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Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Derryberry Family News Letter #13, August 23, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'd hoped to give you a report on the family reunion but I can report very little. Andy Derryberry reports that he will have a reports soon on the Derryberry site that he has online. Go to for details. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gloria Derryberry ([email protected]) reported this much on the reunion. "Missed you and Guy (Faye) at the Reunion, hope we can all get together next year. There was a nice bunch of Derryberrys there and lots of good food, especially the fried fish (that was the highlight of the reunion). Our compliments to the chef, looking forward to our "fish fry" next year, that alone will be worth the trip. "Mike met a cousin Richard Derryberry, who lives there in Spring Hill, TN. If I could place our family where I think they belong, they would be related back something like 5 generations. It was uncanny how much they looked alike, could easily pass for brothers and no one would even question it. We really enjoyed meeting him and his son Blair. Mike is looking forward to next year, since they all golf, he will be bringing his golf clubs. Any other takers out there, y'all can start a Derryberry Family Reunion Golf Day " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owen Derryberry says: "Please note change as follows: [email protected] or: [email protected]" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jimmie Ewing ([email protected]) checked in. "I am Jimmie Jean Derryberry Ewing, daughter of Willis Landrum Derryberry and granddaughter of Henderson Filmore Derryberry. We live in Altus, Jackson County, Oklahoma. My e-mail address is [email protected] I have been enjoying the hard copies of the newsletter from Gloria Derryberry. Thanks." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shirley McKenzie ([email protected]) placed a note on the Derryberry Genforum. "My dates are scattered but I will provide you with what I have to update the data on your email to me: " James Franklin, 'Jimmy' Hurley was born July 1873. He died in Corinth, (Alcorn) MS in 1966 He was first married to Sarah McHugh (2). Maude Butler. They lived near Pocahontas when he died. He is buried beside 'Sallie' at Indian Creek near Chewella. "He had two daughters Ella Mae and Gracie. I'm unsure about who was older. Will clarify later. Ella Mae & Johnny Osborne had three children: (1) a son who died as an infant. (2) Onnie Oliver 'Jack' Osborne, b 1911. Died Jan 24, 1992 in Florence, AL. Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, south of Corinth, MS. He was married to Ruby (Barnes). Jack and Ruby had three children: Leslie Hugh Osborne married Linda?. Reside in Colorado a/o 1999. Sandra (Osborne) Butler & a son who died as infant. (3) Ella & Johnny Osborne's third child is Birdie Mae b May 5, 1915 at Chewella. Married:(1) Jesse Benton James. They had one son, Gerald Lionel James b. Guys, TN August ca 1934. Jesse died ca Dec 1934/35. Buried at Indian Creek Cem near Chewella. (2) Married Dec 9, 1938 at Baldwyn, MS George McRae Cartwright, b Feb 4, 1913 in Booneville(Prentiss) MS. Their children are Shirley Jean (Cartwright) McKenzie, b October 11, 1939 at Booneville. Shirley m on Mary 19, 1956 Kenneth Carter McKenzie b June 1, 1932 at Honolulu, HI. They reside Memphis, TN a/o 1999. Second child is David Rae Cartwright, b May 1, 1942 at St Louis, MO. who married Barbara Deanna Wolpers at Dexter (Stoddard) MO in July 1963. They reside in Dexter a/o 1999. (3). Birdie married Raymond Price, Dexter, MO, September 1996. "Gracie married Ed Everett. They had several children. To be provided later. "I'm not sure how this will all appear to you. If any questions, please contact me. Onnie Oliver's death date and place of burial from his Obituary" Does it ring any bells for you? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Report from [email protected] "The line that i am descended form is that of Marion Anderson Derryberry and Elizabeth Felton. Their son John Anderson Derryberry was the father of my great-grabdmother Julia Eva Derryberry. Any information envolving this family would be of great help. "I cannot find any of these Derryberrys in my huge database. Anyone recognize them? " Can you help her? