Newsletter #11

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Derryberry Family News Letter #11, May 26, 1999 My computer died. I lost everything that was not backed up. I'd gotten lazy or too busy to back it up for two months. I learned my lesson. Consequently, I may have lost some of the e-mail addresses of those to get this letter. If someone mentions it to you, tell them why. Here is what happened (Comments from anyone computerwise on why it happened appreciated.) My computer, a Pentium 133 mh, 48 M RAM, 1 gig hd, began slowing down on May 4. I started Norton Speed Disk and it told me that I had a bad sector on my hard drive, that I should first run Norton Disk Doctor. Norton Disk Doctor took about 6 hours to run. It kept giving me a messages (1) that it could not determine if this was a file or a directory and for me to decide which I wanted it to be, (2) that two directories were cross referenced, did I want it to fix that, (3) that this file was not connected with any directory, did I want to save or delete it, and possibly other messages I do not remember. Finally, I just hit auto' for Norton to decide. After it ran, it came back and said it was preparing a report. After about an hour the message was that Norton Disk Doctor had crashed and was un-recoverable. I went into the C:> prompt and did a dir. The directories came up with weird unrecognizable names, 23 with over 800M each, which is impossible since the drive was only 1 gig. It had many many files named filexxxxx.chk' where the xxxxx was number starting at 00001. It would not go into Windows 95. I exited to see if it would correct itself. When I tried to re-boot, nothing. So, I put the floppy boot disk in and it booted to A:> and I was able to get a C:> prompt but no Windows 95. Next time I tried the boot disk, nothing. So, I put in the factory supplied Recover CDROM and it's floppy. Adain I got up to the A:> prompt but nothing else. Next time it would not even recognize the Recover disk. It had been a progressive death. Now, I am afraid to install Norton on my new computer after that experience. Does anyone know of a website that deals with people's experiences with Norton, where I could possibly find out what I did wrong? What has been your experience with Norton? Please tell me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Remember: DERRYBERRY REUNION COME ONE COME ALL JULY 17, 1999 Now, go to for details. With AOL you can highlight the address, click on EDIT, Then on COPY, Then on where the address goes and finally click on EDIT and PASTE. It should put the address in for you, no chance of typing the wrong address. Works every time for me. BTW, Andy has back issues of the family newsletter posted there also. So, if you want a back issue, go there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Stanley "Mike" and Gloria Derryberry report: Graciela Rosa Rocha Derryberry daughter of Mike and Gloria Derryberry is graduating from the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa, Florida on May 24th. The Academy is an all-girl's Catholic High School located in Tampa's lovely and historical Bayshore Drive. Rosie will be attending Saint Leo College in Florida this coming fall semester. Rosie also celebrates her 18th birthday this May 14. To help make it a memorable birthday she will be treated to Disney World in Orlando, Florida with an evening at Disney's Pleasure Island. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: DOUG/MYRNA DOUGLAS: "WE ARE TRYING TO FIND OUT INFO ON A WILLIAM HENRY DERRYBERRY. HE WAS BORN ON 15 JAN 1848 IN TENN AND DIED 9 NOV 1930 IN FORT TOWSON OK. WIFE'S GRAND PARENTS WERE WALTER SCOTT HARVILLE AND MARY EUDORA DERRYBERRY FROM WHEELER , TEXAS. THEY WERE BORN IN 1871, HE DIED IN 1920, SHE IN 1959. WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO TO GET YOUR NEWSLETTER? THANK DOUG/MYRNA DOUGLAS. WE'RE IN BILOXI,MS." I sent them a listing of his ancestors as I had them, right or wrong, with request to furnish corrections and/or additions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There will probably not be a supplement to the Derryberry book this year. My computer crashed. I had not backed up in two months. Just got too busy and lazy. Anyhow, I lost whatever came in between late Feb. and early May. We shall see. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Gail Miller: "Have you ever run across a Dr. William Derryberry, born ca 1780 NC, who went to medical school in Baltimore, MD? My g-uncle seemed to think he was a brother to my ancestor, Margaret Derryberry, daughter of Jacob and Christiana Barnhart Derryberry. Since we now know that Margaret was born in 1778 instead of 1796, then we know Jacob and Christiana were married by then. Their first child is recorded as Michael, born ca 1785. It seems to me that the probability of other children being born between 1778 and 1785 is pretty good. " This one stumped me and Guy Faye Derryberry. Have not heard from Kaye Cross. Does anyone have anything to add? I have Jacob and Christiana and their children: Michael and Margaret, but no William. Which, incidentally, I must have Christiana's birth year wrong. I show it to be 1778, and married about 1784, first child born 1785. I think that is not possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John David Derryberry (my son) has a one-man show of his cowboy/rodeo photography at the cultural center in Abilene, TX till end of May. He has pictures in the photography show at Cincinnati, OH also. