Newsletter #12

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Derryberry Family Newsletter Online, # 12, June 23, 1999 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Posted by Andy Derryberry on June 09, 1999 at 17:27:03: on Derryberry Genforum For information about the 1999 National Derryberry Reunion see Also, all of Bob Derryberry's Newsletters are archived there. I'm presently working on archiving all of Kaye Cross's Derryberry Newsletters.  More things to come as I have time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Nancy Repenning: When my brother, Bill, lived in Fresno, he was rear-ended by a policeman.  Some time later, he was introduced to this same policeman who said, "Derryberry, Derryberry.  Haven't I run into you before?" And then there was my cousin, Jim, who lived in Chico.  He was very active in civic matters and on the city council.  Unfortunately, the town drunk was also named Jim Derryberry and there were occasional headlines reading, "DERRYBERRY DOES IT AGAIN!" Both were grandsons of Charles H. and Alice Thatcher Derryberry.  Bill and I were fathered by Ward W. and Beth Derryberry.  Jim's parents were Charles W.(Jim) and Wilda Wallace Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Peggy Sue Derryberry Gould: What I want to share comes from Benton W.T.  Derryberry's file of application for Invalid Pension after the Civil War.  Benton's file was quite thick; since he originally fought for the South, there was much argument as to whether he deserved a pension.  He finally received pension.  I have a copy of a letter written in Benton's own hand (was able to see the original at the National Archives; what I would give to have that!) that he wrote to the government: Crump, Tenn July 2, 1907 Hon. V. Warner                                              Washington, DC Dear Sir, Yours of the 12 ______ to hand.  In reply would say that when I enlisted in the 2nd USV Inf. it was with no understanding as to where we should do service but when the command was ready to _______ to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas we were told that we should do services ton the Frontier that we would relieve troops then doing duty there that they might go south.  So I conclude that we did aid and assist in the Suppression of the Rebellion, however I am not interpreting the law, The matter rests with you people. Yours truly           Benton W.T. Derryberry This next letter was written by Benton's wife after his death.  When I received the copy of this letter, I noticed little dashes (-----) in the middle of the long page.  When I was able to visit the National Archives and see the original letter, I saw that Emma had stitched the pages together with white thread. My heart went out to her: Adamsville Tenn. September the 6 1918 Commissioner of Pensions My Dear Sir  I come to you to beg you to please haste and send me my just help and relieve my many Privations.  Oh my Dear Sir I am old and entirely alone except friend and I am now under many obligations to them for favors.  It is now ten months since I received a penny from the government, my husband died February the 3 with ___months pay due and his years of illness left me financially broke with no health and no means of income and your long delay has caused me many privations, and oh my Dear Sir the winter is most here and I need fire wood and winter clothes (sorely or surely) Sir if you have a mother please do by me as you would those who had the power over her rights and therefore her comfort, if you haven't all the proof you need it is available just send for what you want, and oh my Dear Sir Please do haste and be as generous by me as you can, and now please do by me as you would have your own mother done by and you will have the Prayres of an old afflicted widow. Mrs. Emma F. Derryberry widow of Benton W. T. Derryberry G2 Regt US Vol Inf My claim number is 1114977 (spelling, etc., is all Emma's) She was finally given a pension of $50.00/month... I believe Benton's pension originally began at $10.00/month. Since my father  his children and grandchildren  are just about the last living descendants of Benton & Emma, these letters may not be of a lot of interest to others....but I wanted to share.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Anne Scott I finally got to read all of the descendants attachment that you sent me.  I have a couple of corrections for you. #252. Stacy Anne Southall is daughter of Chris Southall and Pamela Sue.  Chris had no children with Keri.  Sorry, I don't remember Pam's maiden name.  Chris is working out of state this month, I'll ask him when he gets back. #176. Patricia Anne Southall, b. 29 Dec 1960, m. Claude Terry Scott, son of Charles Terry Scott and Hazel Louise Lawrence on 15 Dec 1989.  Terry adopted #255. Lucas Ried Scott, b. 19 Apr 1984, and Mary Anne Scott, b. 19 Apr 1985.  #257.  Sarah Virginia Scott, b. 20 Dec 1991. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forwarded by: Gloria Derryberry :  GBDrrybrry@AOL.COM In a message dated 6/21/99 4:35:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Topaz428 writes: " I just got a e-mail saying a AOL 5.0 was coming out in July and I could  get  a head start in June, by applying for it now.   It looks all official..  There is no 5.0 for AOL. You get any such mail, send it to TOS or just  delete it. Its either a password catcher, or a virus...      I have verified all of this by phone to AOL and they have said, no 5.0  is  coming in July..     Please send this out to all your friends on AOL!    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:  Mike Cummings,    IBM Global Services   You guys, this virus IS real.  A friend works at Price Waterhouse Coopers downtown and they got hit with it last night and are still trying to recover.   New Virus Warning   Someone is sending out a very desirable screen-saver, a Bug's Life -  "BUGGLST.ZIP". If you download it, you will lose everything!  Your   hard drive will crash and someone from the Internet will get your  screen   name and password!   DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!    IT JUST WENT INTO circulation yesterday, as far as we know.   Please distribute this message. This is a new, very malicious   virus   and   not many people know about it.   This information was announced yesterday morning from Microsoft.   Please share it with everyone that might access the Internet. Also   do   not open or even look at any mail that says "RETURNED OR UNABLE TO   DELIVER."  This virus will attach itself to your computer  components  and  render them useless.  Immediately delete mail items that say this. AOL  has said that this is a very dangerous virus and that there is NO  remedy  for it at this time. =20 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Shirley Cartwright McKenzie Bob, please add my name to the Derryberry Newsletter list.  Shirley Cartwright McKenzie,  Thank you.    (I note there is a discrepancy.  I do not know which is the correct address.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Jennifer Hammer Have found another discrepancy for you to ponder.  I have been doing research on the new Family Search Ancestral File site.  Would like your opinion on what I found the other day.  Listed for Gilbert Leon Derryberry (1835-1851) as his parents are: Michael Derryberry and Polly and Jacob Derryberry and Christina Barnhardt With Jacob and Christina they have listed as their children:     Gilbert L. Derryberry b. 1835 in TN  d. Dunklin Co., MO     Henderson Degaffey Barnhart Derryberry b. ca. 1822 in TN  d. Alcorn Co., MS     Harvey Jefferson Monroe Derryberry b. Sept. 24, 1827 in TN  d. Dec. 12, 1876 in McNairy     Co., TN That was the first time I had come across Gilbert as their son.  What do you make of this?  All of my other information says that Gilbert's parents were Michael and Polly. Anyone care to answer her? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Sara Barnett:     Exploring the other day I found the Derryberry site on Cyndi's List of new links for May 1999. Looked yesterday and saw all your newsletters.  That is nice having your newsletters on the web.     Looking over your letter #11 I am again amazed that there are Derryberrys in the Houston, Mo., Texas County cemetery.  I went to a cemetery in Houston, Mo. during a Ferguson family reunion back in l993 and saw the graves of my Ferguson great grandparents in that same cemetery. My dad was from Texas County, Missouri and he came to Texas.      I married a Derryberry descendant D. W. Barnett son of Mildred Derryberry Barnett.  Dee's cousin Don sent in a humorous story about them in Newsletter # 5 I think.  Anyway I think it is amazing these connections from the past. Makes me wonder could my dad have known Derryberrys also.  He's deceased so I can't ask.  Thanks for all your great work. It set me on a course of genealogy search of my husband's father's family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` From:     Sheila R. Stephens: Oh, Boy!  Do I sympathize!  I lost my whole hard drive a few years ago...and while it had business on it, it didn't have much of our family stuff then!  Those are the things you can't replace! I'm so sorry!  I, too, use Norton Utilities and so far, so good.  It even caught a nasty virus right away and saved me a lot of agony after I finally figured out what to do!  I understand McAfee is a good anti-virus program....if that helps any.  Only other thing I can think of is to go to the Symantec site and review the feedback they get, etc.  When it happens, it seems SO mysterious! Mine was a simple mechanical defect, maybe due to simple age.  At any rate, it is disastrous I know!  Since my disaster, I installed tape backups on both old and new computers.  I keep all my "data" on one separate partitioned "drive" and backup the data constantly now.  The programs you can always reinstall.  Anyway, my heart goes out to you.  