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Got a phone call from Shirley Fletcher of Forest Grove, OR. She descends from John Walter Derryberry from Indiana. His father was W. H. G. Derryberry. At present I cannot figure her tie to the Derryberry tree. She is sending what she knows. I'll try to make the connection but if I cannot, I'll post it in the newsletter. Perhaps someone will make the connection. She had contacted Marcia D. Oriet and Marcia referred her to me. Mrs. Fletcher, 2131 Quince St., # 17, Forest Grove, OR is looking for a W. George M. Derryberry, a doctor, born 3 Feb 1842, married Luzena, born 17 Oct 1840. Their children : 1. John Walter Thomas Derryberry, her grandfather, born 30 Jul 1867, married Emma Jane Richardson, was a non-practicing doctor, a preacher for the money now and then', KKK associated. 2. Willie V. O. Derryberry born 25 May 1869 3. George F. C. Derryberry born 30 Apr 1876. 4. Luzettie L. Derryberry born 26 Mar 1871, married Isaac Harris. 5. Silena May Derryberry born 13 May 1878, married Earl Kuntz. 6. Flora V. A. Derryberry born 30 Apr 1874, married Ben Keeley Anyone with clues to their identity, please let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sug Fitzner ([email protected]) reports: "I have just found your Archive for your Newsletter,it is a great one and even though I descend from DEBERRY,(which I am sure at one time was DERRYBERRY,though I have not been able to find proof) I find it very interesting.I will print it I am sure for later possible connection with the DEBERRY line. My Great grandmother was Dorthea Deberry married to Jonathan Newby.If you ever run across any info that connects these two names I would appreciate it if you would let me know." Got any clues? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Nancy Repenning "I'm now the proud owner of a computer at home. I have a new address so I can receive mail at home and answer it at my convenience. But I haven't figured out how to send a bunch of people mail at one time, so this still comes from the old address. The new one is [email protected] When you go with Wolfenet you get, as a freebee, "The Real Story of Little Red Riding Hood" as told by the wolf. Cute, huh? " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This E-Mail received raises questions. Can anyone expound on it? Subj: Derryberrys in I(ndian). T(erritory). By Sue Solomon, [email protected] "Whites in Skullyville County, Choctaw Nation: Permit Register 1889-Feb. 19, 1905, Choctaw Volume 222 by Sandra McKinna. Heritage Books "All I have is my scribbled notes from above borrowed book. All here are Derryberry surname: 1893 Pg 65 Thomas, 1894 John and Thomason Pg.79, 1895 Bud, Thomas, John, Thomason, 1898 Simpson, Russell, P.(initial only), 1899 Garrison W. , J.W." "My questions: "(1) Anyone got access to that book to see if there are any related notations, like related families? "(2) Where was Skullyville County in the Choctaw Nation? "(3) I think I've got Garrison W., Bud and Thomason pegged. Garrison W. is in Rick Derryberry's ancestors. J. W. may be John Wesley, father of Garrison W. He probably is the John W. who died at the town of McCurtain in Haskell Co., OK in 1904, husband of Holly Matilda Drury and father of Bud and Thomason. Thompson is probably John William Thomason Derryberry, born 1 Oct 1859 in Tippah Co., MS, died 22 May 1936 at Tuggle Springs, Red River Co., TX.. Which brings up another question: are J. W., John W. Aand John Wesley one and the same? Are we confusing the town of McCurtain with the McCurtain County? "(4) Is the John in other years John Wesley or John W. above? If not, then who? "(5) Who were the Thomas, Simpson, Russell and P. Derryberry? P. could be John W. And Holly's son Preston Andrew. "Emma Gene Brown may have answered some of this. She is next." This may help some that are searching Oklahoma or Indian Territory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Posted by Emma Gene Brown on Derryberry Genforum: [email protected] "Sarah Emma Derryberry b.06/04/1880 in Miss. m.John Nixon 06/13/1900. Lived in McCurtain, Ok. Sarah's father was William Derryberry b.1850s Miss. m. 01/18/1871 to Sarah Ann Robenson b. 