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Summer Breeze
Founder of Motherbird Books,

Poetry readings by Summer Breeze, guitar by David Jackson
Recorded at Artvilla Studios

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Mp3's These are not clips
Greyhound Dreams    3 meg
In Our Image      2 meg
Said Thomas to Aquinas   1.7 meg 
Meet Me      1.6 meg
Hermit           1.9 meg
Of gods and dogs   2.3 meg
Office Evolution     7.1 meg
Parades     2.8 meg
Sea Carnivals      2.2 meg
The Fire          1.6 meg
Medicine of Yellow Horse  1.5 meg
Permission    1.7 meg
A Bunch       7.8 meg
Come Play With Me   2.1 meg

Janet Buck
Poetry plus music by one of America's most published
poets. Janet Buck is accompanied by David Jackson's music with guest appearances by Andy Derryberry, Chris Carmichael, And JC.

 Recorded somewhere out west and at
Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips
Assumption                2.4 meg
Botticelli Bottlebrush  2.3 meg
Chipmunks On My Tennis Shoe  1.9 meg
Hardbound Books      1.6 meg
Nice Lavender    1.9 meg
Popped Umbrellas     2 meg
Pundits On Grief      2 meg
Silent Canyons       1.7 meg
Swinging Doors       2.3 meg
The Cueball Strike     2.3 meg
The EKG      1.9 meg
The Spelling Lesson         2 meg
The Titanic and the Iceburg  2.6 meg
Warm Sorbet       1.5 meg
Wilting Fuschias    2 meg
Avocado Issue Pie         2.1 meg

John Horvath cd pic
John Horvath
Internet Poet,  Founder of Poetry Repairs
He's outrageous, brilliant, controversial, everything we love in a poet.

Poetry readings by John Horvath,
Music by AmJaz, JC, Jake and Haystack, and Andy Derryberry

Recorded at Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips


Elisha cd pic
Elisha Porat
Winner of Israel's Prime Minister's Prize for Poetry Elisha reads here in Hebrew

Poetry readings by Elisha Porat,
Music by David Michael Jackson

Recorded in Israel, music added at Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips
Elisha Porat 1                
Elisha Porat 2
Elisha Porat 3
Elisha Porat 4
Elisha Porat 5
Elisha Porat 6

Elisha Porat 7
Elisha Porat 8
Elisha Porat 9
Elisha Porat 10
Elisha Porat 11

Ward Kelley and comedy incarnate
Ward has published hundreds of poems on the internet. comedy incarnate is an epic poem and this is an epic recording.

Poetry readings by Ward Kelley,
Music by David Michael Jackson

Recorded somewhere up north, music added at Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips


Miscellaneous Poetry Readings

Susan Mandel Reads

Poem by Andy Derryberry     
My Heels Click     Poem by Andy Derryberry
No Red.mp3      Poem by David Jackson
You Cannot Be Free    Poem by Wayne Jackson

Music by Andy Derryberry
If you donate to Susan, maybe we can get her to use that beautiful voice more. Donations Go straight to Susan 100%.
Recorded at Susan's house and at Artvilla Studios

Proud Heart         Poem by Charlotte Mair
                                Reading David Jackson Guitar Artvilla Studios

Andy Derryberry guitar
Dave Jackson synthesizer:

KEV                    Poem by Andy Derryberry
                                    Reading by Susan Mandel....Recommended

To Chance
You Smile the best you can
Rainy_Night_In_Monkey_Town....Poem by Ken Peters...Reading ...Dave....Music....Andy
Too Late
Bottles in the Sea
Summer Breeze
It is Not Enough
Supermercado  by Ken Peters
Ah Dylan by David Mitchell
Blatticimus by David Mitchell

  Recorded at Artvilla Studios

Artvilla Classics
Poetry With Music
Guaranteed to please
All poems and readings 
by David Michael Jackson

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