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Curses the Night Poem

Poetry by Marilyn McIntyre

 Lost and Found

Living can be dangerous to your health
you're not getting out alive
a sign of the times
I could see.

What am I So Afraid Of?

If i thought God herself
were hiding in here somewhere
I'd clean under the bed
brave dust bunnies
trek dark deserts and storms
and leave a light on in the fridge for her
at night.

Lyle Sings

between songs and light
husks split
tears rise
no coaxing
moon barely born
spring crawling
from the mud and detritus
daring to be green
mint and new
soft and unborn
one red winged blackened bird
calls to the marsh
tosses good morning
i kneel, kiss the blacktop
caress the thistle heaving up
gladly bloodying fingers
for the feeling
of spring.

For You

to you i bequeath
all my otherworldly possessions
for the hope
the honour
the homage
of being
i read me
like any open book
and it was good
it was really, really, good
it was good
and bitch that i am, i am
i like it
surprised and pleased myself
who the hell am i
when I'm not at home
who is I
the one shorn
not job, nor duty, no friendship, care gone
once late into the night
i heard, i heard, i, I, i heard and spoke the breeze.

As I Am

I'd rather be drunk
lying pissed and stinking
in a gutter of stench
clutching my belly
scratching my own ass
laughing till i cried
till i burned
till i puked
every turgid
maze of murdering curls
sucking the life from my head
I'm too tired
too goddamned tired
to run from how
strange and truly wondrous
I am
as I am
as I am.

Kisses and Kudos

to the sons of jack
and his incestuous daughters
for caring
i shouldn't be so grateful
i have a page in Bartlett's Quotations
oh it's not in print yet
but it's in there
you wait
and in the meantime
you care.


I've always
long lived
wearing rose on spanish harlot
red leather
black lace
well heeled
a slut in wolf's clothing
sneering, snarling, grinding
believing I'd been forgotten
before any even met
the girl i was going to be before
way, way, way, before
the one who could
the one who was
tough, damned tough
dimples and curls
Charlton Heston parts the sea
but not as authoritatively as I
not in my wolf skin clothing.

Some Things Left Behind

I was to be Roy Rogers
Gene Autry on golden roan
Oakley sans the braids
casually straddling hot, foaming, withers
hit with a left handed draw
Lord, no showdowns face the sun
let me ride
lead me not into temptation
just let me ride
over yonder
shiver under night skies
stars that I can breathe
leather and earth
a fire to keep the spirits at bay
tobacco plugs and five card stud
let it ride
but hey Lord, I can't stand the evil
delivered or not
for thine kingdom and thy glory
can get lost out here
in the long lit daze
forever and ever, and ever
do we ever
or do we ride
take possession

Who Cursed the Night?

Honky tonk
sad song lady
barroom, smoky, dim
hearts juiced in
aching unison
souls writhing on sawdust floors
shadows flung from sadness
hearts crack
crash to the floor
oblivion in a slow waltz
a Texas two step slowed
no one to blame
sorrow so deep
don't shoot
you can't find their eyes
who's to blame
the fates
the heavens
pure hell
those fools
who curses the night?

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