1853 in Miss. William's father was John W. Derryberry b.1824 Tenn. m. Holly ? b.1827. N.C. John's father was Andrew Derryberry b. 1800s. m. Mary Lasley b. 1790-1800s. Hope this connects for someone. Emma "I e-mailed Emma Gene that I am positive that John W. was not a son of Andrew Derryberry and Mary Lasley. That is my line. Their John was John Andrew born 1821 who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Chenoweth. They had no son named William. "She wrote back: " I can tell you this. They lived in McCurtain, Okla., Haskell Co. Maxine's sister-in-law has all her Derryberry & Nixon stuff. I have been trying to get her to send it to me & I will copy it & send it back immediately, but she is in her 70's & is hard to convince. My daughter has a truck now, & I am going to call the lady tonight & tell her that we will come up there some Sat. & copy it all. She lives in Okla. City & I live in Van Buren, Ark. We will gladly make the tripto get the info. Please wish us well. Emma Gene " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A follow-up from Emma Gene Brown:([email protected]) "I am researching the Derryberrys for my cousin Maxine Casey Hayes who worked for over 20 yrs. in the late 60s, 70s & early 80s when she died with leukemia. In those days you wrote to people with queries & waited weeks & maybe months to hear from them, besides she was so ill much of the time. Her g mother was Sarah Emma Derryberry who married a Nixon. They lived at McCurtain, Okla. "The Derryberrys I know of are buried at Milton Cemetery between Bokoshe & McCurtain Okla. My daughter & I are going to walk it as soon as we can. We are the cemetery searchers in our family. Our problem is the chiggers. We get covered every time we go. Spray or rub-ons don't slow them down. "We were at Old Panther Cemetery in the spring & she stepped on a snake & didn't know it, getting out of the truck. When we started home & got in the truck, there was a dead snake by the door. She had stepped on it & killed it unknowingly. We have been careful since then. We have found cemeteries in back yards & are trying to get some of them to be recognized as pioneer settlers in the Indian Territory. "We have made headstones for my grandmother's small children who never had any,who died 70 or 80 yrs. ago. "We have Chenoweth, Wall & Browns in our line,too. We will be happy to exchange any & all info we can get. We are going to a Williams family reunion at Whitefield, Okla. & after that I will get on the other names." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: [email protected] (Sue Solomon) reports: For a "Political Division of the Choctaw Nation, 1890" Map go to (or e-mail BGD and I'll make you a photocopy from my 1904 World Atlas) It will locate Skullyville Co. for you. Let me resend the names to you showing which are permit signors and which are the leasees. This might change your questions. As I understand, a non-Choctaw was not permited to be in the territory without having been registered annually. A person with Choctaw rights, whether by blood, marriage or somehow had to sign for the person. The lease amount stated was generally $5.00 per year. Usually the permit signers and leasees did not have same last names, but not so with the Derryberrys. They appear on both sides of the register: The register begins with the year 1889. I have not noted any Derryberry prior to 1893 Page Permit signer Leasee Year 65 J. T. Leard Thomas D. 1893 79 J. T. Leard John and Thomason D. 1894 87 J. L. Laird Thompson & John D. 1895 85 Johnathan Dwight Bud D. 1895 107 Simpson Derryberry P. Derryberry 1898 &Russell 109 Garrison W. Derryberry S. G. Bernard 1899 Garrison W. J. W. Derryberry 1899 Garrison W. J. W. Green 1899 114 Garison W. 2 tenants but no Derryberry 1900 The book continues to early 1905, but I made no other notations on this name. Hope this clarifies a bit. Sue ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Andy of Nashville, sent me a clipping that Ernest of PA had sent him, that had been sent to Ernest by Mrs. Roy Isaacs of VA. Well, it finally got to me. It is an article about a Community Art Show at Bristol. VA.. It was juried by Virginia Derryberry, an artist and full time assistant professor of art at Virginia Intermont College. Anyone know who she is? