Newsletter #1

Bob Derryberry's Derryberry Family Newsletter
Greetings from Garland, Texas: This is my first issue of a family newsletter online that I'd promised to start. It is supposed to be going to only those who indicated they wanted it. If you received it and didn't request it, please excuse my bookkeeping and let me know. I'll take your e-mail address off the list. On the other hand, if someone wants to join the group, if they will e-mail me at I'll put them on the list for the next issue. The more we get to participate, the more successful it will be. I'm not sure how often to issue one of these. I guess I'll just wait and see how much response it gets. I understand that Kaye Cross is ceasing issue of a family newsletter by snail mail because she was not getting enough from the family members to go into a newsletter. Kaye certainly tried. This newsletter will continue only if enough information is sent to makeit interesting. I can use just about any news about the family descendants, whether they be Derryberry, Derreberry, Deberry, Smith, Jones, or whatever, as long as they are part of the family. PLEASE SEND ME NEWS TO USE. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a new family site online. Go see it at http://www.genforum.con /derryberry/ and use it. If the site goes a period of time with no activity it will be deleted by it's sponsors. I do not recall the time, seems like it was that if no activity for two weeks or a month it would be removed to make room for others. If ones will drop by occasionally and post a question or an answer, it will help keep it going. So far, it has received little attention. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ Good news on Ted Derryberry, Sr. of Meridian, TX. That is Barkley Ted, son of Barkley Tatum Derryberry and Martha Virginia Davis, born 1933. Ted had a stroke late last year and was diagnosed with brain tumors. He went to Scott and White Hospital in Temple, then to M. D. Anderson in Houston. Things did not look good. Doctors did not have a pat answer' but they began trying. Latest report from Ted is that his cancer seems to be in remission, he is gaining strength, and the doctors were amazed at how well he was doing. He is back a few hours a day at his lumber and hardware business. Someone once asked me what kin Ted and I were. My genealogy program says, if everything is correct (which it likely is not) then we are fourth cousins. I did not know Ted until I happened by Meridian a few years back and dropped by to see what a Derryberry looked like. Sure enough, he had two ears, a nose, ten toes and was walking upright, just like me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ In an April 14, 1998, e-mail from Audrey Massey: Word comes that the Adam and Eve house in Maury Co., TN has been sold to a lady from Murphreesboro. Word is that she plans to restore the house to it's original condition, after she builds a horse barn and an apartment for her and her mother. She requested the information on the house being put onto the National Register to have when she begins restoration. She also asked for the location of the old Indian burial grounds so that it would not be desecrated. Audrey says she is so glad it will be in the hands of someone who cares. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ News about the family's national reunion, from: THE DERRYBERRY FAMILY NEWSLETTER EDITED BY KAYE CROSS, 2550 WEST BAIRD RD, NIXA, MO 65714 Murphy is a small town in the extreme southwestern tip of the state of North Carolina. if has been established as a part of that state that has seen a lot of Derreberry-Derreberry family history roll by over the generations. A number of Derreberry family descendants still reside in and/or frequent those ancient hills and hollers. Last year, at the annual Derryberry National Family Reunion held in Spring Hill, Tennessee, the assembly voted that the North Carolina branch of the family host the national reunion for 1998. That time is nearly upon us. Perhaps time has escaped from none of us as rapidly as ithas from this editor. 1998 Annual Derryberry National Family Reunion News: 28 July. That is the last Sunday of July, National Guard Armory, Murphy, North Carolina Steen Brown is the family representative and coordinator of the reunion this year she has a new address, take note, she has not moved, this is part of that areas address changes for 911 emergency purposes... they also have a new area code number because of the increased demand for telephone numbers. Steen Brown, 600 Lower Vengeance Creek Road, Marble, NC 28905 Telephone: 1 828 837-5521 If you have questions regarding the reunion activity that remain unanswered by information contained in the newsletter, please feel free to contact Steen by telephone or mail. She is much more adept and prompt with supplying information than myself. She told me there will be door prizes again and they are encouraging people to bring memorabilia or other displays as they wish and picture taking is highly encouraged. Should you want to order a free packet of information about NC to plan abit of sight seeing vacation around your reunion trip call 1-8O0 VISIT NC, ask for their vacation planning packet, they will send it right out and you will receive it in 10-14 days. If you have Web access, visit their Web site at To help you find lodging or camping in the Murphy area, the following list is provided; 28906 is the zip code for Mumhy, the telephone area code is 828: LODGING IN THE AREA MOTELS AND CABINS Appalachian Cabins, 1550 Hwy 60; 837-2393 Best Western Inn, 588 Andrews Rd; 837~3060 Cobb Creek Cabins, Cobb Dr; 837-0270 