Marian McPartland’s Life, Told ‘In Good Time’

A Great Day In Harlem

For those who have been following our coverage of Marian McPartland, Susan Stamberg’s story on NPR on Marian McPartland and In Good Time   It is available online and you can listen to it and even download it, if you wish, at

Also this review of In Good Time was just published online at Audiophile Audition.
Upcoming screenings are below, more are in the works.

Upcoming Screenings of In Good Time

*September 27 at 9PM and September 29 at 5PM,  Maine Public Television, MPBN,
In Person Screenings
*September 24, Savannah Jazz Festival, Savannah, GA
*October 20 & 21, Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle, WA,at Northwest Film Forum.   With guest, Paul de Barros, author, Shall We Play That One Together?: The Life and Art of Jazz Piano Legend Marian McPartland
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From a 1975 club concert movie called At the Top we see a performance of a number of musicians who had been in some way been associated with Bix Beiderbecke. Jimmy McParland, Joe Venuti and Spiegle Wilcox played with him in the twenties and the other musicians certainly appreciated Bix’s musical genius. 

We see pianist Marion McPartland, alto horn player Dick Cary, Jack Maheu clarinet, drummer Cliff Leeman and bassist Major Holly