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` From: Jan Radford, whose e-mail is " My g g g grandmother was Emily Derryberry who married Thomas Strother. Their daughter was Mary Annetta Strother b. 1855 d. 1933, Denver, CO and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Houston, Texas County, Missouri she married Robert Gilson Noe, they had at least one child Grover William Noe b.15 March 1890 Houston, Missouri m. 10 February 1912 Fay Etta Trapp; d. 18 July 1968 Houston, Texas County, Missouri buried at Oak Hill Cemetery Houston, Missouri one of their children is Clara Vivian Marie Noe." This one stumped me too. Anyone got any information that would help on this? I wish I knew which Emily Derryberry she is referring to. I have a Derryberry-Strother marriage, but not this one: Richard James Strother and Susan Tennison Derryberry, daughter of John Derryberry and Susan Tapley. They appear to be contemporary. Susan does not appear to have a sister named Emily, which would be my first thought. See next item. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Gloria Derryberry in FL "I have some Derryberrys that are not directly connect to mine, but it has peaked my curiosity. I first heard of one from a Hulsey researcher that exchanges information with me. This family is related to her son-in-law. Then recently I saw Jan Radford's posting in the Derryberry GenForum about Emily Derryberry. This is what I had ordinally from my Hulsey friend. "William Noe b. 1812 and Elizabeth Grayson b. 1815 married August 19, 1835 Russellville, Logan County, Kentucky "Children: Susan Noe b. 1837 James Gilson Noe b. 1839 Robert Noe b. 1841 and Mary Strother married March 15, 1870 Julia Frances Noe b. 1849 Olive Noe b. 1851 and Joe Derryberry married March 15, 1870 George W. Noe b. 1855 "Notice that Robert Noe/Mary Annetta Strother and Olive Noe/Joe Derryberry have the same date of marriage. I don't know if that is correct or an error. "This is the information from Jan Radford. Now the interesting thing is Mary's parents, they are Thomas Strother and Emily Derryberry. I show that Mary Annetta Strother was born 1855 in Kentucky, died 1933 in Denver County and is buried in Houston, MO. There is also a connection within the family to Robertson County, TN. "I find in our "Derryberry Families in America" book the following: "John Derryberry b. 1796 Burke Co., NC married Susan Tapley I show their daughter Susan T. Derryberry born about 1845 married Richard J. Strother. This family seems to be down in Louisiana. I have contacted someone from this line but he was leaving the next day for 2 months, said he will get with me when he returns. So it will probably be about July when he gets back. "It would seem there could be a connection between all these Derryberrys and Strothers. I am sending a copy of this information to Bob also." Still, with Gloria's input, I still cannot make the connection. Several have been chasing a Caroline Derryberry who married a Hulsey in early 1800s in Georgia. There may be a connection there. Comments? Suggestions? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: (Richards Robert Civ PACAF/SCXI) "I received an old photograph of my great grand mother from my mother's effects in 1996. I was told it was Laura Elizabeth (Derryberry) Garrett who had married John Daniel Garrett. Her DOB-DOD was listed as March 3, 1885 - September 8, 1937. I was told by my mother that she was part Indian. Can you match Laura to your tree and confirm any of the above? "Mahalo and Aloha, "" is my home e-mail." I could not field this one either. I do have Laura and John, but no information on the Indian heritage. Have heard many tales about Indian blood in the family, but no one has ever presented any proof, only hearsay. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I received a plea for help from Jerry Allen Derryberry who is seeking his daughter, April Michelle Derryberry, born 9 May 1975 at Clearwater, FL, mother's name Linda Kay Watkins Hydrick. If you have any information, he can be contacted at Of course, I'd warn you that if you know April, get her permission before contacting Jerry. I know nothing about why he lost contact with her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Did anyone buy "The Derryberry Family Bundle" from News from the Derryberry Family, 1181S. Parker Rd., Ste 105, Denver, CO 80231? If you did, will you tell us what you got and what it was like? Was it worth the $24.85 price? I would like to pass it on your views to other family members. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Kevin Derryberry, Please check out my Web site. Forward it to others. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` From: Nicki Osborne, Tubby Add another one to the tree, Logan Tyler Hooser (my 1st grandchild) was born Dec. 20, 1998. >>BIG GRIN<<< PGS (Proud Grandma Syndrone) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Nancy Repenning: "My son, Bill, and his wife, Lisa, (grandson of Ward W. And Beth Derryberry) arrived in beautiful Nice, France Feb. 10th and will be there for two years. Hey are missionaries with Southern Baptist Convention. (Maybe they can check out the Basque connection while there.) Bill is worship/youth pastor and Lisa is working with younger children. They serve two congregations there, composed mostly of Americans who are working there, usually temporary. They have had some great experiences. Once they went to some kind of expo and found a Christian bookseller. They told her in their best French that they were missionaries. Her face lit up and she started talking a mile a minute -- at which point Bill and Lisa realized they had exhausted their French and could not understand her." Ka sara sara. I had similar experiences in France, but then, when I get past about a dozen words, I'm lost. Bill and Lisa might also happen up on the Diriberry building in southern France that Audrey Massey has referred to from time to time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Carolyn Leonard, great granddaughter of Thomas Lovett and Mary Palestine Derryberry: Orva B. Derryberry, widow of Julia Robert "Bob" Derryberry, Sr., died in Albuquerque, NM 4 May 1999. Bob and both her sons had passed away previously, survived by granddaughter Jill Honey Derryberry. Carolyn also relates that she has had a stroke, but progressing OK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terry Davison in CA is acting as go between with Rick Derryberry and me. Rick lives at Cement, OK (just out of the recent tornado path). Rick does not have a computer, but his cousin Terry is They have common grandmothers, who was a Chenoweth. My grandmother was a Chenoweth. By way of that relationship, we are 6th cousins. Terry contacted me in hopes that I could help Rick find his branch of the Derryberry family tree. So far I'm batting zero. Maybe you can help. I'd known many years about a Henry Walter Derryberry that married a Nellie Jo Chance in Denton Co., TX 4 Jun 1898. That is Rick's great grandparents. What I did not know was that Henry Walter's parents were John Wesley Derryberry and Clemmie Simpkins. Rick has a picture of John Wesley taken at his son, Garrison W. Derryberry's, photo studio in Siloam Springs, AR about early 1900s. There have been several John Wesleys and J. W.s in the family over the years, but none seem to match. There is thought that he came from the Jackson, TN area. Henry Walter and Nellie Jo moved from Tarrant Co., TX to Clay Co., TX and later to Spiro, OK area. Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` From: Roger A. Shay e-mail "Well, here it goes. I am new to the web and in my second month of browsing curiosity I came across a web for genealogy. History as I know it. My father was born Alford Gerald Derryberry, Sept. 5th. 1942 in Kaiser Arkansas. He changed his name in 1962 () too Robert Al Shay. Family dispute thing. He was born too Andrew Jackson Derryberry and Lyrean Lynette (Willamson) Derryberry. Andrew was born in 1900 to ?, where ?. He died January 1st. 1979 in Logansport, IN. Andrew was first married to a women by the maiden name of Presley. They had 2 or 3 kids. Everett, Dolly, and another sister, name ?. She died early and he married Lynette. She had kids as well from one run off husband and one that died. Lynette died December 26th. of 87 or 88 in Bostn, MA., buried in Logansport, IN. Andrew and Lynette also lived in Lapenta, AR. And as told to me by my father were cotton pickers and very poor. As a child and teenager I have been to both of those towns and poor was an understatement. Andrew had a brother that lived in Eureka, CA. Visited those Derryberry's in 79' or 80' on a quest of my father's to find Everett. Found him, my great uncle as well, and load of other cousins. This information, I hope does not seem like a mess of useless babble. My father died July 2nd. 1990 in Logansport, IN. My name is Shay. Derryberry is the names of cousins, but nonetheless my roots. Chenoweth is new to me. I have some documented on hand resources that are very limited and even less family to inquire to. My grandparents had 9 children plus. Two Derryberry brothers are alive. Larry Wayne born in AR. Living in Houston last I knew. Donald Derryberry living in Logansport, IN. This information I send to you in a haste. Hope you find it interesting. Please reply if you desire, or would like more information that I have available. Thank you" Well, I cannot find a combination that fits to my satisfaction. If any of it rings bells with you, please let me and Roger know. I will appreciate it and I know Roger will also. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found these marriages recorded in Hill Co., TX B. T. Derryberry to Ida Kelso 9 Aug 1911 Book 13, page 304 Mildred Deerberry to Jackson L. Hewett 31 May 1938, book 23, page 252 C. F. Derryberry to Nellie Frazier 15 Dec 1902 book 10, page 35 Connie Derryberry to E. H. Walker 30 Nov 1905 book 11. Page 45 I think I know who they are, but I cannot be sure. Does anyone know for sure? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a long enough newsletter. If it gets too long it will get boring. Send me some funny stuff to put into the newsletter. Bob Derryberry from Garland, TX