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Lost souls of Zimbabwe Poem by Hasani Hasani



Lost Souls Of Zimbabwe

By Hasani Hasani

Evil versus Good

Mandela preaches love

Mugabe preaches hate

Mandela preaches reconciliation

Mugabe preaches division

Mugabe destroyed agriculture

Mandela strengthened farming

Mugabe put his people in bondage

Mandela saved his people from apartheid

Cry Great Zimbabwe

What happened to you my Great Zimbabwe?

You born out of the raging fire of Chimurenga

Chimurengafor justice,

Chimurenga for peace,

Chimurenga for equality,

Chimurenga for freedom

Where are you true freedom fighters?

Those whose blood was shed for you Great Zimbabwe

Those whose homes were burnt for you Great Zimbabwe

Those who fought for justice,

Those who fought for peace,

Those who fought for equality,

Those who fought for freedom,

Is hate speech peace?

Is POSA justice?

Is AIPPA freedom?

Who are these vultures?

Was your gallant sons and daughters blood shed for one man to rule?

Was life lost for one party to rule?

Were houses burnt for one party to loot the national treasure?

Real freedom fighters are turning in their graves

Hate speech is not what they fought for.

POSA is not what they fought for

AIPPA is not what they fought for

One man rule for eternity is not what they fought for

Oppressors be ware

The writing is on the wall

Another Chimurenga is coming to free my Great Zimbabwe


To some it is freedom to choose,

To us it is freedom not to choose,

To some it is great speeches of love and hope

To us it is hate speech and hopelessness

These are the days of fear

The days of intimidation

The days of forced rallies

The days of rape

The days of beatings

The days of hatred

The days of lies

The days of insanity

The days of division

The winds of change

The winds of change are blowing across Africa

Blowing away the big lie

Blowing away the rhetoric of solidarity

Mugabe are you watching the winds of change?

Blowing across the North,

The suppressed voices are now the victors,

Yesterday it was Mubarak, today its Gadaffi, and who&#8217;s next?

Time marches for whom the bell tolls,

The writing is on the wall,

Run whilst you can.

Zimbabwe free yourself from the shackles of Tyranny.

Lost souls of Zimbabwe

Fear is written on poor mothers faces

As the drumbeat sounds

It&#8217;s the drumbeat of lost souls

Souls lost in bitterness

Mothers run like headless chickens

Run for their precious young souls

Innocent young souls

Caught in the crossfire of a mortal game

It&#8217;s a deadly game of politics

Where killers are glorified

Where murderers are let loose

Let loose on the masses by fake liberators

&#8220;Kill the opposition!&#8221; they shout

&#8220;Kill the sell-outs!&#8221; they shout again

&#8220;We liberated this country!&#8221; they shout

These are the lost souls of Zimbabwe.


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