to Lee Andrew Orr and Cassie Graves. She Married my Father In 1952 ...My Father William Edward Strange was born Feb 12th 1912 In Murphy Cherokee Co NC to Henry Andrew Strange and Lillie Derreberry. My Mother And Father had five children 1. Billy Harold Strange b. May 22 1945 In Wenatchee Wash. 2.Rana LaLita Strange(We called her Sue all our lives).She was born In Pahokee Fla.3 Glenn Edward Strange he was born In Houston TX, May 23 1949. 4 Cathy Elaine Strange was born.Oct 23 1950 In Gastonia Gaston Co Nc.5 Teresa Carol Strange was born In Gastonia Gaston Co, NC on Oct 29th 1954." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
From Lois Sullivan Stradley ( "Ii don't live in Pittsburg KS anymore I have go back to the west I now live outside of Reno NV in a town called Fernley. Thank you for the information on the derryberry updates I will take a look at them MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I didn't accumulate much this time, but it has been so long since I sent one out that I decided to go with what I had. Merry Christmas to all and may the Y2K bug not bite you.

Bob Derryberry