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are those of us who subscribe to Don Cross' research of a few years back in which a connection was suspected to three brothers who imigrated to America. The following are some recent comments on that line of thinking. From Teresa Jones, now in AZ, [email protected] "First, Guy asked me to check on the Univ. of MD Medical Records for a Dr. William Derryberry. I received an e-mail response from three different administrators at the school. To date, none have notified me of any luck in finding such a person. " I did find a woman on the Internet who was looking for information on her ancestor, Dr. William "DeBerry" who lived in early TN. She said that he married a "Caroline Mooring" early 1800s in Lake Co. I believe that Lake was formed much later from Obion so I checked there also. In any event, I've lost my notes, and she never wrote back with any more information on this family as promised. I did find the surname "Derryberry" listed in the index of a history book on one of these counties (I think it was Vol. II, can't recall the county or title), but no "DeBerry". It might be worth some further checking in Obion/Lake Co. " Next to the Durrenbergers. A short while ago, I received a long e-mail message from a Brian Anton of Beverly, MA. Very interesting story. He is the g-g-grandson of Michael Durrenberger who came to New York City in the 1880s with his brothers from Gundershoffen. Michael was a descendant of Hans Georg Durrenberger (1719-1777) and Susanna Jung. Brian has done considerable research over in that area (Alsace). He said that his French was rusty, but he did see a bakery in Mertzwiller with the name "Durrenberger" so he went in and talked to the lady who spoke no English, ha! She told him that there were only two Durrenberger families left there now, one Protestant and one Catholic. They pronounce the name DUR-en-ber-ZHAY. "Back to Hans Georg Durrenberger.....Brian believes that he was the son of Hans Peter and Eva Catherine, the parents of Jacob, Michael, Stephan and Magdalena who came to PA in the 1730's. They were married in 1708 and the children were born 1711, 1713, 1716 and 1717 (church records in Mertzwiller), after 1717, they disappeared from those records. Stephan was married in Gundershoffen, so I suspect that Peter and Eva moved there after 1717. Hand Georg was probably born there. I have some records from Gundershoffen that show two children (Maria Dorothea and Andreas) of a Peter Durrenberger died there in 1730. Johan Stephen (who was later in NJ) and Anna Clara Duffort had their first child there (Johan Georg) 21 Oct 1736 before they came to America. "Brian's ancestor, Hans Georg, later was a farmer in Mertzwiller and an innkeeper at the "3 Konige". Perhaps he inherited his parents, Peter and Eva's farm in Mertzwiller. In any event, he never left the area. He named his children the exact names of the children of Peter & Eva who came to America: "Magdalena, Stephan, Jacob and Michael". I would say that it is a very good bet that they are connected to Stephen in NJ and Michael and Jacob, whom we suspect to be our ancestors. " Brian found evidence of the Durrenbergers in Mertzwiller as far back as 1670. Before that, it seems that there was a heavy concentration of this name in Switzerland. Another fellow who writes to me (from France), Jean-Paul Kaminske, has sent me old marriage records from Mertzwiller and Gundershoffen and is still looking for other material that might be of help. He is such a nice guy and this is all complimentary. It just could be that the Durrenbergers in Mertzwiller came originally from Switzerland after the 30 Years War to settle the depopulated Alsace. "Brian says that the Swiss Durrenbergers originated in Basel-Land, at the Swiss border with southern Alsace. They are mentioned in Diegten, Lauwil, Lupsingen and Reingoldswil. Apparently there is a compiled genealogy of some of these folks at the archives in Basel. Maybe there is a mention in those records of family emigrating to Alsace. "Now as to the Bastian/Bostian family. The Anna Margaretha Bastian who married Jacob Dorrenberger (listed on the IGI) 28 Sep 1742 at Jordan Lutheran Church in Lehigh Valley, PA, was evidently there before the family that came to this area in 1751 and claim to be