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Failte Romhat

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On the 14th day of February, 1949, Charlotte Mair was born into the Coughlan family.

William Hilliard Coughlan, her father and a wonderful artist~muscian in his own right, would unknowingly provide a motivational force, that would in later years aid in Charlotte pursuing and achieving a career in the music industry, as a vocalist~musician.

At the tender age of 15, came the birth of her first child.

Deemed as unacceptable in the early 60’s, it left her no alternative but to drop her classes at school.

In her twenties, Charlotte would resume studying and take correspondence courses, achieving a grade 12 level of education.

Then came her studies for an Certificate in Mechanical Drafting from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, followed by three years of Accounting and computer courses.

Always a fighter and very passionate by nature, she has never allowed her life’s circumstances to pull her down. It is in fact life’s journeys and episodes that have inspired this writer not to give up and to make known her love of life through her poetic endeavors.

Charlotte resides in the Interior of British Columbia and has has written 9 short stories, 400 poems, including songs, and has had most of her poetry published in one form or another. Currently, she is writng poetry, songs * music,singing and is working on her autobiography,   "Watch Me Fly".


Coughlan Family History Poem

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