You have been such a mainstay for all of us, it seems TREMENDOUSLY unfair for this to happen to YOU!     Notice that my dear cousin, Nancy Repenning, has really been busy entering information with you!  That's so great!  Glad we can extend the connection.     Just for the heck of it, and because you need some "light stuff" to cheer you up, I am attaching a couple of photos (I just last night got a scanner and a color printer and I'm going bananas with exploring).  Thought you might get a kick out of the fact that a daylily hybridizer named a daylily after me!  He was a dear, dear friend and just died recently.  The attachments include a close-up photo of "Sheila's Choice" which is a lousy picture but the only close-up I've managed to get so far.  Then there is a picture with other daylilies....Sheila's Choice being the pink on the right in that shot.  FYI, I am a NUT gardener, live on an acre just south of Denver, and I spend all my time in the summer tending my many perennial beds, heavy in daylilies.  In 1996, my garden was on the national convention tour for the American Hemerocallis Society, only as an example of a "real--life" perennial garden that includes a lot of daylilies.  About 200 in my case, which is nothing for those daylily nuts, but is a lot for a general perennial gardener.  Anyway, they enjoyed the spread here.   Definitely mixed perennial borders, but at an elevation of 6500 feet in a cold/hot climate.     Also, I should tell you (if cousin Nancy Repenning has not) that Bob Derryberry's widow (Albuquerque) recently died....that's Orva (Ball) Derryberry.  She was survived by her daughter-in-law, Linda Derryberry, and her granddaughter, Jill Derryberry.  Both Orva's sons (Bob and Tommy) died years ago.  That was very hard to deal with for both Bob and Orva. Linda has promised to send a copy of the obituary to me, and I will send on the information to you when I receive it.     Orva's death has left my mother, Ruth W. (Derryberry) Tomlin, as the last of her generation in our line.  My mother continues to be sharp, funny, wise at the age of 91 in Tempe, AZ.  Just returned from visiting her about 2 weeks ago.  Just a knockout of a human being and a great joy and companion to me!     If you are interested in old photos and since I now have a scanner, please let me know if you could use any via email (.jpg or .bmp?).  I have one photo that I love of 3 generations:  my grandmother (Alice Thatcher Derryberry), my mother (Ruth Wilmina Derryberry Tomlin) and myself (Sheila Ruth Tomlin Stephens).    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Jeff and Shelley:Gage Bob, my name is Jeff Gage and through the wonders of family search I was able to trace my roots on my grandmothers side all the way to John Derryberry and Ann(a) Buck. I am a 4xgreat grandson of Johns son Adam's daughter Elizabeth.   If you would like information to pass on to others about this line I would be more than happy to forward everything I have to the present on this line.       1. Judging by the Derryberry genforum I can see that you started that and have been a wealth of knowledge for people exploring their Derryberry roots.   With that in mind I am asking about : WHO CAME BEFORE JOHN AND ANN(A)???? I never seem to be able to get anywhere before them and thought you may know and be able to pass on any information you may have to me so I can pass it on to my family here in Oregon.  (My answer was: I wish we really knew for sure.  Evidence is strong that John came from the Morris or Sussex Co., NJ.  There were people there named Derraberry into mid 1800s.  Don Cross has done extensive research on this and it looks very likely.)     2. Please put me on the newsletter list and if possible send me as many as have come out. If these are actual physical, in the mail, hardcopy's I would be more than happy to reimburse you. If you need my address please let me know. My e-mail address is  (He is on the list for DFNOs in the future.)     3. A little personal history from me. I am 41 years old and about 5 years ago found out that I have a genetic predisposition to getting blood clots.  Over the last year, in spite of taking blood thinners, have become disabled due to these blood clots cutting off circulation to joint bones in my lower body which in turn kills the bone in spots and is extremely painful. After 3 surgeries my surgeon just told me "no more drilling, we'll just try to make your life comfortable. I guess my point of telling you this is to see if you have heard of any similar maladies in our clan?  (Wish I could help him on that, but I do not know the answer.)     4. Is there a reunion planned for 1999? I'd love to be able to attend.  ( I referred him to Andy's Derryberry Family site for that.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Audrey Massey:    I enjoyed the newsletter. Don't worry about it getting too long. I'm sure most of us print them out to save anyway, and we could read them at our leisure.  (I have another reason to make the newsletters not too long.  AOL will allow me to cut and paste a limited amount.  By holding below that amount, I can send them as one document, no downloading required, consequently less chance of infecting other computers with a virus.  Also, eliminating the thing that I had with early issues of the different word processing programs not liking my Word Perfect 6.1 format.  I had to re-send some several times until I realized, we don't all have the same software.)    Please let Nancy Repenning know that I will be glad to give her what I have about the Johannes Diriberry inscription to relay to Bill and Lisa, or I would be glad to contact her if she wants to give me her email address. It would be wonderful if they could take a photograph of it. I have only a Xerox copy of the one sent to my now deceased cousin Virginia, and I have no idea what happened to the original photo.  (Nancy, will you contact Audrey?)     I don't have any really humorous things for the newsletter, but these two items, involving my own family,  might amuse others, as they did me.    As you know, I descend from Adam and Eve Derryberry. For many, many years I just couldn't get past Adam, and I mentioned my frustrations to my father. He remarked, in his usual dry wit, "Well, you're already got us back to Adam and Eve. How much farther could you go?!"    Another amusing item involving my father:    My father, Joseph Derryberry of Maury Co., TN, left for WWII in the same unit and went to basic training with his first cousin, Walter Lee Holcomb, whose nickname was Spud. Both of them were expert riflemen. As he said, most of the early Derryberrys were. They couldn't afford to miss those rabbits and squirrels that kept food on the table!  (Sgt Alvin C. York had also helped build a reputation for expert riflemanship for Tennesseans in WWI).    When Dad and Spud were taken to the rifle range for the first time, they had to listen to all the lengthy instructions in the operation of their weapons. Then, the targets were set up, and they began firing. Dad was hitting consecutive bull's eyes when his sergeant walked by. The sergeant asked, "Where are you from, soldier?" My dad proudly replied, "Tennessee, Sergeant!" To which the sergeant asked with a smile, "Name wouldn't be York, would it, soldier?" "No, sir," my dad answered, "It's Derryberry."    A little farther down the firing line, the sergeant came upon Spud, who was also drawing down consecutive bull's eyes. "Where are you from, soldier," the sergeant asked again. Spud answered, "Tennessee, sergeant!"  The sergeant then asked, "Name wouldn't be Derryberry, would it, soldier?" "No, sergeant, I'm Holcomb. Derryberry's my cousin!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Seymouria Cecil Duncan Jones: While reviewing the wonderful info you sent me re descendants of Samuel Derreberry, I noted the following errors which should be corrected for future generations doing research.      Benjamin Franklin True's daughter Lula, married Tom Parks not ___Chitwood.  They lived in Canadian, TX.     Harold Lee Drtden should read Harold Lee Dryden.  The names of all his children should be corrected from Drtden to Dryden     Both of Seymouria's children were from her marriage to Jerry William Robinson.  Stanley Gordon Jones legally adopted both children in 1971, Vista, CA.     Holly Duncan Jones should read Holly Danica Jones.  Danica is a form of  the given name of her maternal grandmother.     Ann Marie's birth mother's name was signed Cindy Lee Burdick.  It is not known if that was her legal name.  The adoption took place at Westminster, CA 1967.  Ann married Albert Elassar in Martinez, CA April 1, 1999. Seymouria Cecil Duncan Jones is named for her maternal grandfather, Seymour Davis. Mother just added "ia" to distinguish it from Seymour.  Seymouria is also the name of a reptile that was first to crawl out of the swamp according to my freshman biology book! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jamison Avery "Jamie" McCormack  graduated from Texas A & M University at Corpus Christi, TX on 7 May, 1999.  Jamie is son of Linda Carolyn Derryberry and Andy McCormack.  He is grandson of Thurman Buell Derryberry and Dorothy Carolyn Clay.  Add another Aggie Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From:     Janis Green: RE; your hard drive, I don't really have an answer for you  but had a similar problem in Feb.  My hard drive crashed and no rebooting or the manufacturer's discs helped.  I finally replaced it. I've had the Norton anti virus program for 3 years with no problem.  An in-law who is a computer whiz said those things happen.  I also learned the lesson of backing up.  You have my sympathy.      Do you know if anyone lives near Pleasant Hill, LA?  I would love to get pictures of Joshua's grave if it is marked  I am on a transplant waiting list, so travel for me is limited to within a half hour of St. Louis.  That doesn't quite get me there.      