Newsletter #10

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Newsletter Online #10, April 17, 1999 by Bob G. Derryberry of Garland, TX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I cannot post family news unless I am informed. Could you take time to tell me something, just anything, about the family? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John David Derryberry (my son) and Madalyn Eastus have announced their wedding for June 19 at Santa Fe, NM. It is to be a Country' wedding. Madalyn is author of a unique art book, Woof. The name comes from weaving terms: woof and weft. It is made up of pages of cut and fitted colored paper that are held together without glue and creating interesting amazing patterns. I'd never seen anything like it. John is a professional photographer with studio on Lover's Lane in Dallas, TX. Examples of his work are on display at They are both of the Dallas area and will make their home in that area. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Cathy Elaine Strange Thomas. Here Is something else for you to add In Newsletter # 10. My Father William Edward Strange passed away from his Illness of very severe bone cancer on March 17th, 1999 at 10:20 P.M. in Spokane WA. He is the last child of Henry Andrew Strange and Lillie Derreberry. This Is a Great loss In my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Also from: (Cathy Thomas) I found the site that Mack was on It's Scroll down to births and look under Derreberry and there you will find Mack. My father said Mack was his Uncle. Mack and his wife Delphia Aruzona Hawkins gave birth to Kenneth Lee Roy Derreberry Feb 22 1920. In 1934 Lee Roy married Ulah Garrett. They had a child named Glasta June 27 1934 and had another child named Miles Herny March 24 1939. I don't have any other Info on Mack's other children, or if he was married again or not or any other info on Kenneth Lee Roy Derreberry or his other children. If you have any connections to either of these families I would appreciate any thing that you have. I will send you more as I find them. My note: This is the Macderryberry referred to in the last DFNO He is identified as John McCamy Derreberry of Cherokee Co., NC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Found a new branch of the family tree. Elizabeth Derryberry, husband and family went up the Oregon Trail. Martin Fenimore descends from them. He is in WA near Portland, OR. I'd never happened onto his branch before. His e-mail is: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Sherry Cooper I got a pretty funny story about my grandma Dona that you might enjoy. As a child Dona had a nickname Pete. She kept the name until death. At a family pig roast they were getting ready for dinner. As my great grandmother or someone else there an elder asked my grandma "Hey would you like to have some of this peter" well this sickened my grandma to no end and she would not eat anything. And couldn't figure out why everyone was eating that nasty stuff. I can remember the joy it gave my grandma telling me this story, I was younger then. She asked me if I understood it and I told her yes she was asked if she wanted some meat being her name was Pete but they called her peter sometimes. I can also remember when we would get with all of our family would get to gather some of my cuz would call her nanny Pete. as long as I can remember I never called her that after that story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Many years pass and we really miss more than we really think of. Story's memories and all I tried not to ever miss anything I was always around her and enjoyed many hours of stories and her playing dominos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ron Jones has changed his e-mail address and web site. It is: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, seems the Bath, OH book ripoff people have moved or gained competition. Guy Fay Derryberry sent me a copy of an announcement of "The New World Book of Derryberrys", only $39.95 plus shipping and handling due upon receipt. It could be guaranteed until April 29, 1999, so it was important that he respond now. It was from The World Family Heritage Society in Hudson, OH. It had a family crest exactly like the one that the Bath people had, with a big Irish shamrock It has been proven sufficiently to my satisfaction that Derryberry is NOT Irish. (Guy sent copy of letter Ruth Derryberry sent him in which Kate Leeper years ago referred again to the Derryberry Dutch stock.) Like Guy said in his letter to me, "I would imagine if it had anything of interest, it was mostly copied did by us Derryberrys in helping with the book (The Derryberry Families in America). Note he mentions only back to 1806. Well we are ahead of him. We are back to at least 1778 and maybe 40 years before..." Amen to Guy. At least, this time they did not try to palm it off as published by a Derryberry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Somebody named Jan posted a query on the Derryberry Genforum looking for information on an Emily Derryberry who married Thomas Strother. They had a daughter named Mary Annette Strother born 1855 in KY, died 1933 at Denver, CO and buried in Oak Hill Cem., Houston, MO. Her e-mail is I could find 4 possible Emily Derryberrys but none married to a Strother to my knowledge. I did have a Susan T., daughter of John Derryberry and Susan Tapley, who married Richard J. Strother. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ruthann Wilson Prater related that her gg grandmother was Clarissa Harriett Derryberry, daughter of Abraham Derryberry and Mary (Polly) Starkey. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Terry Davison contacted me for Rick Derryberry. He is not online. His parents were Henry Walter Derryberry and Nellie Jo Chance. There were two Henry Walter Derryberrys in the Denton Co., TX area in the late 1800s. They were near the same age. One was my uncle. The other had always been somewhat of a mystery. I'd been in contact with some of his descendants, but no one knew who his father was. Rick has cleared that up, it appears. He says that that Henry Walter's father was John Wesley Derryberry and that he has a picture of him made in 1906 in Siloam Springs, AR. I suspect he is referring to John Wesley Crockett Derryberry who died in 1911. If it is, I had no clues that John Wesley Crockett Derryberry was ever in AR. I had him in MS. He was a veterinarian that doctored wounded soldiers in the Civil War. Then, it could be John Wesley Derryberry who died in 1926. Then, again, he could be one of the J. W. Derryberrys. Fact remains that I do not have the mystery completely solved yet. Rick may have more information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alta and I have been traveling a bit lately. Now that I am retired, and we always wanted to travel, we are. We went to Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco earlier this year. You have heard of people having a monkey on their back. Well, I've got a picture made at Gibraltar of Alta with a monkey on her back. Actually, though, it is technically not a monkey, but a Barbary ape, but it looks a lot like a monkey. We were up on the Rock where the apes are. I wanted a picture of her feeding one. She carries peanut butter and cracker packs for quick fix of her diabetes. I suggested she get one out to feed a baby ape. A bigger ape jumped on her back, reached around and grabbed the whole pack and took off. Boy, was she surprised? I did get the picture of him on her back. Then our daughter called and said she, her husband and her son were going to France during spring break and asked us to come along. We said, why not? So, off again for France. While there I talked by phone with John Pratt's daughter, Sarah. Sarah is working in the Paris area. Those 10 hour flights are killers, especially if your flight gets canceled, you have to wait 6 hours for another plane and then it sits at the gate another 2 hours waiting for a connecting flight that got delayed. I spent 22 hours that day in and around airports and/or airplanes. And the plane was packed, cattle car. Good old American. Alta and I will not be going anywhere for a while. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Kathleen Burns comes: Subj: Re: Elizabeth d/o Dr. Gilbert Henderson Derryberry Gilbert Sullivan brn abt 1860 was married to Elizabeth Wood (no dates or places). They had.....Henry Gilbert Sullivan May 10, 1884 in Cedar Creek, Taney Co, Missouri - died 16 Dec 1961 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co, Oklahoma. His wife was Cora Parelee Hughes married 27 Nov 1908 in Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK. They had several children and I would be happy to send you a descendancy chart......or you can look on my web page. According to a cousin from the Sullivan line.... Gilbert died when Henry was young and Henry grew up with his mother's family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >From Ruthann Wilson Prather comes: Since I just found out about a week ago that my third great grandmother's maiden name was DERRYBERRY, I guess you could say that I have been back tracking. I live in Paragould, Arkansas Greene Co. It is in the extreme northeast corner of the state. I am 25 miles from Senath, Mo. where a lot of the WILSON'S and DERRYBERRY'S came to from Tenn. I will be getting some old files out about some DERRYBERRY'S, I had them connected to another branch of the tree. I am sure it will make interesting reading for all the folks that will be receiving your on line newsletter. I can also give you CLARISSA HARRIET DERRYBERRY WILSON and NATHAN CECIL WILSON'S line up of children. I don't have any family sheets on their children. But I do have most birth and death dates. One of their daughter's MARY JANE LANDCASTER WILSON AUSTIN, was the mother to my grandfather , SILAS URIS WILSON. She was not married when he was born. She married a man named AUSTIN when SILAS was four years old. Silas was raised by his grandmother CLARISSA, who lived with her son TOM WILSON who owned the bank in Senath , MO. I have been trying for years to find proof of the father of SILAS. But all I have to go on is old family lore. So I guess I will never know what my real maiden name truly was. As soon as I get my notes and files all lined up and all my facts spright, I will most assuredly send them to you. I know how important it is to reach out to others who are out there searching. I was born in Leachville, Ark. Mississippi co It is just 8 miles from the MO. line. on 27 Dec. 1942. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, I really did not have much current news to add. Do you have anything to report? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone who wants copies of back issues of the newsletter, let me know. I've put them all into one file that I can send as attachment to an e-mail. But only if you send me something for the newslatter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It has been suggested that I re-run information about the family reunion with every issue of the newsletter so that it does not slip by, as a reminder. A good suggestion. Here it is again. If you are planning on going to the reunion this year, you might want to plan a vacation trip or at least some fun stops with it. A good place to get suggestions is The 1999 reunion is July 10 in Spring Hill, TN. The site will probably be the Union Hall which was used before, but that hasn't been confirmed. When the place is confirmed, Carlton will send out a mailing. The officers: President: Carlton Derryberry of Columbia, TN Vice-President: James Derryberry of Oklahoma Treasurer: Guy Z. Derryberry of Columbia Secretary: Andy Derryberry of Nashville e-mail The 2000 reunion is slated for somewhere in eastern Oklahoma. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The success of this newsletter depends on your responses. So, come on and share. Bye for now.