Marian McPartland Dies August 20, 2013

In June of 2012 we published Marion McPartland and the Girls in the Band 

We have also posted articles concerning in Good Time, The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland from Films by Huey.

In Good Time, The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland documents the life and career of jazz legend Marian McPartland as a musician, composer, and host of National Public Radio’s Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz. A native of England, McPartland arrived in America in 1948 with her husband Jimmy McPartland and established herself as a leading musician in the male dominated jazz world. 

We have this news release from Films by Huey:

I have sad news, Marian McPartland passed away last night at the age of 95.   My film In Good Time, The Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland documents her life and career.   Here’s the link to the NPR story aired this morning. 

Marian was a key figure in jazz inspiring many musicians and filling the lives of even more listeners and fans.  At a screening we did at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY in June we were lucky to have Marian come and take part in the Q&A.  She was in top form with her trademark wit and graciousness on full display.  Several audience members from former students, past bandmates, and fans provided testimonies about Marian and how she had influenced their lives.  It was quite a day and it turned out to be her last public appearance.  It was an honor to have made In Good Time.  It was important to me that Marian and I stayed close after finishing the film and to know that she was pleased with the film and helped to promote it.
I  am sure she is already playing duets and improvising in the great beyond.
Peace, Huey
Here’s the trailer for In Good Time
You can see photos from the Cinema Arts Centre screening here
Paul de Barros has written an award winning book about Marian,  Shall We Play that One Together

Also here is the The NPR Podcast concerning Marian.


Here at Artvilla, our music has been mostly jazz. Our musical heroes have become the ladies of jazz. Marian wears the crown here. Her family’s loss is our loss. Our thoughts are with her family and those who are close. We are proud to be a purveyor of her love.


a poem for Marian:

The plow must stop,
the mule can rest,
there will be no work today
for she has passed away.

I was nowhere near the door
to open with a bow,
I only touched the skirt
but now 
she has stopped the plow.

There will be no work today,
the field can wait.
We did not choose this day
for our hearts to break.

There could be no other way,
this life of birth and death.
We till the soil and love to live
and then we go to rest

The birds will sing
a better song
when she comes around
and we will know 
that she is near
when we hear that sound.

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