the first. They went to Rowan Co., NC early on and are listed in many, many records there (you recall that Burke Co. was taken from Rowan). I did find a ship's record for Anna Margaretha and her family, but could not determine which names were her parents/brothers/sisters. I don't know where they went before she appeared in this church record marrying Jacob. I'm pretty sure, however, that she was somehow related to the family that came to Lehigh in 1751 and went to Rowan Co., so this could be a good explanation of how they might have gotten to Burke(Rowan)Co., NC before 1777. Ditto with Michael. "Barnhart/Barnhardt Family: John was still a landowner in Burke Co. in 1795, but in 1797 he was in Warren Co., KY with Michael Derryberry, George Lawrence and Conrod/Conrad Strader. In 1803, John Derryberry is listed in Warren Co., KY tax records. In 1804, Jacob, John Jr. and John Barnhart Sr. are still in Warren. John Jr. married Patience Lawrence and they moved to IL near the MO border. I suspect that John Sr. died somewhere in KY. There was also a Samuel Barnhart, probably another son of John Sr. in those early KY records. Not much new on this. I just have not had the time to pursue it with our recent move." "Eva Catherine and Peter Durrenberger did move to Gundershoffen from Mertzwiller. Probably died there. This a.m. I received some additional dates from a lady in IN who is also researching in this area. She just looked at an LDS film (#0753734), the Evangelical Church of Gundershoffen. She said it was very hard to read and she probably missed some names. These are what she did find as additional children for Eva and Peter: born 11 Feb 1721 Bernhard, of Eva and Peter Durrenberger 19 Dec 1722 Eva Margretha of Eva Catherine & Peter Durrenberger 21 Nov 1725 Eva Catherine of Eva & Peter Durrenberger 29 Dec 1729 Maria Dorothea of Eva & Peter Durrenberger 6 Jul 1731 John Michael? (could not read this) of Eva & Peter Durrenberger "Perhaps Brian's Hans Georg who was born 1719 was also born either in Mertzwiller or Gundershoffen and it was missed in these hard to read records. In any event, our Stephan, Michael and Jacob obviously left behind many siblings in Gundershoffen/- Mertzwiller when they came to America!" "I found Mertzwiller in Alasace, north of Strasbourg, about half way between Strasbourg and the Mozel River, but I could not find Gundershoffen. So I inquired of Teresa where it was. Her answer: " It is now in France (Alsace). By the way, these Durrenbergers did apparently originate in Switzerland. There is a brief mention of Hans Durrenberger of Gundershoffen, son of the late Hans Durrenberger, formerly of Reichersweyler in Canton Basel, Switzerland. The younger Hans married Anna, daughter of the late Jacob Eichkom, former citizen at Ingeth, Nov 1701. This is from "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America" by Annette Kunselman Burgert. "I wonder if Hans Jr. was a brother to Peter? I'll keep checking. "I have more names and dates, just keeps flowing in daily. I have not been able to figure it all out yet. I'll keep you posted." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teresa followed up with: "I wanted to let you know that I've found numerous BASTIAN families in early Alsace (France) records. Perhaps Jacob and Anna Margaretha knew each other back in the homeland! I'll keep you posted. "Also, it looks like there is ANOTHER child of Peter and Eva Durrenberger. There is some confusion on the exact year that they were married and I'm checking that presently. There was a "Johan Peter Durrenberger" born ca1709 to Peter Durrenberger. His marriage is listed in Gundershoffen records with the date of 28 Dec 1732 to Maria Dorothea Frank, daughter of Johann Christoph Frank. So, if this is the same Peter (Sr.) and Eva's child, he was born before Stephan and the others. "There is another "Johan Peter Durrenberger" in Gundershoffen records, son of Johan Peter Durrenberger. This younger fellow married Maria Magdalena in 1785. When their daughter, Maria Elisabetha, married 31 May 1825 in Uttenhoffen, the Alsation civil marriage records listed here father as "Johann Peter Durrenberger, absent en Amerique depuis 1791" which means "away in America since 1791". Her mother was evidently deceased in Gundershoffen according to