Dear Family Researcher

Don and Kaye Cross Genealogical Research
My wife and I are starting a research service wherein we will do research in counties within a hundred mile radius of Springfield, MO.  We will also do research at the State Archives of Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas as well as at the National Archives through their facility at Kansas City, MO.  We are also providing instruction locally to people who wish to learn how to do family research in general, as well as how to research on the Internet. We hope, soon, to have a web site with more information.  Please contact my wife at or contact me at if you have any interest in using our service.

Additionally, we are now involved in providing low cost computers, as well as more powerful computers, on the Internet and locally.  If you know of anyone who would be interested in that service or who would be interested in having such a business of their own, please refer them to our web site:

Thanks for your time.  I do hope we can help each other in our mutual interest in researching our families.

Don Cross

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