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high noon poem

Love Poems
by Rochelle Mass

I could have
Lovers teach each other to love
to pulse and ache
spring each from
the other's loin.

I could have loved you
taught you
wrapped you in my skirts

taken you to my breast
till you were strong enough
to teach me who I was.

High Noon
High noon beats
when you have loved me

I am by the river with you
lowered into the gorge
washed of all others

High noon beats
where you were
the alter is clean

I wait for the shy dawn
to make way for
the next high noon.

Like a runner flees the starting line
I have birthed a new self.
You have fathered me
We are parents
to the woman I am.

Sometimes I think no woman
is more than I.
I've left the girl I was
like a runner flees the starting line. >

Muted pyramids
They heap stones here
into muted pyramids
a sign for meetings
in round stones

merge them into messages
cobble the way
till I go where I must
till I meet you.

A sign with no words
I can read
in the face
of the moon.

Rising to the surface
My body

loving has
it all away.


Rochelle Mass


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