Brian Anton. "Is this the same fellow in Bucks/Berks Co., PA in 1810 from whom the WVA Durrenbergers believe that they descend? This could be very interesting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` From my query posted in "Palatine Patter", the newsletter put out by the Palatines to America orginization, Barbara Lynch of Philadelphia, PA answered. Pursuing that vein, her answer to me was as follows: "Re your query in the most recent Palatine Patter for info on Duffort/Durrenberger, much of what you need can be found in "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America" by Annette K. Burgart, pages 127-132. ... "Some of what is there: "p. 127 Philip Duffort arr. 1738 Robt & Alice. Came from Langansoultzbach, Germany, now called Woerth, Alsace, France. From the Lutheran church records there: Hans Philipps Dufforth & wife Eva Anthoni, their 2nd child (of 7) was Anna Clara. Philip died @ 1767. "p. 128 "Stuffey" Durrenberger also called Stephan Terryberry (Stephan Durrenberger) was a son-in-law of Philip Duffort. He leased the tract adjacent to the Duffort lands in German Valley, NJ, a farm of 150 A. "p 131 Hans Jacob, Hans Michael & Stephen Durrenberger arr. 1738 Robt. & Alice from Griesbach, Germany, now Niederbronn, Alsace. " Johann Stephan was the son of Peter Durrenberger, married 31 Jan 1736 to Anna Clara Dufforth. First child Joh. Geotge, bapt. 12 Dec 1736 "The information according to Mrs. Burgart is from the records of the Genealogical Society of Utah and available on microfilm from the Mormon Center in Salt Lake. More complete records are to be found in Strasbourg, Alsace. "I bought her book at a local Palatine Chapter meeting, it has been a big help to me, just a wealth of information. She also includes a history of the area which is interesting. There are other references listed, and specific church records cited, also helpful. I wonder why so many have Johann' for first name but go by the second name? My German ancestors are the same, Johann Heinrich and Johann Peter, etc." I had seen this book quite sometime ago in the public library in Morristown, NJ. I also suspect that Don Cross researched in a copy of it in Salt Lake. Sounds awful familiar. The thing about naming all boys with same first name, I've read, is to confuse the Devil. If he comes calling looking for Johann Durrenberger he gets confused as to which Johann Durrenberger he is searching for. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, in the same vein, from Dennis A. Kastens, 5101 Kings Park Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129 314-892-0888 Phone and Fax, [email protected] "Dear Mr. Derryberry: "In reply to your query in Palatine Patter, June 1999, let me say that there apparently were Palatinate Durrenbergers (various spelling) that came from Alsace to America in 1738 . "This scion of Durrenbergers (commonly spelled Duerenberger and Dirrberger in the 1600s) originated in a village by that name near Bad Bergzabern. By the mid 1500s they resided in Birkenhoerdt and Gossersweiler in the Palatinate but were in Rumbach, Germany by the early 1600s. When the 30 Years War came to Rumbach in 1635 the survivors of this family fled to Alsace, France. It appears that some descendants might have come in the next century to the New World (1738). "If I knew the religion and other particulars of your immigrant forebearers, perhaps this could be studied further with positive result?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also: From: Daniel Debus, Poissy, France "Tess ([email protected]) gave me your e-mail address. We try to share informations about DURRENBERGER family in Mertzwiller - Alsace. Myself, I'm an alsacian and descendant of Adam Durrenberger and his son Jackob (b. 1817). In first time, my searches were about my surname. So at this time, I'm not so far I would like to be with Durrenberger surname. "Contacts with Tess and, few days ago, with Brian Anton (and now with you - I would like), stimulate me to search in this surname way (I don't know if it's the appropriate word - sorry for my bad english...). "At this time, I try to obtain a (sold out) book written by Daniel PETER about Durrenberger's family. Did you known something about it ?" "Membre du Cercle Genealogique d'Alsace "Site That site is in French, which I cannot read. Anyone care to do a little translating and see what can be found? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a possible source for Alsatian research, if any one wants to pursue it. From: [email protected] (Marck Pierre) "We can make researches for you (we need a name,a town and a approximitivly date). Our association demands 11$ per photocopy of act , 5$ per act for translation (from old french or german gothic or latin in english) and 5$ for change charges for all acts. Payment with international check. "If you are interested, send us an e-mail and we begin the research. If we find something, we inform you about the total cost of founded informations, you send the payment and we send you all photocopy of acts and translation.. "Salutations "De la part de :Cercle G‚n‚alogique d'Alsace "5 rue Fischart 67000 Strasbourg t‚l :03 88 60 36 89. "e-mail :[email protected] " "Dans vos courriers, veuillez mentionner CGA comme objet. "Merci ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And this from D. A. Kastens, 5101 Kings Park Dr., St. Louis, MO 63129, [email protected], "Although my recent letter reference to the Palatine Drrenbergers (variously spelled) a considerable number of Colonial immigrants with that surname also had their early original roots in Switzerland, as you doubtless already know. "The 3 brothers; Jacob 1717, Michael 1716 & Stephen 1711; were sons of Hans Peter and Eva Catharine D rrenberger of Mertzweiler, Alsace who immigrated in 1738. "Stephen married 1/31/1735 to Anna Clara D ffort of Langenswetzbach, Alsace. Wedding was in Gundershaffen, Alsace. "Jacob married 9/28/1742 to Anna Margaretha Bastain. "Michael's marriage I do not have. "Hans Phillip D fforth (1690 - 1767) and Eva nee Anthoni (May 1692 - 7/24/1732), parents of Anna Clara D fforth, were from Langensultzbach when they immigrated in 1738 to the New World along with the D rrenbergers on the Robert and Alice vessel. At that time the Durrenbergers were from Griesbach, Alsace when they departed for America. "It is likely that Peter Durrenberger's parents were natives of Reichersweyles, Canton Basel, Switzerland and immigrating to Alsace sometime before Hans Peter D rrenberger was born. It is possible that Hans Peter's grandfather was Hans D rrenberger, Sr. of Reigoldswil (?Reichersweyler), Switzerland. Hans, Sr. had a son, Hans, Jr. (ca. 1676 - by 1739), who was father of Christopher D rrenberger (ca. 1704 - aft. 1748), who married 1/20/1739 to Anna Maria Jung in Gundershoffen, Alsace and immigrated on the Phoenix in 1750. "Both Stephen D rrenberger and Christopher D rrenberger were married in the same Lutheran Church in Gundershoffen, Alsace. My feeling is that Stephen and Christopher may have been first cousins. "The fact that the Colonial D rrenbergers, who immigrated in 1750 had ancestral roots in Switzerland, and were from the same Alsatian village as were the antecedents of the 1738 immigrants, leads me to realize that the entire group of D rrenbergers in the Alsatian area were related by blood and therefore were Swiss (and not Palatinate as stated in the previous letter) background! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a lot more information on the possible Durrenberger/Dornberger/etc. connection for those who might be interested. Looks like the family newsletter is turning into a genealogy thing. If you all do not start sending me news to put here, then I will discontinue the family newsletter. When I started it, I hoped to limit it fairly to the living Derryberry descendants so that we could get to know each other. I'd like information little personal items about yourself, like this. Alta and I drove to Chicago last month to help our daughter, Susan, move to her new town house in Willimet. We happened to get there at the time when they had their hottest and muggiest weather. It was 103 with 97% humidity one day. I've been hot in Texas, but I do not recally weather that hurt me that much. Then, three days later it was in the low 80s and felt real nice. We swung back by the Allen County Library in Indiana. It is reported as one of the best genealogy libraries in the United States. Personally, I think the Dallas Public Library and the Virginia State Library has them beat. So much for now. Bob Derryberry