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LADY IN WAITING by Charlotte Mair
In quiet times my thoughts fly to the wind
Memory upon memory
    Year after year ... into what seems time indefinite
Shadows lurk in these halls
    To forever bear presence of a love
           one that almost made it to my door
                an eternity ago it seems
Night after night
    wading into pools of dreams
        gazing red moons
            and ... wondering
             ... what two love's futures may have held
And now the chimes roll gently to the wind and call out softly
As if they knew to hold their peace ... in the presence of  a grieving heart
  Oh, to know the sound of sad
          and yes, to see the colour of loss
                 in silvery watered tones that film across ones eyes
It is oft times the lady sits in darkness rocking ... and pondering by  the light of moon on silent lingering nights
              till darkness bids farewell and shows recompense and compassion
       freeing her at last in twilight sleep to make way for a new day dawn

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