Comfort Inn, 114 Hwy 64 W; 837-8030 Econo Lodge, 100 Terrace St; 837-8880 Hamlet O'Cabins, 311 Hilltop Ln; 180O 644~5957 Morris Motel, Rt 6, Box 56; 644-5143 Pine Creek Cabins, 1010 Gold Branch Road; 837-4228 Sky View Chalet, 1034 Cardinal Dr; 1-888 837~0544 Sunset Motel, 401 Valley River Ave; 837-5111 Trails End Cabins, 223 Old Ducktown Rd; 494-4610 West Motel, 105 Andrews Rd; 837-2012 CAMPGROUNDS: Circle "J" Family Campground, Rt 6, Box 289; 494-7042 Mr. Piper's Campground, Rt. 8, Box 101B; 644-9130 Riverbend Campground, Hwy 74, 19-129 N. Bypass; 837-6223 Stateline Village RV Park, Hwy 64 W, Ducktown; 496-5006 WHERE TO Go, WHAT TO SEE AND DO IN THE AREA: GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK: With 276,000 acres in NC, 244,000 acres in Th, the park is the largest protected land area east of the Rocky Mountains. A variety of plant/animal life, recreational opportunities,hiking, and cultural history. The park preserves historical structures of early white settlements. Free. Fee for camping. BILTMORE ESTATE: In Asheville. Includes Biltmore House, a 260 room French ch ateau which is the largest private residence in America, gardens, shops, restaurants, and the most visited winery in America. Fee. BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY; A recreation oriented scenic byway that connects the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in NC with the Shenandoah National Park in VA. Free.Fee for camping. FOLK ART CENTER; On Blue Ridge Parkway. Home of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Full schedule FOLK ART CENTER; On Blue Ridge Parkway. Home of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Full schedule. FRENCH BROAD RIVER; Transylvania and Madison counties offer 116 miles of scenic river perfect for white water activities. Local outfitters available. (If you're a white waterenthusiast like me, be aware, there are many. many 'waterways available for rafting and kayaking in this area.) WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA FARMERS MARKET: Asheville. A 36 acre state owned farmers market featuring fresh produce, jams. jellies, plants and handmade crafts. Also contains a restaurant and garden center. Free. THE BLOWING ROCK: at Blowing Rock, NC. Scenic walk 4,000 feet above sea level; air currents create a strong updraft, contributing to the site's name, very scenic. Fee. HORN IN THE WEST OUTDOOR DRAMA: (One of many excellent outdoor dramas available in NC during the summer months.) At Boone. In its 46th season, this outdoor historical drama depicts Daniel Boone and the settlers struggle for freedom from British rule. Fee. North Carolina offers a lot to see and do from the mountains to the seashore. There are Revolutionary War Battle sites and Civil War Battle Sites, large cities and rural areas, fantastic lakes, rivers and of course the sea. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ When I was a kid, at McKinney, TX, some neighbors called us Dayberry. I've run into this many times in the years. Just in 1995, at the Derryberry Reunion at Licking, MO, I was there approached by Derryberry descendants who asked if I was a Dayberry. To which I said no, that I was a Derryberry.The response was that they were called Dayberry around here. Now comes an inquiry from Doug Dayberry, 12701 Ashbrook Landing Court, Midlothian, VA 23113, who is searching for that connection. He furnished a Dayberry GEDCOM that traces back to a William who was born about 1818 and a George born about 1820, believed to be brothers. That William shown as William Derryberry on page 63 of the 1870 census of Rutherford Co., NC. That Georgeis on page 351 of the 1850 census of Rutherford Co. As George Deraberry, on page 80 of the 1870 census of Rutherford Co. as George Dayberry and on page 529 of the 1880 census of Rutherford Co. as George Derryberry. Do you have anything to add to this puzzle? If so, let's all see it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Phin Deckelman, husband of Bertha Derryberry, died 6 Jan 1996, Harrisburg, AR, buried: Harrisburg Memorial Park. Phin's parents were Joe Deckelman and Jenny Warren. He was a retiredaircraft inspector, having been with McDonald-Douglas Corp., a Baptist, a Woodmen of the World and a WWII veteran, having served in U. S. Army Air Corps. Phin and Bertha had, as of 1997, nine grand children and three greatgrand children. Information from Dollie Derryberry Gilbert and obituary. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Julian Robert "Bob" Derryberry died 7 Feb 1998 at the Presbyterian Conva lescent Center, Albuquerque, NM. He had been quite ill for some time. He chose cremation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cynthia Dianne Pantalone married Daniel Joseph Schnurbusch 18 Feb 1995 in the St. Edward Catholic Church, Salem, OR. He was born 16 Jun 1961 in Salem, OR. Their son, Matthew Charlesborn 12 Apr 1996 and daughter, Jaclyn Marie born 11 May 1997, both in Salem, OR. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ My son, John, has a website with a sample of his photography at My nephew, Jerry, has a website with sample of his artwork at ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ Supplement #4 to the Derryberry book is about ready for issuing. It will be at least 30 pages, a little over 300K bites. Do you want a copy by e-mail? That saves me money on floppies and postage. But, if your server cannot deliver it, then it will have to be done some other way. I know for a fact that juno cannot deliver it. There may be other servers that cannot also. Enough. Until next issue, I'm depending on you for news. Bob G. Derryberry