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Marilyn McIntyre Poems


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Acts of Kindness

the time we found
the magazine
against the trees
black and white
the time
of rains
drugged baby
kitten cries
cupped hands
saved what
we could
the time the words
were gone
stripped them
held them
the time when
anger lashed
you stayed
and loved
the kindnesses
the kindness
the kind

Need you

need you now
at this time
along to never
and longing
go together
like a thrumming
like a drumming
in my chest
the pain
longing, wishing, hoping, crying
bring it home again.

The breath

the breath
it pains
hope and longing
i want to believe
i need to believe
i have to believe
my soul says believe
my heart knows

Dear John Letter

dear john
if you're
a liar
now i know
please don't fall.


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