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Fear for A Child

Fear for A Child

I rushed in. The building blank.
The echo of my footsteps echoing at my back.
The doors shut tight. Their windows leer.
My heart sank, and up rose my fear.

My son forgotten, gone now two hours,
In the empty school courts.
No one to keep him company
Except the walls of anarchy.

He stood alone, walking the vacuous corridors,
Like a zombie sleepwalking and slamming into doors.
His only companion in this eternal corridor
Is the gatekeeper shutting the door.

Finally, I arrived. I rushed in.
Emptiness engulfed me in its secrets.
The doors and windows shouted my accountability.
Their silence heavily embodied their secrets.

The secrets of the whereabouts of my only son.
We played a game of 'telephone casse',
To reach his principle and my lone son.
The phone was of the hook - 'brise'.

Waiting cracks nerves made of steel.
Being only humane, mine cracked in a squeal.
My husband being much stronger
Held onto his nerves much longer.

The call arrives. He is found.
I rush into my car.
My driving not being sound,
I arrive incapable of singing a bar.

The joy of reunion chocked me.
All I could do was keep him near me.
Hugging and kissing him 'til he pushed me.
But, he still could not get home without me.

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