I also obtained a picture of Fredrick Bain, which was Joshua's father in law if any others would like it.  I also recently ga scanner & should put it to good use.      One more thing, the Derryberry reunion normally held in Salem or Liking MO, has been discontinued.  It was primarily the descendants of Thomas & Pena Freeze Derryberry and is now combined with the Freeze picnic held in Sept. each year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These addresses failed on DFNO # 11.,,, (Barbara McClanahan), (WANITA SILVEY).   Does anyone know the correct address for them? Then, later on I sent out a message about a virus to all and these returned:  had permanent fatal errors -----,, and User unknown. Anyone know why? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cathy L .Clover,, is still searching for information on William "Bud" Derreberry and his wife Cordelia Robinson.  She has a couple of photos of them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm still on The Family News list from Denver, CO.  I'd reported before that they sent me a flyer about the Derryberry Family Newsletter, and before, the book on the Derryberry family.  I had bit on the book, just out of curiosity, and since it had a money back guarantee.  I got my money back. Now I get a solicitation from them to buy a Derryberry Family CD for only $49, plus $5 for shipping.  It has the "Derryberry Family Archives", History of the Derryberry Family", "Derryberry Family Cookbook", Derryberry Phone Book", "Derryberry Family Jokebook" and "The 1999 Derryberry Family soundex collection".  And if I act quickly, they will include "The Family Tree Collection", "The 1999 Derryberry Family Scrapbook" and, of all things, "The Derryberry Family Crest".  Sounds like the Bath, OH people have moved to Denver. I have my pre-formed opinion of what I'd get for $54, but I could be wrong.  If anyone of you know any facts about this offering, I would appreciate hearing from you.  If you have seen any of this information, please tell me what it is and how good it is.  I'm sure there are others, besides myself, who are reading this and would like to know what you think of the material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: (Anne Scott) I will tell Hazel (Hazel J. Southall Hayes) that you say hello.  I could have just emailed her with all these questions, but this is not a good time for her.  Gene (her husband) has been put into a home, cancer and he's not doing well at all.  Hazel herself is recovering from surgery to remove a cancer, but she seems to be coming along pretty well. Hazel is a granddaughter of Martha Ida "Mattie" Derryberry who married who married Mat Kuykendall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, Alta and I finally got our youngest married, at age 36.  The marriage took place at Los Laceros Ranch, about half way between Santa Fe and Taos, NM, on the Rio Grande River.  It is a National Monument, now owned, I'm told, by the Cabots, who plan on restoring it to it's original grandeur.  It is said to be the site of the second oldest Christian meeting place in USA, having been established in the 1700s.  John and Madalyn were married in the little chapel there, only the second wedding to have been performed there in the last 50 years.  It is a beautiful, very historic setting. Then the next day we all went rafting on the Rio Grande.  It had rained a lot and the river was really moving.  We got soused in Soused Rapids.  That is, we got tumped over in the big whirlpool in that rapids, all 6 of us, Susan, Ann, Paul, Charlie, Alta and yours truly.  The guide told us later that most people who go rafting come back and tell about it, starting off with "I thought I was going to die." then lying like ____ about how it was, but, he added, you all don't have to lie about it.  Alta says never again. I greatest worry was that Charlie is 8 and has not learned to swim good and has only one eye. Me, I went under the boat, then another boat went over me before I could surface good.  I lost my hat and shoes.  That water was swift, but not too cold.  Ann, Susan and Charlie lost their glasses.  Paul, luckily,  did not lose his glasses.  I had mine in a zip-up pocket.  We all lost our dignity.  John and Madalyn were on another boat that did not capsize. We have a series of 12 pictures they took of us through the ordeal.  I'd send copies with the newsletter, except you would have to download them and I'm not in favor of that.  I DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything now that I've lost a computer to a virus.  So, if you want to send me anything that would require downloading, don't.  I will not download it.  You might break it up and send it e-mail a piece at a time.  That is safe, I'm told. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That is about all I can get AOL to send at a time, so, I'll cut it off.  I will not be at the reunion this year, got family obligations to fulfill. Bob Derryberry